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  1. It WAS a rule in the royal navy. Midshipmen who could not pass the lieutenant exam remained midshipmen and were never assigned to commandeering duties.
  2. Bots do not run the mast protection mods that a very important in pvp But demasting is harder now than before (i think). It is easier to demast by raking.
  3. Resources are safe waiting for you. Waiting for the bigger ships. We cannot code in fleet cargo checks in the reasonable time because everyone is working on other more important features for next patch. comment on the "not let you take the mission in the first place" is strange; you should be able take a mission in a lynx or even without a ship and come back later to pick up having a larger fleet with you (or friends).
  4. Reinforcements zones will be reduced or removed completely. Capital protected area will remain RZs are not needed on the war server. They did not deliver on their goal to increase retention on the war server and the only place where they increase retention is the Peace server (when the whole world is safe). In reality the only 2 parameters that affect online growth on the PVP server and they are pvp assists - best correlation. If you have pvp assists you stay in the game longest (not longer per day - longer overall - you basically play more) pve assists - second best correlation. If you have pve assists you stay in the game longer Thats why battles are open now for the weaker side and we see un uptick in pvp kills as a result Thats why doable group missions are coming back en force with great rewards. Community can help by actively recruiting rookies into their pvp or pve organizations.
  5. Patrols need to be slightly repositioned to provide for the NPC distribution. Agree. Solo patrol is very hard to do on PVE as many NPCs are sailing with fleets.
  6. the xp skip was considered a good idea initially to give the player the opportunity to jump straight to pvp but in reality it takes time to practice the combat model and by the time he can pass it he is a M&C already and the only benefit for him is rare upgrade and ships. we do not have a solution yet but are working on one .
  7. All ships tab was causing massive fps drops and irrecoverable lag for a lot of players and was removed. Port fps increased, playability increased.
  8. found the fix will be deployed today or tomorrow.
  9. You should change your tactics a bit If you lose all ships in pvp you need indeed to recover losses. If you like trading. Find two hubs in a distant destinations (in safer areas) and trade goods between them. I know some players are making 150-500k per run on expensive goods. Cheap goods are perfect for short routes - 15 mins can make 10k per run. Expensive goods are not profitable at short routes but make huge margins on longer runs If you like trader hunting, looking for traders in Central Antilles is not optimal - they tend to concentrate in zones without national capitals. If you like sinking NPCs, maybe capture them and sell to port (for higher level ships you get more for selling them to port than for sinking) I do not know the todays rate for combat medals - visit patrol every so often and sell the medals. Sell doubloons from challenges or other activities (i think you can sell them at 20, but can be wrong, as the market is currently destabilized due to wipes uncertainty)
  10. Not sure i understand 1. Trading resources cannot be contracted and are mostly always available when you sail to port. There is a good supply of them and there is at least 75 trading hubs that generate good amount of good for trading (+ capitals which bring european goods). Just find a trade route you like and trade it as much as you want. In terms of inflation, it is a concern but because the prices of raw materials are fixed, you can always build the ship you want yourself. New building productions allow a solo player to build any oak/oak ship he wants in reasonable time (4 days of LH for a 1st rate, built with just one click, comparing with 60+ days for a titan in eve) On 2 also not seeing the issue You can make a certain profit in an hour in trading, and unless you multi box, you get the same amount of profit per hour. The comment that someone gets more if he invests more hours is moot as it is given and is just state of the things in all games: if you play more you will get more xp and more loot. On the per hour perspective it does not give more advantage. Compare these two situations Player 1 plays 2 hours per day. He can make 2 frigates per day solo, or he can make 1 Agamemnons per day These ships are enough for a 2 hour session If he is part of the clan he can make more ships by specializing in resources Player 2 plays 10 hours per day He still can make 2 frigates per day solo, and he can make 1 agamemnon per day Let's say he also bought the game for his alts/friends; as a result he makes more ships of course, some people have clan mates, some people have imaginary friends alts replicating a personal empire. solo player considering his 1-2hour session has everything he needs (or maybe we are not seeing something) Kill missions are unlimited and are now closer to ports than before. You spend 10-15 mins per mission Bots are plenty PVP Patrol zones allow you to get rewards purely for damage And there is plenty of ways to get doubloons for a 2 hour session. I dont get it - maybe you should elaborate in more detail.
  11. Lets focus Focus on specifics. What exactly you cannot replace and why? What do you mean you killed your econ and reals to get some pvp
  12. Beast mode! I cannot shoot like that after all these years. You guys are awesome!
  13. I understand now your logic now:) it's under the same (exams + tutorial) button, it does not matter that those are separate tabs with separate name; so.. they are in the same port UI with trading and crafting and in the same game launcher. And all are in steam together with other games anyway.. so theoretically DS3 and GTA 5 and NA is just one game really because they all three can be launched by launching steam exe
  14. Exam is not a tutorial, mate. Its called exam for a reason. So you dont know what you are talking about. You are talking about the tutorial and exam is not part of the tutorial. Many hard games put a hard boss in the first 15 mins of the game that player must pass but 30% of players cannot do not pass (dark souls 3 or 1 for example), they also put optional hard npcs that you an skip. A lot more ignore them If you do not like it fine. its ok that you dont like it.
  15. for PVE server nationality of port wont change - clan control will. (but this idea is tentative and might not get in) short description Example Port is british (but all nations can access it) Port grants bonuses to clan controlling it Other clans(even other nations) can take economic control away from controlling clan by doing sabotage.
  16. Just did it after people reported that no-one can do it on live. (devs must pass all exams or events otherwise they must change them ) Took 40 mins and had to repair 4 times (picking up repairs from the first ship). Second target was fully demasted at mid sections at stage during final repair cycle. Once i have more time we can make the video.
  17. Hello Captains This little text guide will help you pass the endurance and finals with relative ease (its hard but doable). Remember that you do not have to pass exams on your first day and can come back to them any time. You can practice in kill missions and in the OW and once you learn the basics it will be much easier to pass the finals. Endurance exam. You have to sink 2 brigs that appear one by one. This exam is relatively easy if you pick up repairs from the first kill. Damage Stay close. By staying close you have better penetration and can damage the target from angles (of course it works both ways). You will increase your DPS 2x if you turn using yards. Practice tacking in kill missions or in the easier exams (boarding or demasting). When one of your broadsides is damaged, change the side by turning. Change broadsides. Changing broadsides will help you to spread damage between broadsides so you do not lose too much structure Focus fire Try to focus fire on one of the enemy side. Pick one side and stay on it no matter what. You will start damaging structure faster as a result. Sometimes it is better to not shoot, and get to the damaged side. Rake depending on the situation, you can practice raking in the open world or in the previous easier exams (for example in boarding challenge). Once you destroyed the target pick up repairs (remember that you had to stay close). And disengage from the first one. Do not demast, do not shoot sails it is not going to be really helpful in this exam in the first method. Alternative method (harder but faster) - board the first Brig. Focus purely on raking through stern and bow, destroy stern armor, kill most of the crew by grapeshot and then board. Dont be afraid to get damaged you will not need your ship after you boarded and switched Ignore structure and hull because you will need this ship intact after you boarded. you can shoot one broadside into sails, to help you board faster - but do not damage a lot of sails Push the the target into wind and board. After you captured the ship switch to the new intact vessel and pop repairs depending on the situation You can disengage temporarily to finish repairing and then come back. Then just kill the second brig with ease (its just a brig). Repair again if needed (you picked up enough of repairs from the dead target). Final exam The ultimate test for the future Master and Commander. requiring precision, damage control and ability to use all types of ammunition in combat. Some players pass this exam using rage boarding - its possible but relies on luck. This guide will help you to pass this exam without boarding. The close range DPS from 2 cerberus is immense and will sink you quickly. The best distance for this fight is medium range and you must separate targets from each other. It is only possible to pass the final if you manage to separate the targets. Combat situation 2 enemy Cerberus 5th rates start in front of you turned against you Wind is behind What to do Separate the targets Switch to chain during red timer or once battle starts Use ALL chain reserves focusing on one of the ships (lets call it Target B ) destroying its sails as much as you can preferably to 60-50% or below. You can do this way see which direction your target b started turning and turn into opposite direction from the enemy right from the start of the battle, just enough to get the shot in, stabilize the ship and shoot then turn into opposite direction from your first turn to use another broadside. 2 proper broadsides will be enough to remove 40-50% of sails from one of the ships. If you did not get much damage you turn once more and shoot sails once more. But if your first shots were good it is not needed. Kite Sail straight and ignore damage - it does not matter right now if you get hit - just try to not get all damage from close range into one side. Pop repairs and disengage by sailing along the wind which will separate the enemy ships. Use your stern guns to shoot front hull of the target A chasing you And turn sometimes to shoot cannonballs into side of the enemy This stage is needed to separate the enemies. Destroy first Cerberus (target A) Once the targets are separated (target b is more than 1km away) turn around and destroy the target A (with intact sails) Focus on one broadside Stay at range if you have received a lot of damage and have not yet repaired shooting from far if you have enough HP get closer to finish the target faster Get closer when the target is heavily damaged to pick up repairs Now target A is dead and you can focus on Target B Repair Repair your ship using your or picked up repairs Shoot top mast sections of Target B Most likely you will demast while you are repairing Once you repaired enough you can start the final stage Destroy target B Return to target B and sink it by focusing on one of the broadside and raking. Because the target has low sails it wont turn well allowing you to rake often Alternatively (safer but longer) just destroy the target from 500m as they are only very accurate only at close range.
  18. in all MMOs such guys will be faster. in all MMOs it takes time to reach top rank
  19. With new damage - xp is now doubled (will need to be tuned) so this statement is incorrect (and we know for sure that some players can reach top rank in just a week) Overpriced ships is also partially incorrect - as both LH and materials for all ships below 3rd rates were lowered. Ships are cheaper now than before (considering all elements including LH). Lineships are more expensive but even them got lower LH. (8 days before vs 4 days now) It was never easier to craft with loads of goods available in buildings Belle poule - a good workhorse - cost is just 13000 reals and you can craft 5 more of them per day than before (2.4 days vs 0.49 days in lh).
  20. The damage model on stern is not different from the damage model on the broadside. You have to actually hit the carriage and with stern guns it is just harder (because of the stern gun position) - we do not consider this issue a high priority today - and will test it later. Please remind us after next patch ps current theory is that you hit the gun instead of the carriage when shooting the stern (much harder to hit the carriage)
  21. one of my friends built a lvl 3 shipyard in tumbado all looting players. .good times.
  22. ports can be specialized. You will either have a shipbuilding center making awesome ships, or a resource base mining everything, or a naval base with forts and towers protecting a choke point port perk system will take care of this naturally or forgot to add - hostility missions will be distance based so frontlines will come back.
  23. yes. this feature will come with the map wipe.
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