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  1. Check your firewall and see if the application is blocked. The VPN will allow you to pass through the firewall, if this is the only way to reach the forum. The VPN will allow you to tunnel through local settings. Worth taking a look at.....
  2. LOL, we all get a 4 day vacation from being at sea and all y'all going nuts..............................................
  3. It would be great to have the 7 years war as well. Any thought to having famous battles that can be recreated to see how you could change the outcome, a Wooden ships kind of thing??
  4. Remember a number of ships ferrying soldiers these SOL ships were "en flute", i.e. removing most of their cannons and serving as transport ships. 9 Ships of the Line have been know to ferry 3,650 soldiers across the Atlantic to Quebec which equals about 405 persons being transported per ship. The convoy would have been escorted by four additional, fully armed SOLs. So, 300 people on a brig would be overloaded. IMHO
  5. When can we be able to get a copy?
  6. As long as it takes to do so. If you had read the message from the developers PvP wipes first, followed by some testing prior to release. Take a breath please.
  7. Absolutely good to see. Thank you for the knowledge update!!
  8. So where in the message it mentions "Server Maintenance" 17th - 19th????
  9. We will never have that kind of information, it will happen when it happens. It has always been this way. Grab a beer and watch re-runs of Combat on YouTube until then.
  10. Yes, this is a launch. Another wipe after the Launch? Who really knows, but I think not. I do see the possibility of future resets of conquest areas to keep it playable on the PvP server. Not necessary for the PvE server as all ports are fixed. I have quit worrying over a wipe or not. Reading all the different opinions , which has included passionate verbal barrages, only summed up to creating a new approach to working the game. It is a good thing its a sandbox where you can approach it from a various directions. Having over 1800 hours in the game, top ranked in XP and can craft anything is a great personal loss of time invested and experience earned with this wipe. I hope the future only are resets and doesn't effect any personal gains.
  11. Good to see you again, Taranis. I was thinking a bit more on this and I can see resets in the future when in the PvP world conquests gets lopsided (as it has in the past) but as a full wipe I believe that can be a major error if they go down that path. so I do not see that as fix all/end all operation. Schedule resets would be acceptable as to be allowed time to gather supplies and ships, return to capitals and prepare for another rage on the Caribbean. We learned a long time ago that no matter what we think about the survival of the game or player base to keep the game going, the Dev's did as they wished. It's as if they have all the resources and finances to build a game they want even if it is build for the Dev's own pleasure and we are here to make it interesting for their world. Remember there have been time where PvP had 900 on line at a time, then changes we made and a bunch left. Some came back and some more left, again and again. Although the more interesting part is PvE has been pretty steady all along number wise. This game is like none other and I believe the developers are keeping it that was. This explains why hardcore games are frustrated with the mechanics because it doesn't make sense to them from a gaming POV. So if you had all the money you ever needed and wanted to play a game like this one and there wasn't anything like it on the market, so you create a group of talented people , give yourself a name , and Alpha your desire to be tested - then you have what we got right now. IMHO
  12. I admit it doesn’t feel good having yet again to go through another wipe and this time lose everything. Four (4) years, 1800+ hours logged, three wipes make it hard to swallow. I can still retain my experiences and knowledge on the PvE and will continue to enjoy this game there. The PvP side, I don’t know if I am willing to put through the effort to ever go back to that server. It has been infrequent since the major ganking days a couple of years ago and from this point forward having to start at 0 in the PvP world just doesn’t have any appeal to participate. I am not a Dev and have no say in the way things will turn out. The only thing I can change is my approach to the game. Will I continue to play, you bet. On the PvP server? Most likely not. I do not need Port Battles and global domination to enjoy the game. I hope to still see all y’all on the other side of the wipe. We are a unique bunch that enjoys a different paced game and is immersed into a historical venue like nothing before it. You know what’s coming and you can change the way you approach it. Remember everyone here is losing something, so lets cool our jets, take a deep breath and rest our clocks. Time to regroup and start a positive attitude. IMHO
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