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  1. gold chests give garbage too now at least the past 11 of them
  2. steele is the guy who spews profanity in chat every battle
  3. nonsense players need to learn manners. 98% of the time i get a tag on a "newbie" its either afk alt or some dude who rages in chat like he is god; i kill him with pleasure tag any GB player and they always "quit the game" because of it.. 3 years counting funny, gb still has players, yet they quit every time you tag them...
  4. aaaaaaah now ive done it terribly sorry for assuming. please tell us what nation you identify as
  5. Such crass persistent exploitation of game mechanics is an insult to everybody who tries to fair play. Today he just spaces them more than yesterday. Please verify and address. Thank you!
  6. good to see fixed. i reported this WEEKS ago but nobody cares for F11 reports work around was to ruin your warehouse by auto sorting it.. that made it unstuck for a bit until stuck again
  7. i do that bow in your stern until you give up on life thing sorry :\ i dont do it often, if that counts 4 anything
  8. its has to, otherwise the game would be you waiting for your example ship to change course for 10 minutes each time you give it a command
  9. no clipper had many masts actual clippers bridged about 20 years worth between traditional sail ships and steam ships. they were mostly used for large scale trading
  10. chat is borked too. channels just disappear no sori server crashed A G A I N good luck eryone i go play games that can stay online
  11. wtf only whine. i told them 10 days ago to stop whine and focus on baracoa... instead they whine more! they should not be on mercy friend list either but mercy are spineless cowards
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