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  1. Bellona have a higher BR!!! Wasa should have BR close to the Bellona!
  2. He has a OP fire power, so he is, OP, Big fire power -----------> easy demast, easy reload shock etc........
  3. They give us the nerf of tha Wasa we were all waiting, and now they make him again OP; it's ridiculous
  4. The new UI is intersting too, but this new BR is a hello kittying joke for me. An exemple, if you do a dual fight between a Constitution and a Wasa, I can assure you the Wasa will always win!!
  5. Wait, you really agree to this new Battlerating???!
  6. We got the perfect nerf for the Wasa one month ago, and now you remake it totally OP........ 290 BR for a Wasa?!!! How it could happen, that's a hello kittying Bellona with the speed of a frigate:!!!!!
  7. @admin Please tell me it's not true!! That could not be the real new BR!!! How you can justify this new BR???!!! Wasa less than Agua? Bellona less than 3rd rate?? Niaguara less than Snow??? Endymion less than Trincomalée??? OMG guys, did you just spent this night drinking vodka ???!!!!
  8. Since the developers introduced the forged papers, NA is really becoming like Game of Thrones...... And now we have our great army of the dead .
  9. Port Battle of Road Rocks this evening. Victory is for the defenders! Special mension for the french mortar Alanxo, who managed a great battle! o7
  10. If you learn history you will know that greatest alliances are built with old enemies.
  11. WO and Blanc are out of this alliance, they really want to do war against Russia so we will not block them. We want they do what they like. The council is not here to command players but to find a way to satisfy all players. Russians change all their port battle windows so it will be hard. The real problem actually is that there is not enough us timezone player on this game.
  12. With the support of the French Council I am pleased to announce the creation of an alliance between the sovereign kingdoms of Russia and France. The agreement will be without time limit and will last as long as each member will find his account. This alliance will apply for RvR, open sea PvP will remain tolerated as long as it's stay reasonable. May the future be kind and make this alliance bring glory and prosperity to our kingdoms. Comeonche, member of the French Council.
  13. Use google translate please I fought BF many times and I've never seen something suspicious. Some of them are good players but I assure you they can sink
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