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  1. Then Raiders were not involved in this. Raiders only attack NPC controlled ports since patch notes. If your port was clan controlled then raiders did not attack it. The only reason for port turning neutral is someone have not put enough money to pay for port maintenance. Or clicked a button to abandon it.
  2. NPC could not and did not attack your port. The only way you could lose the port is if you did not have enough reals in the warehouse to pay for taxes. Its a common mistake If this indeed happened - there will be no reversal.
  3. was it controlled by your clan? or was it NPC british port? ?
  4. La Navasse was controlled by your clan or was a NPC port? If it was an NPC port it is all in patch notes. Raiders now attack all NPC ports until they make them all available for control for players. They attack 9 ports per day. There were multiple requests by many clans to speed up the NPC attacks so people can capture ports and tax them. Attack the port and claim it for the crown and your company, Tax it, invest in it, make it part of your personal empire!
  5. We thought NA Reddit is a support group for banned captains. We only have time for 1 official forum. On your question. It is very strange to see the complain "I was sank by... " from a War server captain. Its like complaining for getting shot in CS, or COD multiplayer server. Getting sank is a part of the experience on the War server. People without steel cannonballs should not apply to War server. A player have chosen a server where the description says WAR/RISK/ADRENALINE. If getting sank is not his kind of soup, He should have chosen a Peace server, where there is eternal peace. Captains who try to stay in 2 boats with 2 legs (one in peaceful boat, another in war boat) will have a painful experience. Protection of newbies from light ship raiding is also the responsibility of players. We cover for heavies very well. We are considering more privateers, but expect nations to cover for light ships hunting (which is much easier than hunting organized heavy fleets like it was before). Overall the situation is much much better these days than it was before. But rookies will still lose ships. Its part of the experience.
  6. There are no plans to remove , but thank you for the proposals. Thread can be locked as it is discussing something that will never happen.
  7. Captains should not damage or destroy friendlies Captains should not use alts to destroy friendlies in a most disguisting manner. This time those captains were demoted by 1 rank. Next time both accounts will be wiped Please continue reporting alt interference and green on green. Actions will be taken, sometimes slower, sometimes faster, but such actions will always be punished.
  8. propose.. there is a collection of proposals for upgrades in a separate thread. it is still open. Danish good and danish upgrade or gun or what not.. Danish military museum had awesome guns.
  9. on the other national modules.. the Upgrade thread with ideas and proposals is still open - please propose new resources or buffs to current ones to make them as popular. Proposals can also define and suggest cities or changes to spawns.
  10. i think they should drop in one capturable port. will check the tables.
  11. Your great proposed Diana event missed this weekend UNFORTUNATELY. We will do a combined Date with Diana event (with a chance to get it in game) somewhere around 8th March.
  12. PEACE Server - Raiders ATTACK! Peace server - raiders have decided that they want to make all NPC controlled ports neutral. Allowing players to take over ALL ports in the region War Server - Raiders Withdraw! Raiders have got port battles out of their system and decided that they will better resort to privateering activities on the open world.
  13. Товарищь вы по моему чтото путаете. Все фичи игры продуманы несут в себе определенную цель Красивые парусники Красивое море Недружелюбность мира и отсутствие описаний Это все фичи. Это так и задумано. Цель отсечь людей привыкшых к казуальным поделкам кликерам на айпада Проверить на прочность Когда вы видите в портовой битве адмирала на первом рейте или торгаша с индиаманом везущим товар во вражескую столицу. Вы можете быть уверены, он превозмог и у него огромные стальные шары. Это игра не для всех. Это игра про "белеет парус одинокий" и про "как будто в бурях есть покой". К счастью это игра не для пехоты. Но не волнуйтесь - Для тех кому море не подходит у нас есть и пехотные игры. Например Ultimate General Civil War. Там есть даже easy mod p.s Хотите помочь новичкам, сделайте и напишите гид. Вон на западном форуме написали! и люди пользуются.
  14. поправим на след неделе
  15. Main post updated Additional changes to Raiders Port Battles will be applied this week 1) Raider Port battles on Peace server will now happen daily and NPC raiders will only attack ports owned by NPCs to allow more port control for players (current speed is not enough), this will be done until NPCs will lose control of all ports. After this happened NPC raids will continue at old speed (9 ports per weekend). 2) Raider port battles on War server will no longer happen - we are taking them down for rework or abandonment. They have not achieved what was expected from them and only annoyed the players.
  16. the small group privateers will be added to both servers.. roaming some areas - which can be used as a reliable source for small groups too.
  17. yes.. we are looking into it.. Meanwhile because of almost zero risk from pvp you can get wooden chest by just sailing to any capital and sinking those privateers without almost any risk from other players (unlike WAR server) they are also coming to patrols or areas around them
  18. In todays patch PVP Hunt and Hunt mission awards are rebalanced and increased Wooden chest has been added to PVP Hunts as reward for frigate and lineship missions Solo patrol and Daily patrol rewards have been increased Blueprint to craft Le Gros Ventre refit has been added to shipyard Permit for LGV Refit has been added to Captain's chest Overall goal is to reduce the market prices for combat medals to provide more options to captains And to increase supply of seasoned wood for captains participating in OW and PVP activities
  19. Take New Orleans Nassau in snows and we talk.
  20. Good point Permit Coming this week.. Will be in Captain's chest
  21. You need to play less tarkov man. That Kolpak with face shield is frying your brain. How can you clam those things be mutually exclusive? They are not. In fact 10000 of users do both on a weekly basis. You can capture a first rate by rage boarding in 2 mins from NPC for free and save time You can redeem a dlc ship and also save time. Both were done to save time and do exactly this. Those who pushed the feature to stop us from making all NPC ships capturable were wrong.
  22. it is increased of course.
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