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  1. A few more building slots would be fine, but what do you need 20 slots for? The game is not made for single players, but if you have some mate and a clan, you can work with it.
  2. Maybe there shouldn't be a symbol on the map indicating the position of the fleet, but the message "a fleet was lost on its way from Gustavia to Truxillo. Heavy northern winds were reported, which may have pushed the fleet some way south". The fleet should then always be in a different spot, so that no one can successfully wait for it to appear.
  3. If you have to grind your ship/bonus slots personally or get them from investments, you will finally reach a point, where you have achieved the maximum bonus. It is just a question of time. My preferred choice is to build all ships from their original woods ( so oak for most man'o'war, maybe fir for some smaller traders) and you can add one advantage like speed, hull thickness, turn rate, etc. Get rid of all the mods and we have a really skill based game.
  4. The shipyard in the capital may have no port bonus, but you can be sure that it will never be lost. Safety has a price, therefore the current system is ok for me.
  5. Sea Archer

    Civil war

    Wouldn't that be too easy to abuse by some toxic (alt) clan? Raise hostility on any own nation ports to see if the owner is willing to defend it, might produce more trouble than doing good.
  6. Right now trading is only to make some reals. People, who prefer to trade instead of PvP, are more or less only adding as prey for raiders to the game. (at least on PvP-Server) I suggest to give them an important role in production and trading bonus. A production port should be supplied with good to work properly, to feed the workers, etc. Therefore I suggest that in ship building ports a certain amount of food has to be delivered to keep the bonus alive. For every stage of investment (level 1 to 4), a certain amount (maybe 500) of one kind of food (maize, tomatoes, livestock, garlic, etc.) shall be delivered each week. The owning clan and their friends shall see the progress in the port window. If the food cannot be supplied, the port bonus is not usable for the next week, if partly supplied, it can be partly used. Example: A town has a port bonus of 4 and only 3 kinds of food are supplied in a sufficient amount. Then the ships, that are build in that week will have a port bonus of max. 3. The port investment will stay at lvl 4 and can be used the next week again, when 4 kinds of food are supplied. As soon as the goods are sold in the port, they count to the supply, so you still make profit by supplying the port. The supply can be done by players, not on the friends list of the port owner or even enemies, though they won't see the progress of supply. For resource production the supply should give a discount of 5% per supplied good on the LH needed to craft resourced, max. 20%. The discount shall apply to forge and workshop, too. For trading the selling prices of all trade goods shall rise by 5% per supplied non-food trade good. Again, like 500 trade goods of one kind are needed to achive the bonus. The bonus shall be availabe to all people trading in that port to encourage smugglers, so some more PvP can be expected. Only trade goods that do not drop in the port itself shall count to the supply. The amount of goods shall be counted weekly, to have enough time for the trade runs and allow weekend players to contribute to their countries effort in a most effective way. This will also mean that some kind of economic warfare is possible.
  7. Not a good idea. With all these ships DLCs you don't really need a shipyard to play the game. Economy shall have some worth. If you have a nice production port, defend it. A shipyard DLC would take much incentive for RvR out of the game.
  8. Never said I am happy. I just say it is a valid tactic to split enemy forces. I don't think that we should force people to fill the PBs. If I see the defender has filled up full br and I cannot field that many ships, I would try to avoid that fight.
  9. Not sure if this will help the game. Even if it would be historically correct. The small nations have a massive problem to survive. Finding a ship building port is a way more difficult.
  10. Empty PB can be a ruse of war, it is a way to split enemy forces. I see nothing bad in them. You can counter it by raising hostility yourself at a similar time, so the attacker has to choose between defending his port or attacking yours. No problem at all.
  11. As soon as carronades come into play, a battle can be over soon. Most times, if it is not you having the carros, it is the best to keep some distance, until you know which guns your enemy has.
  12. This is not good. It might work for full time players, for all others it will be quite exhausting. Would be better to increase the cool down time. Give us time to replace the ships lost in the last PB.
  13. Well, I don't see the problem with empty port battles. Fake attacks have been used in all wars and are a permissible measure to confuse the enemy. So why not in NA? Since I do not have the time to play daily, I would like to have a longer cool down than 2 days and if possible PB only on weekends. Still, I do not see the current system as that bad.
  14. Ports were usually be captured by landing forces and taking the forts and the town itself. It would be great to have this reflected in the game. I would like to see the attacker having troops to transport from ships to circles on the beach (maybe little boats can be visible moving from the ship to the beach and back until all land forces are there. To win the port battle, the attacker has to land like 120% of the defending number of men. The defenders can be killed by shooting and destroying forts. So no circles for ships are needed. The attacker can land soldiers, which he can hire in his own towns, they will be counted as supernumeries on the ships. The higher the number of soldiers compared to the max. amount of crew, the higher the penalty for sailing and reloading guns. Once all soldiers have left the ship, there will be no penalty at all. During boarding the soldiers will fight, of course. A captain shall be able to land his own ships crew in addition to the soldiers, though their efficiency on land is only like 75% of that of a soldier (except for marines). To spice the port battles a little further and to bring more tactical elements and diversity in, please add real ships draft and water depth. A 1st rate might carry a lot of soldiers, but they have to row a long way to the beach and can be intercepted in the shallow waters by defending cutters and gunboats only... and similar scenarios. This may give you the option to add new mod like "extra long boats" increasing their number and therefore the speed in which the soldiers are transported to the beach. The soldiers at the beach should be shown somehow and be equipped with a (small) hitbox, so the defenders are able to kill them, though they should be difficult to hit.
  15. LH is currently not that much of a problem, i would prefer to have some economy impact on ports, so that trading has some more use than filling your own pockets.
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