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  1. Yes there is a way. match up dustin snell and a wikipedia article and it will lead you down the rabbit hole.
  2. If i teach you how, you can do so much more so i wont. the software you need is long not available. it is enterprise level suite used in industry of scale usually. not sure it even runs on win10 it was a personal hobby of some of us to automate those popular browser games back in the day. results were... insane to say the least
  3. do not be. mostly alts spamming ships to increase labor hours they dont care about bonuses.
  4. map does not show port battles with new system. anybody else confirm 2 pb not shown that were set and took place yesterday
  5. 4% chance for 5 slot...... i craft 80 tlynx today for fun. 1 5 slot othe days i craft 2 ship 1 come purp i hate computer random. it never random. it just get stuck in these long patterns. true in every game
  6. thats nice but a person/clan and their alts can melt that forest in 1 day with your proposed amounts...
  7. ive tried. usually they are full of trash upgrades and built of stupid woods. its not fun! so i stopped playing vs them. except herc and pandora. those get a pass as they are normal
  8. i have a simple policy. dont fight DLC in anything. I see DLC i just leave. they can sit there and wait. i will not fight your dlc. waste of my time. bring real ship that has consequence. its all about respect. respect my time.
  9. no. knowing who you are against is integral part of strategy for the battle
  10. i wonder with upgrade ports now, is it possible to have it show the new port pts on the map or is that not in api?
  11. the PZ must be changed to even numbers. Say you can only join battle until number of ships is even. PZ is the most uneven battle place ever. When was last time u saw even PZ fight??
  12. but so can anyone. so how this change anything then? just add cost to doing it. there no benefit to being in clan. only if you want to ship build. thats all
  13. this no longer makes you a solo player. makes u affiliate player. same thing as now. so your claims of whatever gone poof in case u missed!
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