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  1. Booted up game. Got confused by blue UI. Shut down game and did something else. Came back next day.
  2. Stop being a scrub and build up speed first? That's his solution I think.
  3. You can fish anywhere just not in the capital zone. Bigger fish further out though.
  4. I started on a new character last week and I'm rolling in cash. Go to Maracaibo, lots of traders and stuff there to kill. Enemy ships are in enemy waters.
  5. Didn't you only the other day get the Spanish to screen for you? Do as I say not as I do
  6. It is true you haven't run, the same cannot be said for the other Russians down there. Even if we hadn't decided to duel they wouldn't have been able to gank us. They brought PvE ships and were too slow to pursue. Funnily enough the battle this tribunal is referring to, the Russians ended up running away from Dark so yeah. I dunno what they're complaining about. They couldn't even gank him properly with this many ships.
  7. Right outside Maracaibo. Am I not allowed to attack people there? Damn. If you guys insist on jumping into port every time we try and fight you; we get a bit bored and fight each other.
  8. He should have tagged us quicker then
  9. The reason you didn't catch him should be obvious, you came out in tanky builds and chased a fast indef. Don't blame us for your sheer incompetence.
  10. I don't see why you'd think that. You're effectively saying I must join other folks ganking despite having no desire to. I like duels. In future you guys should just butt out.
  11. I used to think some folks wouldn't gank but hey ho life is full of disappointments.
  12. We were looking to have a friendly duel when you bunch jumped in. I'm not into ganking like you guys so I dropped sails and left.
  13. It's not as if sinking a 1st rate in a frigate is all that common. It's difficult to kill a good player in a 1st rate in a frigate. Newbies should just become better players before sailing big ships that they don't know how to use.
  14. Urgent repair should auto-heal masts like doing a rig rep but not repair sails. Maybe that would cut down on the tedious mast sniping that happens a lot of the time in duels.
  15. I'm going to enjoy zipping around in a fir/fir 1st rate clubbing all the little ones, it'll be easier than ever!
  16. I'm not dead and I hunt solo 99% of the time.
  17. Remove F11 and additional speed boost and invisibility would do some way to alleviating the problem. Tribunal is just a waste of time now, nothing is done.
  18. No, HAVOC takes a cut every time we defend a port. Part of the price of being a zerg!
  19. I'm insulted by the fact that said they learnt this from me. What a hello kittyin' disgrace, I've never done such bullshit.
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