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  1. I know your post is 2+ years old, but I think I may have something for you. Version 1 of my submod for the J&P mod is almost complete and one of its main goals was to address these issues. I've just now seen your post as I look for help with hex editing, and it's nice to see some people who were thinking exactly along the same lines. Hope you're still around, plus could use a little help with hex editing some of the weapons. (FYI, the other main edit of my submod is unit sizes, with an emphasis on regiment-sized units rather than "brigade" sized. Also, I have completely altered skirmisher behavior to fire at will/continuously rather than volley-fire, opening a real use case for authentic repeater rifle behavior [perhaps as skirmisher-only weapons].) @Titan Uranus
  2. I've found success with 24#ers with horse arty perk during mid-/late-game, as a specialized unit for assault support for highly trained assault troops. But the gun crews must also have very high stats. Def not a unit for most battles.
  3. J&P have voiced their concerns with sharpshooters' op-ness. I personally had the idea that sharpshooters get a perk which increases their likelihood of killing an enemy officer; and Panda has also kicked around the idea of making enemy officer kills visible to the player via a message, if their recon level is high enough. I think this would be more in line with their historical roles. I think an increase in morale damage, rather than physical damage, would also seem appropriate.
  4. Noooo! If anything it has too short range. IMO the fix for the WWTS should be vast reduction in availability for CSA. As I've mentioned often, there weren't more than 200 of them around in the whole war (apparently). I think one gifting of 100 of them from the government should suffice. That's my house rule on CSA, anyway.
  5. Units do already march in column if you order them to move a long distance. And I personally direct my units to use roads if they are available, or any open ground, for movement. I'm positive that the modders can't modify pathing logic.
  6. @pandakraut Is there any way to disable the battlefield visual effects, eg shell craters and bodies? For performance issues.
  7. I'm excited to see where this mod goes in future, PK. I wish I had the know-how to help.
  8. Oh I see, I hadn't considered that. Thank you. I mostly do the $5k trickle method as described by you and Fiasco.
  9. So the damage curve is in fact a smooth gradient? I had been wondering about that.
  10. Have you tried using decent guns with experienced gun crews? It can be very effective.
  11. The experience slider adjusts with the add-manpower slider, so you can clearly see when you will lose a perk by adding too many recruits. What is the problem? PK can't change any core mechanics of the game, and this sounds like just the sort of interface mechanic he wouldn't be able to change. A little trick: add recruits until just before it takes a star, and then add nothing but veterans.
  12. On the topic of skirmishers and damage output, I'm wondering why repeating rifles' reload rates are so low? The Henry for example is 130. I would expect these revolutionary weapons to pour down a continuous stream of fire. I'm toying with figuring out how to do it myself and changing it to about 300. (And on the broader topic, I find it annoying that weapons' descriptions sometimes specify if they are single shot, cylinder, whatever, but in fact they all fire just one shot without any exception. Shouldn't a revolver fire six shots and then reload? Is there a way to effect this?) Also, is it possible to change the fire pattern of skirmishers -- or any unit -- to a kind of "fire at will" firing style? I think you can see this when routing troops are falling back, they fire without cohesion unless I'm mistaken (and if I understand correctly, in J&P this fire is very ineffective?). Would there be a way to select this fire pattern for units? It seems to me (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) that skirmishers would have been likely to fight in this sporadic way.
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