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New Feature Proposals - Combat



Please propose your ideas in the following way.

  • 1 Post = 1 Proposal.
    • Players will vote on 1 proposals only. Multiple proposals will mix different subjects and confuse.
    • Multitiered or multi subject proposals will be removed.
  • Keep the proposals on the topic subjects
  • Do not comment. The thread is for proposals only
  • If you want to improve on other people proposals contact them so they can update the post. 
  • Best proposals will be brought up by the system based on likes and we will comment on them once in a while. Proposals which dont get community attention will be ignored and will sink to the bottom.


Example of formatting 
Correct example

  • Cannon crafting proposals
    • Cannon crafting change rationale
    • Cannon crafting current version and whats wrong
    • Proposal on cannon crafting change

Incorrect version

One post 

  • Cannon crafting proposal (should be a separate in a economy section)
  • Trading proposal (should be a separate post in an economy section)
  • Hostility proposal (should be a separate post in RVR section)
  • DLC ship proposal (should be a separate post in DLC section
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Short range musket fire, very efficient to kill the crew of nearby lower vessels.

The crew has to be assigned to that task, like sailing or boarding and is missing on other stations, marines are automatically assigned to that task. The assigned crew will load their guns and fire at nearby targets, when triggered by the player. The closer the enemy, the deadlier the result. No automatism in it (except for aiming).

Range max. 50 to 75m.

This should do away with small ships hugging big ones.

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Water depth and ships draft

The whole map (OW and battle instance incl PB) shall have a defined water depth, not only shallow and deep).

Battles near the coast will become a way more interesting, when the bigger ships cannot follow the smaller ones or when in PB 3rd rates and above can only manoeuvre in certain areas, while frigates and maybe shallow draft dutch liners have a way more freedom.

This would have the benefit, that there will be again areas for 6th and 7th rates, some ports may only be accessible in 5th rates and even the small frigates may find their place in the game.

Ports won't be shallow or deep, but accessible for a draft of 5 feet, etc.

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Small Boat Crews:

  • Tied to 0 key in battle
  • Launches a small boat that can be sent to a designated target on the combat map.
  • Selecting a defeated ship will loot.
  • Selecting your own ship will pull you off a beach
  • Takes 2% crew
  • 5 minute timer with a 5 minute cooldown.
  • If cancelled within the 5 minute timer (by pressing 0), then action is cancelled (looting/towing)


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I don’t see this one already in the thread.


Automatically redeem PVP zone rewards at maintenance.

Too often players forget or don’t have time to get back to port in time to manually redeem the rewards.

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The ability for low BR side to close battle for random players or close it totally after 2 mins from start

For example:

First 2 mins joining like always

After 2 mins player who was tagged or tag on low BR side have three hotkeys (f1, f2, f3?)

F1 - close battle for his side

F2 - only same nation able to join his side

F3 - only clanmates able to join his side

It will close ability to share battle BR by random players (and "alts!").



Возможность для более слабой стороны (по БР) закрывать битву для случайных игроков или закрывать её полностью для всех после двух-минутного таймера


Первые две минуты всё как сейчас

После прохождения двух минут, игрок который инициировал бой или тот кого в бой затянули (верхние в списке по табу) более слабой стороны имеет 3 хоткея (f1, f2, f3?)

F1 - закрывает возможность заходить в бой на его стороне

F2 - только игроки той же нации смогут заходить в бой

F3 - только его соклановцы смогут заходить в бой

Это уберёт возможность увеличивать БР битвы случайными игроками (и конечно же альтами).

Edited by Gamover
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Patrol Zone changes/tweaks

Currently there are 2 identical patrol zones in the rotation at different locations that allow 4th rate max. Shroud cay PZ occurs twice a rotation and is exactly the same as deadmans cay pz, so thats 3 mechanically identical shallow pzs in a single rotation. Creating a patrol zone that maxes out at deepwater 5th rate makes patrol zones and the rewards therein (both in combat medals and fun) become more accessible to newer players that can't afford to buy or craft top of the line 4th rates. 5th rates are cheap to produce or buy, easy to cap, easy to learn, and above all fun.  It could be looked at as another rung on the player progression ladder and its a ladder that needs a shitload more rungs imho. Also imho the lower the tier, the less higher end mods help you, therefore having more pzs capped at lower rates also helps new players that dont yet have elite mods or the knowledge to properly utilize them. With the imminent price change i would hope we would get alot of new players joining the community. Im interested, like most others, in seeing them stick around. 

Create or convert an existing patrol zone to be capped at (deep water) 5th rate. 

Create or convert an existing patrol zone to be capped at 6th rate (if you have to pick one do the 5th rate, if anything at all)

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More animated crew visible in battle.

The crew can be walking around the deck, climbing the rigging, and steering the ship. 

Some can be modeled to look like officers and some can look like marines (if they are equipped).

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- Spice up gun crafting

 Rare blueprints/permits should allow players to recast rare guns in their forge

 Ingredients:  Iron from other rare guns, rare metal trade good (lancashire iron,  swedish iron, copper ingot...) iron ore, coal, dubs, labor hrs  = creates other rare guns

Example: 12 x 32 congreve , 12 rare metal trade good (swedish iron etc) , iron ore, coal , dubs, labor hrs = 6 x 12 pdr Blome

This could also apply to create the not ingame calibres like 36 pdr or 6 pdr 

Blueprints could either come from wooden chests or elite ships eg.

Edited by Jan van Santen
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Weather Effects in Combat

e.g. Rain allows a chance for some guns to fail and not fire.
e.g. Storms push ships more and result in greater keel and even capsize depending on amount of sail used (Full/Battle/Slow).
e.g. Very hot days with bad wind e.g. 8-10kn result in greater chance for fire on ships.
e.g. Very hot days or very cold days make crew reload slower.
e.g. Very rare Lightning can break top masts
e.g. Very rare monster waves can de-crew ships in battle

This will make the use of other upgrades e.g. ballast and buckets more useful. 

Max wind speed is not constant. 
e.g. if the max wind speed (during battle) is 15.5kn (high) then ships can go at normal speeds. If wind is only 11kn all ships cannot go faster than 11kn. If (in a storm) wind is 21kn, then ship speeds will scale.



Edited by Andrei
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When two ships are in boarding combat.

  • Any shots fired upon the ship being boarded (by surrounding ships, friend or foe) should damage crew on both sides, since literally the attacker crew is onboard the boarded ship.
  • This includes of course, the popular de-crew by raking. Rake a boarded ship should damage crew on both sides.
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Lines added on the Armor bars to show mast HP. The lines could work by changing color like modules. For masts with multiple sections could be split between the armor bars, left for top, mid for mid, and right for bot section.  

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In NA we are able to set different amounts of sail, like ships actually had back in the days.

But in NAs recent state it usually makes no sense to use other settings than full sails with or without staysails (depower button): Manual sailing allows for slowing down, stoping and reversing a vessel.

I‘d like to give the other settings and especially battle sails sense and importance by the following measures:

- Setting more sails -> increasing the chance of catching fire when firing canons or being hit

- Setting more sails -> more crew necessary to handle them / less crew available for manning guns and doing other tasks

- increased speed -> increased turning circle

->> These measures should be ballanced in a way, that battle sails provide the best compromise of speed, manoeverability (turning circle)  and chance of catching fire, while providing the best fighting power (optimal number of men at the guns / fastest possible reload).

Thus battle sails would be actually useful - like thier name indicates: the best choice for battles!

Besides full sails would still be a viable option for chases or riskier but quick moves in battles.

Edited by Navalus Magnus
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Improve the loottable from the Epic Event Loot. 

  • This Event is already in the game
  • should not be too hard to implement
  • does not take anything away from long time Players
  • Gives more Options to do and gives an Unused feature new life
  • Group kill missions give way better loot for an easier Battle with almost infinite accessability
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For Patrolzone: A national player counter to see how many players of each nation are in the PZ / SP


- You dont sail to PZ (in a bigger group) for nothing anymore

- Seeing there is a large amount of players of nation XY might encourage players cross nations to work together

- more pvp




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