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  1. OH. I thought you meant the download link. https://discord.gg/wVn6Y7uZ
  2. It would be possible if game-labs decides it is possible. Not sure what you're asking here, for the modders no it is not possible.
  3. Thanks for the kind words. Currently (and by this I mean, in the latest rolling dev version) the only type unit that cannot get new recruits is Union infantry regiments, which was historically, generally, the case (to their detriment). Further, you can combine regiments in the camp screen. More work has been done on this in the latest dev version, but generally units must have the same equipment, perks, and be below the max unit size when combined and they can merge. I encourage you to check out the submod channel here to get more explanation and the latest version, which is qui
  4. Very glad to hear it. Next version will have a much more cleaned up control scheme -- and maybe some useful documentation (finally) to introduce people to how the mod works.
  5. @Dauntless07 https://discord.gg/gTjpcR5d link to discord channel, I post latest dev versions there.
  6. It's simple, you can double click on any unit and that will select the entire brigade of that unit (or, every unit that is not currently out of order). Then you can hold the right mouse button down to issue a line-order for all of those units. In this way, you can zoom way back and give large commands to many units at a time -- but of course this will force a cooldown of your commanders' ability to issues orders depending on your AO stat.
  7. @Dauntless07 I see what you're saying, but I think that if you take a step back from your concerns and look at the wider picture you might see that you are answering your own question/concern. The way I have the system set up is that the general should be reluctant to drill down into regiment-level command, unless he is specifically in the immediate area of units. Rather, the player should concentrate on making calculated, considered bulk orders to whole brigades/multiple regiments at once. I've tried to cast command itself, or the player issuing orders, as a finite resource in the game.
  8. I've made a historically-focused submod of the J&P Rebalance Mod. Both mods change the experience significantly from vanilla, you could give those a try.
  9. @dixiePig check the version (f) I just posted, it gives a lot more tactical control to units in a pinch. I think you will appreciate that. I do; I do not think I'll research these ideas any time soon. After 1.3.5 is done and dusted I wanted to take a 6-12 month break from modding. I addressed this a couple posts above.
  10. This would be a very easy implementation to apply assuming I get the auto-AI function to start working. That is to say, if a unit is out of the control area it would revert to the build-in AI control; and depending on aggressive / defensive personality, that brigade would use the attacking or defending AI. And if it were not optional, it would probably add a significant layer of shit to worry about for the player... I like it. Plus, you can always put the units on hold and they will not move around, which is probably good because that auto-AI is not very useful as we all probably know.
  11. hey @dixiePig One by one: - regimental officer profiles: I empathise with you that these are not obvious to happen upon, but I was constrained to find anywhere to squeeze them in at all, and it took quite a lot of work to implement them. I would also like to add that if you mouse over regiment stats, it gives explanations about their computations. You can also mouse over the officers in your barracks to get the brief synopsis of traits. (Before you point out, the fact that you cannot see profiles of officers not yet hired is a feature-not-a-bug; I don't want the player to know what h
  12. Follow-up: although I did not design this and it just sort of happens somehow, I think this only occurs with 'narcissistic' unit officers. Is it possible for you to verify if this was the case? Other units should fall back correctly even after your general has left the area. Note that falling back is very costly.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to give thorough feedback. First I have to respond generally to the critique that controlling individual units is too unwieldy and that they are too dumb. I sort of accept this criticism that those units wouldn't just stand around taking fire, but then I'm not actually too sure the degree to which they historically did operate independently at the regiment level. I would have to do more reading to actually get a better sense of how command and control shook out during the war and at which phase. But second, insofar as we are just speaking of the game
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