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  1. Just did the final exam @admin Had 95 mast hits on the final cerb and not demasted. Did a F11 becouse that had to be a bug right?
  2. Ja er nesten som jeg har lyst til å joine Norge når jeg så disse nye flaggene
  3. Req good for 6th rate hard kill missions. Rage bord everything
  4. Some people should't be allowed to play computer games.
  5. I think china tea is bugged. You can buy it for 7600 in every port and sell it for 4370 in any port according to trade tool.
  6. Mission rewards increased. Did you increase the loot in bottles along with it? @admin
  7. Letter and passenger delivery have no risk just reward. You can farm doubs with a T-Lynx with ease. Non attack a incoming T-Lynx now days. Perhaps passengers/letters can be combined with trade goods so you need a certaint amount of trade goods for the delivery to take affect. Don't think one Indiaman traveled across the globe with only one letter/passenger in hold.
  8. Will the clans and character names be wiped after the final wipe? @admin
  9. Won't the map reset itself after the economy wipe? No money means you can't financed your ports.
  10. I remember my first pvp fight outside Fort Royal. It was a huge ship with lots of guns,even rear guns,can you belive that. After a good 30 min we manage to sink this monster of a ship. Today we call it a brig.
  11. Do you remember your first hour in NA? What did you do when you first sailed out into the unknown? Me,I started in the frence nation and was so confussed why I could't shot at ai fleet in the open world. And used maybe one hour to find my first combat mission outside Fort Royal. Please share your story,would be fun to read.
  12. I'm sure the ai feel the same way about you using repair. Ai can be dangerous and stupid at the same time.
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