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  1. THANK YOU OP for awesome write up. THANK YOU all other posters for your wonderful comments. This pretty much fits my wonderful experience with this game. I've had to slow a bit because of real life but OH I love this game. I do have a vivid imagination and role play so when I'm playing I'm someone I could never be in real life. I grew up on the coast and was in the US Coast Guard. This is as close as I can come to being at sea again and I love it. I've played over 2 years now and have over 2000 hours with my 2 characters, have purposefully drug my feet so as to not level up, I'll get there soon enough. I play as a merchant Captain and only now am going to get ready to arm and be able to fight my ship. At this time it's actually become worthwhile to defend, if you have the time, rather than just run when you're a merchant Captain. It's going to be lots of fun learning what I've avoided for the last 2 years because at that time it was more fun to run and be chased. Anymn, keep it up and please write again when you're inspired to do so. To Admin, on the PVE server......PLEASE let us talk to one another. Fair sailing all and thanks again from Captain Ed and Seadog 3rd class Wade.
  2. Hello and Happy Holidays Jodgi, Captains and Devs, I love the free cam and don't want it taken away like it was before. I use it a lot when I sail around just looking at stuff. My suggestion to make it fun and safe (Not a cheat) is.....No com or attack allowed for 15 minutes while and after using the free cam. Anyone getting on a third party app to get around this is a CHEAT, pure, plain and simple!!!! Ban him/her from the game 'cause we don't need people like that making it miserable for all the good, fun loving players. I was just now going to say "Don't let cheaters steal our free cam." But I changed my mind. We should use it before leaving port. Like sending up a balloon to scan around. If we see the scallywags, call in the Navy after them. Then there's righteous PVP and fun for all. Fair sailing all and the BEST OF ALL NEW YEARS TO ALL. From Captain Ed and Seadog 3rd class Wade.
  3. Ahoy Admin, Devs and Captains, Thanks Admin for the info about the new upcoming patch and, though I really don't need it, the sextant as it will make things easier. Having read above an idea to put the European map on the PVE server and swap PVP and PVE every so often I thought I should add my 2 cents. I absolutely love the idea. One thing I have noticed is how stagnant it gets when the RVR has been done and things get slow and boring on the PVP server. PVE server has sooo needed content and I realize that the small dev team can't do every thing and have to focus on one thing at a time and hopefully get it right. If players could have their home port on each server secure so they wouldn't lose everything at flip then it should work. This would be a way to keep things fresh and dynamic for all styles of players. Noobs are able to learn without getting squashed, PVErs don't have to get involved in PVP unless they want to and PVP gets much more to do with new ports to conquer every few months. PVP just might get more converts because some PVErs might sail over to the PVP side for a little excitement and like it. The PVPer who has gotten tired of it for awhile can sail back to the PVE server for a rest and to do his trading and crafting unhindered. I know there would need to be a lot worked out to make it work but I think it would be worth it to keep things fresh and satisfy both types of players. Fair sailing and Happy Holidays. Now back to work.
  4. Hello Admin, Devs and Captains, Now that we will have the sextant, though I don't know what type of headache it would cause to code, I would like to see leadsman so that the gunboat, cutter, lynx and possibly the privateer could enter even shallower waters than they can now. For traders it could enhance the ability to escape. For PBs it could mean new tactics such as getting in behind the enemy. For lone hunters it might be useful also. Just a thought. Fair sailing all and Happy Holidays from Capt. Ed and his awesome Seadog 3rd Class Wade.
  5. Ahoy Captains and Devs, Some of the best, most enjoyable and instructive conversations I've had in Naval action have been with enemy captains, some of which have just sunk me. One time I was talking to a player I had escaped from and was out in the Atlantic, obviously not paying attention to my situational awareness, when I was tagged and sunk by 3 Spanish. I laughed so hard at my surprise at being snuck up on that I about fell out of my chair. Scolded my poor departed Seadog Max for not keeping a proper lookout. Look folks, if someone gets nasty on chat just ignore them or report them if it's bad enough. If they're mean and nasty they're living in their own little version of hell and we should pity them, not let them ruin our day or game. My experience? 98% awesome people in this game in 2+ years. Great folks + great game = FUN. Fair sailing all and Happy Holidays from Capt. Ed and Seadog 3rd Class Wade.
  6. Good evening Captains and Devs, I personally want the "Enemy Player " names and ability to hail back, at the very least on the PVE server. I also like the idea for someone of lower level to be able to get some sort of reward for having the guts to battle a higher level player instead of running off. Happy Christmas, Hanukkah et. al. from Captain Ed and Seadog 3rd Class Wade. Fair sailing all. Let's Make this Game Great Again. Sorry, couldn't help it.
  7. Ahoy Captains, Thanks for this thread I hope they do sticky this. I learned a lot from it. Great job. Fair sailing all.
  8. Admin, really love your quick response to the players. Job well done. I'll just stick with the 3d because I like it and also it lets me know that my aging computer will let me get on a voyage without overheating to the point where I have to shut it down. If it's good to go in port, I'm good to go for the voyage. Also I'm liking the new UI. Thanks a lot. Fair sailing all.
  9. Captain Barbancourt, Well done. Your going to have the scenic time of your life. I envy you. Last time I was there I sailed the whole coast and had a great time. I hope you took plenty of provisions. I didn't and we had to resort to eating birds which became troublesome. Now I really must repair my computer so I can get back over there. If I could make a request of you. Kindly ask Admin to turn on fishing and put one port over there. The more that ask then maybe they'll do that for us. Have to get back to work. Fair sailing and enjoy.
  10. Admiral Norfolk, I just found this and have not yet gotten a chance to fully read it and learn it. Seadog 3rd Class Wade is growling and scolding me under his breath, insolent dog, for not finding this earlier. It's great, Thanks a lot. it's going to be a great help. Now all I have to do is rebuild my ageing computer. HAHAHA, always something to do. Fair sailing.
  11. Sorry about not saying goodbye but I had a customer. Fair sailing all.
  12. Ahoy Admin, Please put at least one port in the Pacific. Turn on the fishing last time I went to the Pacific the men almost mutinied for lack of anything but birds to eat. I was saved only by my great former Newfoundland Seadog Rocky. You don't want to argue with a 70 kilo dog
  13. Hello, Awesome idea. You mirror my own thoughts on this matter. Darn! Too bad I'm working and don't have the time to more fully answer. I truly hope that Admin will look at this and do it. Fair sailing all.
  14. Thanks JPJChris. The Captains, Admin and Devs need to see that we can have fun in posts. Fair sailing and have a great and wonderful day.
  15. HAHAHAHA, The Devs need to give us seaweed and barnacles to slow down our ships over time if we don't have copper plating. Fair sailing all.
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