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  1. I know of that what you know. Including the fact that the battle generator decides the battles and there makeup. Decides the chance of encounter over open ocean (sea area) at the end of every month. Decides the number of ships in those encounters, including reduced numbers, and not by taskforce groupings. Taskforce groupings wouldn't have any function.
  2. Already done by deploying ships to sea area's. If needed the battle generator will pulls ships from neighboring sea area's or ports too, as you would expect while building up a group for battle.
  3. My best interpretation. In Being: Low operational costs. Low combat chance. Low transport protection. Worst case scenario if coupled with very low fuel ranged ship's - you lose many transports. Set this for all ships you least want in combat i.e. repairing/damaged ships, low crewed, rookie crews, old and obsolete ships (coast guard). If no or not enough ships set to "Sea Control" the battle generator will draw from "In Being", including damaged ships. This is why it still works for players who don't set ships to "Sea Control" or not enough of them. They are no
  4. The same for all games, if you want the good stuff you have to go through the grind! It's a learning experience.
  5. Intuitively you would assume the closest and in that video the one attacking you!
  6. Direction message isn't working to the nearest ship, is this intended? Contrary to my narration I think the direction message is probably linked to whatever is determined to be the capital ship.
  7. Don't worry, the announcement that was announced in this announcement for the announcement of the release date will be announce soon. 🙂
  8. Do you think they're going for "core patch 3 - R&D and tech progression"?
  9. At least I’m driving the right way. This understanding of naval warfare and history is why I'm comfortable shrugging off your little tirade, by the way. Oh so you don’t play the game either, because if you did you would know that formations are useless as an effective gameplay option. PS, oh wait, you pull a post from alpha 9?, well it has been a year. 🤣
  10. Didn’t notice. Best way to keep commercially sensitive information under wraps, wasn’t that a war thingy too! I'm sure its introduction was a surprise, nice visuals though. Should have held it for just a little bit longer. That's logical, they're trying to make as many sales as possible before UAD campaign drops, because it’s going to be the end for them. This is a very sad swan song, saddest so far. 😢
  11. You mean killer patch 27, a day that will live in infamy, decimated the pvp solo player base.
  12. It’s a way for people to get their forum ideas paid for and into game, offering a money making solution and hoping it's going to convince developers.
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