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  1. Our main is Christiansted atm. For Port bonusses we will get Santo domingo when its becomes available, so no bonusses yet. We work together as a nation, Bani has been setup as our ress port and has WO. Pajase has LO. regards Kornelius Svendsen Admiral of the RDNN PM me here for more info. https://discordapp.com/channels/642115052886949889/643297056265338880
  2. Hey John, sorry for the late responce, my notifications arent coming through:-/ But yes we do and you can catch me online in the nation chat too:-) Hope to see you soon Regards
  3. that is indeed good to hear! who doesn't like medisterpølse:-) glad to hear the banner still flies high on the pvp server:-) we try to do the same on the PVE server.
  4. The RDNN are still recruiting captains sailing under our glorious flag. Just let us know here or ingame. fair winds captains
  5. PVE- Denmark-Norge RDNN - Royal Danmark-Norge Naval: International (most european)/english speaking/PVE-trade/Casual and social gameplay/active fleets events/ no requirements but have fun and be a gentleman.
  6. Hello Sir With your timezone it may be difficult to join us danes, as most of our members are scandinavian/european. However the door is always open and the rum plenty;-) Regards
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