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  1. Ok. Let the devs investigate this. But if they come out and say there was no wrong doing, then you get the punishment that he would have gotten. Agree ? (Ps: how many players do you think know that this game has a forum?)
  2. Doing 2 kills in 20 minutes is not suspicious activity Are we to report all players that sink ships 10-20 minutes apart ? Is this well used dev time ?
  3. I didnt ask if the devs can prove it though..... I asked if you can prove it. unless you have access to dev data....
  4. Can you prove that he is alt farming though ? Like, besides combat news ?
  5. Monfet


    So give traders literally no chance. Why don't we just show them on the map to get it over with
  6. Just make sure you dont come on your own. That way it is a fair fight
  7. No harm done here The only real crime is the sleazy name he has from a other game imo ...
  8. You should have brought teammates in princes to tag their princes. This is pvp interaction.
  9. This is true, but also irrelevant. What happened to you is not griefing. He engaged you, shot your sails to slow you down, and ran away. You are ofcoyrse welcome to do the same in return.
  10. These are game mechanics working as intended, otherwise they would have been removed from the game.
  11. You stated in your post that he shot your sails ? So there WAS interaction. Just to get that out of the way... Tactical screening is part of the game. The prince's mission was to tag you, to save his big ship. I his point of view, it was a good battle, and he acomplished his mission. Just becausw he is denying content for YOU does not mean he was griefing. Or should everyone just sail around in what suits you? And tag you only when YOU want? I sail around in a trader. If anyone attacks me i am opening a tribunal case for denying me trading content and wasting my time. In any case , if you have a problem with OW tag mechanics, like they say "Just go to PvE server"
  12. I dont see what all the fuss is about here. If you wanted to catch him why were you not in a faster ship? If you were in a large/slow ship, where were your teammates/protection? Pvp server states full player interaction.
  13. Sounds like a good addition! Cant imagine the work involved to implement it however 😛 +1
  14. Monfet


    "Just go to pve server" Am i doing this right?
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