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  1. Regarding the AI ship designer... almost everything about it is broken and I believe, hurting the game (all aspects). You don't truly know what the AI designer has done until you are well into either battle or a battle within the campaign. Often to find out the AI has taken the 'clown' approach. Requiring a restart. Moreover, none of the designs appear to be setup to compliment each other (escorts too slow to actually escort their clown ship capital). Why aren't we talking about: Libraries of ship designs. Variance in what the AI uses in Custom Battles and
  2. Nick and all, my apologies. The report regarding BB's not engaging may be untrue. Normally I select "Design your own fleet" when setting up a campaign. The first thing I do is build my BB's, set their port _and_ set them to Sea Control. I'm not sure (haven't tested yet), but it's possible when building ships, they start "In Being" and ignore any Sea Control orders when they are built. I'll confirm here. (ie, don't waste any time on my BB's not getting missions report).
  3. Yep. In the 1930's Campaign, I prefer "Fast BBs" over BC's. First thing I always do is put them on Sea Control.
  4. On Steam Beta build: Torpedo Evasion button. Not sure how this is supposed to work, but my impression is "drive in wild circles" If you give a division the Torpedo evasion order, it appears as though all but the leader will no longer respond to any further orders. Units break formation and just wander aimlessly. Campaign Still way too short. Research is pointless Building is nearly pointless Tested both above with stock file, and giving the AI 99 billion in funds, and 1000 reputation. BB's don
  5. That's my point exactly... "Can build monster torpedo ships". There's no risk associated with equipping weapons with exposed ordnance in an era when ships were expected to weather dozens to hundreds of hits per engagement. The undeniable meta is, if you aren't allocating at least 30% of your deck space to torpedo's, "your doing it wrong".
  6. Why torpedos need serious work. Many thousands of tons invested in 4x3 18" guns, and enough 7"/6" turrets to take on an entire fleet's escorts... What out performs all of that? a few hundred tons of torpedo's. (well ok, 12x5 24" launchers with max reloads, 6 per side) This is ridiculous. This is even with the questionably cheaty AI torpedo avoidance. I'm not looking for a debate on how torpedos are more lethal (they are, and should be). Just saying that the very real meta for this game will be to load an unkillable CL (or as illustrated, a super BB hull with solid spe
  7. Thought I'd throw yet another, impossible to kill CL out there for everyone's enjoyment.
  8. I was interested to hear an initial campaign had been released, until I had learned that content was gated behind unlocking prior content (as with the scenarios). I'd be happy to provide more precise feedback about bugs, but I'm not swimming through reams of half tested content and RNG to play things or eras I'm not interested in. If there is one piece of constructive feedback I can provide; "Please stop gating content behind unlocks". It's an antiquated game design feature. Especially for a single player game. It's also the reason I haven't played more than four scenarios...
  9. For the love of Mike... 347 hits, 19 floodings, 2 ammo detonations, 128 partial pens, 79 penetrations. It'd be funny if it weren't for the fact my brain dead AI screen wouldn't ignore this unkillable abortion and focus on the killable torpedo boats which were killing them. Whatever was done in the latest build, it was not an enhancement.
  10. This is _exactly_ the transitive point I am trying to make. If they continue on they're current route, with a broken ai ship designer and unsinkable light ships, who's going to want to play the campaign? Regardless of how good it is. If your foundation is 'dumpster fire' you'll never achieve anything better ... regardless of how good the primary feature is. I'm a software architect by day. Part of this job requires reviewing the work of fellow developers for architectural compliance, best practises (security/style), etc. Most of the times, it involves me complimenting a develope
  11. Normally I lurk, as I find these forums to border on toxic with lot's of 'naval-splaining'. However, after taking a couple months from the game and returning, I do have a rather strong opinion on this latest build. Plainly put, "dumpster fire". Notable regressions: The drydock/designer is now laggy and slow. The number of hulls/super structures which are useless is VERY high. Hulls you can't place the superstructure on at all. Hulls where the allowable super structure locations would make for a useless ship design with dire balance issues.
  12. Let me open by saying I love I am seeing so far. Custom battles alone, given a non-AAA price would justify my purchase of this game. The one thing that drives me crazy though, is AI ship designer. Playing 'Britain v France 1940'? Sometimes you'll be facing down Modernized Super Dreadnoughts (circa 1920), and other times a fleet of mega-Richelieus. Never mind situations where the same happens with every class of ship (treaty'ish one time, mega variants the next). It makes for a very spotty experience, where you end up with a 'cake-walk' up to a 'I don't nor can I ever, have enough b
  13. I'm with you in that, during multi-phased battles, everything is reset despite either urging to hurry in the previous phase, or despite the fact that you just held that impossible point despite the odds; annoying. I personally want to see all the phases they coded in for a battle, and am always cautious about NOT taking that "End it now" point. I want to see that content and I want to drag the battles out. I think simple copy changes or additions would go quite a ways to solving it. In the case of the game railroading you into another phase with your pieces reset, some copy
  14. Hi, I'll confess I haven't poured over the boards extensively, and find posts like this one very often cheesy. That said, of all the games I've played in the last couple years, I am impressed with UGCW and feel as though I got a bargain for the amount of entertainment. So congrats for that. My feedback; DLC now! please. Lengthen the campaign somewhat and stitch a few of the missing battles in. For another 20 minors and 5 majors I'd happily throw 25 bucks your way. The victory conditions dialog is ambiguous and hard to read. Specifically, I want to know which
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