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  1. Within 6 hours of the map reset, there was 26 port battles set. They were all used
  2. and it also happens that the Russians were set up in every freeport ready to go as soon as the map wipe happened to grind more or less every available port? #InsideIntel
  3. the Pavel and the Buc used to be 2 second rates that were both useable, and both had their advantages and disadvantages. But for whatever reason @admin decided to buff the Buc, and then nerf the shit out of the Pavel making it absolutely useless! I hope we can see it become useful again as it once was! it was a Beautiful and great ship once! let it be again!
  4. @admin @Ink is it possible we can get a fix for the chasers and stern guns, sometimes firing and hitting your own ship on the way out? this has been a part of the game for as long as i can remember.
  5. Constitution should never have been made a 3rd rate, its stupidity and you can see that just by looking at its paper stats. The average/below average players struggles vs 4th rates in a constitution and they decided to make it a 3rd rate.
  6. not talking in game, talking actual history. The Rat was an Improved-wasa class 3rd rate SOL. Although its good that they have made it balanced while being a 4th rate. But this post was about the L'Hermoine as a DLC, and its cost while being so.
  7. literally look at the first line of the post, there is the issue. then look at the last line of the post, that may well be the reasoning for the issue.
  8. the "rat" is an improved wasa class, but yet the wasa is 3rd rate after being nerfed to near enough useless, and the "rat" is a 4th rate
  9. i didnt say listen to me and you'll have all the players. And i think my post states clearly what the issue with the DLC is. Irrespective of how i finished the post off. you on the other hand, add nothing constructive
  10. because you are commenting, on my post, with literally nothing to actually say about the issue that the post is about.
  11. the devs made their own call, and the population of the 3 servers went from 3k on each server, to 500 on 2 servers. so i think we can clearly see how well the devs 'own call' went
  12. if you dont like the post, get off it and dont comment on it, you are obviously not intelligent enough to see what the issue is.
  13. i dont think your quite getting the point, its not just change, change is fine, hell in the case of this game, change is good. but as i said, taking a Mediocre(at best) ship thats been in the game for round about 2 years, removing it from the game and selling it as a DLC at £23.79. This is literally nothing but shameful practice on part of the development team.
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