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  1. Ahhhh ok. I agree completely. Added 2 more ships was unnecessary, and the flag drop chance needs to be increased and/or expiry removed. But what will really happen: *Next Patch* - Home Defense Fleets have had their HP increased as they were sinking too quickly. The 2 wasas have also been replaced with 4 Bucentaures to increase the chances of getting a flag from a single battle.
  2. Wasn't RNG at all. If you went in with a valid strategy, they were quite manageable. AFAIK, not 1 port fell whilst AI raids were on PvP last time - or if there were any, can't have been often as I don't remember them.
  3. We took it a month ago, and RVR was disabled a day or 2 later..... such Neglect.... This will ONLY result in frontline ports being raided, because timers are MANDATORY if we don't want to have to defend our port from enemy nations at hello kittying 2am..... Timer = -250k money = poorest port = Raid Or ports in bum-hello kittying nowhere that noone can reasonably attack so noone cares enough to put a timer... Like seriously, do you even think these things through?
  4. Because clearly we weren't having enough port battles causing stagnation on the map. Maybe they need to have the flag battles now spawn a port raid, then we have to fight the AI in a port raid and capture the indiaman to get a new flag, which we then have to sail back to our port to redeem and get a battle totem. Then sail up and place the battle totem on the port by destroying the fort in a battle and then sailing onto the docks. Then we might have less stagnation.
  5. Seriously.... now we have to put hello kittying timers for 5000 million reals on every bloody port. At this point why bother playing...
  6. Casual solo player discovers Malabar Forest. Sells information to a clan for a reward. I know for some of these woods you might see clans offer bounty rewards (rare ships, upgrades, reals/doubloons etc.) to people who report a location of a forest to them. Casual/solo player would have just as much opportunity to sail around ports and find these, and if they get in first could easily get them themselves. There are a lot of ports out there after all... This would beat the "rarity" a little bit, but you could always tweak the numbers to make them rare. What it does do is create more things for people to do than just Combat or Trading, by creating a 3rd "exploration" type role. It also presents a bit more fairness to the map, rather than locking things like the fastest woods behind having alts in every nation.
  7. These are not improvements. The "improvements" you list there do nothing but incentivise moving to large nations at the detriment of smaller nations. It's already hard enough to get numbers for home defense fleets as it is in smaller nations, but now we get 1 flag per fleet (10% drop chance, just over 10 ships per fleet) so we have to hit ~5 fleets per week just to do port battles (and we need more players). Way to take a fun mechanic and turn it into yet another large nation advantageous chore of a grind... We have to defend our ports too, so when will we have time to grind these? Ridiculous... At least only have expiry for top 3 nations or something...
  8. Except Wooden Chests can be acquired in other ways. I don't care if they're added to HDFs for some people, but there needs to be other methods to acquire them. For example, mission to sink x flag carriers rewards a flag, successfully planting x flags rewards a flag (where X is some number). perhaps even add them to the loot table of captains/admirals chests or something. Just some way to get them that isn't PVE grinding. This is a PvP server after all.....
  9. Yes, because we all want to be forced to spend even more time grinding PvE HDFs than we already have to.... It's this continuous insistence on there having to be endless grind for content that has driven players away, I expect even the current system will have a similar result.
  10. So rather than give us the actual cap values, you're going to remove everything? This impacts being able to plan ship builds on useful tools such as felix's map. Instead of "You're looking at the wrong values, you need to look at these" it's "We're going to removal all values". Sounds logical... All we want is to know what these caps are so when we build ships for certain things (ie: HP), we don't end up with a nasty surprise. EDIT: Looks like Felix has manually coded caps into his tool, but it would be nice if we could get accurate values still using API/Something.
  11. Server is having issues: We crashed it with too much testing already. You can't enter/leave battles or ports at the moment (at least from what I'm reading in global/discord).
  12. Suggestion: Add a control circle on the dock, or something like Patrol zone circle to these new hostility missions. With the new speed cap increases, the current circle-less system (at least from what I've seen 5 minutes into a mission) will result in max speed lynx flag carriers just running away to guarantee a battle. Perhaps in the battle there can be the rules like a port battle (1000 points) on a capture point somewhere. Capturing the circle generates "Hostility points", enemy capturing the circle reduces "Hostility points." Sinking ships (unless the flag carrier) would result in nothing. If the attackers hit 1000 points, battle is set.
  13. Just give that to everyone just like the redeemable flag. Everyone who wants to do RVR will just end up creating 200 million clans with everyone as officers just to get this.
  14. I have NEVER met anyone building WO/WO for the thickness (Always for the HP/Repairs). I'm sorry, but completely changing the entirety of the woods purpose on a whim is complete BS. Reducing some of the values, fine, but completely removing the reason people built certain ships already is NOT something a release product should be doing.
  15. Reverting to the old mechanic of "If you're not there in 2 minutes, too bad" would fix a lot of the problems.... Just saying. Keep the current rules as the PZ rules, and the rest of the OW with this 2 minute timer. There is too much abuse with the current rules in OW everywhere.
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