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  1. Captiva

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I don't understand all of the concern over the use of a sextant. The compass directs you toward your destination. The sextant only gives you and idea of where you are along the journey. It's so elementary to sailing, that I'm baffled at the opposition to it's inclusion in the game. I also believe that it should be an item that is purchased or crafted; it should not warrant the spending of 2 perk points - "I'm sorry, Lord Nelson, but you can have double shot or a sextant. The choice is yours. Godspeed."
  2. Captiva

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Well, yes. I know it's hardly anything, but it let's a player do something extra while in OW - as trivial as that may seem. It was used aboard ships during the time period and therefore I see no valid reason for not having it. I believe you were in TDA at one time and Prater's map gave the ability to take a noon time position. I thought that was cool back then and was always curious as to why this game never added that feature. I've played for years without a sextant and without the compass before it's introduction, so it's not a game breaker if it's removed. I enjoy the age of sail, and appreciate any additions from the developers that reflect it. It's as simple as that for me. Thanks
  3. Captiva

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I agree totally with this. The sextant should be available to all, for no perk cost. It gives, to all players, the opportunity to experience common navigation during the age of sail while at the same time providing a much needed activity to engage in while in the Open World.
  4. Captiva

    The time has come to make pirates hardcore choice.

    I would prefer that they create a faction called 'Privateer' to appeal to the player who prefers the non-conformist/non nation-allegiance lifestyle but without the hardcore mechanics, and leave the Pirate nation as the only hardcore choice in the game - without splitting them into regular pirate and outlaw pirate.
  5. I would love to help you test 'Dreadnoughts'. If there's an extra bunk, I'm aboard!
  6. Captiva

    No Christian

    Yes, I re-rolled as U.S. player on test server under a new character name. I understood that the rewards would be based on your account, not your War Server character name or Nation. I did not delete my War server name (Captiva).
  7. Captiva

    No Christian

    Same here. Didn't get Christian
  8. Captiva

    Weather gage rebalance

    Hats off to you RKY for the suggestion. Coincidentally, I just finished a Patrick O'Brian novel in which an enemy ship had to close it's lower gunports due to heel at a certain angle to the wind, neutralizing them for a short amount of time. I believe it was a 3rd rate. It does seem a little odd that the current battle mechanics allow for below-the-water-line damage due to heel when on the leeward side, but does not allow for any correlation to the windward side. Something for Game Labs to ponder.
  9. 1. Thank you for adding the seaport sounds after entering port. I think I even hear the faint voices of townspeople in the back ground! 2. Do you have any plans for changing the Rig Repair icon so that it doesn't look exactly like the Hull Repair icon? The rum bottle is cool for Crew Repairs and I think that Rig Repairs deserve their own icon as well. 3. I'm still lobbying to have the compass/wind indicator visible to us when in port.
  10. Captiva


    To follow up on your suggestion, I would add a dedicated fire button that becomes active if Marines are crewed onboard a players ship. If an enemy ship gets within a predetermined proximity to a ship equipped with Marines the musket fire becomes effective against the enemies crew.
  11. Captiva

    Naval Action Repair Calculator

    Just tried the calculator on Google Chrome. Works like a charm with no issues.
  12. Captiva

    Naval Action Repair Calculator

    Used Microsoft Edge. Will try Google Chrome. I will try Firefox as well. I started on the L'Ocean, switched to the Victory and then went back to the L'Ocean. The numbers were different on the L'Ocean from what was shown the first time, as indicated in the screenshots.
  13. Captiva

    Naval Action Repair Calculator

    Bumsebiene. I hope you can shed some light on what I may be doing wrong. I'm including two screenshots with same build and no upgrades on L'Ocean. When I switched to another ship and then back to L'Ocean I'm getting two repair results. As I noted to you in an email, it has happened with other ships as well. Thanks!
  14. Yes! I reported this same issue a few days ago. It is indeed very frustrating.