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  1. I've already implemented a feature in my submod that units being charged get a speed boost, because of this exact complaint.
  2. Hi @Dauntless07 That's certainly interesting, I'm not sure why that happened. But first of all, you know that I designed a whole new scaling system based on your July complaint, right? :p Have you tried it? It generally works better. Assuming you're using that one ... I'm still not sure why that happened. You should at least get as many enemy troops as the base mod gives, I assume it's more than that. Come into the discord if you want the running dev versions, I've recently done more edits to scaling and splitting and some other things that really change the numbers of the gam
  3. Hi @Admiral Sudsy. Thanks for the feedback. -- The regimental size limit of 1025 infantry is pretty deeply integrated into the mod at this point, so I don't think I'll be changing it. Also, it is not changeable in the config -- at least not cleanly, as some of that is hardcoded into the asset file's binary rather than the game code. You can try changing it but I don't even know what it'd do at this point. I don't think it would do anything actually. This is a touchy issue but I had to just go with a number that made sense at some point. -- I'm not sure what you mean that you cannot g
  4. @Keith68 I'm honestly at a loss. I specifically fixed this bug (thanks to Panda) in the most recent version. Or I thought so. Before I start trying to figure out why it's still happening: are you positive you're updated to 127 version? Also, did you try to edit Historical.csv? We just had an issue where another player tried to edit the file but was using an editor that, perhaps, produced some weird errors in the game. Did you edit this file?
  5. Hi @Earthane, thanks a lot for your feedback. I'll answer step by step. - Smoke: I'm finding success with the 'genericTester' setting of 5000, which influences how long the smoke stays around (it's a stupidly complicated system, just don't ask). You might try and see if that works for lots of smoke but much more stable. I would argue you want the smoke in the future, because I've recently figured out how to have dynamic smoke (changes direction every battle and during the battle). - Better AI: Other people have said this too, but I have done absolutely nothing to change the core beha
  6. Hi @Gazza. Sorry for late reply, I really don't know what it is. I've encountered times where it will not finish, but I don't think anything so systemic. And nobody else is reporting such things with the current version. Can you send me the savegame?
  7. You might try the old Close Combat games. IMO they are similar to what is great about the UG games, with even better emulations of the morale, and even emotions of troops.
  8. Hi @Gazza. So we are talking about two different bugs here combining to give you these results. The first is a victory condition bug. I haven't been seeing them in my build lately, so I thought they were gone. You would have to tell me what map you're speaking of, although I don't really know how to fix them anyway. The second is a bug in Ironman where, sometimes, it still thinks it's in Ironman even though it is set to false. But this is just cosmetic basically, it just displays an Ironman popup but you can still save and load. Eventually will squash that one I assume. On which map(
  9. Hi @PepsaCola. Go into the game's data folder, then find Mod/Rebalance/Historical.csv. The second-last entry is Ironman, change that value to false and save (with Notepad++ if you're on Windows). Let me know if you have any trouble.
  10. Hi @Dauntless07, sounds like you had an interesting time of it at least. Are you actually playing on Ironman? (Hero status.) So the numbers. First of all, generally just don't trust the recon numbers in the submod. This is because, I have not touched the logic that produces those numbers at all, but I have completely changed the scaling logic; ergo, they must be wrong. This is something I will eventually get to (file under 'polish'), but for now don't count on their accuracy. Sorry about that. Second...to be completely honest, I'm not sure why those numbers were so jumped up. As I sa
  11. Hi @gimli. Ok so, this is part of the ongoing literally never ending effort to produce impressive smoke effects that work on all systems. I'll spare you the mumbo-jumbo: as a temp fix, go into my config file (Mod/Rebalance/Historical.csv), go down to the line 'genericTester' which should be 7300 right now, and change that to 5000. If it still is weird, change it to 2500 etc. Don't forget to use Notepad++ if you're on Windows. Let me know if this works.
  12. @Dauntless07 I would still encourage you to try Ironman even if you don't think you have time -- but do it on a less difficult setting. I just started a MG (medium diff) Federal campaign, and I definitely don't have a lot of time to play it. But I'm finding that it's a lot of fun. Even if you sometimes think that it's too easy, it's not: you make mistakes, you lose your general, you can't see anything, you lose important units by mistake, you find yourself out of position -- it's a mess. You can't assume anything playing that way, and I personally find it a whole new level of play. And playing
  13. Hi @PrimusPilus123. Sorry for not replying earlier. That is a bug. I think I've seen it before, but that shouldn't be happening. Just restart the battle and try again. I'll try to look at it and see if I can make it easier for the 127 release, like I did for the CSA tutorial battle.
  14. Hi @Dauntless07, thank you for your kind words and feedback. I am not at all turned off by the criticism, indeed I welcome it. I will respond to your comments one by one. Smoke --- I know the smoke effects are still far from perfect, and I'm still tweaking them to try and get more consistency. I've poured countless hours into getting them to where they are already, and I can assure you that I really had to do some "movie magic" to even get them to look good sometimes. Arty freezing bug is fixed, yes. Trying to get 1.2.7 out, it is basically done too but there are just some
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