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  1. AFTER the initial 4x full scrolls. Then it stays where I left it. First use in battle is always zoomed in.
  2. I've often thought this would be a great idea. As long as you don't tag the AI trader as "Toe's Fleet 0" in OW. 😉
  3. My poor mouse wheel is getting over used with all the scrolling back I have to do every time I go into battle. The spyglass is zoomed in so far in battle that all I can see is a single gun port of the enemy ship. I currently have to fully scroll 4x in order to get to a comfortable viewpoint to see where my rounds are landing.
  4. I've got over 4K hours of PVE and have no intentions of playing PVP. My clan has talked of this option numerous times, wishing we could fight for fun against one another. Being able to call off the fight and let the escape timer run out. Not only would Cetric de Cornusiac's suggestion be an enjoyable option with number of fun opportunities to add to the game but as a training tool for new players as well. I could allow myself to be the target and help coach new players/members if I so wished. It could be 1vs1 with fleeted ships included. There's a fun factor I know others would have fun with. Especially the younger players. We already have the ability to "Invite to Group" and "Invite to Clan". Why not have "Invite to Duel"? I've done my share of writing code, this is not a big code breaker being requested. P.S. - That PVP circle in the Patrol Zone does not get used by anybody I know in the PVE server. I feel as though the Devs have this perspective that PVP is to the death and nothing else. Lighten up Devs, put a blank in that Russian roulette mindset of yours and see what happens.
  5. Nassau's port screen has a dock that is designed for much larger ships causing the view to be blocked. Being a shallow water port, no one will be able to see the starboard side of their ship until this dock is changed. Hope you look into it.
  6. I've noticed that too. They have a blue flagged ship for War and red flagged ship for Peace. Also, port camera keeps pointing to the left side of the port if your looking towards the buildings. Every time I spawn into port I'm getting a screen full of stern. 😕
  7. Wasn't expecting recoils of every gun throughout the battle (cool thought though), just having gun ports swing open and cannons rolling into position at the start of the battle instance for the player's fleet.
  8. Aside from the frames issue, historically I'm sure they didn't travel the open seas with guns out getting salt water all over them. Also, I believe it was disrespectful pulling into port with guns drawn. Having ports closed in port would also solve the disillusion of seeing low decks loaded with guns but upper decks empty. Especially if the ship has been disarmed in ship settings. Speaking of ports.... had an issue twice last night. Sailed from KPR and to Pedro Cay. Once in Pedro Cay's port I saw KPR's port screen. Had to exit the port and come back in for the proper port screen to refresh. Also happened sailing from Little Cayman to George Town. Got into GT and had LC's port screen. Again exited into OW and back into port for it to show the correct port screen. Made an F11 report on the first instance. Seems when it happens, it's the previous port visited that stays in view.
  9. Look at all those closed gun ports! Actually like to see closed ports in port AND open world with an animation of ports opening and guns squeaking into position at the beginning of the Battle Instance. As for UI in testbed, a suggestion; Navy Window and Buildings Window default to "All". Wouldn't it be more efficient for the player to default to the port we're currently in? Give me the option to select "All" but normally I only wish to view the current ships/buildings in that specific port. The warehouse looks great but the refresh is atrocious. When you have a warehouse full of icons and attempt to move things around, I end up waiting one or more seconds between moves while the game redraws all the icons. I hope this is being worked on. I feel like I'm back in the late 1990's watching a high res image draw in on my dial-up modem. LOVE the weather effect in port!!! Thank guys. When I saw that last night I couldn't tell I was in port or OW. Made me happy.
  10. Love the grid work. Love the fact that we have sound effects in the port but I personally feel there's too much ocean sound for such a calm harbor. Should be the same sounds as when we're sitting still in OW on calm waters. A slight slapping of waves on the hull and some creaking sounds. I can see the reasoning behind the for the 8x Doubloon charge to teleport. Maybe an explanation/reason for the charge in the popup. It could be argued that I have my own ports and ships and would not pay my own crew extra to haul my person to wherever I needed to go. I'd still like to see the ability to sort the Navy window per column title. I do like the way you've given us the ability to narrow the view of ships per harbor. Something that would help out with that concept would be the ability to toggle the "Ships on sale". I've got quite a few ships that I've placed in the auction house in KPR and do not normally consider them in my inventory of ships in KPR. By having the option to take those on/off the list would give us the option of a cleaner lineup.
  11. Ok, after testing through a three day weekend and attempting to read through 20pgs of topic (got to pg 6) here are things I've quickly come up with for my test report. 1) In the Ship's Setup window, the mouse over popup have grammar errors: Upgrade Slot reads "For remove upgrade you need to destroy it". Should read "To remove upgrade you need to destroy it" or "For removal of upgrade you need to destroy it" Knowledge Slot reads "Use this vessel in combat to gain to unlock this slot". Should read "Use this vessel in combat to gain xp to unlock this slot". Same window has an issue when you place cannons in the slot. You can no longer get the cannon/carronade requirements for that slot without removal of the cannons you just placed. I sometimes change my mind but have quickly forgotten the numbers were. 2) Love the ability to stretch the windows and get multiple columns going. Didn't realize this was a thing until the end of a 3 day weekend of testing. Maybe put a *hotnote somewhere on the window letting us know it can be done. 3) I believe ALL windows with column titles should be clickable sort options like the Trader Tool. I should be able to sort my Navy window by Rate, Ship Name, Location, Status. But not just the Navy window. All windows with column titles. You did it with the Upgrades Chest but few know it works because the title text is grayed out and doesn't look clickable. 4) In the live servers, if I forget what ships are 5th rate, I can always revert to the ship store and click on 5th rate button and get a list of ALL the 5th rates (not just the ones for sale, if any). Need something in the new UI to help with people like me with short memory/attention. 5) Love the fact that you show the day/night cycle in the port. Would also be nice to see a clock for the OW time. Seeing daylight doesn't tell me if it's morning or afternoon. 6) Allow the camera angle to drop more towards the water level. I kinda like swiveling the camera angle to the docks and view the open sea behind my ship (gives more of a Captains perspective of handling things after docking) but the further I scroll out the higher the angle is. Sorry, no pics. In a rush. RL calls.
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