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  1. You know what, as someone who is against the recent removal of doubloons from current Cargo missions, I can totally get behind this. Why? I remember the days of running my Indiamen with China Tea from KPR to Cartagena, some of the most stressful times in the game and it actually made trading high-risk/value goods fun. They could do the cargo missions similar to every other game, with multiple difficulty tiers: eg: You're in KPR. Open up missions, and you see a new contract. George Town. The contract states that a recent storm has rendered George Town's provisions of Gunpowder flooded and damp. Your mission is to deliver 8 tons of Gunpowder to George Town. Accepting the mission will cost 50,000 reals deposit to purchase the goods. Upon successful delivery of the goods to George Town, you will receive your deposit back as well as a delivery bonus of 100,000 reals and 100 doubloons. You could even have missions for example which require delivery of muskets to spies in an enemy port, costing a lot more on initial investment, but with a VERY high payout (eg: 1M Reals, 5000 Doubloons, perhaps even rewarding combat medals or something for them). In these cases, they might even be visible to that nation that a spy is receiving a shipment and turn it into an event where players have escorts for traders etc. Just a few examples, but there REALLY needs to be a level of risk in these missions. I admit it is a bit ridiculous being able to just keep taking them, and just throwing away the one's I don't care about/want to do. These would still be missions, but there would be an investment risk involved so people may not run 3 captured trade brigs and instead run combat ships or escorts (depending on the mission + payout).
  2. Different strokes for different folks. Myself, I never used an alt for trade missions as sailing 1 ship is hard enough with all the shallows in the middle of nowhere. Only ever use an alt for the extra buildings + labour hours, and even then haven't collected any mats in weeks. This provided CHOICE. This CHOICE is now gone. So kindly piss off with your attitude. I never once insulted your CHOICE to farm AI, don't insult my CHOICE to do trading whilst watching movies/youtube.
  3. Yes. Again, my point still stands. I (or any player) would have to spend hours upon hours doing something we may not like (PvE grind for the sake of grind) just to afford a tier 1 shipyard. Yet alone a tier 3. Not everyone wants to do mindless PvE to get stuff. Reduce the building costs, and I have no problem (Tier 1 no doubs, tier 2 10k, tier 3 25k for example). All they needed to do (if anything) was give it the same treatment as reals by halving the reward and whilst people may complain a bit, it would be nothing like it is now.
  4. I have so far been to about a dozen ports and seen 0 trade missions with doubloons. In the past, there was usually at least 1 per port. If I have to sail to 20 ports to get 1% of a level 3 shipyard, this is a problem. Again, no issue if they reduce the building and ship cost, but as it is I think this is a bad change.
  5. I have no problem with this, but then they need to lower the cost for buildings and ships. As a new player, I want to do crafting and make ships. I should not have to do a buttload of kill/PVP kills just to afford a tier 1 shipyard. Likewise, if I want to make a 4th rate or more, it will take 10+ kill missions (1x 1st rate) just to get the doubloons to build that. Grind for the sake of grind is not fun, and will only result in people quitting when they lose their favourite ship and have to spend hours upon hours of grinding just to get another. DLC ships just became OP again. Yes. But they also completely removed any doubloons from trade missions making any sort of buildings near impossible if you don't already have them. All the ports I've been to have sold out of doubs already. The Doubloon market is gone basically overnight.
  6. RIP anyone wanting to build a shipyard. Acquiring 85k doubloons to go from no shipyard to level 3, plus needing the doubloons for the bigger ships all using 500 doubloon kill/hunt missions and/or 500-2000 in PvP - Yeah no thanks. Glad I have my L3 already, else I'd be screwed. Now add onto that Forge and Workshop, and GG. Just ridiculous. Another unnecessary change made without considering the consequences. All you had to do was give doubloons the same treatment as reals if you did anything (half the reward - 500 instead of 1000). Although in my opinion with how many things doubloons is used for, they needed no change at all. I expect that from today, you will probably see almost noone invest in a L3 shipyard if they don't already have one.
  7. Server wasn't up yet, but patch was released. Up now
  8. This seems like a flaw in game logic IMO. Makes a bit more sense, especially with Red Tail's comment about the unusual BR (9464 would only happen when undercrewed involved). IMO, undercrewing should have no effect on the BR. This means clans could theoretically get a few more 1st rates into a battle at slightly less performance, just by making sure everyone is undercrewed slightly. With crew bonuses from ports and knowledge books etc, you can counter that loss of crew and have no real drawback in performance.
  9. The only reason for this issue is the BR changes that came in with frontlines. We've been raising this as an issue endlessly, but it is just falling on deaf ears unfortunately. Don't expect any changes....
  10. While we're at it, also lets remove the ability to leave a battle. I'm sick of these people that run away from battles.
  11. Perhaps this is something more suited to a unique pirate mechanic. Make the nation more clan focused than nation focused, but allow a larger clan friends-list. Other nations, no thanks unless the port is opened to all. We have enough internal nation drama as it is, without a troll clan constantly causing problems.
  12. I miss the old system where you could level up crafting with other stuff, not just ships.... Least they could do is detach the labour hour wallet from crafting level...
  13. Britain: Like: Central location with ease of access to all areas across the map (except maybe the east US coast). Also not having to travel anywhere for PvP isn't the worst thing in the world. Dislike: Inattentive players who sail obliviously with 3x trader brigs and then whine in chat about not being defended by "the big clans" when they inevitably get attacked by an enemy player 2 minutes after leaving port, despite nation chat and combat news being full of warning signs.
  14. I think the number of slots are fine for combat players, but Crafter players have a very hard time having their crafting outposts as well as the outposts required for combat. IMO, 2 more slots (for 10 total) does not provide much more but certainly improves QoL for crafter players in enjoying the game. Also, no to DLC. Cosmetic DLC is best DLC.
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