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  1. Yes. Every purchaser will receive the steam key in the near future (before the official steam launch). ETA unknown and is not guaranteed, but it will definitely happen before the steam release
  2. you are twisting words and you should not I have said that i do not are about them being able to join some other nations battle for each other with the convoluted network of alts or secondary accounts just to pvp
  3. rolling on the floor? wind - saves time but you are still in OW - you are still a target) patrol zones - you still have to sail there (its not a lobby) - its a quest zone IN THE OW - you are a target Loki - makes OW PVE more interesting and dangerous for someone in the OW - you are still a target for someone in the OW What is exactly your point?
  4. The proposal is based on real wood hardness, gravity, elasticity, and yacht building books. But from feedback it is obvious that the change should not be full, but should be partial Not 100% overhaul, but 30% of stats should change (adding new interesting realistic stats like repair time rebasing splinter damage based on bending strength) 70% of stats should remain New woods should follow the meta Key stats currently valued by players should stay on the levels they were before.
  5. White oak is generally slightly light in weight than English oak which is used as base. But have more hardness.
  6. Hello Captains Nothing can be more important to the naval architect than a thorough knowledge of the properties of the materials with which he has to deal with. He can use this knowledge to his greatest advantage and thus produce a well proportioned ship of great speed or strength. The properties of timber will be first considered: Bending and elasticity will affect how masts hold together and splinter damage Hardness will affect how hard the wood affecting thickness and time to repair Weight and Gravity will affect HP and speed/acceleration parameter and turn inertia. Durability Will affect repair amount Cost With much bigger quality comes bigger cost Distant woods will of course be more expensive. The base thickness of ships will slightly change as well, as well as acceleration (base accel will be slightly lowered) Caps for certain stats will be increased. Speed cap will slightly increase too, but light woods will be drastically softer. LINK MOVED FOR REFACTORING We like it in general as it amplifies ship qualities and moves away from the standardized teak/white. Please provide feedback on the numbers and stats if you think we missed something.
  7. Thats exactly happening because there is no persistence and no consequences. We are changing that. Choices will matter (the cost to clean up reputation would be almost impossible)
  8. Your proposal must be in the pinned topics started by devs, as your suggestion must win against other suggestions. As other suggestions might be better or have more critical impact.
  9. Top proposals are reviewed by the team once in a while. Best = critical impact, but easy to implement proposals win and those who made them (meaning they understand not only the design side but also the technical complexity side) will get a superrare top port bonuses ship. If your proposal is not on top by votes - community does not want it.
  10. Same reasons. We are solving OUR problems and Game problems, it could be so that you have never encountered them. (for example did not read, respond, checked logs, on tribunals) Also on the side note - In terms of community proposals. Please check what players really want in this section. Dont forget to vote. https://forum.game-labs.net/forum/69-feature-proposals-and-gameplay-help-qa/
  11. Hey. I asked for a change because this is an MMO (with coming RPG) Here is an example where player jumped to one battle first and then the next battle joined another side to interfere (passively without formally breaking the rules). We growled about behavior and want community to act more often: kick people who exhibit bad behavior from clans and alliances, dont take them to fight at sea, and report en masse. Belfast was kicked by @Anolytic but such cases are extremely rare. If we cant ask nicely for some players to behave honorably, we are now taking action ourselves and forcing the honorable behavior by game rules. False flag will be possible only once, which will make tribunals like the one posted by @Mr Kemosabe impossible. That player would have locked himself from other battles by joining on the kemosabe side. As the creator of the Magic the gathering said - don't change the players,change the game. The speed of the platoon depends on the slowest member same with honor. The quality of the community is judged by worst cases. We are removing those worst cases.
  12. No. If member of your clan (For example British) attacks a spanish (assuming you are in the same nation, as being in the same clan from different nations is impossible) you dont get negative rep. Because you are both British. and you are joining YOUR nation. The post refers to joining OTHER enemy nation battle. For example if you (AS A BRITISH) join Swedish battle against the Spanish. You will no longer be able to join Spain as support. Because this will be a hostile false flag act. Spain will name you a sworn enemy and the only way to clean up would be to pay a huge fine.
  13. I suggest you read the main post before making statements like yours. The karma system will only work on joining other nations battles. There is not a single mention of attack in the post.
  14. Read the post first. You can practice by attacking.. Attacking is not affected. Joining the battles is affected. Read the announcement first There will be no I forgive you button. If you joined against Britain. Britain now hates you, because you were dishonorable and attacked under a false flag. Players might still love you, But you wont be able to reinforce Britain from now on. People from other flags who join your battle and interfere (by helping the enemies) lose us more players. I dont care about not being able to join Reverse battles with ram dinark or their alts after this change - they will find the way. I care about 10 rookies who get upset because some assholes ruined their day by blocking or "accidental" chain, under false flag.
  15. yes it all is described in the post It refers only Joining OTHER national battles of other nations.
  16. Please discuss the content contained in the MAIN POST. Main posts discusses only battle entry rights. The rest of the discussion is just air and can be safely ignored. Main posts has zero information about trade or delivery missions
  17. I value full removal of the exploit more than the slight reduction in pvp - because the spoon of exploits spoils the whole soup anyway. This karma system will also shake up the convoluted system of friend/foe clans some nations have created. Time to break up the empires by proven MMORPG ways.
  18. Я выше написал - вы не читали? Есть негативные ревью - мы НЕ говорим о таких обзорах А есть вранье - с целью не пустить в игру новых игроков - этот топик о таких обзорах Что это за зеркало когда юзер пишет что мы продаем читы российской империи - что это за ревью ? обьясните мне популярно - каким образом это увеличивает количество пвп игроков в игре? Или что это за ревью где игрок врет на тему того что мы удаляем сплошь и рядом аккаунты в игре? Какое это зеркало и какого поста?
  19. 1st place on steam top sellers list Indie MMO of the year Top 50 by online players in 2016 Top 20 by average hours (still) Best EA release in 2019 Last 3 DLC in top 10 global top sellers list. We already won the war got all the kill marks we wanted. This is a 4 year old game, my first game, i already made 3 games after this and 2 more are in development. We can say directly what we mean. Due to limited size of the team we will remove things that make players unhappy NOT change them, we don't have resources and wont get any until ratings go up. We are saying this directly. In game chat bans are bad for me. They are maybe good for the community but for me they cause negative reaction on steam. I don't want to waste time on tribunals and chats and all features that cause abnormal reporting and complaints will be removed. No chat - no bans - no reviews about harsh moderation. False reviews should be flagged by community if they feel they are unfair. Only this can change our views.
  20. Please dont derail topics - this behaviour is not welcome on the development forums We are not talking about negative reviews (game is boring, combat is hard, ai is too strong) etc. those are all valid and could be true from certain player perspectives. I for example dont like PUBG, but like tarkov. We are talking about false reviews, made on purpose - to mislead: like the one we linked, lying that we are removing game accounts. Or ones stating dev sell cheats. PVP players not reporting such reviews are going to force us to turn this game into a pve game because the only ones who dont care about pvp cheats are pve players. You said Can you confirm that you are defending false deliberately misleading reviews in your comment? Can you explain how can i learn from the review that developers sell cheats? Or that i delete in game accounts? Explain please.
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