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  1. The reason for the port bonus in non-capital ports was to have better ships from ports that can be captured. So more pvp should happen. A safe place has the price of no port bonus. It works as long as every nation has a similar crafting ports, so the power is balanced. As soon as some nation looses that port, it is in a poor position, which it is nearly impossible to leave. Not easy to balance...
  2. If they let a new player join. So a bit luck is involved.
  3. A fort should shoot any ship of a nation they are at war with, so in NA all but the own nation. A fort can only judge which nation a ship is by the flag. So far, so good. I would love to see more than 2 parties joining fights and I would love to see the forts firing always at the nearest ship, that is not of its own nation (which is shown by the flag)
  4. From gameplay point of view, there is nothing wrong. The Spanish guy gave up his own nationality during the time of the battle, flying the Swedish flag. Therefore he was a legitimate target for the fort. As long as there can be only 2 sides in a battle, the mechanics must consequently work this way.
  5. Why do we need normal woods when seasoned wood shall be available aplenty in the future?
  6. Pandora is only free for pre-release players, the other have to buy it. Without some experience, the exam ships are lost within a few day. It is easy to say, that shipless captains shall just cap an ai, when you know how to play. The game became really complex in the last years, so that noobs need some support. Especially since they do not have the practice room we had in 2016. They will loose many ships before starting ho win a battle.
  7. The only problem with the big guns on small ships is that they give no disadvantage like heavy heel or drastically lower speed.
  8. Basic cutters up to m&c rank could have a different colour and give no kill. M&C rank upwarts could have a black hull and give the kill. Shouldn't be too difficult to code.
  9. You already have the Santissima as 1st rate. Better to add some spanish frigate or smaller one.
  10. So you say free Admiralty ships with restrictions in outfitting them is not ok, while DLC ships with possible port bonus and free choice to outfit them is ok?
  11. I see the main problem with the dlc ship in the effort you need to craft a comparable ship. Especially the doubloons have to be earned somehow, the other mats are not so difficult to get, except for seasoned woods of course.
  12. Especially new players have problems to earn enough money to replace their lost ships. Therefore I suggest that the Admiralty provides a daily ship, without port bonus, according to the rank of the player, but not above 5th rate. The ship shall be random, in the full historical setup (guns, marines, wood) and not tradeable. Maybe with one set of repairs for hull and sails, that cannot be removed. Guns shouldn't be removable, too. Breaking the ship up shall give no mats, to avoid abuse. Just take the ship, sail and fight. Could be even redeemed by everyone, though most, that can afford better ships, won't use it.
  13. Maybe we could switch to random fire when at point blank range, letting the crew fire as fast as possible without aiming. Could increase the fire rate by 10%.
  14. Historically random fire was used in the hot phase of a battle, when every ball counts and should be shot as fast as possible. Firing from bow or stern was for reduces strain, while the fire was still somehow controlled. The full simultaneous broadside, causing more confusion at the enemy, causes the maximum strain. Which I would love to see in game.
  15. I really do not understand the overall concept right now. First the big ships were made rare and expensive to craft, due to permits and doubloons. Now, that the existing, craftable 3rd rates are weaker than the new DLC, they should be easier to craft, though still the doubloons barrier will stay, and buffed. Why don't you just remove permits and doubloons for crafting ships, at least for those ships that have DLCs available in their class?
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