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  1. Usually the mizzen sail is not necessary, though to counter currents it might be needed. If the game has currents, it can be a good addition to have some sail set during staying at anchor and mybe waiting for cargo.
  2. For traders and ships from countries with less iron industry (like the barbary coast), I would love to see old fashioned guns maybe even with stone roundshot. They might have less range and penetration, but stone would have lots of deadly splinters, when hitting something hard.
  3. Splinters from the furniture would have been too dangerous, apart from difficulties of working a gun in the small space. Clearing for action should take some time in the game, as a preparation for battle.
  4. I got some error message, too. But finally got an email with the payment confirmation.
  5. Just tell me when and where to preorder... I would love to start playing this game.
  6. I would love to have it in game. Since it is a mathematical thing, it shouldn't be difficult to code.
  7. ... and it would be great to have a very detailed damage model, where every line and spar is simulated and their fixpoints like the fiferails. Disabling a certain sail (because the spar or some important line has parted) would imbalance the sails until corrected by the captain (setting addotional sails or striking some)or repaired by he crew. This would especially be a nice feature when playing as a smuggler and trying to run from a revenue cutter. It would give a sternchase as described in the books.
  8. I would love to see a gunnery system where you can choose round-, chain- and barshot and grape and canister of course, like now in NA. In addition you should be able to combine roundshot with canister or chain. On short range a reduction of powder should increase the damage as well as double or triple shot. And I would love to have the option to order the next round to be reloaded with a certain shot, so not like NA, where reloading with the choosen kind of shot starts immediately (though this should also be possible as an option).
  9. after updating the router, attacking works again. Thank you guys for your support.
  10. I tried it from a different computer, though using the same router. ... same problem. @InkCan you give some hint, where to look on my computer/router? Anyone knows if the last Win10 update changed something important for the game?
  11. I cannot find anything blocking port 8080 and I have a 100 Mbit internetconnection, the probelm started this week, never had any issue with it over the last 4 years (with Kasperski running). The strange thing is that those battles work, that I do not start myself, there is no problem with kill missions and the like, only when I attack in OW, and that without any exception, I have started no battle within the last week, without having the problem... @Ink Is there anything different in the connection between the battles (self started in OW, attacked by enemy in OW, joining battle in OW
  12. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but cannot start battles, yesterday we did some HDF, the first one attacked us, I got pulled, no problem, for the second one I joined in the circle, no problem. Today I attacked an ai trader brig, same problem as described above... Can it be a problem with Kasperski, something I can adjust?
  13. it is getting stranger... I even get the combat news on the screen..., and it is the 4th battle I tried today ok, now it says disconnected... but every time I initiate a battle? What can I do? Logging in again gives the same result.
  14. This has happend now several times. I attack a npc ship and cannot join the battle. It takes ages to load and then I see only something like this: @Ink, I know you told me previously that it is usually a connection problem on the user side, but what can I do? 2 days ago, when it appeared, I closed the game and restarted and then I was able to fight in the battle, even when I was late. But today I tried closing the game and restarting, and nothing changed, always the same picture. I tried it with two battles today (attacking npc traders for not loosing the ship, when I cannot ta
  15. I would like to have flag connected to nation and the clan of the player, who loots it, not the player himself. But the suggestion is good, connect the flag with the main nation fighting the HDF.
  16. It took me like 2 min to enter a battle today, then it shows only this: after closing the game and logging in again, I could start the battle, though a lot of time was lost and the enemy had time to escape.
  17. I think it is a goos idea to rework the gunnery. My suggestion is have the carronade a realy effective gun (accuracy and penetration) at about 100m, everything above that distance is too easy to achieve with the high speed ships we have (compared to reloading the guns). This doesn't mean, that carronades should not penetrate above 100m, but their accuracy should be that bad, that they cannot be called effective. Then the damage caused to wood and man shall depend on the speed (energy) of the shot passing the timbers. Fast flying shots should do little damage to the wood they hit (pas
  18. This will create income for gamelabs. People are now more or less forced to by at least the Redoubtable DLC to be competitive. But since the big ships were slowed down a bit, there might be a place for frigates in the game now. Still we need something that makes the Frigate and Pirate Frigate usefull again (maybe some medium water depth, where no bigger ships can sail).
  19. @admin Do I understand it right, that if a 4th rate needs 1000 logs to build, a 1st rate requires 100000 logs? So 100x the cost?
  20. I am not sure, if I understand correctly how you intend to introduce the new rare woods. To give everyone the same chances those should not spawn in ports not everyone has access to and it shall not be possible to place contracts, so that it is not a question of over bidding to get them (not only for the very rich players). Imo woods should only be available on NPC traders. Still I see a big risk that these woods will open the gap between players even wider. To mitigate this, I suggest to decrease the repair amount for the woods. That would keep the woods still special and
  21. I still hope that all players have a fair chance to get every wood. Having woods only in certain ports, that are non capturable or protected by HDF will not help to increase the fun or PvP. Even now no one trys to capture Cartagena with it's tar. To avoid that some wealthy players monopoly the fine woods, they should not be tradable via contracts. Even contracts for those nice things like Cartagena tar should be removed. If you want that stuff, be there and buy it.
  22. @admin Can you please empty the proposals from time to time, mayby move proposals older then 45 days to some kind of archive? It is getting quite confusing with so many post.
  23. Instead of this Kharma-thing, I would prefer to change the mechanics in the way that only during the first 2min players of other nations can join. For the rest of the time, when the battle is still open, only players of the original nations in battle should be able to join ( if their side is weaker). But after 2 min no ship should be able to join, that have a higher BR than the biggest ship already in battle.
  24. I like this proposal. Woods will still be rare, if there are only one or two forests of each on the map, but no nation will have exclusive access to special woods. Though I still like the idea to find the rare woods on NPC traders... maybe we can do both.
  25. I do not deny that a ships can sail with slightly differing drafts. Still the stiffness and heel will be influenced by it. Even in the period we are talking about ship building changed from a only experience driven business to a scientific one. If you have a look in Chapmans "Architectura Navalis Mercatoria", you will find in each draft desined water line. Finally every captain (or his sailing master) decided which trim a ship would have. One part of that book descibes the methods to calculate the different ship's properties. Kayak building is a different matter, no sails and only form st
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