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  1. Its indeed. Victory 1765 is a top seller on steam and is recommended in the top panel (badge of honor) It is also a second third selling product in MMOs (reached the first) Its a beautiful ship and it is a first time Victory with stern balconies is sailing since 18th Century. We would like to thank each and one of you for supporting this beautiful vessel and this beautiful game. Now.. We really want everyone player who looks at this from the negative side to understand that this would be impossible if others did not want it very much. Those who hate DLCs need to understand that there is a significant group who think completely the opposite, they must understand that they cannot force their opinion on others. Many fans want to focus on their hobby and don't want to waste time. Only once people come to peace with other people wishes this game can move forward and start rapidly improving.
  2. If you only asked wenches they would vote for more wood But seriously - i dont see the wood post in proposals section you mentioned.. Maybe you should make one. Once it reaches high place we will formally reply. The reply will be NO. We do not plan to remove woods. But we will reply with detailed explanations why.
  3. First of all your post can give others an impression that we ban those players everywhere No. They are in game playing/chatting. This development forum is different We only ban forum members (we dont know if they are players or not) when they cross the line or behave as complete jerks. Its in the rules. Its a development forum and we will remove people who interfere with my work, by derailing discussions or developer abuse. You are the example of the fairness of this policy. You are highly critical but for some reason not banned. This is not a mystery, you dont turn into an asshole when posting. Second - we will continue remove posts as we see fit. Stop pretending that this is something new. We removed players and/or posts in 2013 and remove players now. It happens on all development forums. If you don't like it or know how to it better - start a better NA community elsewhere and have your own rules. As for promises we said some time ago during the 4th rate DLC storms - all promises were revoked THEN. There are no promises any more - and we stated it in public. We got bashed and destroyed and cancelled and burned by some members of the community so hard by our attempt to add promised 4th rate DLC to pay for servers (which was supposed to be last DLC) that since then we dont make any promises. The only proper information is in the current patchnotes. Even announcements can change and cannot act as a future promise of anything.
  4. This was always and will be always the strong point of the game. Weak nations lose and leave. . Because they cannot field the numbers. But now whats changing. Numbers become less important. Place the flag (in instance 25v25). Have a port battle 25v25. Skill will grow faster and painful initially later it will become 10x better. Because its easier to have 25 skilled players than to have 200 player screen. People who complain - are those who relied on the numbers. Real pros see that 25 is all what you need in the nation now. Why invest 1250 wood chests into a port when you can just take it from Russia now. That's the goal basically. Remove screen, add the skill back.
  5. Actually a lot changed Starting and attack now requires real effort (not click of the button). Cant be bought or passed to others. Сant be abused by friends, alts, and other shit behaviour There is no hiding when raising hostility (you are in the open - clearly identified). You cannot hide in missions and hide behind sword stacking. The list can go on. But the main point is numbers. You no longer need numbers to attack, or defend. Its easier for the attacker now yes. Attack strong nations. Shake their nest. Perhaps you dont see it because you are just tired from the game. Just look at the hours you played, say thank you and go on long vacation.
  6. You should propose this in the other proposals or DLC suggestions It could be popular. I will reserve judgement until community reaction.
  7. And? Trincomalee approved steam price is 40 bucks This is a great gift for a pvp player. It was always supposed to be Trincomalee as it is a most popular pvp ship and my favorite ship. Now we understand some players expected something else, which is unfortunate, well now knowing how implacable our users are - next gift (IF HAPPENS) will be stated immediately for no Surprise, to avoid any Pandora boxes,
  8. Flags are not nation based. Every nation is an enemy. Additional points developed also drop after capture, 1 level per loss.
  9. Ask the exploiters. We wanted a method of delivery that has zero chance of exploiting. You cannot negotiate with Home Defence Fleets + Sinking HDF fleets is very dangerous, (unlike sinking them in hostility missions)
  10. Trincomalee is the most used ship on the server and has the best combat performance on the server. Those people are probably in battles now and will greatly appreciate the ability to avoid crafter/gatherer gameplay. War is not fought alone mate. 1250 chests is not much for a 30 clan alliance (friend list is 30 clans)
  11. New wood data is not final It is stated in the patch notes! - please remove the post.
  12. Building empires is not cheap. You don't have to upgrade. 50 wooden chests is just 50 ships near enemy capitals. 1 investment point give CLEAR advantages to the port owner. Current prices are based on overall ownership of items on the server. For example there are 200,000 victory marks stored in clan warehouses and warehouses and majority of them are NOT russian even.
  13. no You destroy privateer fleets at your leasure when you want.... Attack permit from admiralty itself has no time Mission does. Once you take a mission you are on the timer.. But once you get a flag you can store it. Its under your name.
  14. You cant sail away from positional reinforcements and warmup timers. Warmup does not allow to move. Scout can tell where the flag carrier is and drop on him. Battle circle can also be added if needed. But on the other hand..Are you suggesting a nursery home, why should attackers chew food for the slow to react defenders?
  15. There is an old french maritime saying.. The wind is blowing the warship is going. Your complain is known but we are doing what majority of users want. Not what you want. Your post was removed for insinuations not related to the patch. Perhaps once you make your own forum and build your community you can set your rules on which posts stay and which posts are removed. Thanks Not only that.. the post was also reported a lot of times as offensive (by the happy silent majority) and was removed as offensive.
  16. Crafters would still make a Trinc as crafted ships are in demand. Trinc is not removed from the game. You can still craft it. But we KNOW there are people who despise the crafter/gatherer gameplay and will just redeem the ship and jump into action.
  17. Conquest flag/item/permit. Peace server Peace server has old hostility missions. Peace server is unaffected War Server Key rules Flag will be granted by Admiralty for reduction or destruction of Home Defense Fleets and will drop in HDF holds. Flag will also drop sometimes from certain PVP action. Admiralty has no desire to sell the flag or exchange it for items. Only destruction of enemy defenses in dangerous waters will grant the permit to attack land. This flag has no time you can use it any time to take a mission to generate a port battle. Flag will be personal - It will contain player name on it and only player who got it will be able to use it. Admiralty has no with to give rights to attack land to players who have not earned the right to do so. (bind on pickup) Mechanics of attack Short description Acquire the flag Pick a port and announce attack Plant the flag near the port Survive for 30 mins Detailed long description Captain acquired the flag/permit some time in the past Captain holding the flag/permit to his name will have to arrive to the port where they plan to originate the attack (any port within certain distance) Captain will open the conquest missions (old hostility missions) and will see which ports can be attacked in the vicinity. Usual rules apply for port attack (not recently raided, no PB cooldown, etc) Captain will chose the destination of attack - this will require- co the flag/permit. Announcement will be posted to the owners of the attacked port Captain will have X minutes (currently 30) to place the flag. When sailing - captain will be clearly identified by the flag above his mast on the open sea When sailing - captain will have slower speed due to transport and organization penalties. In instance he will be identified by the F near his name in tab Сaptain must sail within a certain distance from the port (anywhere in the radius) and place the flag Once Captain places the flag the battle instance (like mission) will be created. Captain with a flag must join this mission and stay alive (survive) in it for Y (currently 30) minutes. The battle instance will live 30 mins. If defenders wont join within 15 mins the battle will immediately end and port battle will be set up If defenders join they will have 30 mins to sink the flag carrier. If they are unable to do it the timer ends - port battle is allocated the next day at this time. Timers are temporary but we believe they encourage enough action and screening. Battle mechanics Positional reinforcements Sufficient warm-up timer (like in port battles, but not so long) Battle circle of death is also considered. Position on alts and solving old problems. Anyone could buy a cheap flag before no effort was required (not anymore) You could deny flag to others (not anymore) Planting flag was enough before - not anymore. You must plant a flag and survive for a time Port battle Transport Port battle transport is simple Mechanics Admiralty allows the Captains (who acquired the item) to transport to the port battle instantly without wasting time Admiralty will transport the battle group of players to one of the locations that is used by NPC Raiders (points 2 or 3 on Felix's map) After transport players will have some invisibility and speed boost to join the battle Rules Players must be in battle group Only creator of the battle group can use the item Battegroup players must be in port Item wont be cheap. Post will be updated based on feedback and questions.
  18. No. it wont be an imported ship. It can be captured, sold, traded, etc.. Its a normal Trincomalee, without crafter-gatherer gameplay.
  19. New patch is coming today. Some parts of the patch will require gradual slow introduction into the game so they will be staggered. RVR Peace is still on. The deployment of new RVR mechanics will be staggered in stages. RVR Flag item is already in game but do not drop - until the patch is fully stabilized Port battle transport item is already in game but do not drop or cannot be bought - until the patch is fully stabilized Flags and Battle transports will be initially distributed using an event, or will be given to all players as timed redeem on one of the weekends for mass real time test. Description of mechanics New player experience New player mission is added to the game. The mission will let the player experience the beauty of the game right when he joins instead of overwhelming port UI. Player will immediately get into battle, learn by doing like in original sea trials and will have to deliver a message after a battle to a capital of his nation. New player protection Light protection fleets added to capitals. On War server they will attack every ship above 30BR and will ignore light traders (Including trader brig) They do not drop wood chests yet (until we teach them to run away). Only home defense fleets with skull symbol drop wood chests. Imported content 1 New Imported ship added to the game Victory 1765. The ship will go on sale as soon as Valve Approves the page ETA - Today 28 May or Tomorrow 29th May Cheaper Edition Update We have thought a lot what would be a cheaper starter edition but unfortunately the center of the game is combat and it is impossible to cut out the content without reducing the overall quality of experience. So we decided not to cut content in the cheaper edition. As a result here is the plan Every current owner of the game will receive a special ship redeemable every 24 hours Price for the game will be lowered (new package created by Valve) New package will not contain this ship (after price drop it wont be available) The ship will redeemable every 24 hours like all Imported ships but will have special conditions.This ship will not be imported. It can be captured, sold, gifted, taken over. The ship is HMS Trincomalee. Current Trincomalee will of course also remain as crafteable in game. Trincomalee has a very interesting story https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/36102-hms-trincomalee/ Port investments. Clans and large groups of people can now develop ports above their initial fixed points 25 points (initially) can be added to ports using investments. Every investment level gives 1 extra point to port development. Investment are expensive and will require group effort Woods. Woods added to blueprints but are not dropping in ports yet, because wood stats are still getting rebalanced. New woods can be only used in crafting (they are not available in notes or redeemables) PVP and PVE Hunts, Search and Destroy now also check for Steam ID, in a similar way to PVP hunt. Some guns can now be picked up from sank players. Exit timers: Important! 1 hit timer had to go. It created 1 hour chases wasting player’s time. It also allowed holding players in battles forever. This generated lots of hate, confusion and time wasting, including neverending griefing tribunals. Player now has to deliver % damage to a player to stop escaping. Battle timer increased to 5 mins (but can be increased further during experimentation phrase) Exit timer is up to 3 mins (from 2 mins) ROE Battle entry points fixed. Thanks for users for pointing this out. Previous entry points favored the attacker (which allowed his reinforcements to spawn closer to him). Now points are equal. The pull circle has increased (70%) to reduce the need to go back to enter battles. Flags for groups and conquest flag Changed flags based on the 1799 Signal book of ship of war Group flag changed to Order of Sailing flag Battle group flag changed to Battle Sailing RVR/Conquest flag has changed back to Dangerous Cargo/Enemy in sight Flag (red flag) Other changes Admiralty now buys Loki runes at 10 doubloons per rune Money Locker added to stores and allows quick conversion of reals to Money Locker and back. Money lockers will be used for Port investments Imported (DLC) ships now have (I) indicator in the name to give clear indication which ships cannot be captured (lets see how it works) OW speed of Home defence fleets reduced by 5% to allow passers by more escape chances Slightly buffed modern version of HMS Victory Increased repairs production in capitals by 50% Critical bugs Fixed bugs which spawned an NPC ship in group missions even if the group member did not join Fixed bug that generated loot when sinking your own ship Potential fix of the problem which sent Home defence fleets far away from their zone of operation Fixed bug that did not sink players outside battle zone in some conditions. Dozens of other changes. WARNINGS. Texts are not final, expect typos Features are now and this is a big patch: expect bugs crashes and asset loss. All losses caused by the game will be compensated. Additional information will be provided as we go. Explanations on the mechanics of the flags and transport to port battles will be given shortly Next steps Early week: Deployment of rebalanced current and new timber types Update of crafting blueprints for ships and guns Mid-End week: Deployment of conquest flags for testing Port battle transport service will not be deployed until flags are tested in multiple situations
  20. The Beautiful Trincomalee. The ultimate chase ship. Trincomalee was built in from Teak in India by the master shipbuilder Jamshoot Wadia Wadia Group is still operating in India and owns multiple businesses including an airline and a cricket team Trincomalee blueprints were stolen from HMS Java by USS Constitution HMS Java was originally French sailing under name of "Renommee" Trincomalee was built based on the Leda Class designs Leda class design was based on the French ship "Hebe" Hebe was captured in combat by HMS Rainbow which was the first combat use of the Carronades Hebe was designed by Jacques Sane Sane also designed the Ocean, Duguay-Trouin, the Redoutable. A lot of ships at Trafalgar were designed by Sane Trincomalee was a training ship alongside HMS Implacable. Implacable was at Trafalgar under the name Duguay-Trouin Trincomalee operated till 1986 These days Trincomalee is the oldest British warship afloat! Teak needs to be buffed we think.
  21. Править тут и нечего это фича. Не нравится не стойте близко у земли Часто ловлю зазевавшихся таким образом, локи тоже фича и многим не нравится, я пользуюсь ей каждый день. Осьминоги и каракатицы вот мне например не нравятся так я их и не ем.
  22. no this is most likely issues with your internet connection
  23. l'architecture française est belle WIP
  24. The game is good. Most mechanics were born out of necessity and solve problems. Just like plane eject systems they might not be perfect and might break a leg or two but they work.
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