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  1. Bonden, You are a treasure. Please keep it up. Much thanks and fair sailing from Capt. Ed and Seadog Wade.
  2. Admin, Captain Ed and his intrepid Seadog Wade are pleased to announce the prepurchase of Sea Legends. We are looking forward to it with great anticipation. Thanks and fair sailing!
  3. Bonden, I have UBOAT. Though I've only just dipped my toe in the water so far, too much real life going on atm, I look forward to playing it. It started off really rough but they seem to be on a good patch path. It's going to be a very fun game. (Now if they only could have merchant subs I'd really like it.) Great research Bonden. I enjoy reading your posts. Fair sailing and a great day from Capt. Ed and Petty Officer Wade.
  4. Admin, Oh how you've made my day. I've been away for awhile working on my old house, being out and about with my nice seadog (Had him 3 years now.), and dealing with the chaos happening here. Today I dropped in on my main computer to find such great changes. I like them. Ready to get onboard just as soon as it's available. Please make it so we can use Steam or maybe PayPal if it's not ready for Steam yet. Oh my! Now I'll really have to build a new computer. MSFS 2020 is already forcing me down that road. Fair sailing and good health from Capt. Ed and Petty Officer Wade.
  5. Admin, Thank you so much for the info you have shared so far. Seadog Wade and I are excited and look forward to the game. Though I know it's too early, please get it on Steam soon so I can have the pleasure of buying it. Fair sailing Capt. Ed and Seadog First Class Wade.
  6. Hello Admin, I second the above. Thanks for the email. Followed the link and read about the Clerk. Brilliant, am very excited and looking forward to more. Have a great and wonderful day. Capt. Ed and Seadog First Class Wade.
  7. Bonden, and all others who have contributed to these threads, well done and thanks again. My Seadog Wade and I are looking forward to this. I would like to see a merchant career line in this game and eventually an explorer career line too. Possibly DLC to open up new areas of the map. I would eventually like to be able to sail the whole world. Also the ability to establish colonies, plantations, etc. Petty Officer Wade has grabbed his captain and is dragging me off before I can get into trouble. " Darn master!!!!! Always pest'rin the Devs, again he does it!!!! Ask',in too much, push'
  8. Hello Bonden, Absolutely wonderful thread. It was an enjoyable and educational read. Caused me to buy the book on rigging. He also has one, that I bought, on fore and aft rigging. Keep up the good work and I hope Admin takes more notice of this. Looking forward to the first glimpses of this new game. Stay safe and fair sailing from Capt. Ed and Seadog First Class Wade.
  9. Greetings all, Thanks to all the above who ask such great questions, many of which have been rolling around in my head. My Seadog and I have been waiting for this. Much thanks to Admin for the answers. I have a request (Ducking to miss the flying over ripe tomato.). If it is possible please include a seadog NPC. My present dog is a 38 kilo yellow lab/hound mix. A Newfoundland is also a good choice, my old one was 90+ kilos. Awesome water dog, couldn't stay out of it. I'm on board when you're ready. Can't wait to sail. Stay well all and fair sailing from Capt. Ed and Seadog 1st C
  10. Of course. We all want to take 4 to 7 real life days to get across the map. Just joking, though it wouldn't bother me. Fair sailing all.
  11. Yes please. I'm from Corpus Christi Texas. I'm craving having the Texas Navy. It could be part of the US. +1, so many good suggestions. Back to work. Fair sailing all.
  12. At work so I have to be short. Please open the Pacific. Traders trim on some of the warships. Allow hailing of "Enemy Player "on Peace Server. Thanks and fair sailing all.
  13. Captains, Admin and Devs, Onboard my Pickle, Kidd's Harbour. Waiting........waiting........waiting. My awesome Seadog Wade is guarding me, he thinks I'll do something stupid. He made me SIT on the doghouse forward of the pumps and told me to STAY. Oh, the ignominity of it all, being told what to do by a dog. I sit and wait.......Petty Officer Wade brings me tea, tea mind you! Says I can't have any rum till the deed is done. So I sit and wait, guarded by those teeth that could rip a mans arm off if he wanted to. "Don't test me Master. A couple of months and I've had you for 2 years an
  14. Ahoy Captains, The anticipation is nearly killing me. In a fit of anticipatory angst I ran up on deck and threw myself over the rail. Seadog Wade jumped in after me and drug me back on board. After depositing me on my quarterdeck he told me to SIT and Stay or he would have me confined to my cabin.Insolent dog! 37kg (80lbs), "DON'T argue with my teeth and all will be well Capt." I'll have words with that dog after I've recovered from taking in all this water. *Falls over....Plop* (Petty Officer Wade) "Don't worry. I'll lick and revive him later so he can watch the fireworks. You
  15. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!! Is everything perfect...No. Do I love messing around in ships?.....Yes. Does this game, above all others get me as close to what I want as I can get?.....Yes. Do I enjoy it?....Yes. Can I find/do better?....NO. Captain Ed and Seadog 2nd Class Wade are going to continue to sail the High Seas with joy and vigor for as long as the servers are up and have a hell of a great time doing so, come hell or high water. Sorry to be short but I have to get back to work. See you all on the High Seas, fair sailing and a great game launch.
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