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  1. What update version should we be on as of August 11, 2019? Is version 1.6.38 current??
  2. It has been a few days since I logged in. An update is needed but has no peers to complete this update and the game will not start without it. Is there a work around to fix this?? Thanks
  3. You already have that with 3rd rate, bellona, victory etc.....................
  4. I know this information should be in here as I have done this in the past but have forgotten how to now and unable to find the directions. I have a ship I built for a person and thought I remembered how to get it to him. I have been unable to transfer the ship as I have forgotten the mechanics of the process. Does anyone still do this?
  5. Check your firewall and see if the application is blocked. The VPN will allow you to pass through the firewall, if this is the only way to reach the forum. The VPN will allow you to tunnel through local settings. Worth taking a look at.....
  6. LOL, we all get a 4 day vacation from being at sea and all y'all going nuts..............................................
  7. It would be great to have the 7 years war as well. Any thought to having famous battles that can be recreated to see how you could change the outcome, a Wooden ships kind of thing??
  8. Remember a number of ships ferrying soldiers these SOL ships were "en flute", i.e. removing most of their cannons and serving as transport ships. 9 Ships of the Line have been know to ferry 3,650 soldiers across the Atlantic to Quebec which equals about 405 persons being transported per ship. The convoy would have been escorted by four additional, fully armed SOLs. So, 300 people on a brig would be overloaded. IMHO
  9. When can we be able to get a copy?
  10. As long as it takes to do so. If you had read the message from the developers PvP wipes first, followed by some testing prior to release. Take a breath please.
  11. Absolutely good to see. Thank you for the knowledge update!!
  12. So where in the message it mentions "Server Maintenance" 17th - 19th????
  13. We will never have that kind of information, it will happen when it happens. It has always been this way. Grab a beer and watch re-runs of Combat on YouTube until then.
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