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    LGV Refit

    Give LGV Refit 5 knowledge slots. At the moment it's underused compared to other ships, in order to boost their use I'd suggest giving them 5 knowledge slots. Simple enough
  2. Gregory Rainsborough

    Server crash causes port taxation to be paid twice

    Hello I'm sorry to bother you @admin and @Ink. I know you're going to have your hands full tomorrow morning as a result of the server crash. All clans will have as a result of the crash have had to pay taxes twice for ports, one after server restart and again as a result of the usual maintenance. Will this be refunded to all clans?
  3. Gregory Rainsborough

    Can you help me with this game?

  4. Gregory Rainsborough

    Technical issues on PVP server

    Phew! Thank God for that!
  5. Gregory Rainsborough

    Technical issues on PVP server

    Date...? You mean time... Right?
  6. Gregory Rainsborough

    HRE abandons Cartagena

    Bravo! o7
  7. Gregory Rainsborough

    Gregory's LGV-R Quest

    Day 1 I decided to set myself a quest, to visit every deep water port in the game (and trade there so it says when I last visited). I have taken breaks for RvR and raiding obviously but I have made sure to not cheat by teleporting, skipping ports or counting visits not in my LGVR. This quest started on the 19th January when I began the sail from Pinar del Rio to Swannsborough but we shall consider the quest to have underway at the latter port. From Swannsborough I traveled East down the coast fishing as I went, it was only after getting to Wilmington that I realised that the port doesn't recognise you've been there unless you trade there so I had to go back and sell some of my hard won fish. After passing by Little River I spotted three American Christians heading East for reasons unknown. The crew were hesitant heading into Charleston due to a Bellona sitting at the port. They did nothing as I sailed in and back out. My journey was uneventful until l I came across the British captain Sean Bevan in a Renomee and together we sank a Russian Renommee under the command of captain Smirnoff. This was followed shortly afterwards by a French snow who refused to surrender. His name was never recovered (I forget). After this we parted ways and I continued my journey along the coast. Disaster struck near Ays as I was intercepted by captains Hethwill and Ignatius Greybeard and fearing for the lives of my crew, one of whom was due to be a father, we went close to the shore and left the ship. We took passage from Ays back to a British port and once again, outfitted a fine LGVR. On the way back to Rio Seco from Pinar del Rio my crew pleaded with me to intercede and help a British trader who was being attacked by a Spaniard name Abian de Plasencia. After the retreating trader has left the Hercules was boarded and 700 doubloons retrieved from the hold. We continued on to Ays to repay the kindness to those had bought us passage and continued down the coast. We decided to celebrate at Rio Seco! Here is my map of the first day of my journey. Key Green - Kill Orange - Surrender/Death Black - Logged
  8. Gregory Rainsborough

    Gregory's LGV-R Quest

    Days 4 and 5 Okay I've gone as red as I can with this one while taking into consideration the disabled people in our little community who can't see properly I can sum up days 4 and 5 quite simply, "bugger all happened". I've condensed these two days for this reason. And that's as far as I've got so far, shall post more in coming days
  9. Gregory Rainsborough

    Gregory's LGV-R Quest

    Go to imgur and download it!
  10. Gregory Rainsborough

    Gregory's LGV-R Quest

    It's the little dot near Alvarado
  11. Gregory Rainsborough

    Gregory's LGV-R Quest

    Just for you I'll do it for Day 4 which has just ended
  12. Gregory Rainsborough

    Gregory's LGV-R Quest

    Day 3 The next stretch of my journey was largerly uneventful. I left Las Tortugas for Manataca and followed the coast around. Not a soul was seen until near San Fernando when the British captain Chieftain was spotted on a Requin near Soto La Marina. I continued down the coast but it was at Vera Cruz when a group of Spanish vessels were spotted, they were later identified as the notorious turncoats from the clan, N. After docking safely in Vera Cruz a number of Spanish proceeded to try and trap me in the port, after patiently waiting for God to make the wind turn I made a run for it! The Spanish in their large clumsy vessels stood no chance of catching me. The threw bottles at me with messages inside such as "you're not worth our time". The crew had a jolly good laugh as we then proceeded to attack a Spanish Requin east of Alvarado. Unfortunately after 10 minutes of him running downwind he then decided to run upwind and fire balls at range. Deciding that this was no doubt a tactic to delay us my second recommended a withdrawal which was done with all due haste. Upon leaving there were numerous vessels outside and no doubt there were more on the way! With all haste we sped towards Victoria as they had some small vessels on this occasion and I wanted, in the peace of the port to gain the measure of them. I determined that escape was possible and went north, along the way finding more bottles with messages in them saying that "I must have the OW speed book". What magic book that grants speed is unknown to me but these delusional folks kept insisting that they should have caught me, it seemed to have escaped their attention that the sailing profiles of the respective vessels favoured me in this wind. After a time they gave up the chase as one my one they lost sight of my ship. I decided to take the decision to turn back to the ports I had missed for fear of failing my quest to visit all the known lands of the New World. I then proceeded to head up the coast and near Campeche I spotted a Spanish Rattlesnake Heavy. Alas I never learned who they were as were even for speed and I gave up the chase. I then turned East towards home waters but we decided on a drunken night in a Russian port where vodka was cheap and women aplenty! Key Grey - Inconclusive engagement
  13. Gregory Rainsborough

    Gregory's LGV-R Quest

    Day 2 The men were restless (I couldn't sleep) so ended up getting up in middle of night to continue the quest. Then, heading down the coast I saw a pirate in a Constitution with what looked like two ships with him. Daring to risk it we sailed towards him and engaged him for king and country. The scallywar Mephitic from the notorious killer whale clan, ORCA had only two trader brigs with him. After sinking one trader the other unfortunately escaped and after an extended battle the constitution was eventually sunk. The men required rest and sought refuge in the British port of Las Tortugas.
  14. Gregory Rainsborough

    Gregory's LGV-R Quest

    Yeah I realised that afterwards but can't fill colour on paint, I will change colour for next day
  15. Gregory Rainsborough

    Trade Goods Shortage

    I'm still waiting on my PFurn contract. One day Looking forward to the new changes.
  16. Gregory Rainsborough

    Fastest square rigger upwind?

    Snow is quite nice upwind.
  17. Wait, what? That's a thing. Must of missed that! 😮
  18. Gregory Rainsborough

    Clear status of peace or war between nation

    We have a clear status: War. Kill everyone.
  19. Gregory Rainsborough

    LGV Refit

    A couple of folks are confusing knowledge slots with perm mod slots. I'm asking for the former, not the latter.
  20. Gregory Rainsborough

    Downloadable map

    Is there a downloadable map somewhere? Been trying to find one with no luck. I would like a map I can draw on on paint.
  21. Gregory Rainsborough

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    Multiflipping is like WMDs, it helps no-one but makes everyone miserable. Very few people get excited for a multiflip, folks do get excited for PBs. Hopefully we've all learned a valuable lesson that multiflipping is bad. I doubt it though
  22. Gregory Rainsborough

    PB's - efficient counter for denying a fight and griefing

    They can be but what people seem to have forgotten is that the Americans were often doing what the Prussians are doing now; multiflipping, flipping ports and not turning up, troll fleets showing up, hiding behind timers (remember US used to be mainly Europeans) to stop EU players flipping ports (which led to KoC taking East coast ports). It is not a new problem. It went on for months and I can sympathise with HAVOC's situation. It is incredibly irritating and incredibly draining having to organise shit, because you never know if the next attack was going to be an actual fight or not. That was the original reason for the clan vote on the matter. There were so many people who just said that it was becoming stressful and not in a good way so they put the game down. We don't want that surely?! We want fun! This problem has been alleviated now as it is possible to counter hostility generation and raising hostility is a lot more difficult than it used to be which is why I'm glad the devs have kept the current system. People use timers to dodge for many reasons, some of them I sympathise with, others I don't. Using a timer to deny a fight because you're afraid of losing is one I do not sympathise with. SNOW has never done it and never will. Even when the Spanish constantly flipped us every other day we didn't. I can understand though that others do not enjoy having a port battle every third day which is why the cooldown should be increased, as Christendom has mentioned above already. Perhaps a cooldown timer on the clan itself generating hostility might be useful, sure, they could clanswap and what not but at least it'd be incredibly irritating, hopefully enough to stop it if there was a 24 hour cooldown on rejoining the previous clan. tl;dr: Clan cooldown timers and clan hostility cooldown would solve this problem. The only people who it will hurt are those trying to abuse the system and clan hoes, and no-one cares about them.
  23. Gregory Rainsborough

    PB's - efficient counter for denying a fight and griefing

    Now that is an excellent idea.
  24. Gregory Rainsborough

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    Sleep > Game I mean I've had some pretty late nights the past week, but Christ, I'll be damned if I'm going to suffer PvE at that time of the day. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ This thread could be filled with so much truth, here's some now. I just wish Prussians would admit they fear losing ports, rather than lying that the majority of their pop is on at that time and that they can't beat the current GB RVR fleet (there is no shame in this whatsoever, GB barely held on for over a year after the AHOY/BIG incident and struggled to field any kind of RVR fleet. SNOW certainly can't defend GB on its own and the return (and arrival) of members was something that everyone celebrated)). I also wish the Spanish would just admit that they're not as good as they think they are, they can blame HAVOC coming (and port battle mechanics) all they like but it took FIVE attempts to take Little Cayman (hardly a praiseworthy achievement). Nightflipping and multiflipping won't solve their problems, becoming better players will but you won't do that without fighting more even battles (ie, less le ganking which Spain is well known for). Multiflipping, bad. Nightflipping, bad. Hiding behind timers, bad. In that order.
  25. Take ships from players and sell them back to them. Raiders ships, like mine, are usually worth upwards of a million. Be imaginative.