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  1. If only I removed my guns before set sail 😛
  2. Well I wish you and the Danish nation good luck and hope you find what you're looking for out there. Every nation should have a crafting port - So this port bonus thing is a bit unfair to the smaller nations methinks.
  3. The Dannes never cared about ports he said. You guys have bin crying for weeks about US timers around your capital and capture back SJ from the Sweds. So either you care quite a bit or you like create drama in the forum.
  4. Admiral de ruyter will be added to the game soon.
  5. What does it mean the -Fk - Bk - Ok- in the battle log section?
  6. It must solve a specific problem of the majority or reduce negative outcome for the majority. It must be beneficial for both new and old players It must not take anything away that players worked hard to get. The Diana event was a huge success and would love more content about such. What about a trader event with traders roaming around with loots of goodies?
  7. Your content will need to be approved by a moderator.
  8. I tagged a large ai fleet with my buc when the server crashed. Will I lose it?
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