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  1. I agree. I made this suggestion when DLC ships were first introduced. My argument was that the DLC ship is, in reality, a limitless, endless dura ship. It should be counter-balanced with the reintroduction of the crafted, multi dura ship. This gives an advantage to the crafted multi dura ship because the ship is not subject to the 24 hour wait period to redeem that the DLC ship is subject to. All large ships of the line would stay 1 dura since there is no DLC for them.
  2. Looks amazing! I will look forward to this one.
  3. Salt was an important commodity for sailors in the age of sail. It was used for salt pork, salt beef and fish. Salt was also used for keeping slaughtered beef and fish from rotting on long voyages. Profits from salt - harvested from salt pans that were found on Caribbean islands such as Turks & Caicos, Curacao and Bonaire - became a prime source of income for these islands. Maybe salt should have more value in Naval Action; similar to Cartagena Tar and other 'island specific' commodities.
  4. I offered a suggestion to the developers last year that would use a 'top down view' of two ships side by side. Game-Labs already has combat mechanics that are used for Ultimate General: Civil War that could possibly be implemented for the boarding game in Naval Action. Animated combat would be ideal, but if animation is impossible it could be timed/turn based, similar to speed chess. Or, similar to what we have now where both players have a short amount of time to make their moves and then the combat is auto-resolved for that turn and then the next timed round begins etc. As an example, game-play would be similar to that of 'Pike & Shot' or 'Field of Glory II'.
  5. Yes, and that is what Capt Aerobane was refering to - single ranging shots - and a change to the sequence is what I was agreeing too.
  6. Big affirmative on this idea, especially the third option. Example one (the current game firing sequence) has been an annoyance to many players for some time now on ships that have a cannon layout similar to the Renommee.
  7. Would '100 Focus Fire' and '250 Focus Fire' work? Anything more descriptive, other than simply 'Water', might be more helpful for the new player.
  8. 'Locked' was changed to 'Parallel' so I would suggest changing 'Water' to 'Convergence'. Parallel shots all fire out in a straight trajectory - Convergence shots, when fired, angle in toward a convergence spot.
  9. Should probably be renamed to, '1 Extra Fleet Ship' and '2 Extra Fleet Ships' Why is 'Unlocked Sector Focus' now changed to 'Water'? Does it denote 'Water Line'?
  10. I've been to the battlefield as well, and I believe the main action north of the railroad tracks was at the point where the Union forces on one side of Stones River were defending against the Confederates attempt to cross the Stones River. So maybe the scenario simply leaves out any actions too distant from that immediate area.
  11. I may be recalling incorrectly, but doesn't the major fighting north of the railroad tracks occur during the final phase of Stones River?
  12. Thank you, Admin. Merry Christmas to all and a prayer for peace on earth.
  13. Take Command, Scourge of War and the Command Ops series (always wished for a 3D map for Command Ops, similar to that in the new Armored Brigade game) have given me hours and hours of first rate game-play! Ultimate General: Civil War has provided the same for me.
  14. Great ideas, Koltes. I just posted a suggestion earlier today that I thought would be a compromise for the Protractor/Sextant. The idea was to implement a floating movable compass on the map, similar to that on some 3rd party maps. You would not be able to draw a line from point A to point B. You would have to take a visual note of your destination heading. There would be no red arrow indicating your heading on the OW compass. The sextant would then be used to check your position from time to time and then you would use the movable map compass to again check your heading and make adjustments as needed. My idea is certainly not as interesting as yours, but I believe it would be an improvement. Thanks
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