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  1. Hi Adishee, I followed a threat here were it shows how to cancel Ironman, which I did by changing the value to false and saving the game. I am getting ready for the 1st Bull run, but I can't increase the number of soldiers on my infantry units. They took casualties and are locked at that number, even though I have available replacement and weapons. Say my one 2 star unit, has 844 soldiers on it, but the number at the end of the slider says i can go up to 1025, but I just can't. Do that has anything to do with Ironman when I first started the campaign?
  2. thank you so much for the answers... do you know when the ver 1.3.3 will be ready for consumer use?😀
  3. I have another question, on the first two missions, I noticed that you can issue orders to your units unless your general is closed by. Is that on purpose or maybe a glitch? Also, it sems that the units that remains in your control after capturing the train station, if they have less than 1025 unit limit, you can't adjusttheir number.
  4. Hey Pandakraut, I trying to installed the submod, but I do not have the folder, and there is some issue copying the assembly file....
  5. Another question, when the mod is installed, on the lower left corner should be the version, which version should I see if your mod is installed correctly?
  6. hi adishee, I download the submod again, version 1.32. I have been reading some of the threats you and Pandakraut have ponstructions. I remember that I have to disable my firewall to install the assembly cshardsted and when I extracted the mod, I did not found the rebalance/historical submod as one answer Pandakraut, gave some one. Nor, there are any install instructions.
  7. I haven't played the game for a while, and decided to start a new campaign, finished the first mission and after selling my merchant ship, I purchase a 7th rate brig. Problem is that after purchasing 4pdr and 6pdr cannons, I cannot mount them on the ship. When I click on the cannons slot on the upper left, next to the ship stats, it opens a window for the weapons, but the cannons I bought are not there.... any ideas?
  8. HI team, I just got a simple question. Is the game development completed? Is the game finished and no longer in early access? I played the British campaign and have been holding on starting the American campaign waiting until the game is completed. I have been playing Civil War to keep me busy until the game is completed. Thanks.
  9. I started a new Union campaign using the latest version of the mod, and wow .... just finished the distress call mission and it is working great .... I like specially when you can break a unit and force then to surrender. On the phillipi mission, I got 4 confederate units to surrender at the cost of one of mine being shatter and disbanded... On the distress call, I got another 2 units capture, 2 supply wagons and 1 arty batt.... I followed Pandakraut recommendation to start with the economy and logistic background and it seems ammo is a little more plentyfull and weapons cheaper..... getting r
  10. Do you have or there's a set date when the game hits the steam store?
  11. I saw that an update to the game in Steam this morning.... was that a patch, an update or something else?
  12. @adishee Keep at it..... I am looking forward to play the game with your mod.
  13. Humm... next major update. That sounds good. What are you looking to improve in addition to the known issues?
  14. Fyi... when I played as the Union, passing Philippi was not an issue. The issue was with the Conferderate mission, capturing the fort Potomac. I tried 3 or 4 times with the same results. Failure.
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