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  1. letter delivery will be replaced by cargo delivery very soon heavy cargo good profit in reals for a manageable short route to provide for 100% losses in PvP if you urgently need cash.
  2. we do not know if this new steam initiative works at all. We just know they could. Nobody knows exact rules (knowing development probably they don't know yet too)
  3. Steam now removes reviews that are off topic (not related to the game) given good number of reports on them.
  4. They are firefighting in shifts. Ship width does not allow all of them to get to fire AT THE SAME TIME. Only a 100 can get directly to fire at one point of time, too crowded.
  5. You are not allowed to fight another man in the quiet library, nursery, or any other peaceful establishment EVEN if you both agree to do so. These are the rules. If you want to fight a duel over the matter of horses or any other matter - War server is such establishment.
  6. да - килл квесты дают Х противников на каждого зашедшего. легкие миссии на 6-7 ранг есть в обычных мелководных портах (не фритаунах - в свободных городах сложность выше) + совет - поменяйте корабль с бейсика на обычный - так как бейсик теперь несет плохие пушки и нужен только чтобы чуть чуть разобраться в игре. Перейдя на карронады будет проще топить и корабли выше левелом - но бейсик каттер для этого не идеален - лучше взять pickle. В новой схеме урона лучше брать миссии на свой класс. Или апгрейдить корабль. Шнява на мидах или карронадах будет с легкостью проходить любые миссии на 6ой ранг (если она 1-2 звезды). С более высокой сложностью надо будет немного потеть и фокусить (если заходите группой). Трехзвездочные миссии сложнее и лучше брать с одной звездой (для сложных наций как РУ или Пруссия нужно иметь свой порт где то в мелководье чтобы иметь к ним доступ) . Как вариант просто на багамах охотится на флоты которые плавают по миру (тогда вы сами выбираете себе цель под свой вкус и размер) (или еще западнее тумбадо есть мелководный регион) + подождите немного групповых квестов которые скоро вернутся
  7. fire has the radius and the bigger the radius the more people are needed for firefighting. they are already at max capacity, and additional people will not improve the speed of firefighting but there are mods that improve it in terms of overall spread - we will see if it needs adjusting these couple of days
  8. Orient exploded exactly because 5 british ships were firing into it to spread fire quicker. At 21:00, the British observed a fire on the lower decks of the Orient, the French flagship.[118] Identifying the danger this posed to the Orient, Captain Hallowell directed his gun crews to fire their guns directly into the blaze. Sustained British gun fire spread the flames throughout the ship's stern and prevented all efforts to extinguish them.[109] Within minutes the fire had ascended the rigging and set the vast sails alight.[117] The nearest British ships, Swiftsure, Alexander, and Orion, all stopped firing, closed their gunports, and began edging away from the burning ship in anticipation of the detonation of the enormous ammunition supplies stored on board.[110] In addition, they took crews away from the guns to form fire parties and to soak the sails and decks in seawater to help contain any resulting fires.[112] Likewise the French ships Tonnant, Heureux, and Mercure all cut their anchor cables and drifted southwards away from the burning ship.[119] At 22:00 the fire reached the magazines, and the Orient was destroyed by a massive explosion. The concussion of the blast was powerful enough to rip open the seams of the nearest ships,[120] and flaming wreckage landed in a huge circle, much of it flying directly over the surrounding ships into the sea beyond.[121] Falling wreckage started fires on Swiftsure, Alexander, and Franklin, although in each case teams of sailors with water buckets succeeded in extinguishing the flames,[109] despite a secondary explosion on Franklin
  9. it's not random and it can be controlled - by another side. If you are on fire - every cannonball spreads the burning pieces of wood and cloth around the ship. Enemies if they want you to explode will shoot you to spread the fire faster. Explosion only happens when fire reaches the magazine. Previously the fire spread from cannoball hits was low - it was not enough if you were on survival and firefighting actively. Now as an enemy YOU can speed up explosions if you want it. if you do not want the target to explode - do not shoot hull. Ps. we not sure yet, if it is a greatest feature ever - let's get more feedback in. Looking at your video people love using it
  10. Clans remove trolling and griefing by alts or spies in port control or port battles. National unity is nice but 3-4 alts in lynxes could ruin your port battle before. Now they cant.
  11. Cheating accusations follow the simple rule. If you accuse the person you must do it in tribunal with proof OR not do it at all. As many players feel that their reputation is important - you spreading false rumors instead of factual proofs are not helping both the game and the community. Only your post contained empty air cheating accusations.
  12. Hey Hey. Look. There are rules on reporting exploits and cheats. Unlike other developers who cant fix their walhacks or push everything into client we invested a lot into tech that removes cheating or client hacking completely (even waves are on the server). As as a result unlike other devs we do not hide from such questions and do not remove discussions on cheats as we actually want them to be discussed to make tech even better for this and future games. But this must be done in special places (like tribunal) with proof. If you found something - post it and explain how it works. Better with videos. Posts without proof are just empty air and they are not allowed. Mods hide posts that do not follow the rules.
  13. Thank you for the proposal. There are no plans to bring combat PvP to peace server. Peace server is friendly and helpful. Any form of conflict will ruin the relaxing and tranquil experience.
  14. да мы смотрим на эту механику и возможно будем править в принципе там не даются марки если вы не логинились (даже если вы лорд протектор)
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