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  1. It's always been the case (even with the old hostility missions) that if the battle were in deepwater that deepwater ships could engage shallow ports. This allowed for easy inst-flips on shallows if you could get it in the deep (under the old system). I personally believe that missions against shallow ports should be locked to deepwater ships just like Port Battles are, but it has always been working this way.
  2. Simple solution for a simple problem is the following addition: If (LivingEnemies == 0 && BattleTimer > 15 mins) { PlantSuccessful = true } And disable basic cutters
  3. No. It's frustrating enough as it is to do HDFs to have a chance of getting a flag. Forcing you to do HDFs with certain nations through a mission just adds more complication and takes up a mission slot. Lets keep it simple.
  4. Probably different item codes in steam's DB between the old version and the current version. They gave trico item code to every player with item code x, but GL forgot item code Y existed so it never got added to those.
  5. Casual solo player discovers Malabar Forest. Sells information to a clan for a reward. I know for some of these woods you might see clans offer bounty rewards (rare ships, upgrades, reals/doubloons etc.) to people who report a location of a forest to them. Casual/solo player would have just as much opportunity to sail around ports and find these, and if they get in first could easily get them themselves. There are a lot of ports out there after all... This would beat the "rarity" a little bit, but you could always tweak the numbers to make them rare. What it does do is create more things for people to do than just Combat or Trading, by creating a 3rd "exploration" type role. It also presents a bit more fairness to the map, rather than locking things like the fastest woods behind having alts in every nation.
  6. Just give that to everyone just like the redeemable flag. Everyone who wants to do RVR will just end up creating 200 million clans with everyone as officers just to get this.
  7. I have NEVER met anyone building WO/WO for the thickness (Always for the HP/Repairs). I'm sorry, but completely changing the entirety of the woods purpose on a whim is complete BS. Reducing some of the values, fine, but completely removing the reason people built certain ships already is NOT something a release product should be doing.
  8. Reverting to the old mechanic of "If you're not there in 2 minutes, too bad" would fix a lot of the problems.... Just saying. Keep the current rules as the PZ rules, and the rest of the OW with this 2 minute timer. There is too much abuse with the current rules in OW everywhere.
  9. No limit. If you can be fast enough to not only get in, but to tag them (When they're running away), fight them off, and then run away from the bigger fleets, then you deserve the rewards.
  10. I believe the reason they don't drop wood chests yet is because they need to "run away" from bigger ships. As they have boosted speed, you would need some very fast wind boosted frigates to catch them. At least that's how I understood the patch notes when they were added:
  11. It's almost as if the "Keep in battle" mechanic was changed in the last patch... Probably you just didn't do enough % damage, as L'Ocean has a decent amount of HP https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/36104-patch-welcome-to-the-caribbean-part-3-improved-rvr-roe-and-new-player-mission/
  12. Is it possible someone hit the Magazine to make it boom?
  13. Port Management: Add additional investment rights option for "Clan officers." This would behave similar to a clan warehouse, where only the officers of the clan can invest into it. I have made this a separate post to conform with the rules, but should be done at the same time as the splitting of investment rights suggestion (So they can set the right to invest to officers only to control investments and prevent accidents, while at the same time opening up access to everyone).
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