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  1. Admins be careful this could end on a witch hunt on all Player with alts!
  2. AI is now even stronger after patch, my L'Ocean got almost sunk by a Buc. Remove shooting tower thx! I'm on PvE FYI
  3. Just remove Santissima aswell or better remove all from rng on PvE!! thx
  4. It's fault of pirate system.
  5. Shrez

    PvE Server OFF

    I can not login! Was in battle then suddenly disc.
  6. Permits are not fine at all.
  7. I always wait some seconds before i click to log in.
  8. Shrez

    DLC ships

    L'Hermione should be Santa Cecilia as DLC.
  9. No, they hate Hazzikostas for good reason.
  10. just rape loggin button it works for me.
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