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  1. At least I’m driving the right way. This understanding of naval warfare and history is why I'm comfortable shrugging off your little tirade, by the way. Oh so you don’t play the game either, because if you did you would know that formations are useless as an effective gameplay option. PS, oh wait, you pull a post from alpha 9?, well it has been a year. 🤣
  2. Didn’t notice. Best way to keep commercially sensitive information under wraps, wasn’t that a war thingy too! I'm sure its introduction was a surprise, nice visuals though. Should have held it for just a little bit longer. That's logical, they're trying to make as many sales as possible before UAD campaign drops, because it’s going to be the end for them. This is a very sad swan song, saddest so far. 😢
  3. You mean killer patch 27, a day that will live in infamy, decimated the pvp solo player base.
  4. It’s a way for people to get their forum ideas paid for and into game, offering a money making solution and hoping it's going to convince developers.
  5. If they let the AI design woe’s carry it will reach into steam reviews. Wouldn’t it be better putting a halt to everything and run auto design fixes until it’s done and dusted, then move forwards. Band-aiding isn’t working, the wow's aren't masking the woe's.
  6. I could understand it if the combat zone was a few hundred kilometers but it's not. Thanks to @werwaz post we now know that UAD combat zone is about 25km plus combat range and there's skybox and limitless boundaries issues. Without boundaries and a failing skybox, a minmap is going to be very problematic. The small combat zone isn't big enough, at 25km there's no need for a greater interface. @werwaz post:
  7. We have all played alot of hours and so far a minmap (a.k.a tactical map) has not been missed. Because all the ships have large icons, including menu selection, and you can click on any one of them and the camera will fly to wherever. Firstly, by clicking icons you can see where your ships are from a given lead, this gives the player perspective and 360 orientation, just a few clicks here and there, a little zooming out and you pretty much know where you are and everything else. Secondly, the camera's gives a ground level feel to the game, a bridge level of command, which is very n
  8. It’s doubtful that any new similar issues would be separated as a new ticket. Further feedback would only be valid after an update or fix.
  9. This thread is not funny, it's a disappointment, the game has gone backwards. These are all pretty obvious issues and others, this update should have stayed in the shop for a month or more, especially with the AI auto design being in the condition it is. Not only did the in-house testers fail the team and the players, GameLabs bosses have given in to the impatient few.
  10. You're already bias because GameLabs is not making YOUR game, all your post say so. How can you review a game by its alpha history?
  11. I'm not so sure about these 'screen formations'. First, player battle activity is selecting targets and directing ship groups, using screen formation will cut out commanding these groups, reducing player activity (even lower to what it is now). Secondly, better admirals or human admirals would probably command their only battle groups to out smart the AI anyway. On the AI side I can see formations being used as the setup but once the battle is underway I can't see them maintained, especially when fleets run through each other and if the AI tries to maintain the formation throughout
  12. This is part of the game where single players on the peace server have been missing out through crafting. Enabling port investments without port ownership wouldn’t affect the game in anyway except it would give this category of players more gameplay. Alot of solo players goals is about completing the limits of what the game has to offer, enabling port investments would give players another goal, another layer of gameplay, to fund port investments. As a solo player I have always thought I’ve being missing out with port crafting bonuses. I know the game is done and dusted but I
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