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  1. Admin you said that friends lists would remain intact, that was the only reason for me to buy Forged Papers. Can you sort it please?
  2. Por qué van a ser rusos? Este es el momento de ser español, Prusia débil al oeste, EE. UU. Débil al norte, piratas débiles al este y GB más débil que el borrado previo.
  3. Not sailed the Herc since the damage model tho. Snow is love, snow is life.
  4. Of course they're not the same, they never will be. Snow is always better.
  5. Sic semper tyrannis may be a better motto. Just my two pence tho.
  6. Except you don't read or know it. Liberty given by God. So you're religious pirates I take it? Are you Catholic pirates or Protestant pirates?
  7. Resut should be result
  8. "You have been reduced to ensign due to friendly fire"
  9. How did you get there, tried going through south yesterday but didn't work?
  10. They may be releasing but I'm sure they will update it.
  11. Fight to the death to get out of Bahamas! Truly hardcore then
  12. The problem I would foresee happening is that people could hide behind timers, in which case, maybe you can only put timers on if you control the capital.
  13. Something along the lines of this I think would be quite good and allow for those chokepoints between ports. Rather than jumping straight to the objective like now, you would have to have multiple engagements to reach the prize. There would be "campaigns" again as in the past before the magical tow removed it.
  14. Aye something like that but with less avenues of attack would be fab. Bit too many (and too far) there for my liking but along the right lines.
  15. I think that's mainly to accommodate the non-historic nations. If it were reduced it would at least allow the creation of linear fronts rather than the mess that we have now.
  16. Completely agree. If it wasn't for night timers I'd go further and make it so that ALL ports must be taken in the county before moving on. I'm just looking at some of the silly distances that you can attack from. The Dutch on day one can flip Santa Domingo from their capital, it's a bit much. I thought the idea behind the frontlines system was to create that tug of war effect but by expanding it it really has diminished it. Another example under the current extended system is that Vera Cruz and Campeche can be attacked from Salamanca and Belize and visa versa.
  17. It just seems rather pointless at the range it is now, might as well just remove it and make it so you have to take county capital before others. I quite like the idea of RvR being a tug of war rather than sniping important ports and decimating the playerbase in the process.
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