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New Feature Proposals - DLC



Please propose your ideas on new DLC additions in the following way.

  • 1 Post = 1 Proposal.
    • Players will vote on 1 proposals only. Multiple proposals will mix different subjects and confuse.
    • Multitiered or multi subject proposals will be removed.
  • Keep the proposals on the topic subjects
  • Do not comment. The thread is for proposals only
  • If you want to improve on other people proposals contact them so they can update the post. 
  • Best proposals will be brought up by the system based on likes and we will comment on them once in a while. Proposals which dont get community attention will be ignored and will sink to the bottom.


Example of formatting 
Correct example

  • Cannon crafting proposals
    • Cannon crafting change rationale
    • Cannon crafting current version and whats wrong
    • Proposal on cannon crafting change

Incorrect version

One post 

  • Cannon crafting proposal (should be a separate in a economy section)
  • Trading proposal (should be a separate post in an economy section)
  • Hostility proposal (should be a separate post in RVR section)
  • DLC ship proposal (should be a separate post in DLC section
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With the inclusion of breaking up DLC ships for seasoned woods...let's be honest it's P2W.  Might as well go balls deep in and create some sort of proper seasoned wood / new wood DLC.

Timber Shed DLC - adds a building to your character that automatically sources and creates seasoned woods that a player can redeem in their port weekly.  Can only produce one type of wood and has 30 day collection cooldown on switching types.  Example - Select teak and it creates enough teak for 1 third rate (or whatever) per week for 30 days.  Following month you can select white oak  (or insert whatever wood).

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