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  1. кормовые орудия нарезать дольше чем поднять хп в принципе согласны с доводами @Rolando но сначала выдадим портовый патч
  2. натягивать придется ессекс 39м длинна сюрприз 38 но посмотрим - хп всех кораблей еще не финальны - но уже близко так как финальная балансная картина того какие корабли где должны быть и почему уже есть
  3. BRs already increased in internal versions. Deepwater county capitals will allow 20 first rates on both sides (maybe more needed) Deepwater Regional towns will allow 20 3rd rates
  4. Lighter frigates are more vulnerable than before (even after slight buffs to 4th rates and heavy frigates) We of course are watching the situation closely and will tune the parameters if needed. Ships of the line due to their price should be powerful but skilled frigates captain still have the chance to engage (and disengage due to speed advantages) Try changing tactics slightly if you feel the ships escape easily from you. But if they ran - this means you won the battle.
  5. admin

    Map Wipe

    All ports will be set to neutral No changes to buildings and outposts are planned If ships db structure will require changes they will be taken out from outposts and return into redeemables in form of notes, but most likely ships will stay in docks as they are.
  6. all good points will be done. Only rare ships (that we want to be rare like Christian, Endymion or Niagara or Santisima) should stay with permits. The permits as sinks are detrimental and counterproductive. There must be good counters freely available like Agamemnon vs Rattvisan
  7. This 44m frigate is somewhat similar to Le Hermione (43m) And its HP was increased from 6534 to 7000 in the last HP tunes (not by much) Overall New model Hermione HP 7000 (before tuning 6534) 3rd rate alpha in new damage model is 4500 1.55 broadsides to destroy side planking to 0 (+ 30- 40% of structure) old model Hermione 4180 HP 3rd rate Alpha 2240 1.86 broadsides to destroy side planking to 0 (+ 5-10% of structure as it was only damaged when side planking was removed in old model) Serieuse was on par with hermione and just slightly lighter than trincomalee (leda, hebe) and we are not yet ready for complete removal of heavy frigates combat abilities by making them useless against third rates. HP numbers are still work in progress and might change by release and will continue to be tuned to perfection as we go.
  8. БР в ОМ может изменяться от процента команды когда то в прошлом добавлено было когда люди тагали альтами игроков обходя требование по бр лимитам
  9. Captains Large update will be deployed within a week (optimistic) or two. New exciting feature on port investments is going to be introduced into the game. Industry development Clans will be able to invest resources to open up new production in ports creating resource bases providing easy access to materials from one spot. Numbers on the screen are for demonstration purposes only and will of course change Clans will be able to determine who can invest and use these facilities; because they control the land Shipbuilding development Clans will be able to invest resources to improve ships built in the region in the following categories Gunnery Hull Sailing Survival Rig and Masts This feature will be available to all national captains, who build ships in this port, because knowledge on shipbuilding is not land based and other people will be able to work with specialists trained in the city. Forts and defenses. Clans will be able to build defenses for their ports In the first iteration positions of forts will remain the same as in the current game (some positions will be adapted to change placement of useless towers or forts into locations that will help defending the city) Defenses destroyed during port battles will have to be rebuilt again (depending on % of their damage) Base map will be without forts and towers. Overall balance Every type of investment will require points and having limited points per port, clans will have to pick things they want to specialize their city in. Some cities (chokepoints or front line towns) will only have forts, some will become resource bases and some will become shipbuilding cities. This balance will be supported by the changes how hostility missions are given. Hostility mission and conquest flow changes. Mission availability Hostility missions will only be available from National Capitals and County Capitals and Free towns. Hostility missions will only be available for the 2 nearest Enemy or Neutral County Capitals. Hostility missions for regional towns will only be available from the County Capital of that region (example below). County capital of the region will allow taking hostility missions for ANY regional port of that county. Conquest flow To capture a regional town you first will have to capture a County Capital of that region To do so you need to own a County capital near to that region. (as hostility missions will be distance based) Then you will be able to capture other regional towns in that County, building resource infrastructure or ship building bases in the region, and defenses in the county capital. Example To conquer Arecibo Regional town in Puerto Rico if you are Swedish working from Gustavia You first have to conquer County Capital in Virgin Islands Then you can take a mission from Virgin Islands county capital for San Juan and conquer it Then from San Juan you can take missions for regional towns in San Juan county Alternatively you can of course sink player ships or NPC ships around Arecibo and gain hostility directly. Frontlines Because missions are only available for the 2 nearest Enemy or Neutral ports natural front lines will emerge This means you can create choke points and invest in defenses in some cities (mostly county capitals) to lock access to enemies further into your shorelines. Some areas will become constant source as nations trying to move to some regions will have to fight for the key points of the map Hard nations with no capitals will have to plan their operations from free towns capturing nearby regions to expand. Open world hostility generation will remain - you will still be able to generate hostility on the port by sinking players or npc in that port area. All this features will require a full map wipe. PS other issues regarding forts To the concerns raised by @Anolytic in this topic Fort guns will undergo the following changes (some changes have already started) 1) HP buffs (some already done) 2) Points for forts were reduced as they granted easy points for attackers 3) Guns will be buffed - they will become more dangerous. 4) Some positions for forts and towers will change (at least where it is possible) so we do not have useless towers or forts in port battles Overall forts will become an expensive but very powerful allowing players to set up defensible chokepoints on frontlines. …………….. Again will repeat. All this features will require a map wipe More information will be added to this post based on your questions in this thread.
  10. On the issue raised by @HachiRoku @Anolytic and many other captains. There was a proposal on this forum (i think it was @OjK but can be mistaken) Proposal was this: sell the permit that the player then will craft (unique ship but still participating in the economy). Initially thought a great idea. Evolution of imported (DLC) ships thinking was this. Premium ships was announced when we did not even think about the open world (in 2014) Premium ships were initially thought as unique status items, a more beautiful alternative. Some ships introduced over time were not crafteable (Wasa, Hermione) to give us the option to add them to premium roster without taking away crafteable ships. First experiments were ran with Hercules and LRQ (it wa good to do it in early access as many things were discovered and learnt as a result) Now many players say that DLC ships reduce the role of the economy, and that there should be deep and interesting MMO economy. But let's get this straight. Crafting was introduced last, and is a least cooked feature, as all focus was always on combat model, rvr and ROE (lately PVE). Hauling was somewhat forced onto players because some time ago we wanted everyone to be the target. And here is the main discovery. Players do not buy DLC ships for uniqueness. They do not buy them because they are stronger or weaker than others (there is always a better crafted ship, sometimes 5/5 crafted ship). Rattvisan is definitely not the best 4th rate. They do buy them to support developers (thank you everyone for support) And they buy them to avoid participation in the exciting economy (mainly hauling). Trading goods is rewarding and has both risk AND profit. Hauling goods for crafting is boring, not exciting, is risky but gives you no real rewards (you make a ship that you will soon lose anyway). Thats why making permit based DLC ships is not going to achieve anything. Thats not what customers want. Now. Here is the rug change that will tie the room together. Port investments will remove hauling requirements for basic resources for all players who play with friends or have friendly clans in the nation. Clans (and you can have a small clan and capture a distant port to use it) will invest into production of all basic resources in their port defenses to protect it shipbuilding to improve ships built in this region. By doing so - player will get ALL basic resources in one location, completely removing hauling requirements out of the picture. Saving time and getting ships by just spending LH and cooperating together to get rare woods if needed. Clan can decide if they want these investments to be available to them only, to friends or to everyone who can build in this port. As a result. Clans who developed the port will be able to get ships with one click. Enemy clans who do not want to spend time developing ports can try to capture the port from the enemies (why build if you can cap). There will be a lot less time wasted on hauling and more fighting.
  11. We love how reduced turning skills became the magic button and actually increased complexity and tactical depth (allowing you to make choices when fighting Bots). We do feel that turning debuffs for lower level ships can go even lower. As even pro players could not rake NPCs consistently. (Now you can) Additionally we plan to add more defined roles AND adding elite NPCs with epic loot. + will address the wide horizontal shooting ark as it seems to be an annoying factor for many.
  12. вообще кажется что все корабли как то оч резво ускоряются разворачиваются и так далее. тактика называемая пиявочной некоторыми капитанами тоже должна быть уменьшена мы планируем до релиза провести тест с резким обрезанием ускорений и скоростей подъема парусов и разворота рей. Будет чуть медленнее но скиловей. туда сюда на корме станет сложнее но интереснее.
  13. Captains We started pushing new philosophy into NPC combat. Previous design: combat perfomance ok, sailing very good, no weak spots New design: Weak spots, bad sailing combined with strong shooting. Previous combat was more boring. NPCs did not have weak spots, could not even rake the NPC ship if his rank was high. You either outDPS the npc or they outDPSed you. Now it will be better, we started to reduce turning and sailing abilities that give the opportunity to avoid the NPC shots. If you can avoid the NPC shooting you can destroy it by raking. You can further increase enemy weak spots by applying chain to sails. (slowing them down even more) If you fight AI often - please report your findings and suggestions of further improvement the depth of combat against NPCs and their AI. Elite NPCs will also come soon into the game. Please report your impressions on new NPC combat.
  14. Dear captains Please provide feedback on Pandora. Combat, Performance, Visuals. Thank you very much in advance.
  15. Dear Captains who had the chance to try Rattvisan or fight against this ship Please provide feedback on the Rattvisan What do you like, what you do not like? We welcome your general comments on performance, combat visuals
  16. this could be a bug (maybe valve forgot to add it to all groups of keys). but this can only be investigated on monday. Hold on.
  17. Hotfix deployed April 5th Fixed battles bug in protected capital waters that opened them to other nations Tuned HP for many ships (almost all ships) most significant increases were applied to light ships so they are not so squishy against each other. Bot upgrades rebalanced (turning greatly reduced/penetration slightly increased) Navy Mast Bands are now 2x more expensive
  18. ага и прочие четвертые рейты должны быть в чем то лучше других четвертых рейтов пока мнение тех кто тестил - ретвизан отличный середняк - то что нужно чтобы выйти и прокатится на час + вы еще цену не знаете мы не думаем что будет засилье
  19. тут как в душе в отеле найти баланс горячей и холодной практически невозможно одним надо чтобы один человек делал одну деталь и дружить семьями - другому надо чтобы боты заменяли людей и он один все мог сделать сам
  20. It's a nature of the modern world. Fake news spread faster. Thats why the creator of the video deliberately chose wrong info (so he can get more comments) Ship Ratings system was mentioned incorrectly (ON PURPOSE) and is half of the comments Lie about us faking all the comments on steam forums also caused comments Comments = youtube pushes you higher for views. In terms of other social networks we use what is working for us. Your favorite social networks might not be the best for selling certain type of games. We cant be everywhere and have to prioritize now.
  21. perfect example of why there is no point to talk to some members of the community We talk to mods daily there is a live channel. We also talk to a couple active pvp players daily (also live). We talk to streamers (and streamers help to fix bugs a lot as it is immediately available on video) We also talk to couple of large clans on the weekly basis, and some features changed because of their feedback (thanks you know who). When stating the opposite Borch tries the role of the recently removed posters (who were removed for just throwing irrelevant info around). For example by saying that everything is locked Trading topic is open. Combat feedback topic is open. We are interested in this feedback. Topics we are not interested in anymore are locked. In fact almost all topics are not locked but yet everything is locked for you! @Borch Whats the point for this clear exaggeration, where is your professionalism as a tester? You misrepresent on purpose? Whats your purpose You are the reason for this topic. Why should I keep you here if your posts show that you are clearly upset and angry or negative and that statements you make are MADE UP, to incite more rage and negativity with others. Even if you think they are are not made up they are assumed as 100% negative from the start - you do not even ask questions first. There is 0 value in your post. (there is actually a negative value in your posts as someone might read you and think your misrepresentations are true like thinking everything is truly locked.
  22. Final days You do not have reasons to complain I think
  23. We use them widely for advertising and will continue using them. It is just unstructured direct contact with public is getting removed, as it gives too much options for misunderstanding, rage or false hopes.
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