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  1. Sadly, it appears the problem persists.
  2. So, i got this key today and was really excited to break the game in. Some things are off, AI seems to hit a lot more often than my crew but not too badly. Decided to build a typical 30s era german High-Seas DD and hit it off in a 1v1. 37kts tops, 6x 12cm (and yies please devs introduce metric numbers, like cmon guys its 2020 xD) cannons in single barrel turrets, 2x 4tube torplauncher and pretty kickass softstats. rounded it off with full DD armor along the belt, turrets and conning tower. Enemy spotted, kept at range for the time being, working the armor.... Royal navy DD seemed to be undergunned for the armor. The i thought, "would be a shame if this dude packed eletric torpedoes just like i do." And guess what i ran into next. Damn tham spidey senses. So anyway, i had two engines down, burning, flooding and just thought, meh... 60% intact, flooding under control, lets bring the engines back up and them hello kitty em.... Engines wouldnt come back tho... so having krept at 15 kts for 10 minutes i ended the suffering, pulled a 180 and then i noticed it: "DD arab ran out of torpedoes for....." SCORE! Kept getting closer.... and closer...... and closer.... enemy shells still dinging off the armor up to 30°-ish angle.... my guns tho? nah ah were not hitting anything today sir, its just this new thing our therapist told us about... u know.... occupational therapy? So its point blank range now.... i have to keep it at a steady 25 starboard rudder to keep the angle up.... im still not hitting for shet, meanwhile, enemy hit counter up to 60..... oh boi, how long will this go? Then disaster strikes... out of nowhere... fkn flashfire... first midship... then the 2 turrets aft.... so now im down to 14% integrity, 17% flooding, ship is burning and my remaining 3 guns are still not hitting it.... .... Im increasing rudder to full starboard now... this allows my second torp launcher to go SKRRRRRRRRRRRRRA. Previously COMPLETELY BUCKIN UNHARMED little shit thats run circles around me eats 3 of them. I win. PS: i know this includes cussing but its necessary for the flavour.
  3. Hello, i have found that my issue seems to be that i can only play once for every installation. This is the chronology: Download Game -> install game -> play game -> exit game -> want to play game again -> doesnt launch. In the launcher it says "playing" for a moment, and then it switches back to "play". for some reason the executable seems to get shot down and only reinstalling has been able to fix this so far. Please send help
  4. How soon shall we start bothering support if someone didnt get their key yet? EDIT: i have just noticed the post above. Please ignore what i said. *innocent whistling*
  5. DOOOOOD! You just made my day! Thank you!
  6. My question is related to the statement on the website that those who purchased the "standard edition" early access will be getting their keys on release in the first half of 2020. That first half is 69 days away from its end. Having been here on this earth for quite some time now, i have already begun to assume this deadline will not be upheld. No hard feelings. However, i would like to know where the delays stem from, when a supposed secondary release date is set and what the estimate is on how much more time needs to go into further alpha testing. I think those questions are within the bounds of a reasonable concern. Fair winds everyone! ❤️
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