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  1. 1. Deception will be possible but enemies could see through deception as well. Especially if they seen your ship before and or know about you from witnesses. 2. Yes. There definitely will be communication, logs and intelligence showing known routes or last known locations. 3. Depends on waste of time this features generate. If they generate too much waste on 3-4th try they should be abandoned or allowed to be skipped. (For example waiting for 1 hour for a boat to arrive is nice 1st time, and will be annoying on 100rd time) 4. Yes. Crew will have skills, strength, morale, fatigue and experience levels in a variety of ship activities. 5. Yes. Not only that. You will have to place them properly to avoid excess heel or pitch 6. Naval Action systems are top class, but we will try to improve them even more by adding elements like stress, deterioration over time, or rig entanglement 7. Not sure yet. Soon.
  2. 1) If you played shadow of mordor you know immediately. If you have not - NPC who sink players will level up and get stronger, and stronger and get more followers and crew. Etc. 2) Standard karma systems - do a bad thing and world will remember 3) Sailing and damage induces stress on the masts and hull which deteriorate over time. 4) Officers yes. Crew will probably not. Not sure knowing names of everyone on a 400 men frigate is important. We do not know yet 5) Boarding will be from top down view. You will control divisions and platoons of the boarding party.
  3. Missions could be a means of escape if you take them strategically. We do not have plans to change the mechanics as they work ok and are honestly a very minor nuisance.
  4. You now have full control over who joins your hostility missions. Tell him not to do it again.
  5. could be. Also for a lot of players combat is so much better and more interesting than hauling and crafting, (yet some love hauling and making things to sell to others) But here is the paradox. Both sea trials and na legends did not have crafting and hauling. I think the answer is very interesting and counter intuitive. Many players want to be in immersive world, but want to skip some parts of it when they want it. That's why many just do PVE on the PVP server, or just trade and fund wars for others.
  6. we will consider the separate rule for PVE server, but we heard people are exploiting there too by joining missions from other nations and locking hostility. At least on PVP you can sink them and take their ports (if you are in a different nation). You cannot do it on PVE. I think this change is opening more options for smaller clans. It also brings certainty at certain levels. Because previously if you wanted to get an item - someone with unlimited time could overbid you (using cancellation method) by 1 real and then by 1 real. Now he has to pay and pay a lot more. So there is more chance to get the goods at fair price.
  7. small clans can take and do hostility missions without any interference or help from others.
  8. Late announcement Hotfix was deployed this week Important changes Hostility missions no longer accept random players and other nations. To enter hostility mission you must be in the clan who took the mission or be on the allied clan list or must be in a group with a allied clan member. Patrol zones are now identified better. ID Flag P is not shown on ships that do not fit the Patrol zone requirements. Attacking a non patrol ship in a patrol zone will result in normal battle (without circle of death) Group entry and Raid missions have better group join rules now. If your group member was not pulled into a mission - he will be able to enter the group mission manually (as OW battle) Tab interface now show total BR of ships with and without undercrew Ship notes rebalanced and unified All notes now create ships with port bonuses All notes now can create ships with seasoned woods NPC ships in the Open world can now be built with seasoned woods and carry port bonuses Contracts: Long requested change. Contract bids can only be placed at 10% higher price than the current max price. You cannot place contracts below current high price. That removes the +1 real cancellation method to avoid +10% bid size Fixed another rare bug which sent player to two battles at the same time (when attacked in certain conditions) Increased size of cannon stack from 100 to 500 Trading resources are now brought to ports at random (not fixed) time intervals to reduce spawn camping of resources Tutorial changes First 4 basic training tutorials can be skipped. Player can jump straight to challenges This is done in preparation for the New player rookie mission which will be given on creation of new players (not yet in game)
  9. where is the net.. buy hostilitty missions -150 win battle +150 + lose investments on every port loss.
  10. agree perhaps its time to sell hostility missions. That would solve most of the problems.. 50,000 doubloons per each.. And add reward for taking a port.. 150,000 to recover the hostility mission cost It would make faking expensive. Or add a clear goal to hostility missions - which must be fulfilled and if it is not no new missions will be available in this region or from this port.
  11. yes.. but they can be used to create a block - a forced break nobody wanted. And the longer the cooldown the more incentive is to use it artificially.
  12. which could be fun.. and could drastically change port battles. especially for small nations.
  13. this could be fixed by creatively thinking about non attendance. for example attacking non attendance - can be spawning elites and sending them to circles forcing people to come defend. But then even this does not stop it.. Ally can attend. Do some american boxing, even sink ships and reset the cooldown. Without any alt usage. Just a helping hand. Maybe even better way could be removal of cooldowns. Frontlines are new cooldowns, but borders can have daily fights.
  14. yes.. already being coded Not only other nations. Other players from your nations wont be able to join if they are not in your group. This will remove the potential exploit of alts blocking the defense. Only group members, alliance clan members will be able to join hostility missions. This leaves the window for non clanned members to participate and help if they are invited to groups/battlegroups.
  15. Truxillo ruling will be announced soon.. When we hotfix of hostility entry rules.
  16. Reported player has participated in 2 missions For taking a slot: Warning. Player have violated "interference in RVR" rule. For taking a slot, he will be warned and his steam ID recorded for future violations (that will count to his steam ID even if he changes nation). For hostility interference. No action due to no interference. Port will not be set neutral or transferred. Despite acceptance of interference he could not change hostility itself. Hostility points are awarded individually and on exit the battle. Spanish players exiting were creating hostility points (even if other players are still in battle) Player could not affect interference as it is awarded to those who sink ship in a mission and exit the mission. Staying in the mission or keeping it open does not affect or delay hostility points. British clans were faster gaining hostility and would have got the battle for themselves because they accumulated 11152 points and Spanish only were able to accumulate 5229 points There is another similar case on Truxillo where action will be taken soon. Because of such cases happening the entry to hostility missions will be only limited to clan alliance and group members (who are already invited to a group) post unlocked for discussions.
  17. Sorry for delay with the Patchnotes Today small fix was deployed based on the player feedback Fixed a rare bug that blocked the usage of money at clan warehouse if the amount of money exceeded billions of reals Fixed an issue with forts that fired on one side in the battle without consideration of flag. From now on forts will only fire if the battle has a flag of the fort British fort will fire at british enemies if british flag is present in battle British fort will ignore both sides if other flags are present at both sides. For example Sweden vs Denmark
  18. just to be clear.. we have not made decision on first rate DLCs and might not add it. We just want to keep options open and are carefully looking at the Redoutable effect on the game. Thats why classic victory which is currently in development could be just a gift ship. We will let everyone know in advance. there is a decent chance it might not happen.
  19. Bug confirmed and was found. No Sabotage was found. Apparently you had toooo much money and due to extremely large numbers, some system did not work correctly during maintenance. Bug was fixed now. Port will be reverted to your ownership as soon as it can be done.
  20. we have no relations with sea legends. They abandoned it long ago. We own the trademark now.
  21. Not the server of course. Human sabotage, some clans were sabotaged before (money taken out) or port made neutral, or resources stolen, by other members and officers. Any ways. the issue in under investigation. Hold on.
  22. do you need help with it?
  23. replied in support.. If it is a bug port will be reverted. dont worry.
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