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  1. AFTER the initial 4x full scrolls. Then it stays where I left it. First use in battle is always zoomed in.
  2. I've often thought this would be a great idea. As long as you don't tag the AI trader as "Toe's Fleet 0" in OW. 😉
  3. My poor mouse wheel is getting over used with all the scrolling back I have to do every time I go into battle. The spyglass is zoomed in so far in battle that all I can see is a single gun port of the enemy ship. I currently have to fully scroll 4x in order to get to a comfortable viewpoint to see where my rounds are landing.
  4. I've got over 4K hours of PVE and have no intentions of playing PVP. My clan has talked of this option numerous times, wishing we could fight for fun against one another. Being able to call off the fight and let the escape timer run out. Not only would Cetric de Cornusiac's suggestion be an enjoyable option with number of fun opportunities to add to the game but as a training tool for new players as well. I could allow myself to be the target and help coach new players/members if I so wished. It could be 1vs1 with fleeted ships included. There's a fun factor I know others would ha
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