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  1. The game is not perfect, when it comes to economy and trading, but I would prefer to have an ingame solution. Maybe you can get in contact with the devs and help them coding.
  2. ...and the fore sails of mortar vessels would be differ a lot. Usually using chains as forestays, the sails were cut in another way, having much worse sailing properties. For firing the motar, you had to anchor (with 4 anchors), takes a lot of preparation time, and then you might fire the first shot. Leaving your position may take a lot of time as well, so the port battle is over, before the mortar brig is ready for action. Still I think it should be slower than the brig and should be worse sailing close hauled.
  3. Yes, there should be more ai sailing around. If you want to fight them, it is best to start from a freeport, you avoid the 20min sail to enemy waters by that.
  4. The problem is that you will always have people where maintenance is in primetime. So who shall be punished instead?
  5. I like the idea. Though it is difficult to judge the ships behaviour in wind and waves without feeling them. To implement this in a naval game where you can only judge the current situation by seeing pixels is a bit too much. I would see these skills more in the way, that every captain will get a seaworthy ship, that does not capsize, if fitted with the standard armament. But he can modify ballast and choose any gun he wants. The result may be a fast ship, that tends to capsize, a ship that will heel much (and therefore might get leaks easily) or a very stable, slow and under gunned vessel, which is easy to sail under all conditions. It would be great to have different winds, varying in force, that requires thinking about the sails. Not always full sails. This together with the water depth would make a fantastic naval game.
  6. This is something you have to discuss in your clan. They should make you an officer, when you have such a task. The idea in general sounds good.
  7. For the game small ships must be faster and more agile than than the big ones. The problem occurs when the big ships can be modified by woods and mods that make them faster than the oak build small ones. We still need incentives to sail small and medium ships, else the game will be boring. ... and I hope the devs will bring real water depth in the game, even if that is a long term project. @admin will you? Maybe as a Christmas gift 2020?
  8. The Dutch ships would be very useful when we get real water depth. One more reason for that.
  9. I would prefer to have a working, first, more ships are just nice to have.
  10. We might even add ship maintenance in general. The stronger the wood, the longer the maintenance intervals. When a ship recieves no maintenance it turn shabby then very shabby and after half a year sinks completely rotten at the dock. This would prevent people to have too many ships in the docks, fast fir ships are much more expensive to maintain due to shorter intervals and makes big ships a bit more rare, since they should be quite expensive to maintain. Using capped AI 1st rates would just cost the repairs, as long as they do not get too old. On the other hand you could repair shabby ai ships to the regular status.
  11. When all ships are available in high amounts now, we need something to promote sailing small ships. Maybe in the way that a smaller ship is always faster than a bigger one or that water depth becomes important, not only shallows and deep. If there were narrow channels in port battles, where the 1st rates have to move, while 3rd and 4th rates have much more space to manoeuvre, or a mortar brig hiding behind and island, where even 5th rates can barely shoot it, since the water is too shallow, but the brig might be able to shoot the channel to the port. That would bring much more tactics and surprises to battles. I hope, one day it may be implemented in this game.
  12. We had this (capture big AI) before and it was removed for a good reason. We will see many sailing around in the big ships now, while only the new players have to use the smaller ones. I guess pvp will really increase (which seems to be the only goal of the devs), but the variety of of ships in OW will decrease. You will see a few skilled players sinking the less skilled with smaller ships, but I do not see that the overall quality of the game will win by this measure.
  13. There should be higher profit for real trading, not for those stupid missions. Fill your ship with cargo paid on your own and ship it across the carribean with the risk of loosing all you invested, that way you should make a hell of money. What you propose here is just printing money. Make a button in port, every time you press it you get 1000 dubs and 100k reals. We need the old cargo missions back, where you had to deliver a certain good to a certain town, no matter how and where you get it. All on your risk for a high profit. Passenger missions are a good way for new players to get some money.
  14. As long as you cannot see from port what is going on outside, dockhopping is a valid way to ensure the sea is clear.
  15. Port bonuses concentrates shipping on a small area, so a big part of the map is not used so frequently anymore. I would remove port bonus completely and replace it with a crafting experience bonus (for each ship type separately). If you craft a lot you build great ships, the influence of such a crafting bonus should a third of todays port bonus... Well, I suggested it before, but no one wanted to hear it...
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