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  1. Seasoning woods should simply take some time, not dubs. If you need a ship at once, you can build if of green wood, if you have more time you can use seasoned wood. I suggest that even ship building should take some time, maybe 7th rate 1h, 6th rate one day,... , 1 rate 7 days. Shipyards may produce three 6th or 7th rates at the same time or one 3rd-1st rate ( or one frigate and a 6th rate....)
  2. I dislike the seasoned woods as they will enlarge the gap between the casual and the full time players further. What we need in this game are equal ships, no mods or such stuff. Maybe slightly improved stats with a trained crew (which has to be kept alive, else the bonus dies with the crew). No one should sail "super ships", that will win a battle due to their superior stats, when the captain's skills are equal.
  3. I was talking of 10 active traders per player, not as an absolute number on server. ... and yes you should be able to escort your hired traders. Send 5 a time and defend them, you could never sail that much on a trade run yourself, so you save time, but cannot give commands in battle, like your own fleet ships. ... in consequence you should be able to send a capped trader with some crew to port, in OW, without adding him to your fleet.
  4. I like that idea, but the player loads on ai traders should be in addition to the usual ai traders. The player, who booked a trader should be able to identify it in OW, so he might escort it, while for all other players it is simply ai. I wouldn't limit the cargo runs, every ai trader with player cargo adds some more content to the game. To save server capacity, you might only have 10 active traders at a time.
  5. The ships are not the problem of this game. Adding them wouldn't improve anything, we need a bit more content and incentives to sail smaller ships than 1st rates in important battles.
  6. I like a bit more realism in the game. Someone sailing slightly outside a wind zone shouldn't have the boost, someone sailing in tje should have it. The zone my be indicated by clouds or the colors of the ocean's surface, but the wind should be the same for all players. I wouldn't have a problem with the wind having a different impact on different woods used on ships ( the heavier a ship is, the better it can profit from heavy winds). I even would like to see different wind zones in battle instance.
  7. Now, I used the wind gust to catch a ship much faster then mine. I first sailed in a totally wrong direction to get the wind boost, then turned to catch the enemy and gained on him without any problem. I don't like, that two ships can be in the excactly same place and one ship has the boost, the other not. It should be wind zones, where you can be in or out, butyou cannot charge your ship with wind.
  8. I don't blame players for using the mechanics the game offers, I blame the devs for coding those mechanics. The main problem is that we cannot stick completely to historical real world features for gameplay reasons. It is then the task of the devs to balance it, which works sometimes well, sometimes the solutions are not so perfect. That's why we discuss them here and provide our suggestions.
  9. From the historical point of view every captain tried to fight with higher numbers or at least more broadside weight. Nothing wrong with that. Our problem are more the RoE (joining battles even if you where not in the area when battle started), the high impact of wood types on speed and those mods. ... but that is the game the devs want to have...
  10. My experience is that usually those who complain about being ganked are the ones who love to gank others.
  11. Why not activating the Loki-runes on pve again, but the fight will be on pvp server? So the pve people can try pvp at no cost, if they want.
  12. You only need sailors for the sails, when they have to be adjusted to the wind, or set and taken in. So, as long as it is just adjusting sails, a minimum crew is required ( maybe 20%?). When you want to set sails or take them in, half of the crew from the guns should be called to do the job, but it is the captain's choice to work slowly on the guns or the sails... he will send the crew where he requires them most.
  13. Well, at least I tried to push @admin on the right course. If I hadn't done, I would always be asking myself, if it could have changed anything. I still disagree with a "click for wind" feature and hope that admin will have wisdom to understand that, too.
  14. You should not be able to choose the heading, where the gust blows. The wind gust should simply be there, if you sail in the same direction, you will have a long acceleration, if you just cross it, it will be short speed boost.
  15. @admin I do not like the way your wind gusts work, but I do not reject wind gusts in generell. They should not be activated by clicking, they should be a zone on the ocean, maybe indicated by clouds and/or a different looking surface of the waves. A ship in this zones can move faster, leaving this zone sets back the speed to normal. I cannot imagine that you clicked on your yachting trip any wind gust. And wind gusts should be moving across the ocean. So you can stay in them for some time, when on the same course, if you sail a different direction it is a limited experience. So, please remove the choice to click a wind gust, it is there when you are in.
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