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  1. @i64man I'm very happy to hear that you got it working correctly, and that now your only problems are not winning :). I've attempted to correct the problem of not enough officers by making it a function of Logistics career, although I'm not actually sure this is working correctly (hard to measure). If you put more Log points, you should get more officers -- but this extra amount will only come after a major battle so it's not instant. In my current Union campaign with a healthy amount of Log, I've been able to keep enough officers on the field to pretty much use up all my recruit supply. So it is possible. This is part of the equation of making the game harder, too: you can't lose those officers, they are valuable and hard to replace. So you have to make battle decisions that reflect your camp situation. Keep the feedback coming, I love to hear how it's going. Cheers. ps - might push a new update soon but it won't break anything, just some balance tweaks. Although 1.2.hf.2 seems pretty stable at least.
  2. Really, I don't understand what could be causing that bug then. Unless I uploaded the wrong version of the mod. Hmm. @i64man If you join the J&P discord and come to the submods section, I can help you sort this out.
  3. Yes, as I said in my previous post, this was patched a couple of days ago in the newest version (1.2.hf.2). Forgive, I would have warned you to patch, but you said you had upgraded to the latest version so I thought you were good.
  4. I had to replay all of Shiloh because of it, after my best/most fun run of it ever.
  5. Ughhh. I'm really sorry man. This issue was fixed in the latest version (1.2.hf.2). Are you running that one? Assuming it's the same bug, you will have to replay the battle after patching.
  6. It helps to have a smoothbore cannon set up there to drive away the attackers, sometimes, although then you lose precious infantry. I usually start with three new regiments -- a brand new brigade -- in the center, knowing a lot of them will be casualties. Classic meatball brigade @Fiasco
  7. @i64man found a bug, don't play Shiloh yet. Will patch tomorrow!
  8. I usually give up the north fort immediately and form all the infantry up just above the south fort, and send off the cav and a regiment to the right if needed. That way your reinforcements can come up through the woods and hit the CSA from cover. The CSA have higher morale in the submod and thus will usually charge you, and you can draw them out of good position that way.
  9. Great, let me know if there are any more problems. Apologies again.
  10. @i64man I just started a new campaign and I've got the same problem as you, it didn't do this in my test campaign. If you turn off historical naming, as I described, you can proceed with your campaign. Meanwhile, I'm working on a hotfix for it.
  11. It would be easy to try and see if it works, to make sure it's not a bigger problem -- especially with the cheat. Fortunately it doesn't look like you went very far.
  12. Also @i64man you don't really have to delete previous versions of the mod, just overwrite it. This way you won't accidentally delete something else in there that we need.
  13. Oh boy @i64man. Ok first thing, the "Wa DIVISION" and "Ma DIVISION" are supposed to be that way. I don't actually want them that way, but that is related to their division name text that allows the battle names to display the way they do. I just haven't figured out a better way to implement that, perhaps I will in future. So those are the first two letters of the brigade (division) leaders' names. Wa is Walton, I think. As far as the inability to create new units: I'm not sure exactly why it's doing that, it may be the case that the campaign may have broken with the 1.2 update. There are a couple of things you can try. 1) Go into Mod/Rebalance/Historical.csv and change 'historicalAutoNaming' from true to false. (Use Notepad++ in Windows.) That will probably allow you to create units again, but you won't have the new naming function. Again, not completely sure why it's doing that. 2) Start a new campaign. You probably don't want to play through the first mission again -- I get it, done it a hundred times -- so what you can do is go into Mod/Rebalance/Historical.csv again and change 'godMode' from false to true. And just, you know, cheat. Then turn it off when you're through the first mission. (You can also increase the 'fastForward' speed to '50' in Config.csv to get it over with real quick.) I'm really sorry you're having problems. One of these two solutions should work.
  14. Hey @william1993, the pace of the submod is much slower, I admit, than vanilla or even J&P. There are many reasons for this (*edit* actually no there aren't I just like it that way), and also many ways to speed things up. Make sure to keep a general near your troops to keep them moving smoothly; and try to keep brigades closely formed as they get an efficiency buff from that and, thus, move faster. Finally, invest in AO points to gain more freedom of movement. Hope that helps. Glad you were able to download the files now.
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