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  1. You 24 hrs/day basement gamers need this brightness to remind you there's a sun somewhere. Be grateful🌞
  2. I don't think anyone is braging about the current state of their real life...😉
  3. He fits very well into the rest of the NA crowd then😉
  4. I would buy the dlc for the wood drops alone but that's also why i'm not going to. "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice..."
  5. You have el rancho as far left as can come on the map... Don't see how location of free ports is critical issue .. if issue at all it's at best a minor one. What's making it impossible to expand to the left is that it is Russian!. Nothing else. Does anything discussed here have any affect on anything? Jokes aside.. the purpose of this whole topic was to "investigate" the recent drop of playerbase. People who want to ignore it don't want care free to do so, i'm not expecting this to have any affect at all. Knowing what mistakes were made is key to make better game in fu
  6. Not needed, new players join game look map, see broken russ zerg,.. delete character, create character, choose russia.🤣
  7. Most did analyze, and adapt by joining zerg. How did you adapt?. Leaving the ones who didn't unable to challenge Russia. Sorry but someone in Russ nation telling others to adapt and overcome is just hard to take serious. Leave Russ and do it, then tell others.
  8. No way of loosing if know the game🤣, the learning curve/skill gap is real. I remember first few times i tried combat, stuck in irons and made report because i thought it was a game bug🤣.
  9. Well said, but we don't have that problem here.
  10. Yes they will go up and down, and always have. No matter what players or devs do. But 1/3 in very short time is not just numbers going up and down. Sure, can just relax and ignore it and maybe it will just get better, or it wont. People who are tired of discussing this are not forced too. Like you said, it's not a job and supposed to be fun. Not having fun reading and discussing then don't.
  11. Devs did an awsome job bringing playerbase to 1000. I think the players the ones that brought it down... (okay not really but never know who read this)
  12. Maybe log books should only reveal pvp battles, and not battles between a player against AI. And Loki is one of most idiotic things ever implemented in this game. Also, only affect new player who don't know how to deal with it. Any experience player have little to fear from Loki.
  13. Except for some, who celebrate by drinking beer and trolling forum😂. Unless 1/3rd of online numbers are all germans who had "fathers" day for lasts couple of months i don't see how this is relevant. Thanks, but i think i will. I'm not spreading anything, online numbers aren't a secret and average of 1000, to an average of 700 is rougly 1/3rd. This not a discussion wether this is true or not, nothing to discuss there. The reason however is not as obvious.
  14. Playerbase drop from 1k to around 700, traitors must be found and punished for their disloyalty. Or is Lenin+alts just having a break?
  15. You are right. Happy you can enjoy the game more relaxed now (for the time being). I guess everyone who been rvr-active in this russ-nato war welcome a "break"😘
  16. 😂, reading this while drinking morning coffee can be bad for keyboard😂
  17. Alot of good players in one PB. From both sides. Surprised no russ sank.
  18. Many players concern seem to be about fear of loosing crafting ports. Here's an idea that isn't really thought through for long so don't get hung up on details: But how about every nation has some sort of crafting port that cannot be taken but can be attacked, and if attacker wins, the european powers decide that the defender surrender for a period of time, for example 30 days. During which the surrendering nation cannot attack any port belonging to the attacking one. Maybe, same thing for capital, you can't take it but you can attack it in order to force the nation surrender. Maybe also
  19. I'm not sure what your concern is, let's say we have 5 very competitive nations for example. Right now we have 1 top dog and almost every nation are crafting ships and other what they need or am i wrong?. Less challenge, less enemies. Less rvr (once you zerged out all opponents)... doesn't sound too positive for a pvp server. I don't know i just thought people wanted more then that. The advantage of not being in zerg is that you don't kill rvr...
  20. Ahh, nothing special i think, myself in small nation and have everything I need to be competivie in what I do. It's not about benefits, it's about having fun and having RvR for those who enjoy it. Imagine if we force every player to russia, how can be RvR?. We're not there yet obviously but the impact it has on rvr is that there is simply alot less. Also, having 1 power dominating, where is the "thrilling" part of rvr where nations struggle for power?. Russia can wipe out any nation they want, take away crafting ports from all nations if they desire. They don't because it would hurt game
  21. This was before game was even released. But since i started play 2017 there was no nation that held 1 spot uncontented for such period of time. Sure we had "zerg" nations back then aswell, but it wasn't only 1. Several nations contented at the top. This is different, since release russia nr 1. And for veeeery long time no other nation even close.
  22. Russia dominated map since release. Do you see any connection there?. It's like saying, we've always been cowards, why should we change?. C'mon.. personally i don't a shit if change or not i'm not involved in rvr, i having nothing loose or gain by nations zerg or unzerg. But i'm not discussing this for my own personal benefit, i look at the current state of the game and discuss what should change.
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