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  1. You should not make drastic decisions. The data in the table is provided for review and discussion. It might change (not significanly).
  2. Yes we identified the problem. This will be fixed tomorrow (not today because the supply is very limited, so won't affect the money supply so much). Trading woods will not be so profitable at long distances compared to other goods (like jewels).
  3. Timber update Changes in red. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mM1LEvwbt1tXOudiDUpTsT97wum_DvZDEs-S1YrkVBw/edit?pli=1#gid=1878153524 Goals Streamline the stats Fix the inconsistencies (like teak slower than white oak), Slight buffs to riga fir and new england fir. Several other changes (including to acceleration - there will be a minor overall acceleration and speed fix next together with this timber stat change) Changes will be deployed next week. Please report on the issues you found with the new data. You can sort any column by using the green buttons near the names of the column. You can also switch on or off the types of wood, or names for your personal analysis. for the Shipbuilding timber fans here are a couple of videos from a very entertaining channel on boat building Red oak vs White oak How to cut knees from white oak How to pick white oak
  4. именно так - это был вопрос вопрос очень сложный ответа пока не имеем. на текущей стадии не планировали - но не будем говорить однозначного нет.
  5. @Redman29 is a good guy and was not quoted out of context. Prices for some woods allow trading opportunities, i was wondering just about the malabar teak at 47000, there are no trading opportunities for malabar teak at such price. On the other woods the example is noted. It only appeared since last hotfix.
  6. that is correct i was talking about that redmans screenshot he said price growth to 47000 is happening on malabar and malabar is so high because its so profitable to trade it so you have not answered the question in reality how is it profitable to trade malabar at 47 and selling it at 30 btw.. you also owe us a tribunal report on exploits found in flags - there is a time stamp on this request. Dont forget please.
  7. How can you make money (even at current prices) with buying at 47 at bridge town and selling at 30 (current price at flatts for example)? Is it some kind of multilayered space math?
  8. Overall Game likes variety of strong woods because they give power for effort (or lots of money like 44k per log) Game likes AI port battles because they take ports away from the "captured 11 months ago" state and give options to small clans in the same nation or in another nation Wood re-balancing is ok especially taking into account forthcoming penetration rebalancing Tutorial rewards were removed because my previous design was bad. No more Karma will be done as it removes tribunals and blocks village idiots from doing dumb things Flags wont be purchasable as we want to slow down RVR. If people were only capturing ports because it was easy to prepare an assault fleet so be it. Taking flag from HDF shown that average players do not want rvr and those who want it will get the flag when they want it. No more free cookies in RVR. On the exploits with flags poll question. the special friendly message to those who confirmed that "they have already found exploits with flags" We have zero tolerance policy to exploits and captains who said there are exploits must report them. Knowing about exploit and not reporting it is against the rules. Their nicknames are recorded in poll answer - if you voted that there are exploits please report them asap. Please report the flag exploit in tribunal dear Sirs
  9. need to ban that thing for treaty evasion.
  10. Supposed? Who told you this thing It working as intended and has always worked this way. Once you lose one of the masts you lose balanced rig. Gunboat is a special boat and like this and does not have "walkers" attached. i like how rig works these days.
  11. а один в бою? или ктото еще стрелял?
  12. If have zero clue about what you are talking about I am here to help. When you lose one of the masts the center of gravity has only one lever (mast) affecting your ship rotation. And your will have excessive turning on the intact part of the lever. You should counter it with rudder, hold the button with one of the fingers of right or left hand, or ask a friend (we are not judging) replicating the sailor or several sailors holding the ship stuurwiel vigorously to counter the pressure of the wind without the counterbalancing force. Or remove wind pressure from the intact mast to reduce excessive rotation. For some ships this force (after losing mast will be stronger) because every ship mast placement is historical based on blueprints so the lever force is different for every ship.
  13. when you offer flags on the other hand some zeeland flags get into the game. (eventually). So perhaps you should offer things we also like like you did with flags. Its obvious not all player suggestions are good and even if they are good not all of them will get into the game. Its an axiom.
  14. Of course. I am the MAKER right. Like yards which I invented or how to make 50 sailing ships work in instance without cheating, or 2000+ players sail the same server with land and water and weather. Players could only imagine and could only understand it when they saw it (backing force were not liked initially in closed testing) Seasoned woods and AI port battles are the broccoli they are needed for the game. Players will not like them but what are you gonna do. right?
  15. Good example of proper criticism. No bs, no whining, just facts or questions.
  16. Nice How about port battles on the PVE server - player feedback Or how about multinational clan alliances on the PVE server - player feedback Or how about Admiralty in free towns This list is endless. Most features we have are done based on player feedback as original game was a lobby based naval shooter (even open world is player suggested) The fact that YOUR ideas were not implemented means only one thing.. Well a couple - first they were not voted high enough in the proposal section
  17. We don't hide this fact. New woods are a great way to extract reals from rich players. Wood supply is SO limited that they wont have any real influence on the overall pvp. Based on your comments you are on PVE so not sure how you are affected by the these woods. Remember you can trade in safety.
  18. there are loads of ports with no investments or low investments or low or no income. Raiders pick the region at random and then chose one of the ports that they like (its always underdeveloped but its picked by the raider - so it could be not the lowest on the list)
  19. I wanted to give a different answer but i see you registered in Jan here so you probably dont know how it worked before. Raiders have different fleets but they always use the same ship and same traders. Raiders for very low level port pick from brig or pickles. Sometimes its brig, sometimes its pickle. Nothing else. Same system for other ports. Sometimes its easier sometimes its harder, but in general if you know what you are doing its easy. These ships and system was tested well last autumn. Those who know how raiders worked and attacked have no issues and know raider sometimes can slightly exceed the BR limit but this difference is never more than 20%. And only happens for lower level ports. For higher level ports this difference is of course smaller (almost never exceed them)
  20. We are not looking on the problem the way some players are looking. The game should have a system to clear the map if nothing is done by the players (for example not defended) Imagine if everyone is not doing anything RVR wise or investment wise. In this case we want the map to go neutral over time for example 3 months (A LOT OF TIME). In our case the map will go neutral in 6 months (300 ports 2 ports a day) 2 ports a day is NOT enough. Raiders should attack 2x more ports. We understand what players say about raider attacks but the only way raider attacks Previous system was bad (it was attacking highly defended ports nobody could capture) current system is perfect - raiders attack ports nobody want - (no investment) giving other small nations a chance. + IT CLEARS THE Map over time. We might also need to find the way to attack inactive clans but hope players
  21. not a bug. We stated before that NPCs will try to fill 25 ships limit - this limit can exceed BR due to changes in BR over time or because they cant find a lighter ship in this category. Brig is the lowest low of the ships in this category. There is literally nothing worse than a brig. There is nothing else to pick as a low rated 6th rate. Does it mean the brig is the new king of the shallows??
  22. Dont keep neglected ports in your portfolio. If Raiders see a neglected port they take it back. You have a counter - invest. If you invest more than others your port is safe. I know some don't like it. But i don't like lazy port owners too. Dont capture the port if you dont want to invest in it. Leave it to other nations.
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