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  1. thank you for the kind words - the team needed it!))) new loot for ELITES will be added next week and will include new gun types Obtusiers - French short range guns Blomfield Pattern Guns Congreve Pattern short guns Navy Guns Doubloons and real reward for kills will also be improved for All kills (pvp and pve) as promised before (but got delayed)
  2. чем меньше изменений текущих механик тем выше рейтинг))) мы перестали с 2018 года трогать (более менее) то что работает и только добавляем новое интерфейс локализация портовые инвестиции больше миссий и лута и так далее все будет хорошо надо не крутить краники просто которые уже текут с привычной температурой
  3. impossibrl three decks does not say that https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=6983
  4. 49m 1300 Tons burthen super-frigate (almost super frigate) vs 35m (some sources 38m) 400 tons burthen light corvette
  5. yes. totally agree but like with teleports once simple easy to use features are seen its impossible to unsee them (teleports were never planned in this game and was a developer feature to help testers find pvp faster during early testing)
  6. @AeRoTR Ideas were also considered long time ago, but previously all attempts to change progression behind tasks or certain requirements (for example unlocking the previous ship to move on to the next) were always met with resistance from the community.
  7. 1) yes. port points will encourage specialization (2-3 bonuses max) 2) With map wipe or pre-release wipe - everyone knows they are OP but we need to wipe progress when there is a real need only 3) no.. if ports are wiped they will be wiped completely (with other resets to do final tests before the release) 4) yes - port bonuses and upgrade bonuses will be lower 5) current ship bonuses will remain (unless all ships are removed) but their stats will be lower.. so bonus Gunnery 4 will remain Gunnery 4 (but bonuses will be lower) 6) same answer as above - ships already made will keep the bonuses but the stats will be different 7) soon - patch will happen soon
  8. of course investigating meaning looking for reasons of the problem and yes its too much crashes crashes and rollbacks happen and happened before - but having them 3 times over a week is unacceptable. we are working with provider to find the source for the faults on the physical server machines and if they are not resolved asap we will move the servers to another provider.
  9. Hotfix will be deployed today 21 May Pirate ranks updated List of final ranks Thief Rascal Scoundrel Rogue Mutineer Rover Brigand Plunderer Raider Scourge Terror Curse NPC ships no longer can be sank by circles of death in patrols (closing a potential exploit loophole) Additional port investments bugs fixed Several UI bugs fixed
  10. You question this in the pre-wipe. They do not make much sense pre-wipe They are great after wipe (launch) Crew increases are more balanced and natural - you will have to sail all classes instead of skipping 2 like it was before.
  11. Fixed Final ranks Thief Rascal Scoundrel Rogue Mutineer Rover Brigand Plunderer Raider Scourge Terror Curse
  12. good point - missed that.. did not play as a pirate for a long time. will be fixed.
  13. модули в процессе баланса как раз гармонии нет и она придет ( если борт усилить можно на 10 проц допустим то и команде надо давать похожие возможности)
  14. у нас другие данные.. Много пишут что мортирный бриг чуть ли не флоты первых рейтов в соляка разбирает
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