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  1. I'm not so sure about these 'screen formations'. First, player battle activity is selecting targets and directing ship groups, using screen formation will cut out commanding these groups, reducing player activity (even lower to what it is now). Secondly, better admirals or human admirals would probably command their only battle groups to out smart the AI anyway. On the AI side I can see formations being used as the setup but once the battle is underway I can't see them maintained, especially when fleets run through each other and if the AI tries to maintain the formation throughout
  2. This is part of the game where single players on the peace server have been missing out through crafting. Enabling port investments without port ownership wouldn’t affect the game in anyway except it would give this category of players more gameplay. Alot of solo players goals is about completing the limits of what the game has to offer, enabling port investments would give players another goal, another layer of gameplay, to fund port investments. As a solo player I have always thought I’ve being missing out with port crafting bonuses. I know the game is done and dusted but I
  3. Wait… Nick posted on Friday and you’re complaining on Tuesday! damn there’s some hard taskmasters here.
  4. I don’t like it. I find the contrast between greyed text, notification text and general text to similar, harder to see text and highlights against the background, could be the font aswell, worst in offline mode, the same for tag text background, too many pastel colors. -1
  5. No offense @Cptbarney, just asking, I'm very curious, why aren't you building these ships in 'UAD designer tool’, is it so limited for you that you can’t?
  6. So many people have stop there feedback and so maybe it is down to communication. One thing I’ve noticed is when there’s no intervention from the team the forum leads itself down the garden path, the result is more people are upset after the fact compared with knowing the facts up front. Communication, good or unfavorable, will let people know where they stand, better this way.
  7. Wouldn't it be nice if the team spent the whole of July working on custom battles and then 10 days of internal testing up to the 10th of August. Forget about the campaign until then, once/if/when the next update of custom battles was out, then the team could fall back into campaign mode without hassle.
  8. Yeah that bug has been around since the beginning, what's needed is the exact sequence of events to reproduce this bug, if you can post how to reproduce this bug, Dev’ will fix it.
  9. Old wild western gunfights were won by those who could shoot the other in the back first! And it's the same for gameplay, players like to build an early gameplay advantage to shoot those pesky NPCs in the back. GameLabs as a whole don't understand, know how or want to, 'enlist' this gameplay advantage, their theme is always the challenge, the player is to never ever have the advantage. And I think that's why their population per game is generally lower than similar games.
  10. That's totally the wrong way to look at it, UA:AoS is UGCW but with ships added to it!
  11. Yep. Though I would like to see it set for the endgame, let Jutland battleships rule the waves first, then late 1930s have the aviation model creep in and take over, it would like ‘complete’ the whole naval warfare cycle, like kinda make it a massive grind through battleships to get there. Bannerlord was 8 years in development and wow what a game that has turn out to be! was worth the wait. I see some of the models have depth charge racks on them now, didn’t noticed (or recall) them on these ships before, is this a sign that Dev’s are expanding the game! maybe even another year
  12. “hmm, difficult to see. Always in motion the future is.”
  13. Why not a 'Honor' system, like based on 'Hit Rate' or something like that, maybe damage done. If players can maintain or achieves there level, then they get to keep there ship if they surrender.
  14. RL, I've seen sport cubs merge to form stronger competitions but always the weaker off the merge falls away leaving the comp in worst positions. While we can't really know the outcome of 4 nations, in this game we can relate to RL and that there's a 'high risk' of weaker nations that merge (those players who lose there nation) to lose there identity and leave.
  15. Yes absolutely ‘named players’ do make a difference in rallying a force…. or to know when to run!
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