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  1. Hi, @Mr_Teflon. Thanks for the question. Indeed, the Veteran tick box is disabled in my submod. I thought the idea of veteran-buying to be not very authentic, and adds a bunch of challenge for the player. The only way to preserve experience in your units now is to avoid getting them killed, and investing in the Medicine perk. Also, you can combine units in the submod by dragging them (within the same brigade) on top of one another. Note that they must have the same weapons equipped to accomplish this action, but in this way you can combine experienced units to preserve experience. This is all in the changelog, but that thing is now pretty massive and hard to read no doubt. Don't be shy if you have any more questions.
  2. I find that just setting up a battle and joining a side (communicating in a third party app like discord), and having the other player join that battle and the other side, seems to work without the need for inviting.
  3. Yeah idk why he's not already responded, maybe he's on holiday or something.
  4. Ps - I wonder if you would like to send me your savegame of your CSA campaign? I'm just curious as to what stats you have and your army makeup at that point. Cheers
  5. Hey @CajunNavy. Glad you liked the Union campaign! I am especially happy about this comment: "I have always played at regular speed anyway, but this is like watching a real battle in real time. Of course I have never seen a real CW battle 😉, but it is very, very much like a reenactment and I have seen plenty of them." It gives me something to look forward to, as well, because I can't even run the game well on my current computer. So the skirmisher issues, the very first thing to say is that those are not 500-man units. The first level recon will read "< 500", but that means anywhere below 500, not just below. In 1861, they have a max of 250, and the actual hp spawns randomly below that so those units are always < 250. Secondly, while skirmishers can still be very deadly in the submod, they are only so if you let them be. Skirmishers are very sensitive to incoming fire, even if that fire is coming from a much inferior unit. This is because they take much more morale damage (not actual damage) from incoming fire. So much so in fact that I've made them more resilient in the latest build, at the bottom end of their morale damage. You can take a completely green infantry regiment and drive off a 2-star skirmisher unit, just by concentrating volleys of fire at it. I wonder if you replay trouble spots with this in mind, if you'd maybe have an easier time of it. Skirmishers can be dealt with, but you have to make sure to take them seriously and concentrate fire on them before they start exploiting your flanks. They can't stand up to massed infantry coming at them, no matter how good they are. One thing you REALLY have to watch out for is sharpshooters armed with scoped rifles, because they deal extra morale damage and very quickly cause your units to fall apart. You have to deal with these guys quickly, so everything I said goes triple for them. I've actually nerfed their number already. I haven't had much time lately to put to the mod, but I'm very grateful for your playthrough of it and feedback. Development on it will continue once I get more time to devote to it. Ideally I would like to see what other players think of skirmishers, and if they've found any new ways to deal with them.
  6. I think he meant a UG game set around the Napoleonic wars.
  7. Glad you're having fun. Yeah, it is verrry different even than J&P. Yeah, I just spent a few hours working on the smoke, it's just not cooperating. I don't have enough knowledge, frankly, or direct access to the development environment to fix it properly. The problem is if I increase the smoke amount, it may be different for other players depending on their computers. And the reason the smoke becomes less is that, as a battle goes on, more computer resources are being consumed so the game can render less smoke (again, because I'm not exactly sure how to fix it). @i64man I'm doing a hint overhaul (see screenshot), trying to add some UI enhancements and make selecting an entire brigade easier, and just some tweaks to balance. I'm also trying figure out how to let skirmishers be able to stack, and not reposition when they overlap.
  8. The smoke -- so what I think you're saying is that the thicker smoke is disappearing? This is happening because you're playing bigger battles and all the extra stuff is interrupting my smoke effects. When I first made those effects, I didn't understand how to correct for this in the code. I've since learnt why that happens and how the original game makes that not happen, and I'm working on a fix for that. Also, the next major version will have dynamic smoke, so that it's not always wafting in one static direction.
  9. Really glad to hear it. Hopefully things stay stable, everything seems to be working correctly in my playthrough, notwithstanding tiny bugs that I already know about (touch wood). Keep me posted as it goes.
  10. Guys, I was able to pass Potomac fort in about 35 seconds with god mode and 50x speed on. First try. ??
  11. Shot of dev version, I call them actually-useful-hints
  12. Alright thanks guys. I guess I haven't played that in a few versions, I will fix it.
  13. @CajunNavy were you able to pass the first battles?
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