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Found 22 results

  1. Hello I was wondering if anyone could provide some details on what happens or what to expect when doing a PvE port raid mission (PvP server)? How do ships spawn in against one another? Can enemy players join? Are enemy players notified? or can they see the battle in OW? how much does the raid chest weigh? etc etc. Many many thanks! Uni~
  2. After i take the fort with the US mission Raid, nothing happen evering is freeze except the movements of my troops. There is a way to avoid the problem
  3. In the britsih campaign, if you were able to board the 3rd rate, you have access to a boni mission called treasure fleet, there you have to hutn and capture 2 trader ships. My problem is: 1. im not able to catch them because of slow ships(with cannons) in my fleet. 2. if i unmount cannons to be very fast, i dont have the numbers of crew to board them. biggest ship is diana class for me. Not sure, what boarding mods they use, its makes no sense to try a fight against over 400 men on the traderships. And this is on easy mod. Or am i missing anything in the campaign to finish this mission? Same counts for US campaign, when you have to board 3 special trader. The first ship is too fast, or its impossible to board it for me.
  4. Dear Dev's Please install a map link in Delivery Missions Window under the port name of destination, so that the map will pop up showing the the harbour where the goods and persons have to be shiped to. That will save typing "M", clic on Ports and County search, typing the name of the destinated port, click on it when found and all the clicks to close Map. In the name of comfort please think about that. Thanks for reading!
  5. I do not have an idea of how this might be code wise, difficult to put in or not at this stage, but; - Mission Rewards to be broke down, by player choice upon completion and action of Claim Reward, in: Doubloons -or- Reals - listed in the mission details as: Reward 1000 Doubloons -or- 32000 Reals ------------------------------------- Player would have a Claim Reward screen with the type of currency choice.
  6. Since mission progression changed a lot and no one posted something about it, I think that new players can feel a bit lost in their progression. I'm not much involved in PVE missions, but I was wondering if someone that knows the matter could write a short list of the missions, highliting: - level of missions (which - in the new system - is just the rank of the captain) - AI ships usually met in the mission - suggested ship to use
  7. Excuse my carebearity. But missions is a great way to get some kind of economy started. Now. Since the reintroduction of safe zones or reinforcement areas. Why would we still need the missions to spread out so far from the place we grab them? This is just frustrating. Lets face it. If you're looking for something to do you look for missions within the safe zone perimeter. Or pvp outside the safe zone. Now you probably think "well easy solution would be to disable the ability to cancel missions and grab new ones to get them where you want them" - Wrong. I personally would stop doing missions at all. I highly doubt im alone on that matter. On a second note. You could also remove the confirmation popup when you have accepted a mission as you already have confirmation in the mission list where it clearly tells you what type and rank the mission is. I could approve of a proper ENTER function for those "Ok" popups. Less mouse clicks to get there.
  8. So i ve been leveling my avatar with combat missions (as it is common) and i managed to get to 5th rates. I know basic and some advanced tactics in battle but when it comes to balance of the missions, AI gets a stupid amount of "help" in order to fight back the human. I had cases of me haveing a snow (6th rate) and a triple (3) armada of snows apear in battle as within the level of my mission guessed i could take em head on... well that was not the case. other time had my Cerberus (5th rate) and a frigate fully armed with carronades and stuff got my hull breached like a swiss cheese. Even with a pal i found to help me we totaly got owned (he had a cerberus too). i find this extremely hard for a new or even a somewhat experienced player to deal with such early firepower and hull to get through.. Dont get me wrong the first levels are easy but when i went to second and first lieutenent i had really bad spawns (i dont know if they are fixed or random spanws but thats what i had to fight) anyway hope you guys get what i mean, good luck and keep up the good work!
  9. The shop is always empty after a combat mission. I have to reboot each time I return. I reported this pre hotfix 3 and it is still happening. I had to reboot after a ship of mine sold too in order to show the price. Can you please fix this.
  10. Im looking for 5th rate missions but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get missions for 5th rate ships or higher. The max available mission is a 6th rate First Leutenant. Even in other ports in the area.
  11. There has been always and sometimes conversation about content in OW. I think this subject has slipped away couple times. I am purely writing from PvP perspective. So what we need... The current missions are, sail to location X and fight. Buy goods and Sell at X. What if we had OW PvP missions? Lets 1st say: 1. We can inform about those for other people. In game world this mission was planned 1 month before, rummors run far. Sure, irl we would tell from it immediately. Yes, the world is too big to not let others to know about these. Yes, it takes 15 to 240 minutes to find someone, these things has to be indicated clearly. 2. We should be able to screw them up, but not F* them up! -> There has to be balanced instances. Yes, someone is doing mission for 4 persons in 5th rates, and you cannot go there and F* it with 25x 1st rates. Yes, there is a magical barrier blocking you and thats it. Yes, it is just a game. 3. You cannot teleport to friendly port after battle, there maybe more to come, yes you have to sail there. omg! 4. Rewards if you win. 5. Could be connected to RvR Mission examples: 1. Escort - Escort AI ships from port A to B. 2. Transport (And escort) - Transport goods, one has a trader, couple other players have escorts. 3. Hunt in region X, hostility creation maybe. - Go to area X, while you are there, it creates hostility if you just are there 30 minutes. The other faction will be informed that you are coming, and that you are going to be in the area for 30 minutes, and not vanish in some mission and never to be found again. Other faction has time to go and look for you -> PvP 4. Destroy tower X - Like Port Battle, but smaller, and just destroy a tower or a fort. 5. Transfer goods to build tower X - Destroyed tower/fort can be built again, but you have to actually transport those goods. 6. Treasure hunting - Fish a bottle, X% change to get a map, collect your friends, use the map, you have X hours to sail to location and pick the treasure, sail back to port to open and see what you got. 7. etc. Not a mission but a system: 1. Bounty Hunting, add a bounty for a player. If someone is able to sink, he will claim some/all from the bounty. e.g. Blackjack Morgan has been sinking way too many ships and you want revenge. You add X million bounty from him dead or alive. You sink him, and you collect the money. Maybe even fame from this, adding a rolling list of bounties claimed. 1a. You have to sink, capturing is not enough. Adds abuse protection. 1b. If you capture him in a basic cutter -> You get nothing. The ship defines how much from the bounty you are going to get. If bounty is high and he always sails in a surprise, it can be that he has to lose 41x Surprise before the bounty is gone. Abuse protection once again. 1c. You set this bounty in port X, you can claim it only if you are in port X. You can set a bounty in KPR, and only your countrymen can claim it. (They should not allow allies to sail in your ports, removes reasons for RvR, I assume this will be removed as well, right?) 1d. Bounties do not count in RvR. You sink him in a port battle -> You cannot claim the bounty 1e. Bounty divided between kill/assist players. We are going to get new RvR system. After this, I think they should fix bugs from it, and major flaws. Then they should add other content as well. If they do not add other content, at launch we have RvR, port battles, and ? So they should add other activities already, so that we can test those before launch as well. OW PvP missions can create a lot of things to do. In theory, should create a lot more than for example those port battles.
  12. Originating off my post in the patch notes thread: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15638-development-plans-for-conquest-mechanics-rvr/?p=293895 Note: These are just rough ideas. The rewards, map design, ship types, fleet designs, etc.. Minor details can be worked out or discussed. Myself and a few of the players in the community have begun to feel that the current mission system is getting a bit stale. Things became a bit more fun and exciting when fleet missions were introduced but the base mechanics remained the same in that your objective scenario is always the same. "Go here, shoot this." Well to a certain regard that is what the game is but there are other ways... more creative ways of going about combat rather than the current sail to point X spawn in head to head and sink what's in front of you mission types that we have now. To break up the menatoney Here are perhaps a variety of new mission ideas: Exploration - Discover 5 new ports (player has to dock in 5 new ports that they have previously never been to before.) - Limited once per rank Exotic Trade - Mission will spawn an exotic good in the port where you start the mission and task you to deliver that item to another port of the same or ally nation Escort - Battle instance will load with a landmass with a harbor on each side. Your goal is to escort a trader to a circle near the opposite end of the map as 1 or more npc's want to kill you and your trader. Intercept - You and 1 NPC spawn in vs a trader and 1 NPC and your job is to kill or capture both ships. (Opposite of Escort) Fleet Intercept - A well guarded group of trader ships are being escorted and you and your group must kill and capture them all. Fire Watch - (Group Mission) You spawn in next to a large NPC fleet of line-ships of your nation. Your nation's NPC.s sail in a straight line and in 3 waves npc's equipped with the fireship module will spawn that will be trying to target your ships of the line. You and your group must sink all 3 waves of fireships. Coastal Assault - You spawn in next to an abandoned mortar brig and you have to sail over to it and take command of it and start killing structures/towers. As you do this you have a npc fleet of ships "carrying troops" that will be sailing into the port. Your mission is to destroy all land targets before they can kill your assault fleet of NPC's. To Arms! - Daily mission - Win one small battle or one large battle (Through joining in the port user interface) Mission is active until a win is achieved. On Guard! - Daily mission - Player assumes coastal patrol duties and is flagged as "Coast Watch" or "Coast Guard" for one hour. Player receives x3 experience for travel and x2 experience and gold for combat fought in friendly territory sphere of influence. In Plain Sight - This will be covert ops mission. The mission spawns you at a mouth of an enemy harbor at night (very dark and foggy). In this harbor there will be multiple ships of the line at anchor (and remain at anchor). You leave your current ship outside and nearby you take control of a cutter (or a gunboat maybe?) and your mission is to sneak around to the center rear of the enemy harbor and interact with their flagship and plant a powder charge then sneak back out again. As you sail away a slowmatch fuse will burn and then the powderkeg will ignite setting off a large explosion on that ship. On the shore in say 2 or 3 places there are combat towers but with very poor range (due to it being night and foggy). Also in the harbor are enemy patrol boats (cutters, gunboats, pickles, or something..) just sailing around but they will have a radius drawn around them (just like we see the radius if we tag someone in open world.) If you come within that radius then we essentially are "detected" and that ship will start shooting at you. If you sink you fail.
  13. Hey Devs, is it possible to change the visibility of the mission markers? Why i asking cause they sometimes really hard to find into the early morning fog, in stormy Weather etc. I was thinking of some glowing colored Mission Markers, a cool shiny Red for the standard Missions, and some darker red or Orange Markers for the Epic Events. Would be great if this can be done! Greetings from the Netherlands, Ahoi, Der Fliegende Hollaender!
  14. In general I really like that idea, esp. that missions are open for 30 min so a nation has a chance to defend their regions. One thing looks a bit annoying and at least totally unrealistic: Ships, joining a mission after some minutes are spawning at the same place. For instance, a group of three Frigates fighting a single NPC SOL can find themselves just in the middle of a bunch of 10 enemy players with SOL's etc. ... out of blue, magically appeared in carronade distance... uh greetings from David Copperfield! I would suggest, that ships joining a mission later should spawn in some distance to the battle - the later they join the bigger the distance. Our real life counterparts 250 years ago would have seen a reinforcement fleet in a battle hours before and so should we. Edit: Removed some awkward typo's - shouldn't write such posts drunk and in the middle of the night.
  15. I was playing Naval Action today, and i started thinking about a new good missions system that would get people to rejoin naval action and have fun again. remember this is just a rough idea, not a full on suggestion ready to be implemented, it will need work. So to start off, you start at the beginning of the game, a midshipman, you have just joined the navy, to start you off, you follow a captain who is sailing a quite larger fleet, in control of a frigate or something. so basically, here you are, following a fleet into battle, you have to sail to a certain mission area, much like the one now, but when you join, you can only join solo, and you will have a dialog when coming into the mission, maybe a cutscene, the commanding frigate is starting to sink against quite a larger fleet, you are under his command, he gives you the order to flee, you have a decision here, stay and save you commander, or run like a coward and follow orders, each decision will come with different outcomes, and possibly "captain points" would be same as xp, but rather mission xp. so there will be alot of different missions, some deliveries from port to port, some smaller routes, some much larger, join battles with you commanders, and once you have risen in the ranks, start commanding your own fleet, will still be solo missions, but you will be in control, you can buy ships to your mission fleet, you can attack mission ports (not making a difference in pvp aspect) it will be a fictional port or what you can call it, but mission wise it will give you acces to trading routes etc, so you can create your own fleet just by doing missions, and keeping those fleets in the missions, so it will not affect other players at all, but you will have alot more to do ingame. Opinions ? Thanks. -Nick.
  16. I'm a Pirate, Demon rank, with a Constitution. I'm located in Le Moule. I selected Fleet orders and they come up for Charleston and Beaufort, a 5 day sail away. I logged off and logged back on, repeated, through all the ranks. Ended up with the same results.
  17. I would like to suggest a selectable practice mission, or different selectable practice missions like Admiralty missions. The reason for this is; - whe can practice what a new bought/crafted/modified ship can do (speed, rate of turn etc. etc.) - see wat diffrent calibres medium/long/carronades gun's can do and how they perform on different gun decks. - practice Naval tactics with a group of player's (Line of battle) - we can practice without taking damage from enemy fire - new players I would suggest that with different practice missions, how many practice targets would appear in the practice mission and in wich formation. the practice targets could be; - raft(s) with sails (idea from Master and Commander, gun practice scene with a raft) - old battered ship(s) - static crew with hay puppets? wich would diminished with grape shot The practice target could drift with the wind to simulate movement or anchored to lay stil. with more targets formed in ''formation'' they would by tied together to stay in ''formation'', and tied ships can be seperated form formation during heavy shooting (ropes would go loose) Damage to the captain's own ships could only be done to friendly fire or ramming other objects. And this makes it a pretty handy practice mission imo.
  18. When i want to request a mission i get a popup screen with the statement: "Order is not available at the moment" Tried different ports; Don't have any current missions; I've restarted the game once and didn't help; this is going on for like 20 minutes already. So are there any suggestions? I also found out that i've a crew of 199 while i should have 200? at my current rank. Best regards, Knaagdier
  19. With the introduction to flat mission monetary payout rates strictly for the mission completion. I have started to wonder what they could do to both make missions better for entry level players through higher rank players. I strongly believe missions should not be given the same payout as not all missions are equal in difficulty. Because of this I would like to propose the fallowing. Monetary & Xp -Mission payout scaling based on ranks -Different payouts for different difficulty missions within a ranked mission. For example: A midshipman mission where you face a lynx should not payout the same mission complete payout as a cutter or privateer. This also goes with facing two AI in missions Mission variation -Be able to choose the difficulty of a mission for a particular rank to better manage risk to reward -Create harder missions with increased payout but with increased reward. For example such a mission would field 5-10 enemy AI with varying ships where a fleet is required to complete the mission. These missions could take place closer to enemy location greatly increasing the odds of enemy players dropping into your battle. -Missions requiring you to capture the enemy vessel an sail it to the port that the mission was accepted at(Send to port option, only for the required captured vessel, and teleport option should be disabled after accepting this type of mission) -Trade missions where your given an item called parcels or "goods" that can not be sold or traded. Then required to deliver to a specific neutral or a port owned by your faction that is not contested in conquest. These items should be able to be stolen by an enemy nation and sold in the mission tab for its value (the mission payout). My ideas no not take into the count for Xp and Gold earned from damaging enemy ships. I believe that is a totally separate mechanic than the strict payout of the rewards for completing a mission and should remain separate. I hope these suggestions can give the Developers ideas of strengthening the mission aspects of the game. Further encouraging players to gain experience in combat and striving to take on harder challenges for those greater rewards.
  20. Not everyone enjoys doing missions on their own and it but you don't get hardly anything for helping others in their missions, So there needs to be a bonus for helping, something that encourages people to play together other than their clan mates cant kill the ship. Why not add a mission assist for the nice people that use all their play time helping others in their missions even tho they get almost nothing from it other than a thank you, This would encourage players to join/create clan's and play more as a community and it can be done in a way that that it is a nice little bonus but isn't completely over powered, By giving a percentage of XP/gold depending on the BR rating of the enemy. so add it today so being in a clans really gives us some sort of bonus. but what do you all think?
  21. Добрый День. Понимаю что игра еще сыровата. И поэтому хотел предложить следующие идею по разнообразию игры. Я а именно линейку заданий. 1. Линия ежедневных квестов "Черного рынка". В которых нам будут давать задание захватить определенный корабль(например: Кутер или Фрегат в зависимости от ранга игрока) и доставить его в порт. Или же достать какой то редкий товар которого нет в данном регионе. (Который также нужно будет захватить) 2. Награда за голову Награда назначается за любого игрока который отправил на дно 10 человек любой противоположной нации. Тот кто найдет этого игрока и утопит или захватит (награда распределяется так, если вы утопите то получаете 60% за мертвого и награда за захват 100% за живого) 3. ПВП Сделать квесты для ПВП что б не просто ловить и топить друг друга. А брать квест например: Потопить 5 человек определенной нации (реальных игроков не ботов) Я понимаю что половина что я тут написал не кому не интересно. И вряд ли будет в игре. Это мое предложения по улучшению игры в дальнейшем. Спасибо за внимание.
  22. 中尉commandes的使命是太难 前任务的水平仅是第六类船 中尉commandes的任务分为两个6级船舶 而我只有200crew,只能跑赛伯乐 你在跟我开玩笑吗!!?? 1月22日之后的XP的变化是没有意义的。 纯粹是为了让玩家花更多的时间 完全不考虑游戏的难度是不是合理 地狱犬VS 2 6级船舶 不可能 120crew的使命很难enough.but我们的车队,2 AI刀具帮助我们经过艰难过关 但是,这里的雪!! ?? 三建议 1.更改船员 要么 2.降低任务难度 要么 3.返回舰队租用雪
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