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  1. Why are you jumping to conclusions? Why you post in a negative way "really" etc?What do you know about those guns? Maybe you should wait for info before assuming shit and starting outrage??
  2. DPS was not changed. We changed powder in magazines based on DPS and cannon size and this powder now affects explosions more realistically. POWDER = gunpowder that explodes = explosions were tuned Please read the patch notes first before starting blaming us or game and threatening to leave or something in that regard. LOCKED
  3. Reinforcement zones are gone and R zones test the failed to achieve any tangible results. No need to discuss their benefits or negatives any more. Port investment patch part 2 will switch off all forts (they will have to be constructed by players). And please no more oh "they were not tuned properly" and could have been better. If the feature has potential it is immediately bringing results (time saving, or usage, or online growth). R zones were in betwixt two worlds. They did not give ENOUGH protection for peace players and did annoy war players. Thus they are gone. Peace players go to peace server. War players do not need reinforcements - they call friends
  4. Thank you guys.. They are under review from Valve 46 gun L'Hermione 70 gun Rattvisan and 46 gun Pandora
  5. what are you talking about? There are no changes to DPS .. Where do the patchnotes talk about changing damage or reload? Please read and quote.
  6. DPS? there were no changes to damage or cannons. The change you are talking about was related to powder magazine explosions
  7. не подставляйте корму. Восстановление структуры не позволит мачтам получать урон через корму или нос но хп мачт не восстановит Мачты восстановит только лечилка на паруса (rig) Cоотвественно возникает интересная дилемма у которой одно решение Не пускать противника на корму или держать дистанцию если структура потекла танчив бортом Но если все плохо и вот вот упадет то надо смотреть по ситуации (мне кажется чинить надо мачты) так как если вы знаете что на след залп они упадут то хотябы будет шанс отойти. Чинилка структуры не поможет так как противник даст залп тогда в сами мачты (а не корму) и все равно их уронит
  8. Your reply is the example of misrepresenting and toxicity some players are experiencing. We never blamed players in the post. Yet you position our post as blame. Do not do that. Mentioned are just reasons arising of long series of changes and early access fatigue. Some players of course are negative and of course it is because of us. All the patches if you looked at them were trying to make a game better, and many did not work. Too many changes of the same thing. Constant changes cause fatigue, they stopped at the end of last year, UI, localization, pve content, missions, were they only big things. Negativity arising from this fatigue stops new players from staying on War server too. (remember that they have already passed through the reviews still wanting a game) But we indeed stopped supplying peaceful players to wolves. Peaceful players are directed to peace server by all means possible. And because of that we have no plans to provide protection to wolves and their cubs. Sinking near capital means your wolves do inadequate job and if you do not like it you move to peace server. Protection of their national water is players responsibility. War server means war server. Resources have to be fought for, ships have to be earned and areas must be protected (new roe allows to even out battles and they do even out based on data if you know what you are doing). Despite lower numbers there is more pvp. So stop complaining and start fighting. Or move to peace servers. they are also awesome. You should better direct your reasoning to players who openly disrupt the pvp server experince - like to those who planned to gank newbies on release near capitals as a flashmob.
  9. Nothing wrong of course, in fact many know that being a vegan is very healthy. I did not mean to offend you It was a metaphor, it's just many people believe there is no such thing as a quiet vegan . Maybe it is a wrong belief. Same with some hardcore players - they are very vocal.
  10. Forthcoming port investments is a pure RVR/PvP feature.
  11. reals are not final but reals are better reward for delivery missions. rampant inflation can happen if costs go with inflation if costs do not go with inflation it will happen slower. (Oak price in building is fixed, and doubloon supply is unlimited just like reals) For your numbers some trade routes were already making 1 mln reals per 1.5 hour trips (3 times faster than your casual route). But people were complaining they COULD NOT FREAKING MAKE MONEY. Deliveries were tuned to make a bit less compared to trade routes. But now everyone sees them. passenger missions should be cut i think. Or they should carry baggage.
  12. So they cant be captured. But this is not final too. Maybe they should be captured too.
  13. reinforcements or safety has no retention correlation (we tried everything. Rookie zones, rookie waters in bahamas with new capitals, reinforcements, protection, capital etc.. it has ZERO effect. War server must be war server. On online You are totally right. In fact in the last sale more 2 players out of 3 were picking peace server instead of war server. Lets all be honest why Reasons? Proper naming and constant whining (sorry for direct description) Proper naming causes hesitating players to pick peace server. There are less players interested in War Constant whining causes players to switch nation, server or leave the game. (yes some things are not perfect but they are good enough for an indie game, but the whining exceeds all those things and people leave because they think they made a wrong choice buying or picking server). New players do not know if they made a right choice picking the server. Players are making the choice between servers on online numbers, chat friendliness and general goals. On Peace server they see a friendly chat. On war server they read how everything is horrible and everyone is unhappy and how DLC ships ruined repair business and leave the server. If this continues PVP server will continue to lose people. It is just choking itself in toxic fumes towards the game. Players do not feel that they made a right choice and leave. We are not going to find artificial reasons to bring players to war server. Previously we did it with some clever naming (Caribbean vs PVE. EU vs PVE) or work focus (only RVR and PVP). Now we work on PVE and see the benefits (even with simplest features) while some PVP players are very unhappy about almost anything not to their taste (like they are some kind of hardcore vegans) Its the same for the buyers who have not yet picked the server. This is how buyers read the reviews: Ships look great Combat is great and beautiful, PvP is horrible , NPC are hard (this is great for pve) DLC are killing RVR Timers and nighflips Gankers admin man BAD - collusion and violation of whatever. Obvious choice after reading the reviews is to pick PVE. Why? Because you care about ships and combat they are fine. You do not care about RVR or other shit on PVE. And your DLC does not interfere with anyone. Verdict Online on Peace server will continue to grow and will continue to stagnate on the PVP server (or even fall). To start growing the server PVP server players will have to actually do some work - report toxic assholes, give good reviews, teach new players and protect their waters. Game is not going to do that. We will help but we wont do it alone.
  14. вы можете легко проверить снесите все мачты через структуру попросите цель включить ремонт парусов нижние секции поставятся
  15. its added to your flag collection. Thus if some time in the future you will return to that nation you will have it already. new flag for new nation will have to be purchased again
  16. will check - 1000 doubloons should go into your chest or ship cargo.
  17. нет разницы (в коде точно нет) ремонт парусов и мачт чинит мачты везде просто если структуре кранты то мачты падают из-за структуры структура если отремонтирована то она уже начинает нормально ее держать (но ремонт корпуса и структуры мачты не чинит) написав ответ становится понятно что ваше наблюдение в теории верно если потеряли структуру и через нее потеряли хп мачт - то ремонт структуры сами мачты не улучшает. надо чинить мачты
  18. reals - trading and hauling (sometimes doubloons as delivery missions sometimes give doubloons too) + sinking NPCs and players. doubloons - looting NPCs + challenges and group missions + looting sinking players combat medals - hunting players and doing open world PVE hunts and search and destroy missions
  19. captureable vs non capturable ports difference still remains. Reinforcement zones do not affect capturable or non capturable status.
  20. we have not found that R zones gave any positive benefit for online growth, retention or number of pvp battles. And by the way: on release people were generally happier (even with camped capitals) and we did not even had capital protected areas then.
  21. + https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/28456-exciting-times-ahead-pre-release-wipes-information/ there were warnings. Pre-release there will be a series of data resets or resource withdrawals.
  22. ship powder can explode. strength of explosion previously depended on weight of ships Now ship explosion depends on volume of powder taking into account the guns the ship can carry. 42lb gun needs more powder. So ships with heavier guns (even lighter ships) will have bigger explosions.
  23. all buildings everywhere. Compensation of building costs will be provided in reals (except for doubloons: doubloon compensations for buildings requiring doubloons will not be provided)
  24. Hotfix is being deployed today 28th March Contents of the hotfix All buildings were wiped this patch Port changes Former free towns (like la navasse) added to nearby counties. As a result all standard resources changed positions in those counties As a result, All buildings were wiped, to avoid confusion with inability to produce resources if the resource has moved. Group missions are back. Number of enemies reduced, rewards slightly rebalanced Hunt and Search missions are rebalanced. As they are encouraging player to hunt in the open world they now provide combat medals for their fulfillment. Tutorial exams now have short descriptions Trader snow is now available from NPC ship traders Delivery missions rewards and distances adjusted Short but somewhat profitable missions added in all ports so captains unlucky in PvP can quickly recover losses by fulfilling orders from the admiralty Letter delivery replaced with cargo delivery Delivery missions now mostly grant Reals (and occasionally doubloons) Crafting rebalanced Redundant levels abandoned - game now has only 8 levels Thresholds changed XP rewards for crafting ships changed. BR difference which determines if battle is equal or not is slightly increased (from 10% to 13%) so battles like endymion vs indefatigable are considered equal. Reduced the fire spread by additional 20% (lets see how it goes) Tuned the volume of powder in the magazines based on ship guns and weights of powder (sustained DPS) Battle Rewards Manager rework and final fixes Fixed the bug that lost your rewards if you switched to enemy ship and back (previously the system considered this ship yours) Fixed rewards for sinking derelects (ships with white flags) now reward manager properly knows if that ship belonged to NPC or a player (granting rewards for a sinker) Fixed all bugs with friendly kills Added new cases to reward manager (especially taking into account multiple ship switches during battle) Added the ability to preview the NPC ships stats Fixed the bug that you cannot split guns on non selected ships Fixed bugs and lightning sources in port visuals Fixed the bug with Ropes on RTX cards (thanks @ElegantWay and @Grunf) Tuned the bug with acceleration on Rattlesnake and Rattlesnake Heavy Fixed the bug that lost player rewards for ships if he switched to the captured ship and back Bots no longer can sail trough land (please report the cases if you find bots sailing through land again) Fixed the bugs that stopped NPC ships from firing at close distances Fixed the bug that did not allow to print ";" in chat Another very important announcement. Reinforcement zones are getting removed (capital protected area will remain). The fix removing the reinforcement zones will be deployed on friday 29th march. Please take necessary precautions.
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