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  1. agree! You can build New York from New Amsterdam if you want to and have time and resources.
  2. We cant bring this back because you need to be able to counter, because if its so slow there will always be somebody who does not sleep while you are in bed. But we can make it last the whole 3-4 hours and require effort. PVP based hostility is too exploitable. Ask friends to suicide themselves and voila. You have a battle. Hostility can only be PVE or must cost doubloons or VMs.
  3. You are saying this as if it was something unexpected. We knew exactly what we were doing. Capturable first rates opened a lot of content for an average players. People love capturable NPC ships and love DLC ships despite the fact that YOU do not like them. Redoutable was a number 4 top seller on steam world wide!!! it was selling more than red dead redemption 2 for a week! If you were correct this could have never happened. Classic victory will again be a top5 best selling item across ALL steam games. So its not unexpected. We are removing the pain point because griefing went out of hand. With 1st rate DLC the pain point would increase, so action must be taken before. If screeners were a little bit more accurate it would not happen. But no. They were not. They were enjoying wasting other people time. And paid for it.
  4. не факт @Malcolm3 нравится скрининг в текущей форме. мне не нравится скрининг в текущей форме. Здесь нет предмета спора вообще и конкуренции под солнцем.
  5. Ehm.. People argue when they are making a decisions and look for advice. We already made the decision. We are not arguing you. Screening Griefing during port battles will soon become irrelevant. Port battle will decide who win the port. Not numbers or NPC captured fireships.
  6. I am glad you see through sarcasm in my post you are replying too (unlike @Borch) There will be no screening of course. Nobody sane will not use the item. Everybody will use the item. Because we want good port battles. Not suicide squads losing ships stopping PB fleets. Or worse holding the enemy in battle artificially by pew pewing some shots and then wasting their time for 45 mins, to avoid tribunals. No Screen during hostility and then you can suicide as much as you want.
  7. You are living in the magical world of butterflies and unicorns where players are happy to wait for 2 first rates per nation built once a year. NO.. real players have to work (hard work) and have 2 kids and dont give a shit about your historical 1 first rate every 4 years for only 1 best player fantasy.
  8. OF COURSE - we have you covered mate The item - teleport to PB is not mandatory. If you LOVE screening you can of course sail to port battle yourself and fight with screeners . Those who dont like the screening will just teleport there and will finally get good PB content. Win win for everyone. (Except griefers)
  9. Not sure yet. Right now if i remember there are 200+ points to level up everything to max (i might be wrong).
  10. Our goal is to have more battles. Not more running. Cheap ships and dlc ships make game more fun but create one dilemma You are not encourage to sacrifice yousefl during hostility (because if you lose ships it will give more points to enemy) = good design You are not encouraged to sacrifice yourself during port battle (because if you lose ships it will give more points to enemy) = good design But you are encouraged to sacrifice yourself during screening (because there are no mo points to enemy but less enemy ships in port battle). Losing ships actually benefits the screener with no penalty. Because in reality in historical pattern you would not have a parallel world and if you just sacrificed 20 npc victories you would get trashed anyway. This is what PB transport (teleport) achieves. You cant sacrifice ships any more. You must sink them during hostility and must not sink yourself (because it will then create port battle faster) As a result its bad design. Screening when ships and crews are cheap or free is bad design. Because ships are cheap and we dont want to remove them - we remove screening. Effects will be immediate. Skill will win numbers. Players who want content will have to change nation or attack another port.
  11. A spoon of shit ruins the whole barrel of honey - you done nothing to stop the griefing.. Thus its getting axed. Thanks man
  12. All nations who were present in the Americas are or will be in game eventually. This is a game where YOU make history.
  13. Rationale is very simple Screening is fun until it crosses the line. Then it is just time wasting The problem is that the line is too vague and it generates too much friction and unhappiness + nobody is paying the mods extra for PTSD treatment after reading shit in reports and in tribunals. As a result Screening is getting axed the **** out. You will safely get dropped around port battle with invisibility timer from anywhere on the map. Numbers will matter less. Skill will matter more Nations should stop the attack during hostility.
  14. Captains Here is some information on the forthcoming large update (1-52 weeks) Major. Port investments improvements Players will be able to invest into increase in port points, drastically changing the flexibility of port control bringing it into the alliance hands Major. Transport to port battles item We are no longer satisfied with griefing during screening, and are axing the screening completely. Clans will be able to transport their port battle fleet directly to port battle area using an item item will work both for attacker and defenders Hostility will be slowed down and unified for all ports in points Improvements to anti-farming mechanics (partially already deployed) Major. New player starting mission to show case the game (not the port UI). Major. Cheaper edition launch (could happen a week later due to valve approval) All current edition owners will receive a free DLC ship New price will be set at much lower levels DLC will be then set for sale for new buyers. This is going to be basically a 40-50 dollar gift for current version buyers New rare trees only usable in shipbuilding (but not available in ships from the admiralty) NPC raider routes in patrol zones (both PVE and PVP servers) Light ship protectors for capitals. Naval Bases (tentative). Map control points generating area home defense fleets for the owners. not all ports - we will use historical large bases for this feature. Plans update 26th April Additions to the patch Names and Clan Tags will come back to open world Useful for Peace server due to international alliances Important for hostility countering in open world combat Exit timer will be changed Old mechanic: hit the enemy from any distsance to keep him/her in battle New mechanic: damage the enemy enough (% of their average HP of hull and sails) Battle timer will increase to 10 mins (initially) The threshold wil not be told in UI as the best tactic to keep enemy in battle is to get close It will be easier to keep damaged targets in battle as % of lower HP results in lower damage requirement Certain changes will be done to damage, sail damage and sail repair cooldowns to increase the importance and influence of the correct first shot. This feature will significantly reduce or remove any time based griefing or time wasting, and in general will make battles more dynamic. We also are fully aware that this feature will change ganking and chases significantly. The 60 min chases will be completely eliminated and those who loved 60 min chases will be vastly dissapointed. Hostility changes Hostiltiy will be slowed down Hostility missions will give points to clan and not to the nation. This is done so several clans cannot bomb the hostility instantly Clan will only get 1 mission per port and can only do 1 hostility mission in a row. To get a new one (automatically) the first hostility mission will have to be completed Once first mission is completed second will automatically appear on the map. Swords (misison position) will be visible to everyone in the clan. Once all mission chains are fulfilled the hostility will raise to 100%. If competing clans are doing hostility slower you will get the port battle. Doubloons must be paid to take a hostility mission. Doubloons will depend on the total invested points of the port. Hostility misison banner will indicate the taker (who took the mission). Hostility points can also be generated or taken down by OW pvp against attacker alliance (clan attacking a port) or defender alliance (clan defending a port). OW Hostility will grant hostility points to all ports of that clan in the vicinity; this is done to avoid old problems with locating the proper port (if 3 ports are close to a kill location) Hostility will be done with a flag Flags will replace hostility Port battle will happen next day after flag placement. Some cannons can now be salvaged from a sinking ship in PVP Patch estimated time will be moved further. We do not want a rushed Titanic arrival and will take it slow. To avoid any confusion on times we will slightly increase the lower and upper range of weeks when the patch can be deployed. Old time 1 - 52 weeks New time 12 - 54 weeks. The lower and upper range changes will be announced separately, just in case someone grades us based on time to develop the features (not on the content itself). Stay safe and healthy everyone. Drink water, vitamin C and give lots of love to your families and parents.
  15. agree partly (on the constitution) but indefag is a hull of a 4th rate.. (just shorter)
  16. Tribunals posted without evidence will not be accepted. We are not going to accusations provided without evidence, names, servers and times. THANK YOU
  17. its coming - long overdue. Next patch it will happen. The only thing delaying this is the indecision on the attack. We think they should attack players but only in patrol zones.
  18. Not sure if you are serious or not. The fact that YOU Cannot do them just means you have not practiced enough. We see all those maneuvers on streams over and over again (especially in frigates). You can replicate almost all the maneuvers on the image with the exceptions of ones requiring anchor. You can sail sideways backwards and forwards and control the angles to an extent. You should move to pvp server you will be forced to learn them . Unfortunately AI only teaches players to tack well but not move sideways and backwards . But i am sure a couple of guys on the War server will be willing to give you a couple of lessons and pointers for a hefty charge.
  19. @van stiermarken Closed hauled speeds are there for the reason - not sure if it is needed for the Game. I want it to be more realistic, but i know many will not want it. I vividly remember the slow turning and slower sailing experiment (we were bombarded by negativity). Leeway is already reduced with increasing speed (up to almost 3x difference). Same with yard power.. Yard power is also reduced with speed (because of keel resistance due to speed) Acceleration deceleration too high AGREE Yard turn speed are too high - not sure.. What is your reference point with game speeds faster? For example we can provide the reference point for reloads. What is your reference point for yards? Lets say 90 men per mast for rigging work on a first rate - how fast they can turn the yards? We can even try to count the pulls for braces, how much distance (degrees) per pull (maybe captstain turns?) if we find a modern reference point for yard turning using braces we can fix it. it will require more planning (and allow to add more uniqueness for ships) Depower is removing jibs. Well. You can just untie the ropes (make it go free) and depower the jib instantly. For spanker its slower of course (agree but only for spanker). But you can depower jibs and staysails almost instantly with the right rig Fore aft sails - its a visual and animation issue, adding new positions is very expensive fps wise and increase amount of animations - so its purely visual. Tack through the wind - Actually DISAGREE - in several 1700-1800 books on seamanship there are references that point that the skilled captain could tack without sternway. and sometimes even without negative speed. (especially heavy ship who were still decelerating on energy itself). But it only was possible with skilled crew who could remove wind from sails to avoid negative force. Whats lacking is the failed tack, we have it in game - but to make it work it we have to remove 1. (closed haul speed too high) then negative force of incorrectly placed yards will push you back .
  20. We know how to fix sterncamping.. there are 3 solutions. 2 of them require 1-2 months of coding. Accel/Decel is easy - will force more planning for the camper, increasing the skill level required to properly sit on the stern.
  21. Who did put this into your head. Read your willis Ships could sail forwards backwards and sideways and were really nimble. https://www.cnrs-scrn.org/northern_mariner/vol14/tnm_14_3_57-68.pdf Or look at any old or modern seamanship book showing how ships sail forward backward and sideways - for example in estuaries. The only difference is our ships can sail slightly closer to wind. Our sailing has found perfect balance between interesting realism without slipping into boring annoying tediousness. If they dont like it - they can go play... blackwake or motorboat ass creed. We don`t care whatever armchair critics think because based on the comments they probably have no idea. You are good and useful in other areas Stiermarken. Your comments put shadow and devalue your other work
  22. Today in the patch Chinese have started to arrive to Shroud Cay - It's up to you to stop them Important! Peace Server - International Clan Alliances. International clan alliances can be created - you can invite clans from other nations to your alliance. This can help each other in hostilities, port battles, defensive port battles and can use the investments if the leading clan of the alliance have allowed other clans to use the investments. Important! Peace Server - Raiders start to raid poorest underdeveloped ports on the Peace server. Raiders will attack poorest under developed ports in 2 random regions every day. FPS Boost Significant optimization settings have been added that can give 20-30% to FPS. Cannon ball visualizations. You can reduce the visual number of cannonballs on the client and set the distances where they will stop being drawn This does not affect number of cannonballs on the server. Damage effect visualization You can reduce the amount of visual effects from hits on the client and distances where they will stop being drawn This does not affect damage and server calculations - they are still fully counted Tutorial challenges and final exams have been made slightly easier (they are still hard) Other visual improvements and changes. Multiple bugs fixed
  23. Light ships under Chinese flags spotted west of Saint Nicholas sailing North West.
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