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  1. Is there a list of the hotkeys AoS uses? Put up a link for it if you would? Thank You
  2. I am sure the vulnerability of SOLs to raking fire is an important subject for discussion. But to return to the subject of this thread I wish to voice my own concerns. This latest patch with its emphasis on player crafting and fine woods has had the effect of forcing me to PVE much more than I otherwise would. I play for the US and as you probably know our player population isn't what other nations have. The result being that when speaking to our crafters about obtaining a gold Bellona I am told I must provide 100 fine oak and 100 fine mahogany and 100 fine... oh heck I forget what all. My pre
  3. I remember reading years ago about when I believe it was Francis Drake who raided the spanish in Cadiz in 1587 to delay and damage the Armada building there. The interesting thing was discussion of his ship Ark Royal. She was too broad for her length having a 3:1 ratio. I guess an experimental design leading to the 'race built' galleons.
  4. My machine- home built with components purchased through NewEgg: ASUS M4A89TD Pro mobo w/ AMD Phenom II "Deneb" quad-core CPU @ 3.2 ghz 4 Gb Corsair RAM 1 TB HD nVidia GTX 760 graphics with 2 Gb RAM 650 watt Corsair? ( I forget) PSU Windows Home Premium 64 I run 1600x1024 and 'high' settings. No problems at all and it looks excellent!
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