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  1. I bought this game on the standalone Xsolla client last year. I did get an email with something called bonus DRM keys. Now I see in the steam conversations something about keys released to early access purchasers or something? What exactly is it, and am I eligible for them?
  2. i'll be damned. it works. Thanks a lot!
  3. I have it on my computer for work purposes but I've had that the whole time too. I don't try to run it thru workspace
  4. I had a Steam update and now every time I try to launch the game it crashes. I have the crash logs. Who can I send them to to ask for help? Before the update the game ran just fine for me. Win 10.
  5. So during this pandemic quarantine I got really deep into this game and I love it. It was a steep learning curve for me as I did not know what certain ships/units were and were not good at doing. But I learned, and now I want to impart this to you Part I- the premise The premise of this game is to obtain, by purchase and by capture, a massive fleet such as the Imperial French and british fleets of the 17th-19th century, the Golden Age of Sail. Along with that are expeditionary forces (armies) that can be used to capture cities, forts, and overseas holdings much as was d
  6. Also, do you have some other filesharing device other than dropbox? it causes so much trouble for people who don't have accounts. I can't even access it edit- it may be something with how you uploaded it because when I download the original rebalancing mod I just get an open box with a free download; when i try to access yours I get a chronic sign-in screen with some autopopulated signin email from a colin muller.
  7. why are the troops so slow? even on warp speed they're still so god damn slow
  8. How does AI work in this game with fleets? Like if I have a fleet of multiple ships and I put them all on AI but one will they conform to the maneuvers of the lead ship or will they go off and fight enemies and do their own things too?
  9. Hi. I've had a bit of trouble with campaign mode. I am kind of stuck on the 'get ships and men' part (like the camp part in UG-Civil War) Where do I get these men from, because after battles it never seems as if I have enough? Also, when it comes to buying weapons, how exactly do I do that?
  10. why did you re-enable skirmishers? now the AI just camps out and shoots with skirmishers who refuse to die even before you can reach the main battle
  11. Some of these scenarios have it in where a person is to have multiple ships. But when I go to the build scenario, and I build a ship, then I get a message such as- you only build 1 heavy cruiser, when the scenario calls for 3, for example. How do I fix that?
  12. it seems like the hulls are all too big in general and it makes it hard ro develop. For example, you try to build a battleship and the limit is 22K and the hull is 19K. How does towers, turrets, funnels, and then armor make an efficient battleship with 3K left only Overall, the game is nice though
  13. the ones that you apply to the divisions in camp go for the whole division (or corps) the command radius is more for morale in the heat of battle. Like if you are charging, and in camp you have attached the melee perk, all your troops have good melee. However, the troops in the radius of your commander will have extra perk and morale when charging
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