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  1. Bring back good old Flag system! Then all nations can join so if i am allied with a clan in france for example. France can join my battle against dutch. to take their port. Let the game be more sandboxy dont put in more restrictions!. Allied over nations with clans make ur allied clans to join your flag system same with the defending team. that will balance the zergs since then lower ppl nations would make allieds to win against zergs.
  2. Hmm no maps i remember could be back in 2016 then we had like 90+ members that some member did this and posted on forum. ? Anyways if anyone is intrested to join we become 10 active players small good group where we are casual playing the game Not like the old days where we all have been grown up and have stuff to do in reallife. Hit me up here if you are intristed in joining We dont enforce anyone to meet up in this Portbattle or do this. we are just an chill group of players.
  3. We need the EU Server again and USA time zone. i hate that middle of the nite times is allowed. Its like No Lifers or Americans getting all the fun. ;(
  4. Hey Olaf yes we are! We are alive! and yes we search members We are focusing on both PVE/PVP. But eventually we wil be more focusing in PVP over time. Come on Discord and we can talk Cheers Alexander
  5. Coming to my city soon 21st of july
  6. RNoN-Royal Norwegian Navy is Recruiting, First I want to say I feel the game is much better! We just brought 10 players back to Naval Action, but we still need more recruits to build up our Guild Fleet. We are currently working hard to get up our production and economy to be able to contribute to warfare in the immediate future, and welcome new and old players to join our tight-knit community. Our Goal The Infamous RNoN has been on the high seas before and seek a return to prominence. We have history with RDNN and refusing their attempt at dominating and dictating the rule of DK-NO 3 years ago. We play the game on our terms, and our terms are to sink as many Swedes as we can. It is our solemn duty as good Norwegian naval officers, dammit! While that is said, we welcome cooperation with the other guilds to strengthen the nation as a whole, even if that means maintaining a strict RvR peace with Sweden (hrk-spt) but when it comes to their ships, they shall never feel safe from us (except for when/if we fight together to protect our Scandinavian borders from OTHER outsiders, of course. We won't sit idly by and watch Russians steal Swedish terrotiry! That is OUR job!) While hunting Swedes remain our most important goal, of nigh-equal importance is to defend our sovereign territories, and we want to reassure everyone that we WILL sail side by side with any and all DK-NO officers and clans to defend against any and all outside threats. Overall, we want to faff about and have fun. We don't cry if we lose battles here and there (except against Sweden, naturally). We don't mind big politics, so long as it doesn't get in the way of our proud Norwegian business. We respect that other DK-NO clans wish to do things in different ways, but expect the same back. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/WCksz9e ((We do love Swedes, it's just our God given duty as good Norwegians to have some good Scandinavian infighting until Jämtland and Herjedalen are back under rightful Norwegian rule.))
  7. Hahah yes past is past. Maybe you should come back to D-N Hint hint! Thank you Kloothommel. We need all luck
  8. RNoN-Royal Norwegian Navy is Recruiting, Firstly I wanna say the game is much better after devs f**** up with the large patch back for 1.5 - 2 years ago. I just brought 10 players back too Naval Action and we need more recruits too build up our Guild-Fleet. We work hard now too get production and stable economy too do warfare in future. We are now seeking new players and old players too join our great community we are. We are representing The Forged Gaming Community where we are represented in Life Is Feudal and Naval Action. Our Goal The Infamous RNoN is back, We will rebuild our clan and strengthen DK-NO too be great again as a Nation. We have the story too go against RDNN rule back for 2 years ago, Cause we want too play how we want too play the game. NO ONE will ever decide over us how we going too play the game as Denmark-Norge Nation. We will cooperate and help eachother as a Nation. But we should help eachothers goals. Soo as RNoN's goal is too take ports from sweden firstly (Norwegians love swedes) <3 But if we wanna do that we need too fight as a nation. And help other guilds with other goals too get help from them in our goals of the game. How i see soo far is that DK-NO is scatterd compared too back then. Thats what RNoN wants too fix. make DK-NO much more ports that we have.
  9. I know Vaz but i liked the old one. one of the reasons is that it takes Ages to do a battle. for now i will just go in manage our clan and do some tradin for money and ressoursers for the clan, and log off. Battle for me is not a option until they fix this shit
  10. Is it just me that hates the new system? takes f**** 3 hours do 2 battles. Doing a board side with my victory on another victory hits 16 of 53 canons. i am sorry but this thing is crap the old one was much much better.
  11. I am sorry this things dont work for me takes ages to do battle i hope you go back to the before. i will just do some trade and learn crafting meanwhile. i will keep report this as a bug every battle i stumble in because this is rediclious
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