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  1. I do have the mortar perk active. I will try this when i log in next. @admin - I have not done anything to change game files, other than 'verify' them once this issue started. & I understand that bug report isn't going to let you respond to me, my point is that I'm sure you all get 100s of them per day so I never know if you've seen them when i send them. & it would be nice to know that someone has heard me and is working on helping me out. Thank you @RedHawk04 for the tips.
  2. Having major gameplay glitch, have asked in global/nation chat and haven't heard of this happening to anyone else. Any time I raise/lower my sails now, as soon as the new sails percentage shows on my UI, all my guns (bow, stern, all decks on both sides) go from being loaded to being unloaded. Ammo type hasn't changed and guns haven't fired, and as far as I know there's no key that "unloads" your guns or makes all of them instantaneously go from loaded to unloaded without changing that ammo type, and I've been playing the game for like 5 yrs now so I'm 10000% sure it's not that i'm hitting the
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