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  1. prussia? talk to sweden why prussia stopped taking ports. poland? they are all alting in the dutch and dont care. again, talk to sweden why they enable that carebear bs
  2. I barely look at the big nation flag when its in my face, so i wont see any special flags anyway i find it a waste of effort. time is spent on better things, like adding the leopard to the paint DeeeLceeee... you know..... that one we paid for
  3. Im just glad the wasa spam is taking a backseat for a while at least #allhailthesaviorredoutableliberatofromthewasaswarm
  4. You tell me. I am not the one whining over this and that ship not being in the game. Nor am i the one who advocates against them being added. I am however on the camp of we do need more ships in the game.
  5. None of which have any actual effect on anything other than durability in the real world, unless you can provide evidence that somehow those ships went faster because of machined planks vs hand cut ones. Or any other criteria you want to have a go at. The big picture here is that the age a ship was laid should not be an automatic disqualifier for inclusion unless one can find data supporting that it had actual advantage over a ship 20 years prior it. Picking an arbitrary number and claiming everything after that point is too modern is a fallacy.
  6. thats not what he said he is saying there were sail ships still used when steam became the main power source. which is true. IE clippers
  7. most brilliant comment on this yet. and make them random. not actual fixed positions that rotate at server restart
  8. This is a stupid argument... The redoudable is closer 3rd rate to the wasa than the surprise is a 5th to the ENDYMION let that sink in. surprise and endymion are both 5th rates. anyone screaming to have the endymion pushed into 3rd rate? no? wonder why
  9. you are not a spanish player. you joined a swede battle, you became swede.
  10. Its just a play of words. What if they changed it to neutral player? or friendly player but still let you attack it as its another nation. Hmmmm
  11. all nations are not at war. it is just a stupid excuse so they dont actually have to make an actual alliance system
  12. but he isnt wrong. and nobody even knows what you mean about us and ukraine.
  13. sorry i dont sail in 10 man gank fleets like you do.
  14. Spain tried to multiflip the motherland a few weeks ago at the orders of havoc; but you always leave the details out. This is the result of listening to you. So nice you are trying to make up for it by giving them ports in the useless parts of the map... until you turn around and take it from them just for "content"
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