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  1. - Hull repairs only repairs leaks,not the structure of the ship. - Rig repairs only repairs a small % of the sail damage. - Rum boost the reaload speed and yards by a x amount secounds.
  2. Hennessy

    War correspondent

    Good luck Lars. Looking forward to watch the NA news on youtube.
  3. Den er stygg som fy. Men den hjelper på in the dark hours - Bare pass deg for bivirkningene dagen der på😁
  4. Its better for everyone if ya take the insults in english - So everyone can enjoy em
  5. Your London suck donky stick,but nevertheless ill buy everything you got😎
  6. I'll rather have a remove random fire perk the the Diana🎅
  7. Can't destroy the fir logs only split them. Did a f11. So I had to sink the ai trader.
  8. We are 300 online now. Guess they don't let in pro players and lets us noobs get a chance😁
  9. Pve server is working though 😂
  10. 1. Can solo players do this raids by them self? 2.What ships will spawn inside the battle? Example,if me in a Victory wanna try solo this raids,will I face 5-6 npc victory's or 5-6 5th rates?
  11. Looks like you care quite a bit about the new items they'll add.
  12. New players don't know about this forum.
  13. It's nothing personal just good business.
  14. I'm concerned what will happend after release. Will there be more patch and developments or will they "abondon" the game and work on they're next game.
  15. What about captured ports right before maintanence,will they be safe as well?
  16. Hennessy

    cant join the game

    You will get in after 5-10 min. Just need to wait it out.
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