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  1. Back when the latest wipe was pending and there were concerns about the PVP server being merged, then left alone got me thinking about the one server direction a fair amount of people wanted. The idea that came out of it as was squashed was a small "safe" area for the PVE part of the game and the rest of the world was for the war mongers. If the concept was reversed where you had hunting grounds where PVP was allowed or in other words a series of PVP fighting zones and non PVP fighting zones. The fighting zones I envision would be more in the center of the map as ports won and attained creates shorter and faster routes to the coast lines and other supply havens. Save journeys would be long circumnavigation routes, or at best a complicated zigzag through the PVP zones. Miscalculated path will have you in a PvP war zone and that is your fault for taking a short cut and not paying attention to you sail skills. If you do not want to take a chance the it is a long trip to sell your wears. PORT Battles would be those ports that fall in the battle zones. This really allows PvE'rs to jump into the PvP world and experience a real human interaction from time to time. It allows the mechanics not witnessed in the PvE world and would broaden the horizons for all players This seems to be a very easy solution and have all on the same server. You can move back and forth from PvP to PvE as you please. I thought I would bring this up as part of the discussion, no harm, no foul.
  2. Personally I like the game the way it currently is. There have been many changes in the past two years with this game and the current version, IMHO, is excellent. It takes time for, a solo player like me, to build up a fleet, docks, mats, XP and rank. I have enjoyed this game much over the past two years. What is it that keeps you from going in and developing your own sand box? What, exactly, are you alluding to as missing? Please refrain from examples of POTBS and EVE as I and a few others here have never played these games and when someone says it should be more like, or have this like that, tells me absolutely nothing. Thanks
  3. I cannot connect as well. Since I had logged off in OW last time I played it cannot verify credentials for access to either PvP servers. So until fixed, as least, I cannot log onto any server.
  4. Or at least advertise where the game will be like once completed and then give quarterly update as to where they are at in accomplishing their goal. This should keep those following the progress a feeling of where the game currently is. A lot of individuals have misconceptions based upon a number of factors - an incomplete game can really throw curve balls to some vocal people, LOL.
  5. AngryPanCake, et 'al I will try to keep this brief and lay it out for you, as well as others, to understand. While right now your persona is a character on all servers only the XP for rank and XP for crafting are the only items that are kept up to date on all servers you have your character on (updates are through the XP files on steam). Money, mats, ships and any other items you have in your possessions do not transfer at all. What you gain on the PvE cannot be relocated or taken with you when you go to either of the PvP servers, visa-versa (or even between the two PvP servers – its the same thing). When the wipe happens the XP points you gain from that point forward on one server will not transfer to any other server. All servers will be isolated from one another. If you have a character on all three servers you will have three different persona, each unique to the server they reside on, as the link to steam will be broken from the wipe forward. Each advancement made before the wipe carries to all your characters on each server (one per server) but after the wipe your XP on one server will not pass to a character on another server eliminating the gains from one server to be used on another server. Remember the only gains here are experience points. You cannot just slide from one server to another. Each requires a complete disconnect before gaining access to another server. All the servers could be on different machines or in the housing of a single machine. It makes no deference where the servers are to play. They could very well be in my machine for all that technology has to offer these days. The point here is each server is a separate stand alone game in a machine somewhere in the world with the current PvE and PvP(eu) housed at the same location, somewhere in Europe. Thank you for your thoughts and illustrations but I think you had missed the point a bit. Then if one person missed it so can others. Rack up the XP's as you can and spread them to your other foot holds on the other servers while you can. Shortly it will not be an option. Remember it is: One Name with Two Games.
  6. Over the past couple of years I have watched the changes being made to this game through the forum and getting involved with the game over a year ago. There are definitely two types of people playing this game and we can all see the two sides people lean toward with the writings herein. You have the extremes on both sides (it is almost like politics). There are the PvP purist that see only a world with out any AI what so ever, all people all the time as one side of the scale and you have the player who has been raised on a computer game being a single interaction with the computer without any interaction with a live person on the other side of the scale. As with all extremes they are in the minority. Most of the players here gravitate towards the middle but are very steadfast to their preference of game play. All large developments over the past year has been toward the PvP as they were experiencing the largest issues mainly centering around Port Battles and the ways the economics were to played out. Just the economics changes alone have been major enough that after the two huge changes implemented made changes in the direction of how to craft and trade to see a wonderful variety of trading opportunities we have today. As a solo player across all servers I spent more time in the trades and never got involved with the Port Battles aspect as I have found the individuals fighting over the mechanics and complaining how others were exploiting the mechanics of the Port Battles was more than what I wanted to be a part of. Some here will remember a time where people were starting to get their first 1st Rates and were using them in the Port Battles. The up roar of those then who wanted to limit the number of 1st Rates against the 2nd and 3rd Rates. They wanted a Historical representation of these battles and months were spend fighting over who could or could not use a 1st Rate – the fighting this cause with no changes made was a real waste of time. Any changes (other than PB's as that aspect is turned off in PvE) that were employed on the PvP servers was also employed on the PvE server. When the use of AI was limited on the PvP servers it was also limited on the PvE server as well. While the PvE server has benefited from the changes in the game made for the PvP servers, it has been shorted by the concentration development for the PvP'ers world. With the upcoming wipe and the disconnect of information across the three servers a true and expanded play-ability developments can be applied to the PvE server. A world where we can have an aggressive AI (more so than what the PvP server calls for), there is an idea that mentions something about blockades that would make a great addition to the PvE experience. AI fleets don't need to take a break and go to work or sleep or have to take care of the hundreds of small jobs the wife demands to be completed. The PvE world can be very similar but very, very different than the PvP world, as it should be. As the wipe approaches, I look forward to developments in the PvP game that will make it a greater experience than is already is. And, still waiting for a section of the Forum to have a PvE segment of it's own for the development and expansion of the PvE version of the game. A place where those involved with the PvE server can collectively meet and discuss issues of the game without the interference that comes from the PvP players as it does currently. Naval Action, One Name, Two Games.
  7. Combining everyone into a single server will not increase the player base to where you believe it should be. Whether you put all PvP players into the PvE server or all PvE players into the PvP server it will not be the outcome you are looking for. There are two distinct approaches to this game and there are people who enjoy their approach only and cannot conceive of any other method of playing. There are some, like me, who will (currently) play on all three servers. I still lean towards the PvE as my favorite due to my time constraints but if the only server were to be PvP only then you will seldom see me at all. Did that increase you player base? No. Keep the PvE and I am engaged with everything happening as I am active in both the game and as part of this community. Take away a part of the game I find enjoyable and I will see you when I see you and not a moment soon as I may be finding a replacement for the style of game I do very much enjoy. Combining the PvE and the PVP into the same world is a challenge the Dev's have to face and it is not easy to balance the difference play styles that are associated with each type of approach. I believe improvements in the PvE world will enhance the game overall for both worlds. When that happens then a redress of a combination of both play styles may work after all. Until then, two servers, two worlds, two approaches to the game, two different type of people enjoying the same type of world with their own unique approach to the age of sail.
  8. This is great news for the PvE community. In the past 15+ months issues were addressed for the PvP community: Port battles and timers, economics, curtailing ganking (over end over). Battle adjustments due to time zones and other aspects for creating port battles including limiting the type of battle due to the depth of the harbor. A lot of great work has been poured into the game for the benefit of the PvP'ers. Having the admin group will spend the time as indicated to enhance the PvE side of the game over the next 18 to 24 months will enrich the experience for everyone. This is a win-win for everyone as the benefits of a change do in fact effect all players. Absolutley looking forward to the wipe and the adventures beyond.
  9. Fine woods affected every ship building project, and in a major way that was too disabling. It took over two and a half weeks of harvesting fir to get the amount of fine fir for an exceptional Surprise. I never made the required amount of fine fir before I maxed out with the collection of fir. I have enough first in the warehouse to make tar until the cows come home. It isn't just the building of first rates but all ships were affected. I, for one am glad to see the suspension of the fine woods. For the very short time fine woods were implemented, I had been unable to complete any ship building project greater than common. So I quit building ships, it was too frustrating to attempt to build even for my desires let alone a contracted build. I went trading instead, if you wanted a ship, my feeling was go buy one from the AI, its cheaper and isnt anything different than i can supply. I feeling was this ship building facility is closed. This has all changed with the removal of the fine woods for ship building. I am glad to see fine woods suspended for the time being.
  10. There was an aggressive factor to the AI ships in the PvE server. They brought on a element awareness and enhancement to the game. If it wasn't the AI itself but an area where AI becomes aggressive would be better. This way one can circumnavigate a hot location or plow through it knowing the possibility of an engagement may take place.
  11. PvE already has a server and has nothing to do with the PvP servers. The only thing gained and used across all servers is the experience and rank due to that information is stored on Steam and not on the servers. PvE players spent the same money as you to play in the Caribbean as well. I cannot understand why there are people who, 1. Do not want the PvE players to be on their own server and 2. Try to include their PvE style on the PvP server but they only get a small strip of Pacific Coast to play in. The constant attack on the PvE player, the PvE server and holier-than-thou attitude that is emitted from a fair number of PvP elitist gets very annoying.
  12. Just the fact that some look at eliminating the PvE server as means to increase the population of a PvP server is just the type of attitude that keeps the PvE players away from wanting to participate in PvP.
  13. As primarily a PvE player, there is still a lot to learn under the new patch. Prior the the patch I had been experimenting on the PvP servers and was doing well on both. With the new patch and seeing the new limitations combined with an explosion of trading goods I am still trying to get a handle on how I want to go forward as a trader. For me and the limited time I am currently working under, I do not have the time to spend on either PvP server to try to reconfigure my actions in this game. Being on the PVE server does allow me to stop mid stream and pick up days later she without having to worry about my outposts being over ran and being a game changer. If there is ever a good reason for keeping the PvE server separate is for reasons just like this. For the solo player this server is a must, it has the perfect atmosphere for trading and a leisurely battle now and then. I have been on for sessions less than 30 minutes and there are times I have been on for hours. The last thing I want is when I am done and ready to quit for the night is to be tagged and drug into a battle against my will or desire. There are many here that fill the same way. I do find the atmosphere on the two PvP servers to be very different. However you get together to fix the population issues you are experiencing on the PvP servers you need to approach it as if the PvE server does not exist. The type of fix you need would have to come from brainstorming an approach other than trying to eliminate a way a fair number of people are playing this game. So far it feels no matter what the perceived problem PvP is having the first thing that hits the forum is merging PvE into PvP. This move has a negative impact on players who do not like the PvP side of this game and does nothing to increase the numbers you think you may get. From my observation of the number of people playing this game, it is about (average) 20% of the player base occupies time in the PvE server. Generally these players are enjoying themselves in a world you have found to be boring, and I can never understand the reasoning for taking it away from them. Not everyone wants Port Battles. I for one have no interest in Port Battles at all. An occasional duel with a live person is fun but that is not the end game for people like myself. I venture in to the PvP side from time to time as it is different but it isn't my primary game choice. Still, I prefer the PvE server over the PvP. If the PvE server were to disappear how much will you see me on the PvP server? About as much as you currently see me now, next to nothing. Will you can anything? So please, when trying to encourage people to play on the PvP then find a viable way in doing so without thinking the people playing on the PvE are yours to decide to do with as you wish.
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