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  1. My Feedback, first some points i don't like: Ship Permit's RNG locked is a bad idea making game unfun Rare Woods only buy able with doubloons, 10k doubloons for only 1000 wood logs way to few! AI ships still way to strong But these changes i like: UI Awesome!!! Fire spread dangerous but fun! good balanced after hotfix DLC's i like them all, now i can get paint on my ships Crafting changes so i don't need to craft materials makes easier to craft and better overview.
  2. Most Problem i have to get to sunken ship against wind with my L'Ocean it's a pain.
  3. Put Santissima permit on Admiralty (PvE) plz i don't care about being hardcore coz i'm not.
  4. I tried NA since last year, UI looks awesome! good work! But i here some issues: Fought an L'Ocean vs L'Ocean (on PvE) but AI does so much more damage even i have some of best Armor Upgrades. I found out that some blueprints are drop luck only shouldn't be. regards Shrez
  5. @admin I'm happy with the DLC prices
  6. It's an ridiculous gank game now NA needs more players? @Devs Make game casual friendly then!
  7. It can't be a leech in a pb i have the same risk to loose my ship.
  8. 200 Players online its massive! To bad all my friends refuse to play NA again.
  9. I can't grind hostility alone coz gankers. My advice to devs remove hostility mechanic and allow pb to join for all players but have to be in same nation.
  10. Haha bullshit why i can't join as a Nation Player? As example if danish-norwegian nation is in trouble why i can't join and help my nation?
  11. I never played eve with reasons i don't care about eve online.
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