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  1. Admin/Ink, It would be wonderful if we could actually get some patch notes as to what you are changing!
  2. The AI are not difficult, the hp buff and damage buff is good! the issue with them atm is the 90 Degree angle they can shoot both broadsides at, but glad thats being fixed!
  3. People need to realise though, and i believe admin even said it when it was added. The first 4 missions are the tutorial, the challenges are harder and are meant for those players who have completed the tutorial and got a little gametime experience in. The final exam is then meant for players who have completed both the tutorial, challenges and got in a fair bit more gametime.
  4. So what your saying is that the russians will be the only people who are able to craft ships like this after you make your update? Because your making the decision to allow them to keep the already made investments, so once again you will be making people not want to fight in case they come up against one of these ships? Yet another mistake from admin
  5. When will more Paints be added to the DLC? the choice of paints we have at the moment tbh is pretty pitiful.
  6. Russians are Using pirate Hostility missions to grind up hostility for Santiago De Cuba. this is a clear exploit and use of a loophole to break and get around the Frontline system. This needs fixed ASAP, and the hostility/port battle on Santiago De Cuba needs cancelled or reverted. P.s im not a Brit player
  7. Within 6 hours of the map reset, there was 26 port battles set. They were all used
  8. and it also happens that the Russians were set up in every freeport ready to go as soon as the map wipe happened to grind more or less every available port? Most players who actually hunt have outposts in a variety of free ports. Flexibility is not a conspiracy theory. -Powderhorn
  9. the Pavel and the Buc used to be 2 second rates that were both useable, and both had their advantages and disadvantages. But for whatever reason @admin decided to buff the Buc, and then nerf the shit out of the Pavel making it absolutely useless! I hope we can see it become useful again as it once was! it was a Beautiful and great ship once! let it be again!
  10. gunboat is still around i got one the other day!
  11. @admin @Ink is it possible we can get a fix for the chasers and stern guns, sometimes firing and hitting your own ship on the way out? this has been a part of the game for as long as i can remember.
  12. Constitution should never have been made a 3rd rate, its stupidity and you can see that just by looking at its paper stats. The average/below average players struggles vs 4th rates in a constitution and they decided to make it a 3rd rate.
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