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  1. IMO - this mod (& ships??) duplicating cheat is... if reports are even close to truth - has been exploited for months therefore WAY too serious has potentially affected too many people in every aspect of ship vs ship combat is now fueling the national animosities of real life This should not be handled quietly behind closed doors, or swept under a 'pending patch will make it all meaningless' rug. I am not saying that names should be named, but a formal Tribunal statement released by GameLabs detailing description of bugs found, as in mods only or ship
  2. Picture this, the wind across the *entire" southern coastline from Trinidad to Tampico is blowing strong and steady from east to west. Near impossible to make headway against. To sail eastward, you have to go north to the south coast of Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico and across to Antigua. If you're up there and want to sail westward, you've gotta go down to Costa Rica before it's remotely possible. That is not fun. And no, for the most part the wind is only really frustrating in the OW for about a third of the time. You think think people squawk about long sailing times now? IMO we'd be l
  3. I am not a fan of adding micro-management "busy work" like having to manually adjust the sails, or dealing with crew discipline, etc... But several people (including me) have suggested random things found on islands and mainland beaches. stranded castaways frantically waving, burning signal fires, that turn out to be rich merchants, or diplomats offering reward for transport to a specific (maybe unfriendly) port. beached shipwrecks with treasure aboard (a'la sealed bottle treasure contents) lone grass hut with evidence of long dead occupant leaving behind a treasure map
  4. This has been done in other Caribbean Age of Sail games and it is a right royal pain in the hiney. It makes for some very long voyages by anything but direct routes to try to catch prevailing winds in the direction you want to go. Sounds cool, but believe me it isn't. I *would* like a more natural feeling variation of wind direction and strength, but not prevailing trade winds, please no.
  5. I don't think Anne was advising you to join the PB, just lurk around the edges and look for an opportunity to jump on someone who gets careless. It's doubly good if the alliances situ allow you to go for the PB attackers. The picket ships stand off from the main PB attack fleet and there's plenty of opportunity to get someone in a 1v1 battle. Other than that I can only advise you to wait for release and hope the server population climbs above 2000 during peak times. That will bring back the glory days for you. Right now you need a moba and that isn't NA since virtually no one uses the lar
  6. Good suggestion! With a little planning, the devs could tie the Admiralty points reward system mentioned in the 2017 Road Map, with a (negative) reputation system suggested by others and echo'ing your idea above. Do good things and get rewarded, do bad things and get more and more notorious. That could result in a PvP event being spawned by the game. "Attention captains: Curse Koltes is hereby under penalty of death for his many crimes against the interests of the brotherhood. A bounty is hereby offered for the sinking or capture of him and any ship he may be aboard. Arrrrr!!"
  7. For my money, GameLabs made a huge mistake when they used the word "clans" for national groups of players. They should have called them "squadrons". Pirate clans maybe. National clans - no way. "Clans" gives people funny ideas about operating as independant militias. I can't believe that actual green on green conflict within a nation would have ended well for those who decided to go rogue. Monarchies didn't tolerate independant thinking by factions within its colonies. The scenario quoted above is a rebellion, and would have gotten your group branded as pirates or seditionists under a dea
  8. Unfortunately I think they overestimated the willingness of the cats to cooperate in being herded.
  9. Good grief this is ridiculous. They aren't forcing anyone to pay extra to keep playing. I may be entirely wrong but this doesn't even sound like an expansion pack situation, where only those who pay get the extra ships. It reads like if others do fund the kickstarter and you do nothing, you'll end up with the chance to acquire the added ships too. I don't see how it could be any other way without specifically preventing the kickstarter ships from being capped during combat. How confusing would that be? I'm totally satisfied with the 38+ ships we have and how they look, but others aren't a
  10. It would be my guess that they are offering an American ship pack kickstarter first because Americans are the most common player nationality. If it doesn't work with the biggest player block, it likely isn't worth trying for any other nationalities. If it does fail, it will be up to players from other nations to convince the devs that they would do better. It may be easier (and cheaper) to recruit some 3D modellers who play or are friends of players, to create the assets and 'donate' them to the cause.
  11. Exactly - I've been helping with the wiki and NA is very much a moving target. Bad enough trying to keep the ship, mods and perk stats up to date without whole game mechanics being abandoned and reinvented. Recently added a new section based on the zone control PB system. Anyone sees any mistakes or think something's missing, PM me (or Olav) here in the forum. Wiki
  12. I paid $39.95 for NA, and I guarantee you that paid for minutes of development time. I don't know what the dev team size is, but I'd guess probably 3-4 people minimum. Just for perspective - back in the day 20 years ago, yeah 20... I was paid on salary but it worked out to about $25 an hour. When I became a manager it went to over $30. I would also venture a guess that GameLabs isn't operating out of anyone's garage. You want more perspective - Google how much it costs to lease decent office space. Add in other overhead like paying the people in charge, computer equipment, office support
  13. This kind of crap is why admin is more than a little inclined to stop communicating with us testers. There's ways of saying this without going out of your way to paint the devs as idiots. Ask for clarification, say you hope they reconsider, state your preferences, be frigging civil about it. Pretend you're talking your grandmother or something. PS - This isn't directed just at you Ned. This is more of a blanket rant. There's a ton of people in these forums that routinely spout off at the devs like they're leaving snarky comments in Reddit. NA is a game, but the devs are not fellow gamers
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