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  1. Strake

    HELP: PVPrs need more ways to find PVP

    I appreciate Rebel Witch's suggestions and think they are good, but to me, the root cause of the difficulty in finding PVP is the low player population, and until there is more compelling OW content to attract and keep new players sailing around the OW and exploring, this game will never live up to its immense potential. There have been dozens of threads over the past year full of great ideas about how to make the OW more fun and interesting. I'm frustrated that these ideas seem to never make onto the priority list for development.
  2. Strake

    What's missing: Story Content

    Outstanding. Love the game's potential. It desperately needs more content.
  3. Strake

    OW PvP Missions

    The Devs created this big beautiful OW map, but it is mostly empty. I really feel that OW content could be one of the missing links in helping to make this game successful when it is launched. Generic OW missions like you mention in point number 6 above would be alot of fun. So what about number 7 above? I'd love to see historical based missions that would cause players to actually figure out where they need to go to accomplish their missions. Example - Travel to the island where Edward Teach was killed - pick up the chest with the buried loot. Take this loot to the first island discovered by Columbus in the New World and deliver it to the Bell Tower in the town. Reward - ???. I realize this idea won't appeal to many hardcore PVP players, but it might provide things to do for many other players, and these players roaming around the OW are important targets for raiders and pirates. This is my second post on this OW content subject in recent days, so I promise it is the last for at least a month.
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    The Cannibal
  5. Strake


    The Sodomite's Revenge
  6. Strake

    Trading and protection

    Good questions. I've found the LGV is a trade ship that is good at running away from most raiders, but when cornered it can still put up a good fight. You should stock it with boarding mods and green or blue marines if you have them - I've boarded a few aggressive raiders at the last minute and saved muself from capture - make sure you are boarding prepped. Of course mods are all about to go bye-bye with the next patch so we will have to develop new trade ship tactics, but thats the fun part of the game. I don't bother with fleets - they tend to get in the way when you need them. If you are successful at capping a raider you have the option of taking command of the raider or staying on the trader and continuing on to port, but can't sail both ships at the moment.
  7. Even though I've been playing this game for over a year, I discovered two new features today: The free camera works in the OW. Essentially you can anchor near a port or an island, and send an exploration party or a group of spies (via the free camera) from your ship into the nearby hills or port and watch enemy ships come and go. This feature could be harnessed by the devs in our gameplay content. We could be assigned OW missions: drop off spies or soldiers in enemy ports - raise national hostility pick up spies find caches of weapons or loot or buried treasure in the port or on deserted islands find shipwrecked sailors establish lookouts and outposts find new sites for mines find new species of animals or vegetation obtain secret orders or maps The options are endless. The modeling of the ports and vegetation is adequate for all types of new OW game content. The OW pickup mechanic itself could work much like the Sealed Bottle mechanic. One other idea is to seed these missions in the OW so people can randomly search them out without being assigned a mission - make them hard to find - sailors like a challenge. This idea is just as important for PVP players since it entices more people and potential targets into the OW. Mission Example - "Anchor next to the island just south of Las Tortugas. Send a party to the top of the hill - pick up the secret map. Take the map to the port of Bahia Honda and deliver the map to the back room in the beach shack with hanging fish in front. Payment - 1 mission credit towards Fellow in the RES". Note: in my opinion, a better payment than gold or XP would be points towards rank in the Royal Exploration Society, which would be visible when people click on your name in Chat. Highest rank in the RES would be Fellow, and extremely hard to attain - maybe 100 successful missions. Second discovery: when you are anchored near land at night, you can hear crickets and owls in the nearby land - awesome immersion. Thank you Devs for this great game - looking forward to its future.
  8. Strake

    How optimized is the game, currently?

    Something's not right. You have a much better rig than I and I usually get 30-40 FPS.
  9. Strake

    Naval Action Developer Q&A

    1. Any plans to add more eye-candy to the OW - fishing villages, shipwrecks, remote structures, lighthouse?
  10. Strake

    Periodic Wipe with Map Reset

    I've come to the same conclusion. I love NA and will continue to play it no matter what, but an annual asset wipe would make the game fresh again, especially if the new map had new content to discover. Maybe alternate the maps between the Caribbean and Europe. At the year-end, top players could receive hall of fame recognition in various categories - kills, gold, etc. The game needs alot more players in order to make the OW more interesting. I recommend some changes to the gameplay as it currently stands: Make alliances bilateral - only one other country can be your ally at a time - provides more enemies to hunt and be hunted by Balance the participants in each faction - don't let any one faction get too large Need more OW content, both for exploring, trading and PVPing smaller unnamed towns and villages that may provide interactive opportunities for the players who visit them, and the hunters. When in an area with few other players, enable the NPCs to intercept and attack you. Add more eye candy to the OW - fishing villages, lighthouses, shipwrecks. Allow players to buy new ship paint-jobs and sail markings with in-game gold - let us customize our stuff Enable pirates to hide in local coves and inlets - give them some new hunting tools - make them the scourges they want to be.
  11. I would support a Kickstarter for adding more eye-candy in the OW. One idea would be to provide a seperate Kickstarter for each county, that way each nation and others could support adding fishing villages, remote structures, small towns, secret pirate docks, shipwrecks and other things to make the islands and coasts in their own territories more interesting.
  12. Interesting because Pagan Pete has many of the same complaints in his current thread. I am a trader, crafter and occasional PVPer playing for the US on the EuroPVP1 server. I can understand your's and Pete's complaints about the difficulty in finding good trader targets. The US east coast is currently so infested with Swedes, Danes, French and big pirate clans, it would be suicide for a trader to sail very far from the forts and fleets. Whats a trader to do - find other less dangerous trade routes to buy materials thats what, also travel during low server-pop times. The traders are still out there - I see them when I'm looking for stuff. Pirates looking for us need to be more flexible and creative and patient in their search strategies. Think like a scared trader, and you might stumble across a few.
  13. Strake

    Tour of the HMS Victory

    Outstanding photos. The ship appears to be in great condition. Thanks for the tour.
  14. Trading is a game of staying one step ahead of the raiders, but every now and then you get caught - makes the game more interesting.
  15. In addition to the excellent advice posted above, I would recommend the trader develop his or her patience. Its tempting to just sail out of port and start trading but if you want to minimize becoming a target, learn to wait a little. set up outposts in freeports in less traveled areas so you can buy resources at good prices and not have to worry too much about interdiction Use the delivery service to deliver your materials to the closest freeport wait for good winds to leave port, plan your winds all the way to your destination For your freeports frequented by raiders, visit them when the server pop is low Your spyglass is your friend Sail offshore, out of sight of land - raiders tend to be lazy and impatient and count on you to be lazy as well