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  1. https://www.navy.mil/ah_online/constitution/index.html
  2. Crusty having served in the US Navy for 20 years, that fact you just related is as true today as it was yesterday. Look at the McCain and Fitzgerald collisions. Those captains were woefully sad. One not ever being on the bridge of the ship transiting the deadly and treacherous Straits of Malacca, been there, did that, got through without a scratch. A well trained and drilled sailing crew under the capable handling of a competent sailing master could make a ship like he Connie come alive. In fact, isn't something like an Elite British Rig Refit reflective of that idea?
  3. Thanks for your comment Hethwill. Whatever the issue, something has to be done.
  4. This morning the classic Constitution was released as a redeemable. This created an interesting discussion on the global chat. Here are my two cents. Your killing us here. Constitution remains today one of the finest, most amazing, deadliest ships produced during the age of sail. I have stood on her decks in Boston on two occasions. She is something to behold. Yet this game has reduced her to a mere shadow of her ability. In this game, her speed is terrible, her turning worse and you give us one with 2 more bow chasers. What are you guys doing, she is for all purposes in this game useless. She should be one of the most sought after 4th rates in the game but she has become a harbor queen, never sailing on many worthwhile missions. Many this morning commented on how much they love her, but simply can't use her. I am asking for a group of dedicated players who have stood by you and this game, even when the population has dwindled. Do something worthwhile, make her a first choice fighter at the 4th rate.
  5. To the Devs: Just asking here, can you give us an estimated time frame or estimated date when you intend to shift to Victory Marks for number of ports on the Lord Protector listing? Also, I am sure many of us would like to know the cut offs for the awarding of Victory Marks in relation to the number of Ports on the Lord Protector Listing. For example, One port to ???? gets one Victory Mark and ????? to ??????? gets 2 Victory Marks and so on. Like I said just asking here. Thanks for your time
  6. I could not have said it better Bristol.
  7. Really? How many people do you know that will have bow gun ports and no guns??
  8. No Chris not all clans! WO and Blanc are independent operators, but I am sure you knew this!
  9. The base price as I see it for food supplies is 35 as it stands right now. 210 divided by 6 multiplied by 4 equals 140. I have used 140 as the buy price on a eu trading contract, worked before but apparently the 41 price is the new price. Another ninja change. i tried it at 164 and it works. thanks for the help appreciate it greatly
  10. I have been trying to buy Food Supplies using the EU Trader ability. The cost to buy according to the chart is 96 per unit. I cannot buy a unit for anything less than 210. The pricing at the ports needs to be checked. There is a glitch, please check it out. TY
  11. I really hope the Devs give us at least a 24hour notice for the change. You know its going to happen tomorrow, that would be very helpful.
  12. Nation based fighting relationships has got to go. Look at World of Tanks and World of Warships, those guys understood you need to give the player base real choices for developing fighting relationships. One server with clan based relationships that allows the french to ally up with Brits, Spanish or whomever is the way to go. Nation based in too rigid and too limiting, and players like choices. Oh yeah, one more thing. I have spoken with numerous folks on their TeamSpeaks who would come back to the game provided there is one combined server. The feeling is simply this, the bigger the player base the greater the probability that PVPers can find a fight in a reasonable time frame, and not sail for hours looking for a PVP battle. I mean this is how a lot of folks feel, this is what is motivating them to stay away and choose other games. I am confident the time zones issue can be worked out, but if we don't do this how will we know. I think there will be an immediate gain the the server populations soon as the servers are merged and some system for redeeming ships and mats that might be part of a players dual holdings on both the Global and EU server is worked out and made available.
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