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  1. thats a very interesting proposal for the war server. It could have been proposed before but we missed it due to tunnel vision.
  2. There is no interpretation. 30 days could easily turn into 300 days - even for valve. You can check link in my signature and see how time warping works in gamedev. In terms of DLC there is no difference between f2p and paid games. Paid games from Monster Hunter to WOW to EvE online, to TESO deliver new content, maps, classes in form of paid expansions. This buys time and brings funds to make proper features and additions.
  3. We already have interesting battles. Even the most hating reviewers mention that art is amazing and combat is spectacular. In terms of features we have a plan just like in 2018 and we are confident it will be finished. NPC Aggression is part of that plan.
  4. We can only provide information that we provided above, and Yes.. NPC aggression comes to War server too and it includes attacks on ports.
  5. Quotes like this come from people who severerusly underestimate the time and complexity of a skin in any game and have no idea. There were no promises on dates and if they were they were always with the disclaimer that dates might change. 1 new paint can take from 3 to 10 man days (depending on complexity including qa and programming time). Game has 250 paints now all tested and working. Some were done in unity 4 and had to be remade from scratch and retested before patch. You can easily calculate man months on the paint project. ps. Apex legends - a 100 mln dollar game - have recently shipped 24 skins for 150 dollars as part of a major content update
  6. Captains On previous update Massive update with more than 240+ paints and skins was a success and Painter is now the best selling DLC overcoming Rattvisan. Around 5-10 paints will move to refits and Navy editions in this forthcoming update. We plan to continue adding new paints but the process will be slow. It takes a lot of time to prepare a good paints as it not only requires taste and lots of experiments (paints should look ok in all weather and light conditions), but also lots hard technical work from texturing and paint/material creation to memory management (they all have to fit into texture memory limits) to LOD generation (simplified visuals for long distance images to save memory). Please propose new paints in the relevant topics that we posted. Information on 3 main features of the update We are working very hard on the new update and its launch date is getting closer and closer. There are no definitive dates yet. But we are very excited about the forthcoming features. They will truly tie the rvr together, and bring 3 important features to the Peace server. NPC Port battles will come to Peace server. NPC will try to capture rich ports from large clans using unique raiding mechanics on both Peace and War servers. If NPC's manage to capture the ports the port will then have to be recaptured. We do not know the intentions of NPC raiders on the port assets (yet). Most importantly this means that ports could be recaptured from NPCs, which will open clan control, taxation and investments for the Peace server, and long overdue map fluidity. NSFW Leopard NSFW HMS Leopard (1775-1790) will be a new imported DLC ship added in this seasonal content update. Raids. Small groups will be able to raid rich ports for profit and glory. They could become a second or maybe first source of admiralty rewards and money for adventurers like you. They are oriented for all segments of players and will be accessible even to those who only have 1.5 hours in the evening.
  7. AFK fishing is not against the rules. Find them and sink them like a real captain would do with slowly moving sleeping captains in that era. Not everyone should report, salute you or wake up just because you got to your keyboard.. Locked
  8. If it was occurring the specific method would be reported by a white knight long time ago. This is not occurring. There is is no safe exit.Stop spreading false rumours.
  9. Official answers are only given when there is a certainty in the answer. Thus you can rely on answers on bugs and issues with certain degree of confidence. It is not foolish to demand video proof from players as it was found by experience that posts on the internet are sometimes not satisfactory sources of facts and can be not true or partially untrue. Thats why it is foolish NOT TO DEMAND video proof. As sometimes investigation can take long time and delay other content like raids of NPC attacks on ports on PVE server from appearing in game. maybe vets want to keep this safe exit myth alive for more targets Overall Still! Thanks for the report.. Better be safe and diligent. And it is better to ask a question then to second guess the rumours.
  10. Если вы все еще за пиратов, cкажите на какой акк выслать редкий пиратский флаг кронштадских повстанцев пиратов There is no safe exit from the game since day 3 of the open world testing in 2015 as it was build by PVP players. There are no cheats in our game. Even waves are on the servers.
  11. thanks for the report will investigate asap.
  12. its for paint chest only sorry ((( as you cannot pick the paint.
  13. we have some art resources available for a week. Lets revive this topic on new flags. Is there are any awesome flags we missed and could add to current in game nations (or flags of their allies)?
  14. Captains Please propose paints ahd coloring schemes for ships existing in the game Best posts will have a color painting or a photograph or a screenshot. Of course there is no point to post black and white pictures.
  15. Captains Patch has been deployed over last two days Contents Massive Paint Update Almost 190 paints were added to Paint DLC and Paint Chest Total number of paints provided is 200 with 10 reserved for testing for future usage for refits and ship variants. To keep the Paint Chest drop rate sane the Paint Chest now drops 2 paints. Bug reporter fixes Fixed trading bugs with paints Multiple Localization fixes were applied More information might follow but i am travelling in Kazakhstan and have bad connection more often than not. Please post bugs and issues with paints in this topic or in the support section with individual paints problems. Propose new paints in the Paint proposals topic. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/30918-paints-paints-paints-paints-proposals/
  16. you know you can preview them all in port for that ship if you have that ship in dock
  17. There is a patch note section https://forum.game-labs.net/forum/60-patch-notes/ Patchnotes are always posted in this section. Last patchnote was patch 34 and there were no other changes worthy of separate change logs. You can subscribe to this section to see latest changes that developers want to tell you about. If developers do not post some changes there could be a reason for that.
  18. they are counted pvp hunts are affected by port battles. But there is one disclaimer. If you have already killed this steam ID in this hunt mission you do not get the rewards. This feature drastically reduced farming and exploiting. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  19. Hello Captains We would like to share the development plans for the second half of 2019 Content updates will be provided with less frequency as they will require more testing due to live status of the game. content update 1: Treacherous waters - Traditional update with 2-3 patches Raids on ports NPC Aggression (both in the world and in RVR) Massive Painter DLC and looted Paint Chest update. Final localization update including additions of some approved community translation to game client content update 2: Unfinished business (continuous updates) Combat model update and improvements (including proper battle sails mechanics) More variety in upgrades, loot and books ROE update for patrols content update 3: Welcome to the Caribbean - Seasonal update New player experience missions and improvements Low cost limited content edition (a-la wow lvl 20 trial) content update 4: Chatham Chest - Seasonal update New progression system (including for crew) Veteran ranks Perk system revamp and improvements Update to knowledge and book systems Content update 1 will be delivered first.
  20. pirate rigs and spanish refits cause this.. need to be checked again (even after upgrade nerfs)
  21. not going to work you can ask a friend to attack you constantly to get this invisibility
  22. we are reviewing this DLC ships should be a valid working option - not an "I lose option" Pass along to other owners and concerned citizens of the Caribbean.
  23. Raids are still under review. The main problem with player raids is the player Griefing and alt support. Which will not create anything for a small group as only a large organized fleet can overcome the challenges. You can block the raid group by keeping the attacker or raid loot carrier in the battle forever. (so only large group will be able to sail into the rich port) Alts can help you hide the loot in battles when sailing back to get invisibility buffs. The higher the reward the more incentive there is to grief
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