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  1. Today was a strange day on the Global server as we had an influx of "new" French players. These new French had been fighting at La Tortue for a few hours and so I decided to go check out what was happening. I teleported up, got in a basic cutter since I didnt really have another ship there worth taking out, and exited port. After sitting around for awhile in between a group of pirates and these new French I began to get tagged so I would hop into port for a bit then hop back out. This tagging stopped and I started to watch a video on YouTube, but before long I heard cannons firing and checked back seeing a battle. The other new French with me took all the hp off the lynx and we were waiting for it to sink when a few enemies entered the battle. Which ended with these results: This is where the tribunal begins. After trying to race to the Santi and then being sunk by the enemy I exited battle and relayed that information in nation chat. This is when I was accused of having green on green tagged in Simon Cadete seconds before he could get out safely. I do not believe I had even shot before he surrendered and the only way I would have hit him was if I had shot and it had passed through someone else first. I was told the enemy did not have range but in global they all thought the snow had hit him to keep him in. I welcome anyone else with further evidence for either side to join in on this. I would just like to know if at all possible who shot @Simon Cadete in this battle. So that I can either be punished or have my name cleared.
  2. Also im not sure you are involved or presenting evidence so you shouldnt be involved in this at all
  3. Maybe the devs should get some active moderators on Global then so my reports go somewhere
  4. Since posting this he has not stopped
  5. In game and out of game recently I have been verbally berated by a player by the name of Latron. He has continually accused someone of being my alt and of me having an alt. He has entered a discord I am in as well and has said the same accusations constantly in there as well. I sadly do not have the in game harassment screenshots as I didn't think it would continue like this. I will be providing screenshots from the discord where he has continued his harassment. I would ask that he just be given a light punishment at first of maybe a few days chat ban. He is also in the process of being dealt with in the discord but I just wish this harassment to stop everywhere.
  6. I believe the total count of players sunk and captured starting at the time of the PB was around 31 Brits and Dutch
  7. Theres always room for a Santa Cecilia or Wappen in my docks if nothing else <3
  8. Since this might be true for many is there any way to help the players who will have lost out on this?
  9. Nobody else was around at the time it seemed since we only had 24 inside at that point
  10. Pretty sure this isnt the right thread for Dutch-Dane hello kittyery. Just in case you got lost. @Timjim2 @Tenet
  11. Update on PB status: We waited for an update and still have not had an update to the map in any way
  12. Having talked with the other clan leaders we are under the impression that this peace treaty ended our disputes with ICS. And considering there was no active declaration of Civil War we do not need another post regarding it.
  13. I think our peace ended it as well but i will check with everyone to see if I am misinformed.
  14. Then stop trying to tell us who our diplomats are please.
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