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  1. gentlemen, one quick question, are saved games compatible with the new update?
  2. I agree 100% with Celtiberofrog, combining or just expanding the game to include the naval aspect, would be simply awesome.
  3. @ as24862486 what footage are you referring to?
  4. This is simply awesome news .... I have been a fan of the UG: G and UG:CW. As matter of fact, I had kept on playing CW now with the rebalance mod and can't get enough. I have been wondering about the new project from Nick and the Games lab and I stumble into this threat. So, were do I sign for the game. I t would be the perfect Xmas present. As for ships, would you be able to design ships such as the USS Arizona or the Bismark?
  5. has there been any kind of alpha video showing the game yet?
  6. This is a very interesting era for a game.... and the fact that no one (as far as I am aware) has ever made a game of this nature, will be extremely interesting. Watching the British fleet fight the French navy and/or the Spanish Armada, would be awesome. Is there any kind of timeline for the game yet?
  7. Guys, i started a new game with the latest version of the mod, and notice that my units move extremely slow, including my cavalry units. Is this normal?
  8. Have anyone here has any news on the next Ultimate " ###### " game would be? I have seen two different guys posting in YouTube making reference to Ultimate Admiral ... an apparent naval game covering early 20th century conflicts
  9. pandakraut, has this mod and your other mod (customization) have been combine with the rebalance mod
  10. Is this mod separate from the rebalance mod? can it be installed at the same time
  11. You were correct, Steam auto-updated the game, the infantry size is 1500.
  12. I just finished Shiloh as the CSA, and after the fight, I went to refill my army only to find it with all units locked at the current strength level. I have not uploaded the fix from the game. Could it be that the fix was automatically installed and as a result my strength is locked as it?
  13. Just read the same thing and was going to ask the same thing.....should we update before or after you fix the mod
  14. I had experimented something along the lines of Killjoy1941 with the melee cav and skrimisher .... I search the artillery, which is normally either a single battery or two close by, I sneak the cav behind and charge them .... once I have them turn, I have my skrimishers with the sniper rifle start taking popshots at the arty....
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