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  1. Added Elite NPCs that occasionally appear on the map - The flagship of the elite fleet often drop elite ship notes comparable to ships crafted in fully invested ports (their loot tables will be expanded over time to have additional interesting things to be captured) Will they be shown on the map as wrecks and fleet location do - Or do you actually have to stumble across them as regulary ai's?
  2. So you think its okay that other players report your posisjon in Global?
  3. Elite NPCs fleets that players will be able to find and hunt in the open world that will not only give interesting challenges in combat but also will give options for active PVE players to get (not often) ships with bonuses similar to clan based RVR bonuses. Will this elite NPC's have a tag over them in OW that indicate that they are elite or do we actually have to find out while fighting em?
  4. What about captured ports right before maintanence,will they be safe as well?
  5. You will get in after 5-10 min. Just need to wait it out.
  6. Same issue here..
  7. Just did the final exam @admin Had 95 mast hits on the final cerb and not demasted. Did a F11 becouse that had to be a bug right?
  8. Ja er nesten som jeg har lyst til å joine Norge når jeg så disse nye flaggene
  9. Req good for 6th rate hard kill missions. Rage bord everything
  10. Some people should't be allowed to play computer games.
  11. I think china tea is bugged. You can buy it for 7600 in every port and sell it for 4370 in any port according to trade tool.
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