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  1. Sea Archer

    Little things you'd like to see

    If balls do not penetrate the armour, but are not deflected by the angle, I would like to see at least a few of them sticking in the ship's side.
  2. Sea Archer

    Make open world smaller

    In 2016 the map was even larger and I liked it. Sailing is not racing through the world. Back in the old days, I never had a problem to find some PvP, the places were known and you could go there. For the right sailing feeling, I would still prefer a larger map with slower ships. For fast battles, they should bring the training arena back, that we had at that time. It would be a great helt to show new players the basics of sea fights, too.
  3. Sea Archer

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    For the new player we need the unarmed tlynx and t cutter back, with a little cargo for the profit they are quite nice for the start and to learn the basics of battles. Next step is to hunt armed lynx and cutters (maybe bahamas, if the 5th rate are pushed out again), and finally 6th rates. In 2016 this was possible, now I don't see any ai tlynx or tcutters anymore. This makes the live for new player a bit harder.
  4. Sea Archer

    Raising of lost ships

    That would be unlimited dura for a little money. Why should one go for crafting then?
  5. Sea Archer

    Demasting mechanics

    Breaking the lower section of a mast should be very difficult as long as the sides (the armour) are intact. With decreasing side armour the shrouds, which are fixed to it, will not stabilise the mast that much and demasting will get easier.
  6. Sea Archer

    Combat tutorial feedback

    Maybe you can add a chapter to the gunnery tutorial what is needed to let the balls bounce.
  7. Sea Archer

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    When I started in 2016, there where many experienced players waiting to sink or cap everyone who was not of their nation. But even as a new player it was fun. I guess one reason is that at that time the small ships had a few dura, so loosing the battle was not that bad. Additionally there were plenty of unarmed trader lynx and cutters to be taken even by new players. To help new players there should be much more of these unarmed small trader vessels, with a cargo that is not of a value that experienced players waste their time, but high enough make it interesting for the new ones. I think it would be helpful for new players to have ships with more than one dura (maybe up to 3rd rank), to encourage them to test their fighting abilities.
  8. Sea Archer

    Using deck guns during boarding

    Ok, thanks. I should have sailed more ships bigger than frigates. Though I would use the second deck's guns then
  9. Sea Archer

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    For those who are afraid of PvP there is a PvE server
  10. Sea Archer

    Using deck guns during boarding

    Yesterday I boarded a LGV with my Agamemnon. Usually I use the deck guns in boarding screen to lower the moral of the enemy's crew. This time the deck guns were greyed and couldn't be used during the whole battle. I installed guns in every gunport. Did I make a mistake, are 4th-rates not able to use deck guns anymore or is it a bug?
  11. Sea Archer

    Little things you'd like to see

    I would like to see the national flags get damaged when hit during battles, that would make it more lively. No need to show it as flag hit, just some holes showing the traces of the fight.
  12. Sea Archer

    Salvaging Cannons

    Additionally it might be a nice idea to make repair kits out of the capped ships, maybe 30% of the hitpoints left of hull ans sail might be converted when sinking them at sea (only in loot screen).
  13. Sea Archer

    No more silent promotions

    The idea of claiming the promotions in towns sounds good to me. Maybe the first half can be claimed at the admiralty in any town of your nation while the second half, the higher ranks must be claimed in the capital.
  14. Sea Archer

    No more silent promotions

    The promotions you get when you have collected enough XP for the next rank are somehow hidden, until you have a look at your current rank. My suggestion is to open a window during game ( most likely after battle), where it says something like: "Congratulations, you have now reached rank XYZ and are now able to command YYY crew." Maybe it can even appear in Nation chat, like the passing of the exam.
  15. Sea Archer

    Changing Sails (0-20-40-60-80-100%)

    There is also a difference in the sails set in OW and battle. This should be synchronised, too.