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  1. We have to leave the "the ship must sink by gunfire" way. This should be a possible result of the batte, but most battles should end because the captain of the loosing side has to surrender to save his crew. Therefore only very low hits should destroy the structure.
  2. I see the changes as a step in the right direction, though I think the damage model has to be modified to a more realistic one, but that could be the next step. I would love to the standing rigging and all spars as single hitboxes, which enables to shoot single sails away. What I am missing are changed sailing properties when a mast is missing, which should unbalance the ship.
  3. Somehow the press of sails should have an influence on dismasting. It would be great, if the mast damage would be somehow shown during battle, at least for your own ship, to estimate how bad it really is. Combined with sail damage, it is always surprising how long they may stand.
  4. I still would like it. The link below shows that frigate action may easily take more than 1 hour of exchanging broadsides with surprisingly low casulties. The ships and especially the rigging will be damaged, but the ship won't sink. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frigate_action_of_29_May_1794 That is how I would like to have the game. For gameplay reasons not the full hour, but 20-30 min would be great. All with leaking only when hits are close to or below the waterline. The effect of leaks might be bigger than now, but pounding the upper parts of the ship shall not cause sinking.
  5. I would prefer damage mechanics that allow 20 - 30 min fights without repairs. If repairs are necessary at all they should be a bit of rigging repair and plugging holes below the waterline.
  6. I think with adjusting the guns to causing a somehow historical damage, the whole damage model has to be adjusted, too, to more historical results. I understand that most people don't want change the things they are used to, but on testbed we should try. Now what is the historical result of receiving cannon shots? The wooden parts of the ships above the waterline are torn to pieces, men are killed and guns dismounted. Only shots close to the waterline and below cause sinking. In my opinion this should be represented in the game. On the other hand the top masts might be (more or less) easily shot away while the lower parts of the masts were only to break when the shrouds were gone. I posted earlier an proposal how this might be simulated. For gameplay reasons i think angling for bouncing balls is necessary and large ships should be slower than small one ( at least at one point of sail), so there ia always the possibility to escape. The game will turn with this from a sinking to a boarding game, while sinking ships is still possible. At the same time surrendering and saving the crew should have a bigger value. I suggest to introduce the sailor categories: landmen (that can be hired in port), ordinary seamen (each needs 20 XP to be promoted from landsman) and able seaman (each needs 50XP to be promoted from ordinary seaman). Landsmen do the work slowest, able seaman fastest. All were killed during battle, landsman easy to replace, loosing seaman hurts. The result: if the battle is hopeless the wise captain surrenders to save the crew. For me this would give the game more depth and with it fun to play.
  7. Maye we can simulate the shrouds by deviding the side armour in as many parts as masts are on the ship. You will damage only the part you hit. If the bow-section is down to 50% you have a chance to demast the lower section of the foremast. The chance increases by reducing the bow section armour points further, but only when shooting the mast from the side with the damaged armour or from forward or back, not from the undamaged side. Topmasts may be shot away by balls without armour damage.
  8. With the new, more realistic, damage caused by the guns, we need a more realistic damage modell. Only hits in the lower deck or below, or for single deck ships in the lower half of that deck, should damage structure in a way that the ship may sink. Maybe even only hits below the waterline my cause structural damage. (As would be historical correct). The result would be crippled ships, maybe with a kind of jury rig, trying to escape or waiting for boarding. But still being able to shoot the one or other gun, that is not dismounted. In this damage model armour should only protect men and guns, while with decreasing armour the casualties on both should increase.
  9. As an idea for the trade mission: Earning much money should be connected with high risks. You could set treasure transport missions, which have a long distance to sail and the players ship is shown in OW as "enemy player, treasure ship". The reward for capping should be enormous as the reward for sailing it to its destination.
  10. Ok for new players, but passengers may have weight from 5th rank upwarts, to avoid too easy money for the experienced players
  11. The sextant perk is too much gps for my taste. Can you reduce it to the last noon position? But to say something positive, I really like the new icons for goods. You should go on with those.
  12. The doubloons shall be reduced, but filled up woth reales. I don't see why that is not attractive.
  13. I agree to the proposal to have more reals as reward. Failing the mission should cost something depending on the value lost. A letter might cost 10 dubs, loosing the passengers 100 dubs and maybe loosing a chest of gems might cost you 100k reales and 1000 dubs.
  14. The reward for delivery missions is much too high. If i recieve 920 dubs for a mission sailing from coral bay to arecibo with passengers, why should i fight for doubloons. Those passenger or letter missions should have a maximum reward of 200 dubs, if delivered to the far side of the map. The reward can be much higher, when a certain amount of goods has to be transferred, requiring several runs or at least a small fleet of cargo ships for transport.
  15. I would like to see the reinforcement zones smaller, no matter the nation.