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  1. Captains. We got reports that trading is broken (too much money. Is it true? How is it broken? Is it really really broken?
  2. free dlc maybe? the problem is - what is the threshhold? 2000-5000? 10000? hours
  3. it will come - better formation controls as well (+ reverse speeds)
  4. Campaign, crew, officers are currently higher priority. Multiplayer is on the wishlist. Many players want campaign finished and once its delivered some of them will change the votes to yes to multiplayer. Then we can reopen this discussion.
  5. I have heard the world is flat - its all over the internet Please provide the proof next time - otherwise you could be just wasting other people's time in vain repeating rumours and incorrect information. Solo and fleet agent Missions do not have invasions. and never had. Hostility are not missions those are risky activities. Locked.
  6. Peace server does not have Loki runes, and pvp is an integral part of the war server - You chose the war server and its main selling point is risk. So risk cannot be a negative outcome for war server, more risk is a positive outcome. Losing combat is also an integral part of war server so again not sure why you bring this into the conversation. Also please stop with this new player rhetoric and Loki - new players do missions and loki does not work in missions.
  7. admin

    Indiaman HULK

    Indiaman does not turn into THAT hulk due to abnormal nuclear radiation.
  8. Hello Captains! We have achieved a lot last year: new ships, new missions, trading improvements, thousands of bugs fixed and finally launch of the game. 2019 was better than 2018. Naval Action has been placed into a Steam's Best of 2019 Hall of Fame by Valve and was named one of the best releases from Early Access (by revenue) This could only happen because of you Captains! Thank You. We wont let you down. Of course some grumpy landlubbers will still complain it was all alts, but who cares . Please ask those "alts", really ask them to get us on the steam top sellers list in 2020 again. Here are the plans for the next 1st Half of 2020. Please propose things that you consider critical that fill the new content rules described below or edit your old posts and link them there. Under way Transferred from 2019 2H. New player mission New player experience is finishing its development. This mission will rework the starting couple of hours for all new players and will show some of the best features from the start (including large line fights in heavy ships) as it was happening in the early sea trials. New ships Redoutable - Imported ship (this month subject to Valve Approval) Implacable - crafted ship (this month) Wrecker - crafted ship (February) HMS Victory Classic Edition - Admiralty Gift ship 1st half of 2020 Rotterdam - Combat Indiaman 1st half of 2020 Gross ventre refit will return this or next month Pandora will become available on Steam for purchase Low cost edition Low cost edition is long overdue and will be developed and shipped in 2020. It bring a lot of new faces into the game and will increase gameplay quality for all owners. Upgrades, Combat model, damage and penetrations tuning New upgrades (crafted and looted) Cannon, upgrades Battle sails and wind curve rebalance Hull leeway which will make looting much easier New rewards for main battle activities PVP Leaderboard rewards Better patrol rewards Solo patrol rewards improved Port battle missions with rewards On skills and progression and rules for new content (promised in 2h of 2019) We have cancelled work on changes in progression, current skill book rework, and perks for the following reason Changing anything players already have causes immense negativity as it is taking something away from them. Features made for new players can feel that they are done at the expense of old players, who feel they are unfair to the existing community (people who supported the game before), So even if the new progression is amazing it could feel like a robbery for old players even if it is better. Thus... We will only add new content if it fulfills the following rules It must solve a specific problem of the majority or reduce negative outcome for the majority. It must be beneficial for both new and old players It must not take anything away that players worked hard to get. One example for a skill tree that fulfills the above mentioned rules could be a Bravery Skill Tree Bravery skill tree gives benefits and bonuses to crew when fighting outnumbered Bravery skill tree levels up when fighting outnumbered These two things reduce negativity for the majority as everyone is ganked from time to time and everyone would love to get higher chance to sink someone in those situations On new content Overall we feel like our hands are tied with the current content. Even positive changes like the PVP 20 Min balancer was very hated, really hated by many initially. Now - many months later it is universally accepted by most pvp players. Its not perfect, not the best but a lot better than anything we had before. Such changes cause a state of uneasiness and beta feel and should not happen when the game is already released. As a result our focus will only be on to following priorities New ships New missions, events, rewards, and activities Quality of life improvements Removal of toxicity from community communication Some improvements in AI On moderation Moderation systems in game will need to change drastically to promote friendly community. Current system of in game chat moderation is slow and inadequate. Developer's assigned moderators were causing claims of bias and negativity. As a result moderation will probably move to the community. Moderation could be done by voted player representatives who will moderate their nation in all chats (help, nation and global) clan leaders and officers who will be able to moderate their clan members in all chats reports on players will come to player representatives and clan leaders by mail clan leaders will receive some motivation for taking action on the reports on their members The systems are going to be worked on this year. meanwhile please use report and ignore for people whose style you do not like On AI One important area neglected for a very long time will be Artificial Intelligence. The NPC Ships will learn new tricks and skills Will position better for broadsides Will learn to chase and escape better (useful for player fleets and auto-escapes during disconnects) Will choose targets better and focus fire better Will sail better closer to land And some other improvements like better operation as a group AI improvements become possible as Game Labs as a company continues work on Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail strategy game, and this year will also start work on a new single player focused game with first person view from deck - Sea Legends - about smugglers and privateers in the Mediterranean and North sea. This research will be shared and will greatly benefit the improvements of quality of PVE combat in Naval Action. Overall - we have a great 2020 ahead of us. If you want something added to the plan feel free to do it in comments. Please stay on topic when discussing issues. Remember that all feature proposals and changes proposals must fit the 3 point framework It must solve a specific problem of the majority or reduce negative outcome for the majority. It must be beneficial for both new and old players It must not take anything away that players worked hard to get.
  9. if you want faster resolution than in game report/ignore system post the specific people and specific comments in tribunal with translation (both spanish and english) AND report them in game as well (screens can be fabricated) 1 case = 1 report Its very easy to clear the chat if everyone reports.. One person reporting is not enough unless something serious is said.
  10. Antivirus software can easily miss very specific code which goal could be to steal your passwords and send them to the creator of the software. Any software running several clients at the same time can also try steal or intercept your login session data leading to multiple other issues. Antiviruses could theoretically miss this information sent to creator as they might consider it normal game (steam) traffic We are NOT SAYING this software by @Forbin does it. But we do not endorse any unverified software, and do not allow links to such software on our forums. In addition to that Steam EULA is vague about running of multiple instances of steam at the same time and you can risk your steam accounts. Locked Links removed. @Forbin no offense - we do not allow any third party software posts here for ages.
  11. we should think for everyone and the little guy too. As a result we actually increased the supply of trading goods 2 days ago in the hotfix (by at least 65% across all price categories) , more trading = more pvp and more money. (including a side effect of more privateering). New group of trading goods that will spawn in non capital towns is coming too - to encourage sailing around and looking for deals.
  12. The new trading system (#nocontracts) works as it promotes sailing (not sitting in ports using contracts) and privateering (just sink the traders around rich ports instead of buying goods). How does having a second account helps you buy anything in Vera Cruz if you cannot buy anything on the first account? Majority cares about inflation - people want to hoard and hoard we will give them as much as they want. Yes it will increase the cost of top class mods and those act as money sinks. We just need more options there.
  13. Inflation is only a problem when the costs rise with inflation as well. If basic goods are stable - and expensive goods go up in price its not an inflation Cost of oak and iron and coal and a lot of other resources is fixed.
  14. These changes are required to make sure Raiders and Player numbers are equal in Raider port battles. This complain was common and now its fixed.
  15. Hotfix will be deployed today 10th Jan to fix BR differences for Raider port battles Port BR changes 5000 Battle ratings ports are now 5700 10000 Battle ratings ports are now 10600 Nassau PVE PB bug fixed - BR Changed to 2900 Ship BR changes Trincomalee BR 270 to 260 Endymion BR changed from 280 to 270 Indiaman BR changed from 150 to 140 Pavel BR changed from 550 to 540 Yesterday hotfix addressed the Nassau Raider routes in port battles and slightly increased spawns of trading resources.
  16. Продвинутые капитаны могут отвести флот подальше чтобы использовать в своих корыстных целях так и должно быть - и хорошо что они могут далеко заехать - почему нет?
  17. ратл можно получить в игре рядом способов - он не такой чтобы и оч дорогой пандора это импортный корабль его всегда забирает после боя адмиралтейство - там при пересадке сверху уведомление горело говорило что заберет
  18. we actually were considering adding more ranks and increasing the crew allowance and are not against this (were against before under pressure of some players with #nofleets desires but later changed the mind, as the majority plays the game differently)
  19. Issue investigated and is found to be port trade No interference with other clans was found Unfortunately the normal port trade using hostility was spoiled by artificial surrenders. Which is against the rules as can be considered alt farming As a result Organizer of the battle will have his XP gains removed with additional small penalty Reals gained in the battle will be removed (from both accounts) All participants of the battle will receive a friendly warning as they were just doing what their clan leader told them to. Most importantly. Port will be set to neutral during tomorrow maintenance. We would not do it if it was a normal port trade - but 7 oceans surrendering to a snow definitely looks fake. Captains. Please avoid using mechanics that look or sound fishy even for testing - you might get seen and reported.
  20. wow nice job. Yes .. later down the line when campaign is given out to players in full.
  21. Alt farming is against the rules even if it is for testing as people seeing the combat chat and rank leaderboard do not know that and will demand blood. We know it happens from time time but nobody has the guts to get himself onto a first place of the leaderboard. We recommend returning all trades done with other characters this day to your account (for important assets like doubloons, quest rewards (combat marks and chests and their contents) as all trading partners are considered suspects as real alts usually try to wash the trades down the chain. If multiple passes of goods happen they could also get tracked . It does not matter if they delete the account or not as everything is still in logs. Please report on the traders in PM to me once done. Assets created this day will be removed. If trades are not returned partial reset might be done for trading partners. First time offence is usually done with the warning and without rank loss and just asset return is conducted.
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