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  1. I think if we already have to do PVE to get RVR or PVP, the flags should only be bound to the nation. Some players like PVE and why should they be forced to do PVP. Of course, the whole thing also applies vice versa.
  2. na das nenne ich dann mal ne schwache Leistung
  3. ... das glaube ich nicht. Ich denke, die guten Spieler haben einen Main-Acc und Alts zum Handeln, Produzieren, Spionieren oder just for fun ... Die Wenigsten schaffen es, mnit mehreren Accs gleichzeitig zu agieren (wie zB. Lenin). Da ich weder ein guter Spieler bin noch Alts habe, kann ich das aber nur vermuten bzw. aus meinen Gesprächen mit den Kollegen ableiten. Unsere Screening-Flotten bestehen also aus realen Spielern, die PVP und RVR haben wollen.
  4. moin moin, die Zeiten, in denen eine Screening-Flotte ein Suizid-Kommando war und man mit billigen oder geboardeten Schiffen gescreent hat, sind schon lange vorbei. Das würde ich nur noch befürworten, wenn es der 3+1ste geflippte Hafen ist und nicht genügend Screener da sind. Heute kann eine gut zusammenarbeitende Truppe in guten Schiffen (<25 Spieler) eine gegnerische, nominell überlegene Screenig-Flotte ganz schön dezimieren bzw. eine kleinere PB-Flotte aufreiben. Bei uns führten erfolgreiche Screenings in der Vergangenheit oft dazu, dass die guten Spieler gar nicht mehr in
  5. Na mal schauen, was das bringt. Ich denke auch, dass die PBs damit kaum abzuwehren sind. Dazu kommt dann noch das Flotten-Beaming ... eine ziemlich blöde Idee. Was da an Organisation nötig ist und schief gehen kann. Allerdings war die Hostility vorher auch kaum abzuwehren. Das ging bei kleinen Häfen und mehreren Hostility-Gruppen zu schnell. Dazu kam noch das Hosti-Mission Stacking, das von den Entwicklern einfach nicht verhindert worden ist. Ich habe gute Erinnerungen an das alte Flaggensystem, an Flaggenträger, die von Flotten geschützt wurden. Der ganze Server war unterwegs u
  6. I've already made this suggestion publicly... for example here
  7. I agree with you that there should be a DLC for collectors to own all ships. However, I actually also expect that with the purchase of a DLC ship I get a free parking space for it.
  8. ja, das ist ein Ungleichgewicht, das den Golf zu einer Ruhezone für die Russen (oder jede andere Nation, die dort alle Häfen erobert hat) macht.
  9. Free ship parking spaces with the purchased DLCs (of course I would also like to have them for the already bought ships)
  10. Me and some others had problems on 27.03. ... ... and I think that the patch had something to do with it. The lags that we all have left are another story... ...but maybe that's the RNG that some people want. For me, this reduces the fun of the game a lot. But I don't want to dwell on it right now and I'm thinking my piece.
  11. I mean the problems in the last week after the patch that was supposed to bring more FPS and caused server crashes. I don't think this had anything to do with a worldwide overload due to the Corona crisis. I just think it's sad that something like that is not properly tested before it is released on us.
  12. Yesterday I had massive lags in an NPC battle. In a PvP encounter, that could be fatal. From my point of view it is not reasonable to do PVP seriously in this state. If I want to trust in my luck, I prefer to play the lottery. As I have heard, there were also losses in the portbattles that were partly caused by lags. @Ink: Will there be some compensation for ships that crash due to client crashes after the obviously not tested enough patch? Unfortunately, after losing my Implacable, I could not write more than an F11 report and finished the game frustrated.
  13. Ship freezes up... every now and then... After the patch last week (27.03. ca. 10pm) I lost my Inplacable because I had a client crash in a battle with a NPC Bucc and after that I couldn't get into the game for 5min. After that I was almost shot down and sank.Very frustrating, because it was my only (gifted) Inplacable. Apparently it wasn't my internet connection, because I heard about some players who suddenly had similar crashes. Of course I wrote an F11 report, but nothing has happened yet. Ingame: Berend Karpfanger
  14. ... it's posts like this that make it hard for me to take you seriously as a Danish NA player. You are and will remain a forum warrior who lacks a sense of diplomacy. I wish it were otherwise. See you at the next Danish-Russian multiflip
  15. Karpfanger

    War correspondent

    Jeheil was and is a man of honour. I have fought with and against him and never have I read or heard anything rash or unfair about him. Lars Kjaer... it won't be easy for you to keep up. You are a good player and if you take Jeheil's example in terms of restraint in the game and communication, I will be very happy to read your news and assessments.
  16. In the past there was an alliance system where players of one nation could vote weekly/monthly (?) on an alliance with another nation. An alliance meant that allied players in the OW could not attack, but could participate in their PBs. This was a possibility for interested players of smaller nations to participate in the RVR It was not perfect but a beginning. It turned out to be somewhat sluggish. Unfortunately it was cancelled without replacement instead of being improved. That's why many players wish for a diplomatic system back. I think the developers should have the courag
  17. No, I don't think so. Even if I repeat myself. The age of sailing ships is an age of the great seafaring nations and not an age of clans. The clans have enough freedom within the nation. A war between clans of one nation would be a civil war and this war is not fought at sea. Apart from the minor naval battles during the American Civil War. But we need a diplomatic system, I agree.
  18. I think it would be good and helpful if there was a history of the ingame names of a player like in Steam.
  19. It was good fight yesterday in the PB. You guys were better this time. Congratulations... see you in the next fights. PS: yes, your Coles-bentnic pumps were so loud that our communication was disturbed (Thank you for this excuse)
  20. I'd like the opportunity to set up some additional dock spaces for my ships in my outposts. These can also be tied to the outpost, i.e. they will be lost like a shipyard if I give up the outpost.
  21. ... I would like it to see more spanish ships in game ... but if I buy all DLCs I will have no space in docs for my crafted ships ... @admin ... We need a solution for that problem ... all DLCs should be delivered with 1 dock space pls
  22. ... there was once a proposal to at least give the DLC ships with a port space... and would I support that
  23. ... so we need a "tow away from forum after forum-battle" button? 😅
  24. Yeah, that happens to me sometimes too Liq 😉 btw have you or anyone else an instruction how to do it yourself, or what you need for it?
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