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  1. And perhaps add deadman's chest in the wrecks from bottles as well.
  2. - Hull repairs only repairs leaks,not the structure of the ship. - Rig repairs only repairs a small % of the sail damage. - Rum boost the reaload speed and yards by a x amount secounds.
  3. Good luck Lars. Looking forward to watch the NA news on youtube.
  4. Can you capture Diana or only sink em to get the note?
  5. Den er stygg som fy. Men den hjelper på in the dark hours - Bare pass deg for bivirkningene dagen der på😁
  6. Damn...you must have a doctor degree in psychology to understand any of this. Hope ya'll not become or are politicians in your country because it will be a natural disaster.
  7. Step easy here - This is a fanboy thread only.
  8. They serve their purpose like everything else. Can mail you some
  9. Its better for everyone if ya take the insults in english - So everyone can enjoy em
  10. Look at the bright side of it all if Danmark Norge lose all its ports - More npc fleet outside the capital to farm for this pve nation🤣
  11. Your London suck donky stick,but nevertheless ill buy everything you got😎
  12. Hennessy


    I'll rather have a remove random fire perk the the Diana🎅
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