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  1. I think given how they were given out quite freely in the past and given the community's continued help, it's a small request. Especially since many of us have already contributed substantially in alts and other DLC.
  2. Is it possible after the big release wipe for all players to be given a single use forged paper? I'm going on the assumption that it is not a complete wipe as XP/ship knowledge might be kept. Some may want to move but be unwilling to spend so much just to move once.
  3. As I waited outside for 20 minutes I can confirm it did not.
  4. His ship died and the AI was his only ship left. He should have taken over the ship and then respawned in OW but he didn't.
  5. Okie dokes so I was in battle with a Frenchie. I offered terms, he refused, he died. In the second battle, I wanted to kill him and then kill him in a different engagement so I'd have the choice of CM or the booty. Just before he sunk, he disconnected/ragequit (instant sails go down) and rather than tag the AI to keep it in, I thought I'd let it go onto OW. Battle ended with AI leaving. I left. No-one outside, no AI, nothing. No juicy Indiaman and the rude Frenchie will no doubt keep his booty He doesn't deserve it. It seems you can circumvent the reappear on OW mechanic if you d/c within the battle instance. Can anyone confirm to test this?
  6. Diddums if I'd put on a decent mast mod you'd have sunk to an ickle snow. Don't turn into one of those people who insists we line up and shoot at each other, snow with longs v herc with carros means I keep my distance, not my fault you didn't pick longs.
  7. Either the cost of permits needs to decrease or the current rewards need buffing. Replacing ships currently is simply not worth the time and it'll just drive people from the game. I'm fortunate in that I can, I doubt others will and once they run out of ships they'll simply not bother replacing them and just log off and play another game. The amount of store ships on sale is a travesty and should be put back to how it was.
  8. Then they gradually become red, black and open ports
  9. I remember how awful it was yes. I mean I'd be alright, I have alts. Others don't.
  10. This idea wouldn't work in practice I feel just due to the populations of the servers as they currently are. Vets go where the pew pew is, and that's generally where there's more people and most people tend to be not so good at pew pew so...
  11. There is always someone better than you, that goes for everyone.
  12. Cerb was sunk by the time I arrived at the battle. Stallone boarded AI Surprise, he sent it to retreat just as I got to him. A merry dance lasting about 20 minutes where I whittled down his side armour while Van Damme tried to cover his side. Alas to no avail, he only prolonged the inevitable as I sunk the Inger by knocking down his side and structure. After he sunk, turned on Aga and knocked crew down, knocked rudder out as he tacked through wind and boarded. Unfortunately AI got credited with the kill by just sitting there shooting his hull.
  13. When I first started and until the release of the Herc and Requin DLC the shallows were dominated by smaller 6th and 7th rates. The battles of the past that happened prior to the release of these DLC are unlikely to happen again and I feel that this is a great shame since they were such jolly good fun. I would suggest that there is a creation of two types of shallows with the area outlined in red as being only for ships that could travel into the shallows pre-ship DLC whereas all other shallows should be kept as they currently are. a
  14. Not a ship of the line as it didn't sail in line. #loopholesuccess
  15. Speaking of milking cows, where's Bifttee? We could use some cool headed analysis.
  16. NAL was crap. Make sandboxes great again.
  17. H. Darby is Naval Action - let's do H. Darby - Topic
  18. When memes get censored. This is a meme, be noice.
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