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  1. @dixiePig check the version (f) I just posted, it gives a lot more tactical control to units in a pinch. I think you will appreciate that. I do; I do not think I'll research these ideas any time soon. After 1.3.5 is done and dusted I wanted to take a 6-12 month break from modding. I addressed this a couple posts above.
  2. This would be a very easy implementation to apply assuming I get the auto-AI function to start working. That is to say, if a unit is out of the control area it would revert to the build-in AI control; and depending on aggressive / defensive personality, that brigade would use the attacking or defending AI. And if it were not optional, it would probably add a significant layer of shit to worry about for the player... I like it. Plus, you can always put the units on hold and they will not move around, which is probably good because that auto-AI is not very useful as we all probably know.
  3. hey @dixiePig One by one: - regimental officer profiles: I empathise with you that these are not obvious to happen upon, but I was constrained to find anywhere to squeeze them in at all, and it took quite a lot of work to implement them. I would also like to add that if you mouse over regiment stats, it gives explanations about their computations. You can also mouse over the officers in your barracks to get the brief synopsis of traits. (Before you point out, the fact that you cannot see profiles of officers not yet hired is a feature-not-a-bug; I don't want the player to know what h
  4. Follow-up: although I did not design this and it just sort of happens somehow, I think this only occurs with 'narcissistic' unit officers. Is it possible for you to verify if this was the case? Other units should fall back correctly even after your general has left the area. Note that falling back is very costly.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to give thorough feedback. First I have to respond generally to the critique that controlling individual units is too unwieldy and that they are too dumb. I sort of accept this criticism that those units wouldn't just stand around taking fire, but then I'm not actually too sure the degree to which they historically did operate independently at the regiment level. I would have to do more reading to actually get a better sense of how command and control shook out during the war and at which phase. But second, insofar as we are just speaking of the game
  6. I certainly would have done it a different way if I had access to the source project files. But in terms of making fundamental graphical changes -- like adding whole new artwork and graphical fields which is what you're describing -- it really isn't possible for us modders. We have to work with what we have. If you press the tilde key, there is another hud mode that has less clutter.
  7. m & c = morale and condition: m, M, M!, M[!] and c, C, C!, C[!] (brackets means flashing) are progressions to quickly give the unit's status. {} are for infantry units only, and they refer to exposed flanks. { means left flank exposed, } for right. Infantry suffer iirc -10% morale debuff for each exposed flank. You can see it change in the stats area. *edit* a flank is exposed if there is no friendly unit within, iirc, 200 distance of that unit's side.
  8. Yeah you are right, god mode is somehow on by default. Idk how that slipped through!! Uploading a corrected version, thanks for your feedback and patience. Enjoy the rainy day.
  9. I think you'll have to give those saves up, they're no good. I actually noticed this too yesterday. I tried to put in the new J&P feature of detached skirms taking perk values but maybe it's not working well in my mod. Hmm, are they being fired upon or near routing units? There is a unique morale engine in the submod that causes a dispersion of bad morale to adjacent units. Inexperienced units will easily route if some nearby units are also routing & they are not well led, etc. Yeah they will. What do you mean?
  10. Alright, d version is up. Saves are no longer corrupted for me, let me know @dixiePig . Just trying to get 135 buttoned so that I can ride off into the sunset (yes I really am!).
  11. The frozen reinforcements bar is a feature, not a bug (ha!). You cannot change the troop strength of infantry regiments after forming them with the slider; you can only combine them and there are penalties for that. I will concentrate on writing a guide for the mod in the coming months, because I'm going to take a long break from working on it (after the 1.3.5 bugs are all fixed). *edit* -- There is an exception: you can change the strength via slider of infantry units between multiday battles only. Re the save bug: I've isolated where the problem is, it comes from some detached ski
  12. So that is not Ironman. Let me explain. There is a small bug where it says Ironman is on sometimes when you quit the battle, but it is not actually on. Then, your ruined savegames are a separate bug. Yesterday I put out hotfix 1.3.5.c and I'm hoping that should fix the savegame issue. So please upgrade to that version and see if your savegames are still getting fouled. Again, Ironman is not really on, and you can turn it on/off in the Historical config file in the Mod folder. Hope that fixes it, please let me know!
  13. FYI latest version includes 1 and 2 in the documentation folder.
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