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  1. UI DLC - the UI is pretty but horrible to use. i would like to have a fully customizable UI long story short i dont expect any game designer to make the perfect UI for everyone... best case scenario is a good default UI to get ppl started and then the option to fully customize it into whatever you prefer as you are getting more experienced with the game and develop a specific playstyle... having 1 person design a proper toolbox that enables the community to come up with ideas on how things can be presented better and how the UI can be adjusted to optimize certain "workflows" is imho far superior to having a whole team of ppl working on the "perfect" jack of all trades ui that tries to please every1 but ultimately fails every1... the above is mainly regarding the port UI (and related workflows) for battle ui it should maybe be enough to just be able to resize and move the elements around.
  2. POST battle analysis: AFTER (*maybe even with a delay of x hours) a battle ppl should be able to save the "replay"-data of that battle. In replay mode you should be able to move around freely with the freecam or "lock on" any ship to follow it around, have information on the builds/upgrades of all ships involved, have some time compression options and have a detailed combatlog i.e. penetration value of the ball as it left the barrel, as it hit the surface, angle of impact, thickness at point of impact, effective thickness, damage done, also repairs... in the first step dont worry too much about how you present that combatlog information visually - i'm sure some1 can come up with a way to deal with that in ACT or a similar program - just provide the information. *added the delay after writing the rest of the stuff to make sure the detailed build of a ship may still be "secret" while that person is trying to get away in OW.
  3. @admin just so i get this right - what you are saying is: next time you do something "stupid" that nobody really asked for (like let's say seasoned woods) you want everybody to just hammer steam with negative reviews so that it actually gets through to you. discussing these things on the forum isnt the appropriate approach?
  4. so on the new woods: will there be seasoning for those woods as well? if not - how will they be in performance compared to the current "normal" and "seasoned woods"? In between the two or above seasoned?
  5. I would like to make the point that people dont buy the redoubtable because they love the concept but because it's "necesarry" in a way...
  6. can you explain this some more? a) all trees are only usable in crafting b) what does availability in europe have to do with anything? the game is set in "the caribbean" - all ships that are in game (not their real life counterparts) are crafted in "the caribbean" with wood that was grown in "the caribbean". Live oak, teak, mahogany,... all dont grow anywhere in europe. basically what you are describing above is already in game. I honestly dont see where you are going with those "additional" details as imho they serve no purpose. Why not just say i.e.: we'll add a new wood and it's gonna be placed between teak and sabicu...
  7. will ppl still be able to tactically choose where to join the port battle with this new mechanic or are port battles gonna be dumbed down in this respect...
  8. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/682904690714869770/697797131708268554/na_ship_identification.xlsx some info for the ships i had sitting around...
  9. you could also make some sort of diagram / flow chart, that checks features of the boat in question, i.e. number of masts, number of gundecks, number of sails / mast, bowfigure, decorations/nameplate on the stern, ... that can probably fit on 1 page that you can have printed next to your keyboard - a whole book of pictures (while more realistic) isnt gonna be as easy to use.
  10. Beim Nation Change nach Schweden? OK - scheint so als ob das jetzt keine Option mehr wäre...
  11. TBH I still firmly believe that the theory of improving balance by adding a new top tier even at ridiculous cost is utter nonsense. But as you claim this to be the only way (or standard procedure) to balance power in MMOs I would like you to name 1 or more examples of games that have successfully pulled this off. So if your claim is valid there should be tons of games that have: - added a higher level of gear that was even harder to get than the "old" best gear and - doing this somehow improved balance (as in the introduction acted as equalizer) As long as the economically more powerful side doesnt go all out on pouring its resources into this new top tier gear but matches the weaker side's investment into "old tech" and only puts the surplus into the new stuff it will never risk bleeding out economically and being overwhelmed by cheaper but inferior stuff that just comes in "huge" numbers (compared to the new top tier stuff). Instead they will eventually at some point have better gear, which then will tilt the balance even further in their favor. So if the addition of ridiculously expensive gear actually leads to the previously more powerful side to lose its advantage the root cause for this is not the addition of the new stuff but that side making a stupid nub mistake. I'm always eager to learn - surprise me.
  12. also DLC ships should surely not drop s woods when broken down (same for store bought admirality ships) being able to make DLC ships in S woods for free is the obvious money grab move as other ppl have already pointed out - a far better solution would imho have been to make them only "orderable" in normal woods but then "upgradeable" to S woods by paying w/e extra - or make them cost something if "ordered" as S wood...
  13. this is what felix's map pulls out oif the api as loot for the privateer chests. i strongly suspect that the red things are actual logs and the blue ones are the recipes - that is however only an educated guess... apparently i forgot to mark some things red on the right hand part - i do apologize for being sloppy ;o)
  14. my understanding is that they did drop in the bermuda ai raid and that you can get them as well from killing privateer fleets at capital zones (already in game). i have not verified either of this...
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