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  1. Some of these scenarios have it in where a person is to have multiple ships. But when I go to the build scenario, and I build a ship, then I get a message such as- you only build 1 heavy cruiser, when the scenario calls for 3, for example. How do I fix that?
  2. it seems like the hulls are all too big in general and it makes it hard ro develop. For example, you try to build a battleship and the limit is 22K and the hull is 19K. How does towers, turrets, funnels, and then armor make an efficient battleship with 3K left only Overall, the game is nice though
  3. the ones that you apply to the divisions in camp go for the whole division (or corps) the command radius is more for morale in the heat of battle. Like if you are charging, and in camp you have attached the melee perk, all your troops have good melee. However, the troops in the radius of your commander will have extra perk and morale when charging
  4. economy you have no points towards? how do you expect to have cheap good weapons without it What are your tactics like? You can't play this game like the actual ACW.
  5. I do not have that. When I go to appdate local low there is no folder for UA age of sail. Just for the naval action and ultimate general civil war game I have
  6. I got the Commodore's edition and it installed and everything but I keep getting- executable has crashed- message. Does anyone know how to fix it
  7. where do I get a password/username to launch it?
  8. ok and what is this password/username thing?
  9. I know I can purchase this but how do I install and use it?
  10. why do the men move so slowly now? is it to simulate the actual battlefield where men didn't run at the trot at all time?
  11. ooh I saw Grand Tactician too. I'm already drooling for it
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