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  1. I could not have said it better Bristol.
  2. No Chris not all clans! WO and Blanc are independent operators, but I am sure you knew this!
  3. I really hope the Devs give us at least a 24hour notice for the change. You know its going to happen tomorrow, that would be very helpful.
  4. sorry about that. You wanted an example of stern camping, well here goes HMS Africa revealed. Gunboat War[edit] During the Gunboat War, Africa was under the command of Captain John Barrett.[2] On 15 October 1808, Africa was escorting a convoy of 137 merchant ships in the Baltic, with the assistance of the bomb vessel Thunder and two gun-brigs. They left Karlskrona that day and on 20 October they anchored in the Øresund off Malmö. At noon a flotilla of Danish gunboats was seen moving towards the convoy and Africa sailed to intercept them.[3] The flotilla consisted of 25 gunboats and s
  5. Lets see what history has to say about smaller more maneuverable ships versus big lumbering galleons. Do you remember the defeat of the Spanish Armada by the British Fleet under the command of Sir Francis Drake and Lord Charles Howard Size of the navies in the Armada campaign: The Spanish Armada sailed with around 160 ships. The English mobilised up to 200 ships in the Channel. Unknown numbers of Dutch vessels harassed and attacked the Armada and hemmed the Duke of Parma’s forces into their harbour of Dunkirk. Ships, organization, tactics and equipment: The descent of the Spanis
  6. And there is one more big item. Because there are a number of smaller clans now, there has to be a way that they can take and hold a port or as we have seen on the Global server, one group becomes dominant and nothing changes. Here is what I think works. AI defended neutral ports can remain the same. However, if a clan holds a port they can choose the number of players for that port battle. For example, clan a holds a port and decides the defense will involve either 10, 15 or 25 ships. This scaled up way of doing it gives smaller clans a fighting chance to take and hold ports. Right now
  7. Here is an example of rope fenders that I suspect were in use during these times.
  8. Sea State has more to do with the safety aspect of this maneuver. You can nest in heavy rain, but high winds will cause a great deal more danger as the ships might bump hard. I suspect at the time period of the game, the ships used manila hauser to create fenders so when the went along side the ships could do so more safely. Of course today we use larger rubber fenders to accomplish this.
  9. Clarification: The focus of this post had more to do with Battle Repairs such as Rig and Hull and Rum. In my opinion, It would not have the same capability as in port trading or exchanges.
  10. Please consider giving all players working together and ships the ability to nest. Nesting (or Rafting Up a more modern term) is a real world and viable capability for ships working together to actually come close to one another, put over lines and send items to one another. Another way to look at nesting is it is an at sea or "sea to sea" transfer ability. For example, a group of ships operating together can nest or raft up, and exchange or share hull or rig repairs, rum, crew and even other items deemed capable of being transferred. Additionally, items brought from port for the purpose
  11. I second this emotion, kicked already collected CM's disappeared. But reappeared after I relogged in. Hope this helps on the troubleshooting
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