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  1. Yes, a captain should have the prerogative to take whatever he decides with him and leave behind the rest if he chooses. This is one of the most illogical rules in the game.
  2. admin. After reading all of the forum suggestions I think it might be helpful to hear Game-Labs thoughts on the question. If you have your own solution for shrinking the number of nations, it would be good to know so that we could comment on your ideas. One nation proposal that I am definitely on board with is making Pirates the only hardcore faction, with only 4 dedicated map locations to operate out of: One in the Gulf of Mexico, one in the Caribbean Sea, one in the Bahama chain and Kidds Island. That would give them permanent but limited port access to all of the map.
  3. This is not entirely correct. Having the weather gauge is when a ship has any position upwind of the other vessel.
  4. Magellan DLC. Sextant. Player that owns the DLC foregoes using one of his perks.
  5. Lock n Load Tactical Digital is a new and fantastic game that is on sale for a few more days on Steam. For $16.00 you can get the base game plus the two DLC - 'Heroes of Normandy' & 'Heroes of Nam'. It's a no-brainer purchase. Similar to Game-Labs, this is a small company that needs support. Don't let the 'hex-counter board game' look shy you away. This is a fantastic and fun tactical game with deep rule sets.
  6. Shortly after the games release I requested that the battle of Franklin, Tennessee - fought on November 30, 1864 - be included with the game. It was one of the worst disasters of the war for the Confederate States Army. It also led to the end of the Army of Tennessee a few days later at Nashville. Five Confederate generals were killed at Franklin: Cleburne, Strahl, Gist, Adams and Granbury. For those interested, there is a great mod available for 'Total war: Napoleon' called, 'North & South: American Civil War'. This mod includes the Battle of Franklin as well as the other major battles of the American Civil War. Also, regarding Franklin, John Tiller Software offers 'Campaign Franklin' which covers, Spring Hill, Columbia and the Franklin battles. It is an older hex based game with dated, but recently polished graphics. The game is very historically faithful to the battles. Let's hope that the Battle of Franklin is ultimately included with, UG:CW.
  7. There's a interesting 'free to play' tall ship sailing sim called, 'a Painted Ocean', that is avaialable on the 'Rock, Paper, Shotgun' website. If understood correctly, the game is incomplete but playable. I thought that all age of sail enthusiasts might be interested in checking it out.
  8. Yep, you're exactly right. I need to brush up on my reading comprehension. If anyone would like more disinformation, feel free to contact me. : )
  9. I read the news today (oh boy) that a space station supply rocket was sending 8,200 pounds of supplies up to the International Space Station. That is more than twice the amount of supplies that the Naval Action Indiaman can carry....amazing.
  10. Yes, I would think that the actual speed boost would be (should be) relative to the size of the ship.
  11. Apologies if this has been answered previously. I have used the speed boost in a Tbirg and Indiaman but failed to note any speed differences. Using the same wind gust and the same point of sail, does a larger ship (L"Ocean) get the exact speed boost as a smaller, faster ship e.g. Lynx, or will the L'Ocean get a boost, but a slower or faster speed boost than the Lynx?
  12. Ok, that makes sense to me. Although I would think you would see this in open world only, not on the map. By the way, I do like the wind gust feature. Teleports mean nothing to me. I can take them or leave them.
  13. 100% agreement. I find it bewildering that we can see sail icons on the map that indicate where the wind gusts are located, but have to use a perk to see our ship location. Pretzel logic.
  14. There is a fantastic article over at 'Wargamer.com' titled, 'Further Reading - The Age of Sail'. I can attest to the one suggested movie title, 'The Admiral'. It revolves around Admiral Lieutenant Michiel de Ruyter. I also own one of the two suggested "must have" books: 'Seamanship in the Age of Sail'. The other suggested "must have" have book is, 'Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail'. This one has been highly recommended by Naval Action players for many years.
  15. Imagine if alts were banned and the Prolific Forger DLC actually had game consequences regarding Nation alliances. Also consider how a clan or nation member could be a true spy by using the Prolific Forger DLC to join and infiltrate the enemy for a period of time and thus forward information to his true nation of allegiance, while at the same time sacrificing his ability to participate in battles that aid that same nation of allegiance. Alts diminish the integrity of this game. And if you don't believe it just contemplate Wraith's statement above...."as long as you don't admit openly to being an alt while playing". Kinda like telling a burglar that he will not go to jail as long as he doesn't admit that the money he is spending came from the bank he just robbed.
  16. I will look forward to this one. Looks fantastic!
  17. There's a good 'First Look' article on Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail over at 'Wargamer.com'.
  18. I didn't understand a word, but enjoyed the video. : ) The land combat is obviously modeled after Ultimate General: Civil War, a game I love. Thanks for making and sharing.
  19. It was either Admin or Ink who said they were considering having some form of National Newspapers section included in the Forum. This would be where all battle news and port battle news would be posted for each Nation. In other words, each Nation would have a National Newspaper on the Forum that would reflect the spirit of the times.
  20. I'll post the suggestion yet again. Two battle ratings for each port battle. First BR would apply to all 3rd Rate ships and below for ship composition allowed for the port battle; the second BR would apply to 1st and 2nd Rate ship composition allowed for the port battle. The BR for both would insure that there would never be more than five ships of the line allowed into the port battle. The majority would consist of 3rd Rates and below.
  21. Victor. I used three ports as points of distance references and my given location was correct. Hope this helps.
  22. I'm going to suggest this one more time. Port battles should have 2 BR numbers. The first BR number goes toward the number of 3rd rate and lower ships allowed in the port battle. The second BR number goes toward the number of 1st and 2nd rates allowed. BR numbers for 1st and 2nd rates should be no higher than to allow, at the most, a combination of four to five 1st/2nd rates. BR numbers for 3rd rates and below would constitute the largest number of ships in the port battle. Guaranteed ship diversity.
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