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  1. Since the Order's presence in the Caribbean was under the sovereignty of the King of France, make a suggestion in the Flags thread to add some of the Maltese flags to the French Nation. Otherwise we are all waiting for Naval Action 2 which is going to take place in the Mediterranean including all of the nations you mentioned, which would be awesome ...
  2. I loved it a year to half a year before the release or so, when Freetowns were havens for crafters and traders and the shops were filled. Sweet La Mona, bought and sold so much good stuff there ...
  3. That is the most cumbersome, unpractical solution you can present to someone who asks the Developers to stock up a place with low-grade throwaway cannons so people can sail off into the p-zone which is just there for some quick, non-complicated action.
  4. There are no 6pd and 9pd Medium guns in the shop at Shroud Cay on a Sunday afternoon. Honestly, that sucks at one of the best playtimes to do the patrol zone. Increase the drop rate or whatever (make a 6pd & 9pd Medium DLC) or have infinite stocks, but make sure there's plenty of low caliber guns for people to use with their DLCs. Please.
  5. I think the delivery missions are great as they are. They create game content ( I have been raided quite often doing delivery missions), they allow quick recovery and make it more easily to built up a crafting network. They make me travel to areas I wouldn't otherwise go. Please leave them as they are, they are well conceived and a great addition. Dobloons rewards are good as they allow me to purchase modules in admiralty. I think the system is well balanced for now. I see that the trading revenues could be higher and expanded. Having both delivery missions AND great trading is the way to go, one doesn't have to exclude the other. I concur 100% with Koltes post.
  6. Sounds really nice: Instant Action, Raids during Port Timers No Port ownership for days, one time event, cooldown for a week Rewards are handed out in form of treasure chests that contain Doubloons, Reals, port special resources (rare woods, module ingredients) Bring your traders along to carry chests, chests will appear like wrecks in front of town, can be exploited until finished traders are a target for retaliate action after raid, you need to escort them home, planning a route (escort mission for all players of the nation to help, everyone will try to hunt the raiders) BR limit, no ships higher than 5th rates What about the raid battle, how is it going to be like? Like a patrol zone with a circle that is closing for faster action? Battle stays open so defenders can keep joining until BR limit is reached?
  7. Pirate Rig and Elite Pirate Rig are missing from the Permanent when comparing ships via the tool?
  8. Believe it or not but I am one of the few people who enjoyed the Basic Cutters battles in NA Legends. I just love the versatility and marksmanship of a 7th rate. Good fights galore in Basic Cutters.
  9. Le Requin is a great ship and I would love to spend my entire playtime on it on a given night. Go 🦈, make it craftable (for DLC owners), please.
  10. Sure, make it a "Requin Light" and make them capturable, permits limited. Being able to craft them adds value to the DLC. Because they are not easy to play. Well, since there so many people that hate them, there won't be a lot of people who are going to play them anyways, am I right? Therefore = make them craftable.
  11. Good idea. I mean the craftable Requin could even be a nerfed version (« Requin light ») It would be just great for those who want to make the Requin their permanent ship. Adding the blueprint / permit to the DLC gives extra worth. 🦈
  12. Hehe... lol, always for up for funny stuff. 😀 How about making an effort and adding some content instead of letting others speak for you.
  13. I absolutely agree on trading. Before the wipe DLC ships were inferior to ships crafted with port bonuses. They will be again once ports are improved. Farming is a problem and I think capital safe zones need to be expanded.
  14. It would be great, if DLC owners of Le Requin would also be able to craft it, please. It’s my favorite ship and I would like to use it more than just once every 24h. Adding the blueprint for DLC owners in the shipyard would be nice: - adds value to the DLC - could use ship more - port bonuses could be added Of course applicable to all DLCs.
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