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  1. I can think of at least two port battles where because there were not enough people to fill them, no-one bothered at all to defend (Mangrove and Walker's).
  2. It was boring, was just me killing Russians solo. There was a 12v13 but I doubt it was interesting
  3. I have added a summary of what happened during the Cayo Vacas PB due to Batman complaining on Discord about there not being one triggering him. Hope you're happy now Batman!
  4. You joined Russia straight after wipe, when it was ez.
  5. Commanders VP: Gregory Rainsborough RU: ?? Russians joined South East of Cayo Vacas scattered. Dutch joined south of port and proceeded to follow the island around taking the wind off the majority of the Russian fleet. CaptainEdwardHawk leaving the battle just prior to the lines clashing, whether cowardice or disconnect I don't know. We split the Russians in two leaving Ram Dinark upwind of their fleet forcing him to sail away and downwind. The Dutch fleet focused Letnab taking him to 1 bar structure and forcing him also to withdraw. Lenin of Production was then focused and sunk followed by and weaker Dutch players being rotated out. Thor had joined near circle B and those who were rotated our sailed downwind to focus him followed by the rest of the Dutch fleet. Wind was deliberately given to the Russians in order to encourage them to reform and sail downwind towards us, this they did with Dutch splitting in two and folding backwards taking the wind off them again followed by Mordwinner, Grave and Lenin of Mexican being killed. Following this the Russians broke with Max, Letnab and Ram going SE with the latter two trying to goad the Dutch fleet to split up. Their desire was denied as a number of the fleet reformed together rather than rush towards them. Seeing this they then left the battle with Knuddel and the Requins remaining. Knuddel was chased down and the Requins ran upwind leaving the battle.
  6. That was a game mechanic suggestion. Had nothing to do with Russia. I think I'm the only person who doesn't seem to mind wipes too much it seems.
  7. Difference is I kill them or die trying, not tagging at range like knuddle does here and hope they surrender from boredom.
  8. Oh is it...? I distinctly remember you tagging him in order to keep him in battle just before the port battle and you kept running away every time he started to engage you. You did the same to me that very day! Running away and keeping me tagged at range in order to grief me into surrendering. Difference is I didn't bother bringing it to tribunal and neither did he. Had either of us known you'd be such a hypocrite I imagine we both might have done so.
  9. I don't need to make excuses for him. He's only done exactly what you've done to him before. Practice what you preach. Didn't you used to call yourself Knuddelgriefingsomethingsomething? I just find it a tad funny is all. "I'm allowed to grief people but they're not allowed to do it back 'cus I'm special"
  10. You say that but we're still here on this forum, most will jump at the chance to get on board early and help shape it.
  11. At the moment we're basically seeing one nation steadily move across the server and I see nothing that will change this state of affairs. They should be rewarded for this in some way as they've done a good job of getting clans working together etc... It takes a lot of effort on their part and they deserve some recognition for this. I suggest that we allow a nation to "win" and when they do it triggers a map wipe and a free forged paper. All players that started the wipe in the winning nation or who use the "conquered forged papers" get a "map win redeemable" reward for winning. Their most played ship as a redeemable, or a little badge next to their name that states they were a victor in a previous wipe, who knows. Could be a selection of rewards which they choose one of. When I say wipe I don't mean an XP wipe, just a building/money/crafting XP wipe, not XP that determines crew size. Then again, people might be willing to pick the side that isn't winning if there's a full wipe on the horizon I propose that the restrictions on attacking certain ports (capitals etc) is removed and that it be made possible that the nations be completely destroyed. In order to prevent a mass exodus of players those in that nation should be given a choice of one of two types of forged paper, "conquered forged papers" and "rushed forged papers". This would be necessary so that "the wipe reward" is not given to those who choose the easy route. You could create "rushed forged papers" (moving to other nation) and "conquered forged papers" (moving to conquering nation). Conquered forged papers are given to those who decide to join the side of the nation that destroyed them. Additionally, they will continue automatically to have access to all port bonuses as part of the vanquished nation. If the player chooses the conquered forged papers then they will not be give "the wipe reward". Those that use the normal forged papers DLC to move to the number one nation on the Conquest Competition Leaderboard should not gain "the wipe reward". Those who join the conquering nation should be allowed to keep their flags but show up as part of the new nation. Russian player flying Spanish flag for instance. Those that decide to not join the conquering nation use the "rushed forged papers" that allows them to join any other nation except one that has been conquered. By moving to another nation they can still gain "the wipe reward" if there is a miraculous turnaround but they lose the ability to fly their former nation's flag. In order to encourage those in the winning nation from splitting up, a free one off forged paper like in days of old and a prohibition that the same nation cannot again win "the wipe reward" consecutively. I think it would be a nice way to bring closure, and bring more people back if there's another wipe of some kind. Devs can keep rolling out updates so after every wipe, something will be slightly different.
  12. Can we get back to over the top ganks please?
  13. Someone posted it today on Naval Action Discord, thought it deserved a repost
  14. What's the point when you know the Russians turn up to every PB they're not directly involved in and screen for the defenders? It's simply not worth the effort.
  15. Flip Nassau and West End 22 Russian players in Nassau 22 Russian players in West End 30 Russian players screening at West End Dutch had 22. 72 v 22. Why hello kittying bother lol?
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