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  1. There should be more ai ships, and mainly solo ai for solo players to have something to fight. But I disagree with the bottles, I catch one every few hours, sometimes none for days, but still enough. The probability of finding them is well balanced in my eyes.
  2. Stay with the devs proposal for passing the final exam. Damage one opponent's sail, separate the ships and kill one after the other... too bad I made no video of my exam. Took me approximately 40min. ... or try the boarding version, depends on you playing style.
  3. I did the final exam yesterday, and it was not too difficult. I used nearly the way the devs proposed without boarding. For me the difficulty level is ok, I think even new players with some practice can do it. Though I wouldn't show the solution in NA forum.
  4. I think the full wipe on war server is the best option. Thanks devs!
  5. Since we are testing the game, it is ok for me to start again at release. All the vet players won't need long to be back on highest rank, so there shouldn't be a problem.
  6. Maybe it is my lack of skill, but it seems that stern camping is still an option. Yesterday I was attacked by a pirate frigate, I was in an Agamemnon. The enemy player managed to gdt behind me and shot my stern with his chasers. I returned fire with my stern chasers, but after 6 rounds he managed to destroy my stern guns. I tried to turn, sail backwards, etc, he countered every maneuver of me and stayed at may stern, except for once when I gave him a full broadside, and was shooting me first with balls, than with grape and finally finished me during boarding. The effect of grape was devestating, too much in my opinion. Although the other player was very skilled, there should be a chance to defend yourself when your bigger ship is attacked by a smaller one, which in real life would never have been able to win.
  7. I cannot agree to that, the effect of grape should be lower, just don't limit the number of shots. I would give grape a higher damage on rigging, too. With many small balls it is likely to cut the one or other rope, though the damage should only be at pistol shot and lower than chain damage ( maybe a third of chain damage).
  8. I would prefer to have the upkeep in materials. A certain amout of food (livestock, beans, stones for forts, etc.) will be consumed daily. If this is not supplied, parts of the investment will decrease. This would give an incentive to sail traders with supplys and blocking a port really hurts the enemy. If maintenance would only be money, its too easy.
  9. You can have a perk like "charismatic" that reduces the minimum crew, which is needed to fight, by 10%. For boarding the enemy you have to be quite close, if you are not, you can only strike your colours.
  10. Taking the structure bar as an indicator for crew morale might be a nice option. It should depend on the surviving amount of crew then, when half of the crew is killed, they will surrender. ... and sinking only with low shots, with not every leak in a position where it can be plugged during battle, so every third leak stays open and requires crew at the pumps.
  11. I know that we have to make the one or other compromise for gameplay. Still I think, that the most essential part about ships is, that they float as long as there is no water coming in. ... the devs cannot make everyone happy, this time it seems to be me...
  12. As long as the vertical and horizontal accuracy is the same for all guns, a cold blooded captain may even win in close range fights with long or medium guns vs carronades. He can never out dps his enemy, but sink him by skill. It will not work at great distance, since then a third of the shots will fall short and another third be too high, damaging only the armour. It is only a small strip to hit, which is less the fewer sails are set. And, as part of battle tactics, you have to cover the vital parts of your ship.
  13. When fixing this, you can adjust the accuracy of the stern chaser, so that these laser guns will be history. Make them just as accurate as all the other guns.
  14. To be true, yes. You can keep the risk under control when you don't set full sails, keep your ship straight upwarts, try to avoid heeling. Of course leakage must be balanced, but all the captains fighting under full sails deserve holes in their under water section. And these should be deadly. There is a reason for battle sails, if you choose otherwise, live with the consequences. When I can place a full broadside below the enemy ships waterline (of the same class of course), it should sink. That is then either luck or skill, but at least close to historical reality.
  15. Not immortal, crew is killed and rigging is damaged, if that is done enough, the ship can easily be boarded. If you and your opponent choose to sail parallel and keep pounding each other for an hour, it is your choice. Both will have a very reduced crew and not too much rigging standing, but that is as it should be. There is no rule that says a ship must sink when hit by 150 round shot. Hull repairs is a second issue, which wouldn't even been necessary with the proposed damage mechanics. With the current damage mechanics hull repairs simply try to fix lack of fighting skill of the players.
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