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  1. Not sure but the moderators are likely volunteers - not paid by GL. Be interested to know if that's true though. A poll option I'd vote for would be - "Leave the global chat as-is but be much tougher with chat rule offenders." Personally - if the chat rules are the same as the forum rules (are they???) That is MUCH too lenient, My suggestion: 1st offence - 2 day chat suspension (they aren't gonna die... make believers out of them) 2nd offence - 2 day game ban followed by 5 day chat suspension 3rd offence – 7 day game ban followed by 14 day chat suspension 4th offence – permanent account ban
  2. Just wanted to quickly express appreciation for all the information and two-way discussion coming from the devs these last few weeks. Very well done!
  3. ^^ This ^^ It would be worth it's weight in doubloons to have a set of basic tutorial missions that... spawn a training instance (combat vs crippled Lynx) each have a specific skill/set of skills to teach (targeting sails) are accompanied by a text narrative that describes the "how" change to chain ammo elevate targeting reticule to sail height fire at sails even the "why" reduces enemy speed and maneuverability prevents escape only marks mission compete with successful damage to enemy sails (sails reduced to 90%) This is exactly what WoT does. Nobody likes to figure this stuff out "on-the-fly" in a live fire - win or sink scenario on the high seas. Without tutorials, where do people find out how to play? Not everyone joins factions. Not everyone is willing to be the "noob" who asks about basic stuff in help chat. You know why some mid-rank players don't know how to set sails manually? They don't even know it's possible. There's a big problem with not meeting basic expectations during early access. The people who are looking for this type of game jump all over it right away. Figure in the price, with Steam's very limited refund policy and people will cash out quick if it doesn't meet expectations. Disappointment them once and they aren't likely to ever come back.
  4. The person with a problem seems to be you. The poll was requested... he's putting in a plug for people to respond to it. Seems simple enough. No idea why you seem to be struggling with the concept.
  5. I can't believe you are STILL advocating this asinine strategy other than as a troll. By the way - I directly accused you of nothing - I just offered my opinion of your motivation for suggesting such a stupid idea. Sure - bypass any chance at crafting half decent ships for a long, long, loooong time for a tactic that you offer zero proof of. I rest my case. You are nothing but a troll. That is a ban-able offence. Giving false advice to new players is a ban-able offense. Reported right back at you. Consider yourself ignored and reported.
  6. Talked with a dev? Which one? As for me I had nothing more to add that hadn't already been said. If I offered anything, it would've been an antecdote that my BP drop odds seemed to run much higher then 50% with Exceptiional plus gIfted perk. And I always crafted the next ship as soon as I reached the level that allowed it. Frankly, telling people to build only trade cutters until reaching crafting level 50 just sounds like you're trying to reduce market competition.
  7. I couldn't have said this better... problem is it applies to you... not Bearwall. You do realize you're arguing with people who've been playing NA for a long time right? There's wisdom in old forum threads and a wiki that nailed down the BP drop mechanic ages ago.
  8. Agreed - most players will probably lay low until after the wipe anyway. Why keep dead primary servers going with existing version of NA?
  9. Okay - I'm going to be selfish and hope they don't wipe the BP's. But I am left wondering about the BP drop rate with ship quality levels gone... Oh crap - I think I just made an argument for wiping them.
  10. Oh lord yes... maybe not for the same reasons as TaranisP, but really wish we had Reddit's upvote/downvote system.
  11. People need to watch what they wish for. The hypocrisy flying around the forum these days is getting really thick. "There's lots of good ideas being offered. Slap some code together (HA!) and let us test them. They can always be removed later, but if they aren't tried we'll never know if it would work or not." "Geez - they put stuff in and then take it out 2 months later. Don't they know what they're doing??" And yes, I realize I've been guilty of this too.
  12. Exclusion zones around the nat capital ports is a dead zone for new players. I know of very few PvE (or PvP) players who liked the change to the Combat missions when they were suddenly no longer available in nat capital regions. Now you are advocating a situation which will only frustrate PvP rookies. I also don't know where you get off calling any server a "PvP" server. Those distinctions are obviously going away. GameLabs does not want to foot the bill to keep a dedicated PvE server running. What exactly are you afraid of? Being PvE inclined isn't some contagious disease that will 'infect' other players. People will either want to engage in PvP or they won't. One side of your mouth has argued that a sandbox game shouldn't impose mechanic based rules on players. Now the other side is arguing against any concessions for PvE players whose server is about to disappear. Seems you have a very narrow view of which players should be allowed to play NA the way they want.
  13. I give the devs a lot of credit for stating their intentions and giving us the opportunity to offer a different perspective. The land grant idea sounded good to them, but then valid concerns were raised about denying port buildings to PvE players and they reconsidered.
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