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  1. Fire wont be visible if ship immediately goes to fireshock due to massive external cannon damage (cannonballs and splinters quickly spreading it across the deck) - every cannonball increases the radius of fire Fire wont be visible if fire happens right near the magazine/magazines - then ship will immediately go to fireshock and explode several seconds later - Being under canon fire will speed up fire reaching the magazine or increase the radius enough to get into fireshock Did you see the fireshock icon?
  2. We will deploy improvements on the threshold - (reducing it) to allow more consistency if you are actually fighting the target We will also reduce the tagging circle from 1km to 650m to make defensive tag useless, to open up more options in the current system.
  3. I answered this above - what is unsatisfactory about the answer that you keep asking? There are reversible leaks - you have full crew, green pumps, good mods, you have low structure but your crew still can pump it out or keep stable even if you do not repair There are irreversible leaks - you have low crew, broken pumps - you have low structure and your crew wont pump it out whatever you do (if you dont repair) Your delaying comment relates to irreversible leaks - you can pump but you are just delaying death. But in your bug case target was NOT sinking, there were no irreversible leaks, nothing was delayed. What you dont get in this answer?
  4. Fire is damage Previously any damage (even 1 damage hit to topsail from 1.5km) could stop you from exiting. So fire (dealing even 1 pt of damage) stopped player from exiting Now you require a % of damage. Fire is dealing damage. If fire + all other incoming damage is below threshold, exit timer does not renew. I don't see issues with fire in the new system. If your fire is weak, you will put it out eventually (if not under fire from outside). If this is true we are no longer going to keep you in battle, saving your precious time for another day. Please keep all other discussions (realism, perception of realism) outside of the topic
  5. Yes. Shooter - the person shooting at target Target - the person shot at Target must receive a % of HP over 1 min - to reset the exit timer (3 mins) Shooter can just hit the target to renew the exit timer (3 mins) Only passive target can really escape using the new mechanics. If target is shooting - it basically is using old tag system. I love it personally, for me it solves all issues with old system.
  6. what fire are you talking about? irreversible fire (that cannot be put out) or just any fire (that is under control?)
  7. Not sure what you mean Your report said Target escaped while sinking Target damage % should depend on current hp We investigated and found that target had 23% structure and was not leaking enough Target damage % already depends on current HP (lower HP will need less damage to keep in battle) We also see that you let the target sail far far away. You cant damage stern below certain % through stern (you know it). You should have shot at his sides (you could not from far) thats why target escaped (at 23%). You just needed another shot into broadside probably. Verdict From El Matador perspective the mechanic was not broken at all. We can discuss % of damage required (can be tweaked) in a separate topic. But we are keeping the system, as it solves real problem of time wasting and passive agressive pew pew from 1.5km.
  8. The intention is to give the chance to exit if you can survive (you can reverse the process - put down the fire, pump out water). If are certain to die (once the process is irreversible) - you wont exit. it was like this since forever and not going to suddenly change. If you just damaged someone to start leaks its not enough. You have to make those leaks irreversible. Otherwise it will be repaired and will be back in action (and even make it to Cadiz)
  9. but we will recheck again with survival switched off just in case.
  10. No. Your example was investigated and was NOT CONFIRMED. To not be able to exit you have to take more water than you can pump out. If you take less water than you can pump out you will exit. The player exited because he could. AND The % damage is calculated on the remaining HP not the overall HP. It is actually indicated in patchnotes: the more damaged target is the easier it to keep it in battle.
  11. Lets do something in his honor in game
  12. We rely on the community to bring up significant events (sad or happy). People ask us many things and some of them we can do and do quickly. We mobililised drew art and patched the Seeferkel ship log into the game quickly to show support for the community and Seeferkel. Rediii did not write to us about Captstan 2 years ago (but he could) as he does not really care, nor does he not care about Seeferkel, he just wants to use this memorial as a amplifier to paint us black, seems like he waited for 2 years to bring this up. Its just disguising. He is no longer welcome in this community.
  13. Your unhappiness with a game or its creator (me) or forum, or forum policies does not give you ANY right to ruin a memorial service for someone and does not allow you to behave like a shithead. Get out and dont come back until you calm down and come to the senses.
  14. да запустим но будет падать скорее всего (но не часто) ищем проблему
  15. We will add additional announcement in game. Server crashes highly probable. The issue is searched for but its not related with PVP activities.
  16. Тема сьехала с откоса Закроем
  17. Read the patch notes Its subject to valve's approval and actions. The date was never promised.
  18. Thank you Urchin What is your in game name i will send you something your way for the kind words. Send it to me in PM.
  19. Tomorrow we will add a special one time item "Seeferkel Last Log" that will help us all remember him.
  20. This is an example of the feature that was removed by a committee We dont do that anymore. Improved crafting might come back, maybe not here, but definitely in Sea Legends. BUT.. if you look closely half of that feature is fake. Because nobody ever build ships that were not good quality. In reality as a ship builder you only control half of the production quality and half of the quality depends on drunkedness of the carpenters.
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