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  1. Diceman

    Let's name the taverns in the open world

    Anyone been to Olongapo City, Philippines??? 168 Slim’s Tavern T’s Tavern Mariposa The Brown Fox Rolling Stone Top Gun ahhh... good times and great memories!!!
  2. Diceman


    As it is in real life!! Ooh rah!!! Semper Fi!!!!
  3. Diceman

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Enjoy... the talk at the end kind of disturbs me but hey... it is what it is...
  4. Diceman

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    It was a good fight. There is a video up on YouTube to see. Why that first rate and third rate bailed out I’ll never know but they need a good talking to... Tarikan and Storm Crow we’re both nearly sunk a couple times, we just couldn’t get the finish... Salute!!
  5. Diceman

    DLC ships

    Sounds like the pirates need to get a coast guard up and running... Devs, if this dude buys a Herc DLC do I get a commission??? Maybe a nice paint or something???
  6. Diceman

    DLC ships

    What I see from that battle result is an epic win! Well done!! Were you on comms? Were they? Did you out maneuver/coordinate them and stern camp them down? Those are slow ships... Lots of questions on this one. I’d love to see this fight!!! Video on YouTube to watch?? Why not?!?! If you have not posted this fight to YouTube, then shame on you. If you have the recording, send it to me and I’ll post it. I’ve never said player skill counts for nothing. If I did give that impression then I need to and do apologize for that. I did say player skill plus mods counts for more!!! Maybe those guys aren’t very skilled and have just been relying on mods to carry them through... And I would never have said that there was no chance for you either. There’s always a chance and it’s good to see an epic win like this!!! But I can’t really comment on this fight without having seen it. My initial reaction is 4 coordinated quicker more maneuverable ships ass raping 3 large slower less maneuverable ships... is that what happened? Anyway, well done! I have no comment on the Xebec. Not my cup of tea. Not planning to buy that. Don’t like the sails and I’m not a boarder... But your last statement is important!! “Kill them today, they will be back tomorrow.” Not a bad thing!! More proof that DLC is providing more game content (fights)!! That’s a GOOD thing!! Coast guard ops are never pointless!!
  7. Diceman

    DLC ships

    Not trolling. I have a legit beef with your line of thinking and do not buy what you’re selling. Particularly when YOUR statement backs my point. YOU stated YOU want the DLC ship nerfed because YOU are having a hard time fighting it. Hiding that in some smoke about how it’d be better for the average/scrub player base is BS. ANYONE can pay to buy DLC. If someone is so cheap/broke that they can’t afford $10 then they shouldn’t be playing this game, they should be out looking for a job. The experienced players whose battle results you posted are VERY experienced and if you put them (Christendom or Rainsborough) in a basic cutter they’d give most any player in ANY ship a very, very hard time if not outright beat them!! I’ve been on the losing side against Christendom. It was a fun fight and I learned. I put that fight up for everyone to see on YouTube. I’m not ashamed of losing, its part of life. No negative feelings for me and I look forward to encountering him again. Your last paragraph shows you just don’t get it. I was already “getting wrecked” and I will continue “getting wrecked” ... that’s part of this game. If the DLC ships give me the opportunity to prevent from having to go all the way back to basic cutter when I do “get wrecked”. That’s a good thing. If the DLC ships are better than my normal store bought trash ship with one mod. Thats a good thing. If the DLC ship OPness helps me and not you in a fight. Thats a good thing. As a scrub player, I find it insulting that the uber elite think they know what’s better for me than I do... Devs, please keeping putting that DLC out there and you’ll get my money!!! More content is good! More money in the Devs pockets is good because it gets us... more content! And if that content encourages the scrubs to fight more... THATS GOOD!
  8. Diceman

    DLC ships

    Weak... try harder... You know nothing Jon Snow...
  9. Diceman

    DLC ships

    I disagree with this on several points. Please explain how it’s good to nerf a ship to protect the new player and introduce balance when in the very first paragraph you state that you (awesome hunter/PvPer) are having problems with Hercs and they shouldn’t be giving you (in your Trinc) that much of a fight... You back my entire argument with that statement. The Herc has made people you would normally thump in your Trinc more competitive... Therefore, you feel it should be nerfed. Maybe YOU liked the advantages you used to have and want them back... hmmm?? I would like to see the purchase numbers of the DLC ships. I think far more than the “dedicated” player would be willing to part with the small fee required for a ship that makes them a bit more competitive (backed by your first paragraph). I bought the Herc. I love that ship. I’m a casual scrub player. It’s a good tweener ship that player skills can be improved greatly by using it. It also reduces the timidity normally found in scrub owners of crafted/purchased ships (most likely their only one) who would be scared to lose all that gold and time spent earning the crafted/purchased ship. If they lose the DLC ship... they aren’t ruined in game financially and thrown back into a cutter to begin a long grind again. Hell ya I’m talking from my perspective... duh. Who else would it be? I am fine with my experience level. I enjoy this game immensely! The Herc just adds to it!! And providing the newer player with a ship that makes them more competitive and more than likely more eager to seek combat is NOT a bad thing... for anybody!!! The new player doesn’t want to be protected, they want to be competitive. Losing is ok but getting blown out match after match because your opponent has a exponential level of equipment over you... that causes people to quit. Why play if you’re never going to be competitive. More DLC!
  10. Diceman

    DLC ships

    Isn’t naming against forum rules?? Its pretty easy to spot them though... And those people are doing exactly what you described. Buying DLC, stacking mods, rolling in gank fleets... already happening. But at the same time they call for restrictions and nerfs in forum. Almost always calling for nerfs/changes that really only favor their position as elites. DLC ships have to have some qualities that set them apart. Otherwise why would anyone buy them? Who is gonna pay real money for a ship that has no perk??? The Devs could’ve just added them to the store in game as trash ships... More DLC ships please. My personal choice. A nicely buffed Connie with a yellow ochre hull side stripe please... Someone (Lovec1990) said the Santa Cecilia... More DLC!!!
  11. Diceman

    DLC ships

    But why are the NEW players the ones being hunted??? All these uber elites claim they want PvP but since when is clubbing seals PvP?? And when a revenge fleet does develop, most often the uber elites run and then if they’re caught and sunk... NOW gank fleets are a problem??? And we need changes to the game that allow easier escapes??? WTF?? Ganking is part of this game. It just is. One mans gank is another mans grief. We will be arguing this forever. But I would expect veteran players with superior skills and ships to conduct themselves better. Some do, many don’t. If you’re 3 ranks above someone sailing in vastly different tiered ships, maybe you should leave them be... The DLC ships are a good thing because they offer the low skill/money player to average skill/money player a moderately good ship off the shelf to at least have a chance to compete without breaking the bank. Much better chance than a capped rookie Brig!!! Granted that the uber elite will stack mods on theirs to maintain the “natural order of things”... but that’s the game. The calls for the nerf bat to DLC ships by senior players smacks of elites wanting to maintain their position of superiority over the unwashed masses in my honest opinion. And it’s a totally hypocritical call when those same elites are rolling around in DLC ships stacked with mods. If they’re so good, roll in regular ships and demonstrate those awesome skills...
  12. Diceman

    La Requin nerf needed

    OMG!!! Please be true!!!!
  13. Diceman

    DLC ships

    Your argument is flawed. Skill has very little to do with anything when the uber elite player is out equipping their prey. You put 2 uber elites in a battle, one has all the best materials and mods and the other in a basic average material no mod ship. Who wins?? Now let’s bring this to what really happens in game. Several uber elites in their gold mega mod ships, on comms, coming to some nations protected zone to actively prey upon the player that is low rank & low experience grinding their way up the rank tree in a store bought basic ship that the low rank player (scrub) has just spent virtually ALL their gold to purchase and equip with cannon, repair kits and maybe one or two skills or grey mods that they have earned while grinding. The uber elite does NOT come to fight another uber elite. They come to farm the scrubs. That is cowardly and shameful!!! This is proven because the uber elites most often run when an overwhelming revenge fleet appears. And if the uber elite gets caught and sunk... then forum posts are made to nerf certain ships or change game mechanics because it is IMPOSSIBLE that the uber elite should get sunk by a scrub gang in less than ships. Uber elite: a player with over inflated self worth sailing a max equipped ship in a gang with other elites who actively farms the new and inexperienced but runs from equally experienced players and when/if caught/sunk immediately proceeds to forum to get changes made to the game to benefit themselves and prevent any loss of the all important over inflated self worth. Is this you??
  14. Diceman


    This makes me sad... Sad that I missed out on it!!!! Great job US!!! SALUTE!!! Its great to see such an overwhelming response to aggression off the US coast!
  15. Diceman

    PvP marks and the seals

    Somewhere in the middle of this might be something good....