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  1. So give traders literally no chance. Why don't we just show them on the map to get it over with
  2. No harm done here The only real crime is the sleazy name he has from a other game imo ...
  3. Sounds like a good addition! Cant imagine the work involved to implement it however 😛 +1
  4. "Just go to pve server" Am i doing this right?
  5. So apart from purchasing 5-10 copies of the game, or using a bot/autoclicker/whatever to afk fish while you sleep, fishing is just pointless for the new player that needs some cash? Not tryingto troll/harass, just saying that this part of the game could use some attention? Make it more profitable (but you have to interact somehow with it), or maybe whaling like somebody said, where you have to custom rig ships to do just that?
  6. If there ever is created such a group, pm me plz
  7. Χρόνια πολλά σε όλους!
  8. he fixed it. Apparently some file was missing, and a steam reinstall fixed it.
  9. A friend of mine had no DC problems until today. We joined open world, and after 2-3 minutes (both in open world and in battles) he got disconnected, and thrown to the login page. He rejoines, does whatever, then after another 2-4 minutes, disconnected. The strange thing is, until today, he had no DC issues, yesterday he was on for 2-3 hours straight. And suddenly this. Was a small patch included in todays server maintenance etc. or something ? Anyway, thought this be worth a mention here.
  10. Monfet


    you can check out a general guide that includes control keys etc here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/2533-a-short-guide-for-novices/
  11. 24. Looks like the majority are 20-35
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