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  1. Please point on the doll where the bad snow touched you. In all seriousness, sometimes realism does not make for good gameplay. If someone was skilled enough to sterncamp you, and you weren't capable enough to counter it, IMO you deserve to be sunk. I'm sorry, but poor play should not be rewarded just because you are in a big ship. This change would only make the winner of the battle almost always the one in the bigger ship.
  2. Looks like it. They're using the old skull on Privateer/Home Defence fleets.
  3. Lets not make it a dlc but a part of the game. Give players something like 35 points to craft ships with (5 points unlock per craft level) that is not attached to a port. This would allow players in nations without port investments to be a little more competitive, whilst maintaining the benefit of an invested port by producing even better ships.
  4. No. Lets not have stupid mechanics to lose ships just for the sake of it. Whilst some nations might be able to pump out 20 ships a day for port battles, not everyone has that luxury. This change would only hurt RvR in general - and disproportionately so for the smaller nations. Instead lets see what Admin is proposing first (apparently something in the works which won't allow for no-shows). Worst case, flags could be re-introduced at a cost and requiring a formed group within 10% of the BR. This would also eliminate having to PvE to attack a port.
  5. When you re-added the cooldown though, it is only for 24 hours which is again not long enough to set a timer. For example, this port was captured yesterday (Day 1) and was contested. Today (Day 2) the dutch can set a timer on it, but again it doesn't come into effect until after next maintenance. HOWEVER, it can be flipped currently at any time TODAY (Day 2) after the cooldown ends. So from 2245 TODAY until maintenance, this port can be flipped and the defenders have NO CHANCE to set a defence timer appropriate for them. The new timer will only come into effect TOMORROW (Day 3) and therefore would not impact any port battle time as a result of flipping TODAY (Day 2). Again, adding 24 hrs more to the timer, will result in successful port captures at least standing a chance, as Day 1 will be Port Battle and Contested, Day 2 they can set the timer, and Day 3 both the timer comes in and the port can be flipped (but having a timer now, they can appropriately defend).
  6. That's what we want. But that is not how it has been working. For the purpose of the example below, each Day is determined as a period between maintenance. Right now it has been: a) You win Port battle at 1700 Server Time (Day 1) b) Hostility cooldown is until 1700 Server Time the next day (Day 2) c) Port is contested until maintenance between Day 1 and Day 2 d) You can set timer on port on Day 2, becomes effective after next maintenance (on Day 3) e) Enemy can attack port any time after 1700 ST on Day 2 (cooldown ends) until Maintenance between Day 2 and Day 3 (eg: Enemy nation can declare port battle for 0400ST the next day - Day 3) due to not having a timer. f) Timer is applied during Maintenance between Day 2 and Day 3 g) Port battle on Day 3 is at whatever time the enemy attacked on Day 2. For nations like DK-NG, we cannot field a PB at 0400 ST so we would automatically lose the port. And the cycle repeats. All we would like is to increase the timer so that step e cannot happen before step f comes into effect, which requires the cooldown to be 48 hours (unless you can manage to make it just until 2 maintenance cycles). This will at least give us a chance to defend the ports we want to take.
  7. Isn't this thread supposed to be about cooldown timers? Noticed timers are back, but they are STILL not long enough to prevent enemy nightflip on successful capture. (24 hours after the PB time)
  8. GG @admin Just killed the game for any nation that can't field a PB fleet in all timezones. Whilst this change might be fine for some of the larger nations (mainly Sweden, Russia, GB who can have PBs basically 24/7), it basically kills any chance we in DK-NG have of doing anything. If we were to take any port now, the enemy will flip it at 0500 when they know we can't mount a reasonable defence. Not adding a cooldown for successful port captures (disallowing us from setting a timer) has just completely ruined any point in attacking any port. Cooldowns are necessary to prevent burnout, and right now I have 0 motivation to continue RvR in this broken system. Prussia took these 2 frontline ports yesterday, and unless they can mount a defence 24/7 they have no real way to prevent the enemy from taking it back at some obscure time when everyone is sleeping. PLEASE you MUST revert this cooldown change until you actually have the replacement system ready to go.....
  9. Or we can do the opposite to make it abundantly clear to the devs how broken this is.... (and perhaps just no show?) Seriously... I really don't get why this change happened. all that needed to happen was have either a shorter cooldown or no change until their updated mechanic was ready. This is just complete anarchy now.
  10. This change has made abundantly clear the fact the developers do not play this game. Using a chainsaw to fix a problem which required a chisel....
  11. .... Fixing a minor problem by making defence of a port even worse. Wouldn't be Naval Action if they didn't use a sledgehammer to fix a problem which requires a screwdriver.
  12. Australia has banned all large gatherings of 500 or more ppl, and our major sports leagues are planning to play in empty stadiums. People are going crazy over toilet paper though. Of all things, I would've thought the dry, non-perishable foodstuffs would've been first to go...
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