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  1. I do not have that. When I go to appdate local low there is no folder for UA age of sail. Just for the naval action and ultimate general civil war game I have
  2. I got the Commodore's edition and it installed and everything but I keep getting- executable has crashed- message. Does anyone know how to fix it
  3. where do I get a password/username to launch it?
  4. ok and what is this password/username thing?
  5. I know I can purchase this but how do I install and use it?
  6. why do the men move so slowly now? is it to simulate the actual battlefield where men didn't run at the trot at all time?
  7. ooh I saw Grand Tactician too. I'm already drooling for it
  8. What do you guys think about AEGODs Civil War II and it's DLC Bloody Road South. I've had the game for two years and keep trying to get into it but it's so super deep and micromanagy
  9. Finally, after months of sporadic playing due to school and clinic and whatnot, and due to time off because graduation nears, I finally got finished with by CSA BG campaign. Washington was great. I stormed them with about 95K men and about 350 guns to their 140K men and 750 guns. They got smacked. Forts fell. Washington fell. Everything was swept before me and I was triumphant
  10. what is the actual problem? You can save game in battle? Do you name your saves? do you just reload the most recent one?
  11. I followed your advice and won it, with 16K casualties to Union 29K
  12. I am playing Chancellorsville as CSA on BGlevel I have like 80K men but the game only lets me do two corps, so maybe 60K. The Union is coming with like 75K I tried to attack everything the first time and got defeated. I tried and got a draw the second time but still did too much attacking in the 2nd day. Now I am thinking of pulling an 1864 and just sit on my ass on the first day, smash Howard on the 2nd day, then just camp out and make them all die and go fro the draw with as few casualties as I can. Is that a good idea, you thnk?
  13. It's mostly just an excuse to eat like a goddamn pig.
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