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  1. Really? I dont care what ur favourite ship is, I care about you keeping your word. Trinco should never be a 40 dollar ship... By the way, were is the Wrecker (admiraal?), oh wait, you change your thoughts about it because of negative review. FFS, you guys are a joke!
  2. Tspoon

    kills dont count

    @Swedish Berserker Nope, i'm skilled enough to kill different players
  3. Tspoon

    kills dont count

    the same happened yesterday in Tumbado PZ. Just mentioned it this morning since I killed a bellona, vic, ocean, and some 4-5th rates, and my kill 1-3 is still on 7.5 (what it was before I entered the PZ)
  4. Tspoon

    kills dont count

    @BeeekondaWell, if admin isnt satisfied wil admln, he can just say that
  5. Tspoon

    kills dont count

    Today i made 3 kills in SP, but they didnt count in my kill list
  6. @admin Thnx for the clearing. Hopefully you make it in time
  7. @admin 2 weeks have past, were is the patch?
  8. @Lord of Peckerville Hope I find you in battle then, like to make some guinea pig bacon
  9. @admin And as you can see in the charts after the major patch treacherous Waters the positive reviews went way up. You mentioned earlier that you couldnt see your effort in the reviews, well you certainly can. But it is really hard if you have 5.403 reviews with 63% to get it up again.
  10. It all depends were you look: overall or in the last 30 days
  11. @admin 70% of the 117 reviews were positive in the last 30 days...
  12. You need a restaurant for this (or google xD)
  13. Then ppl will start complaining again that it is too weak and they want a refund of it... (like happened to the OP hercules before)
  14. @admin i totally get when you ask for positive reactions. The problem in my opinion is that we have too many opinions. Like we have the saying in the Netherlands: there were 4 ppl are together, there are 5 opinions. Maybe you shouldnt look at the reviews, but to the amount of individual logins in a week. I believe it shows that you've build yourself a decent game (at least i love it ). And here is te beef, enjoy
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