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  1. ok nice, thank you! I just watched your union campaign with 1.24/1.25 and found some differences..specially weaponwise. Are there some that got removed? Like the Percision Musket? or did you use other mods too? also saw you are using specially in the beginning Lt col as division leaders, i tried this - but this gives me massive efficiency and command hits, was there also something changed? btw really nice mod!
  2. Not excactly a Question about the Mod..but as i play with it maybe it belongs here. I saw weapons have different rangeeffevectiveness. How can i determine which weapon is better than another? and what does it excactly say? Should i walk a Unit which is most effective on short range close up? How can i determine if i'm in short, long medium range?
  3. Hello Guys, I played UG alot some years ago. Now I wanted to make a new start. (Probably forgot most of my knowledge) I really enjoy "hard" / challenging games where I can dive deep. Which mods/difficulty would you recommend to have the most challenging and historical game/feeling? Also, which guides could help with this combination? Thanks in advance
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