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  1. Thanks Sterner... I will take a look in discord.
  2. I finally updated the game after seeing a campaign game play in YouTube. The question I have is there a game manual? The game is deep and would like to do some reading to get a better understanding of it.
  3. Ink,.... feel like an idiot. I thought that because I already had AoS, and since the games are from the same developer, my impression was that I would use the same luncher but with different links for each game.... I needed to activate the game. Everything seems to be fine ... game is installing right now. Thanks.
  4. Ok thanks, so I guess that I have to wait for the reset link be sent to me
  5. I previously purchase Age of Sail, created an account and password no problem. I purchase today, Dreadnought with the impression that I would be able to use the same account and password. But apparently that is not the case. I got my game key and download the game. Have the game icon on my desktop but when I log onto the game it tells me that the password is wrong. However is the same password. I have tried several times to get the password reseated but no luck, won't receive the email. Are the accounts for both games would be linked somehow? I purchase the game the same way via paypal to the same email address.
  6. I have a quick question, after much trouble with purchasing the game, I finally got it. I am working on getting dreathnoughs later. But the other day I saw kind of an update progress bar after I click on the game icon. Has there been any kind of update or HOTFIX?
  7. I try PayPal and there is also issues... i even disable my firewall, no luck. I guess am destine to wait for Steam.
  8. I have been trying to purchase the access to the game for over a month. I try on and off and always run into the same problem, can buy because of some sort of restriction supposedly related to my bank. I have two cards, one from USAA and the other Andrews FCU, both in the USA. I live in Germany and used both card to purchase from Amazon.com and other websites including Steam. Still, no luck with the purchase. I have try as well with Dreadnoguths, same issue. The only chat from Xsolla is very helpful, but in the end, no cigar. Is there any other way to get these game?
  9. when does the game is going to be available on Steam early access? I got UG:CW the same way, early access, and still playing that game.
  10. and what about Age of Sails?
  11. It is official ... I can't purchase either one of the games until they hit early access in Steam. I just try the website again and contacted the Xsolla live chat as I was instructed and my transaction was denied by my bank, supposedly. Funny thing is that I can use the same card on Amazon or anywhere I travel, but can't purchase a game. It is a shame. Does anyone knows when the games will be on Steam early access?
  12. Gentlemen, you are not alone on this issue. I try to purchase Age of Sail awhile back and had the same issue, plus the security trigger event error 1049, don't know if it is from Xsolla or the game site. I used my USAA card and another card, same thing, couldn't buy the game then and have not purchase it yet. Yesterday, I attempted to purchase this game, first I tried with my USAA card, no luck, same issue. Then I tried my stateside bank (I live in Germany) and was able to get through the process until the amount verification screen. I check my back and there it was, I posted the transaction amount on the webpage, then I got a message that the transaction couldn't be verified at this time and a new window open to contact customer service. I contacted them, and they reply back very quickly and told me to look at the transaction again and write down a 4 digit code at the end of the transaction and posted on a link they provided, but when I access my account, puff, the transaction was no longer there. They told me to try again today and this time when it comes to the credit card information, they told me to contact their customer service at that point so they can be online in case of issues. I might try or not, don't know yet. It is very frustrating.
  13. damn ... this looks great....
  14. Thanks DeRuyter .... it was just a general question since we are entering the last quarter of the year and Xmas is around the corner.... that game would be a great self present....
  15. does anyone has an idea when the game will be available in Steam for early access?
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