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  1. I know that we have to make the one or other compromise for gameplay. Still I think, that the most essential part about ships is, that they float as long as there is no water coming in. ... the devs cannot make everyone happy, this time it seems to be me...
  2. As long as the vertical and horizontal accuracy is the same for all guns, a cold blooded captain may even win in close range fights with long or medium guns vs carronades. He can never out dps his enemy, but sink him by skill. It will not work at great distance, since then a third of the shots will fall short and another third be too high, damaging only the armour. It is only a small strip to hit, which is less the fewer sails are set. And, as part of battle tactics, you have to cover the vital parts of your ship.
  3. When fixing this, you can adjust the accuracy of the stern chaser, so that these laser guns will be history. Make them just as accurate as all the other guns.
  4. To be true, yes. You can keep the risk under control when you don't set full sails, keep your ship straight upwarts, try to avoid heeling. Of course leakage must be balanced, but all the captains fighting under full sails deserve holes in their under water section. And these should be deadly. There is a reason for battle sails, if you choose otherwise, live with the consequences. When I can place a full broadside below the enemy ships waterline (of the same class of course), it should sink. That is then either luck or skill, but at least close to historical reality.
  5. Not immortal, crew is killed and rigging is damaged, if that is done enough, the ship can easily be boarded. If you and your opponent choose to sail parallel and keep pounding each other for an hour, it is your choice. Both will have a very reduced crew and not too much rigging standing, but that is as it should be. There is no rule that says a ship must sink when hit by 150 round shot. Hull repairs is a second issue, which wouldn't even been necessary with the proposed damage mechanics. With the current damage mechanics hull repairs simply try to fix lack of fighting skill of the players.
  6. Ships do sink when they recieved a certain number of hits, no matter where. You can sink a ship now by shooting the poop deck only and this is nonsense. Hits far above the waterline will never make a ship sink, it may kill crew and maybe do some damage to the rigging. Today most ships sink without even receiving a single hit below the waterline. That is what i dislike.
  7. I dont think its the right way to counteract unrealistic elements with more unrealistic elements. And for tactics no repairs at all would only change them. If you want to have more tactical choices, we could also add steam engines, torpedoes and submarines, but that wouldn't be what this game says it wants to be. This should be a semi realistic game with ships of the age of sail (as far as I understand). Therefore sinking a ship should be the last option and should happen more accidentally than intended. In my little world, a ship should sink, when it recieved too many leaks, so that the crew cannot pump more water out than comes in. This will only happen with penetrating hits close to or below the waterline. These can of course partly plugged. But with the ongoing battle more and more crew is needed to pump and less crew can actively fight. So at some point a captain should strike the colours. No in battle hull repairs are needed (apart from the fact that I have never heard or read of substantial hull repairs during battle other than plugging holes) Repairing the rigging has been done and should be possible, with some limits of course. Replacing the lower mast section is impossible, rigging a jury mast is possible, takes a lot of time and has in the end only half the performance of the original mast. That is at least my dream, how this game should look like...
  8. Even in a fun game like Pirates! there was no possibility to repair the ship in battle. For a quick and full repair you had to go to a friendly port. So, why does NA need those extreme repair options?
  9. Crew damage, or better crew replacement, is another point I cannot understand. How can crew during a battle be replaced? The surgeon cuts of a leg and sends the man back to his gun? Of all repairs this one is the most stupid. I see all except a limited rig repair as gift to those arcade game players. NA is a great game, but these battle repairs are decreasing the fun, at least for me since I prefer it to be more historical.
  10. With long guns I want to be able to shoot ships equipped with carronades from the distance without recieving shots myself. What else is the purpose of long guns? This must be a working tactic, although due to the high ships speeds it is quite difficult to use. I therefore understand why many players use carronades and close quite aggressively to fight in short range. It is the much easier way to fight the enemy. 2. The one who takes a lot of hull damage due to his bad tactics, can, when his sails are still ok, run for some time and repair a lot of damage, then return and fight on. The amount of repairs depends on mods. I have experienced it several times, usually I was not able to repair the same amount of hull damage and finally lost the battle. Today this is a valid tactic and I cannot blame the players to use it, but it is not what I understand as (semi)historical naval battles. It would be ok for me, if the player discontinues the fight and runs before sinking (a captain should save his ship in the first line), I just hate that repairing of nearly full hitpoints of the hull during battle. It shouldn't be more than plugging holes. For the rig, I would allow some repairs that were somehow from a historical point of view plausible.
  11. I agree, the long range fighters are definitely not favoured by current mechanics. One aspect is that chainshot does nearly no damage from a certain range. Though I cannot see why there should be none. The velocity of shots will not dramatically drop during flight. Therefore I expect especially for chainshot hitting sails and ropes, that some good damage is inflicted. The second point are the repairs. Especially hull repairs do no good for the battles. Here players can hide missing skill behind a stacking powerful mods. My proposal is to remove hull repairs completely from battle, and give limited repairs for sails and rigging. Full repair can be done after battle.
  12. I think that for building forts there should be lots of stones needed. The stone mine production is at the moment much too high for the amount that is needed for ship crafting. A full fort shouldn't take less than 10k of stones, they could be armed like ship with guns of the own production. I suggest to give the option of heated round shot, of cause with additional cost, to increase the fire probability on the attacking ships ( maybe 5-10%).
  13. Sounds intersting, I will see how it works for solo players. Hopefully clans do not restrict access to resources too much.
  14. All veteran players have the big advantage of skill in handling the ships, they do not need those extra money to be wealthier than the new players. Especially with these transport missions money is easy to make. I therefore think that a full wipe, including everything is the best for final release. Although it will hurt all those, who have achieved quite a lot in the game so far (including me).
  15. I would really like to roll ship crafting back to 2016, with all the 50 levels and different stages of ship qualitys. Maybe the mats for the quality level should be adjusted, but during that time there was always a ship to had in KPR. Why not letting all people sail around in gold ship, if they can effort it? The more equal the ships are, the better will be the battles.
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